Vorfreude auf Diwali – 24 Okt 08


Diwali rückt nun näher und die Vorbereitungen sind in vollem Gang. In Indien ist Diwali oder Deepawali die größte Feier des Jahres und ich vergleiche es gerne mit Weihnachten. In der Hälfte des Landes ist es auch die Nacht, in der das Neue Jahr beginnt. In den letzten Tagen wurde hier im Ashram viel aufgeräumt und sauber gemacht. Altes wurde weggeworfen und alles, was geblieben ist, ist jetzt ausber und schön für die festliche Zeit. Diwali ist das Lichterfest und jeder zündet daheim und um das Haus herum viele Kerzen an. Überall sieht man bunte Lichter und wir haben heute auch damit begonnen, den Ashram zu dekorieren. Meine Mutter und meine Großmutter haben angefangen, Süßigkeiten zu backen, weil es an Diwali große Mengen und eine große Auswahl an Süßigkeiten geben muss.

Im März habe ich euch von Shivaratri erzählt und erzählt, dass es dem indischen Glauben nach eine der vier wichtigsten Nächte ist. Die Nacht von Diwali ist noch eine dieser vier Nächte. Sie wird auch Kal Ratri genannt und ist immer an einem Neumond. Dieses Jahr fällt Diwali auf den 28. Oktober. In jedem Haus werden Puja Zeremonien abgehalten und die Menschen werden Ganesha und Lakshmi verehren und zu ihnen beten. Lakshmi ist die Göttin des Reichtums und Wohlstands. Ganesha steht für Weisheit und ist auch der Gott, der alle Hindernisse auf deinem Weg beseitigt. Mit der starken Energie der Vollmondnacht, sollen diese Gebete noch effektiver sein.

Wir werden natürlich hier auch eine Zeremonie haben. Es ist eine besondere Nacht und jeder freut sich darauf. Natürlich sind die Kinder aufgeregter als jeder andere und deshalb scheint in diesen Tagen der Ashram sogar noch voller Leben, Freude und Fröhlichkeit zu sein als sonst. Es ist eine wundervolle Atmosphäre, die nun begonnen hat, sich auszubreiten.


  1. engineer

    I know dozens of AOL followers who are suffering from various illnesses and are on alopathic medication. But they don’t admit publicly and always refer to Guru’s grace for their health. I really appreciate yoga and kriya part but all other activities of AOL are full of contradictions and lies. There is no accountability for crores earned through courses.

  2. AR Iyer

    Dear Swamiji
    My pranams to you.

    While it is good to see that someone has taken the initiative of exposing many fake gurus in the Indian spiritual religious scenario, it doesn’t mean that all Gurus that exist out there are fake.

    The above incidence of the tea packet being picked up by Sri Sri need not have been portrayed in this light.

    I have followed your blogs and articles previously and always admired your saintly nature so far and I’m hence a little disappointed to see that Guruji’s picture of meditation has been morphed in your article and made to look as if he’s sniffing the aroma of tea.

    This doesn’t seem appropriate especially being portrayed by a saintly person such as you.

    Further, when Sri Sri spoke thus :

    ‘This means that when your feelings and your emotions are so intense, I become only a puppet then. So I had to get the packet of tea.’

    The above incident can be seen to be very similar to how Parents often relate to one’s children, when the children do something out of love for the parent, compelling them with overwhelming love, the parent has to become a puppet.

    For eg. if a daughter puts water in a toy cup, and tells the parent to drink it that parent is compelled to act out of love, to pretend and please the daughter.

    Likewise there is a special connection of Love between a Guru and his disciple.

    Like, how you have been gracefully touching the lives of many through various initiatives and programs, Guruji too has touched the lives of many and continues to do so.

    The above case might sound to be one particular story, but there continues to be a stream of several real life experiences where many people have experienced much Divine Grace and blessings on many occasions.

    Since you are a revered Swami yourself, you might know how it is possible for Masters to often know certain things well in advance or know what goes in one’s mind.

    For instance, there have been various holy saints through out time such as Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, St. Padre Pio who were gifted with certain special abilities to know and do various things including awareness of three states of time, clairvoyance, healing and bi-location and many more. Such saints could know what is happening in a remote location and would often act or instruct a disciple accordingly.

    I don’t mean to promote or encourage anyone to think or judge if Sri Sri is all knowing or not. But all i mean to convey is that there have been certain very genuine experiences of people who have followed Guruji.

    While there are many who criticize him, there are many who ceaselessly out pour their gratitude for the way their lives have been transformed.

    There is indeed an air of marketing to the Art of Living, i wont deny, but i have personally known selfless people serving the needful in remote areas of the country through the Art of Living service projects and also seen the way things run in their Bagalore Ashram.
    Those fundraising initiatives do support the various seva projects run by the organization.

    Also, Sri Sri doesn’t want people to shun thinking and do an Art of Living course.
    The fact is that the Art of Living is a huge volunteer driven organization and you’ll find all sorts of people in the AOL – level headed, illogical, hypocritical, noble, relentlessly selfless, greedy, etc…many a times there are some volunteers who go a little overboard in publicizing about the courses in their respective local chapters.

    The posters about “Dont Think ..Just do the Art of Living” is one such case. The volunteers mean to convey that instead of analyzing and thinking too much why not do an art of living course… ( think of it in Hindi..”zyaada mat socho…art of living course karo..”)

    The lines on the poster are more like a affirmative suggestion. But just because they are conveyed in English language, they can be easily misinterpreted to have the tone of compelling instruction to shun logical thinking. Always happens, when people translate things in Hindi to English.

    It’s similar to the case of saying “Take this camera and remove my picture” instead of “Take this camera and click my picture”. This sort of semantic differences and latencies are very common to find in India.

    Lastly, i’d thank you for reading my humble comment through till here and would further request you to take time to go through a couple of books which will give you a more fair picture of who Sri Sri is. These books are as below :

    1. Stumbling into Infinity

    2. The Guru of Joy

    3. Sri Sri as I Know Him

    4. Celebrating Silence.


    AR Iyer

  3. Swami Balendu

    Dear AR Iyer,
    Thank you for your comment. You are of course free to believe whatever you want and to follow however you like but I have the impression, you should read the ‘guru’ category and the ‘follower’ category of my blog to get to know a bit more about me. Maybe ‘magic’ would be good, too.

    I am not a guru and I don’t believe in any superstitions of those supernatural phenomena that gurus claim to have and devotees claim to witness regularly. Nobody can be at two places at the same time and nobody can predict the future. Those are facts and I challenge anybody to prove the opposite.

    And in this story, this guru is claiming to have such abilities which is just wrong.

    That is the main point and reading any of his books won’t change that.

    All the best!

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