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I did a two-week mini panchakarma regimen at Balendu. His massages are very good, powerful and soothing. The applications are very professional. You immediately feel in good hands. The Ayurvedic food during the cure was varied and tasty, and the amount was absolutely sufficient. I would recommend this regimen to anyone who wants to cleanse and detox their body. Absolutely feasible in terms of time and easy to integrate into normal everyday work.

Sophie Wagner
May 13, 2022

Thank you very much for the two-week cure, a wonderful break and a pleasure! Will definitely keep coming back until then.

Alexis Roberts
March 15, 2022

I would highly recommend seeing Balendu for relaxation and overall health and wellbeing. I appreciate his knowledge and ability to provide treatment that is individualized. Balendu took the time to listen to me share what my body was feeling and ensured that my comfort level was met. We were on a roadtrip so I was feeling very stiff. I felt very relaxed and grounded after my massage. All of the services and offers at Ammaji's Ayurveda Zentrum are with the intention of nourishment, healing and with genuine care. I've experienced massages in various countries, I was a massage therapist for 5 years and can share that Balendu's treatments are at the top!!! I could go on but it's definitely something you must experience for yourself.

Ulrike Freimann
March 11, 2022

As a newcomer to Wiesbaden, I am happy to have found this gem here🥰 Professional and extremely beneficial massages in a feel-good atmosphere, I particularly recommend the Marma massage🤩

The best massage that I have ever had in my life!!! Balendu really listens to the body while synchronizing breath, massage and exact pressure, and that’s makes a huge diference!! Also adressing all parts of the body from head to toes leaves you really nourishes and totally relaxed. I wish I was living in Germany so I could have them more often!

March 8, 2022

Because of my health, I got involved with Ayurveda and wanted advice here that would help me to integrate Ayurveda and yoga into my everyday life. During the 3 appointments to determine the body type, my dosha was determined (Pitta-Kapha), and recommendations were given for the key spices and a diet that was appropriate for the dosha, which I was able to implement well and easily. In addition, I was issued a multi-page and well-explained handout, which I still use today. The yoga exercises on it are very helpful and bring me into balance. I treated myself to a massage and one or the other delicious dish from Swami, which was just delicious and soothing. The Marma massage was relaxing and intensive with good oils, it also set things in motion for me and had a good after-effect.

Klaus Schauer
March 8, 2022

I had a Balendu massage as I had lower back pain. This massage, it was a full body massage, was the best I've ever had. The pain in the back had disappeared by 90 percent. I also had small problems in the shoulder area, which also disappeared after the massage. I can recommend Ammaji's Ayurveda Center to everyone. I feel well advised and in good hands here. That was certainly not the last massage at Balendu. Many, many thanks to the whole team. I'll be back.

Jasmine Casey
March 7, 2022

After my husband and I came in for massages on Valentine’s Day, I purchased a prenatal package with some help from Balendu. The packages save you money, and he does a fantastic job. Very professional, friendly and likes to educate as well. I’ve had several massages so far, and it has definitely helped with my pelvic pain during pregnancy. Thanks, Balendu!

Jenny Schott
February 10, 2022

An oasis of relaxation. Magic hands that pamper your body and delicious food. An authentic Ayurveda cure with a feel-good guarantee.

Anja-Karina Pabst
March 25, 2021

The massages are incredibly good for me, they have a healing effect on my migraines and neck pain. Balendu provides relief that I have not yet achieved with western medicine.

En Ok Kvon
March 17, 2021

First time I came to ammajis Zentrum during my pregnancy in 2019 and since than I am a regular customer. The massage helped me a lot especially in last months of pregnancy. My body felt so good and so much relaxed. I could sleep like an angel all night long. After delivery I came back again for intensive course in order to speed up the recovery process und get relaxed the tensed muscles. And my newbone baby was happy to get a baby massage there. 😀 Definitely recommended! My tipp: try yoga massage 🔥

Danny Hinken
November 24, 2020

Very warm, pleasant atmosphere and lovely people! 🙂 The Ayurveda treatments are incredibly relaxing and have a very deep effect, the food is just delicious! Was my first experience with Ayurveda and since I followed the dietary recommendations that match my Dosha, several symptoms (problems with skin, digestion, sleep ...) have gotten much better. Highly recommend it to everyone! 🙂

Nico Lange
November 10, 2020

A piece of India in Wiesbaden. Authentic, calm, down to Earth. No frills, great massages, delicious food and warm people. Almost like in India.

Susanne M
October 6, 2020

I had a 90 minute massage and it was really amazing! I'm excited! After that I was totally relaxed and everything went better again!

Matthias C
September 28, 2020

Very pleasant and warm atmosphere! Great advice and the best massage I've had so far. So I booked another appointment directly 🙂

Laura Schneider
September 27, 2020

Balendu is super nice and welcoming. He took his time to listen and hear about my issues and asked specific questions to give suitable advice that I can easily incorporate in my daily life. The Marma massage was a blessing (he certainly found every spot that hurt) and I'm looking forward to my next appointment!

Jenny schott
February 15, 2020

Do you know that - everyday stress, the body tense, sleep is no longer relaxing and you wake up exhausted in the morning? Then treat yourself to a massage at Ammaji's. I close my eyes, feel the warm oil and gradually my body relaxes. I can recommend this relaxation 100%.

Elke Sapulowitsch
January 21, 2020

Nice that you have it❤️For me the most beautiful and intensive massage so far. I love the full body massage. Warm oil does me just fine. My family and I have lined up various treatments with accompaniment by Ji. A pleasure for body and mind. Again and again I feel refreshed afterwards and charged. The food fantastically delicious. My best experience after treatment I get the balanced food for home mit❤️

Michael Ludwig
January 19, 2020

Professional applications and nice atmosphere 👍👍👍

Mathias Broegger
January 18, 2020

In 2019 I was there for the first time and enjoyed the back massage, then I gave myself a full body massage, even better. And for the new year a 10 card, any questions? it is :-)*****

Theresia Feldmann
December 30, 2019

It was wonderful to have found you here in Wiesbaden. I really appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere. The massages are wonderfully invigorating for body, mind and soul and the Saturday evening is always a treat.

Kerstin Schütte
August 22, 2019

A very authentic and energetic massage. I can highly recommend. 👌

Jörg Göttmann
August 22, 2019

The massage is a blessing. You come back totally relaxed in everyday life.

Ginger Ale
August 21, 2019

The massage treatments are extremely beneficial. Inspire the body and mind. Tensions are released and you feel heavenly. Consistently very professional and authentic. Here you feel very well cared for. Really highly recommended !!!!

D “Salvo” K
August 28, 2018

Excellent! Such a nice atmosphere, nice people and the massages are soooo good!

Silvia Bär
March 4, 2018

Very good food and nice conversations 🙂 Definitely to be recommended!

Luise Loga
February 13, 2018

From the nice hospitality and the cozy, personal atmosphere to the tasteful decor - the visit to Balendu and Ramona was a wonderful experience. The food was prepared with a lot of love and tasted accordingly. A recommendation for anyone who wants to have a good time.

February 11, 2018

The Ayurvedic massage in Ammaji’s by Swami Balendu are wonderfully relaxing and pleasant and can only be recommended. On Saturday evenings you can also enjoy Ayurvedic food cooked by Swami Balendu and feel like you are in India. You eat together with the Goswami family at your table. Moni, Balendu and their little daughter Apra moved back from India to Moni’s homeland Germany a good year ago, so you can be told how it is in India and get travel tips if you are planning a trip yourself.

Iris Alena
February 6, 2018

The individual massage offers and nutritional advice are highly recommended. Every Saturday Ayurvedic food with delicious food and a personal atmosphere!

Sabrina B.
February 5, 2018

A touch of India in Wiesbaden! Alone at the thought of Balendus food comes the anticipation of another Saturday dinner together ... I am always happy to be a guest with you - for dinner, for a massage or simply for a visit! Nice that you are here in Wiesbaden! 🙂

Tina Huber
February 4, 2018

A wonderful evening in a great atmosphere with great food ... we'll be back.Thank you for the nice evening ..

Christoph Hausmann
February 4, 2018

I know Balendu and Ramona in Person as well as having received a Massage and lots of food from them. Having been traveled to India myself, i think I can junge it's the Best Indian food (and place in general) in Town. Plus, you Should really Meet the two in Person because they might enrich your Life!

sybil allem
February 4, 2018

All the food and healing work is made with unconditional and eternal LOVE! When you enter you get a universal feeling of oneness and light:)

Andrea Kleindienst
January 20, 2018

Here you feel in the best hands! From the friendly welcome in a casual, cozy atmosphere to competent advice and massage to an extraordinarily delicious Saturday dinner - wellness for soul, mind and body!