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I was with Svetlana and that was a very good massage. Thank you!

Jazmane Brown

Fantastic prenatal massage! Super professional, the venue it immaculately clean, and I left feeling SO much better with all this back pain in the third trimester. Definitely coming back sooner than later.

Julia Stolz

We originally booked a partial body massage for our 10 year old daughter. During the massage she really enjoyed the treat and immediately wanted Balindu to massage her legs too. It was just great! Very attentive, sensitive and professional! Thanks to Balindu and also his wife, who curled around our daughter while I spontaneously decided to try out a head massage. This was also a blessing! Thank you very much and see you soon ☺🤗

Lara Mänche

Was visiting Wiesbaden and had the Marma massage on the recommendation of a friend. I was treated very individually, my problem areas were addressed and the intensity was also adjusted. As a midwife, I can also confidently recommend pregnancy massage! The best thing you can treat yourself and your baby to during pregnancy is a massage! If I lived nearby, I would come regularly.

Annette H.

I had a wonderful professional massage. Afterwards I felt strengthened and very relaxed. I received a very loving welcome and advice and can recommend it.

Sophia Schell

It was a very pleasant stay with a nice atmosphere. We each had a 1-hour treatment, which was also very good afterwards. Would love to come again and again!

Had a fantastic massage. Not knowing much about Ayurveda techniques, I selected the Marma massage and it was exactly what I was hoping for. Firm pressure right at the spots that needed it, great attention and care given to old injuries, and a comfortable/relaxing space to fully enjoy the treatment. This is a warm and inviting atmosphere and Balendu is very intuitive about the body and its needs. I appreciated the uniqueness of this experience.

Susanne Pfaadt

The Marma massage was simply great - very relaxing and soothing. An absolute recommendation - I will definitely repeat this.

Florian Weiß

I feel very comfortable and in good hands with Balendu, he is very warm. The massage is wonderful, traditional, above all effective and so relaxing. He is also a very good trainer and teacher.

very good Ayurveda massage

Today I went to Ammaji's Ayurveda Center for an Abhyanga massage with Shirodhara. The center has a very nice atmosphere, it is light and airy. The massages offered here are outstanding because Balendu has a very good instinct and his employees are also very well trained. The massage rooms can be darkened with curtains during the treatment and the massage tables have built-in heating - very important in autumn and winter. It was very comfortable all around, I immediately felt at home. It was good for me to treat myself to this massage as self-care. Balendu has been working in Ayurveda for decades, initially as an Ayurveda doctor in India and in Wiesbaden as an Ayurveda therapist. Due to his in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda, Balendu also carries out body checks and can tailor the treatment individually to the person. His center is a gem of authentic Ayurveda in Wiesbaden and an insider tip that will certainly quickly become even more popular. The focus here is on helping people and supporting them in healing. The massage was so soothing and relaxing! The forehead casting, Shirodhara, also did me a lot of good and relaxed my mind. I am looking forward to the next time!


Wonderfully relaxing break! Just the right mix of loosening and relaxing the muscles. Everyone is very nice and makes your visit super pleasant.

Alen Vujic

I thought the treatment was really fantastic. I was listened to and my complaints were addressed. We were able to make an appointment within a day via WhatsApp and since I was limited in time, an appointment was even postponed so that I could keep the appointment. Therefore 5/5 stars! I will make the next appointment as soon as possible. I actually felt a bit better after the treatment. Thank you!

Ina b

I had a Gharshan lymphatic massage without oil for the first time and found it very good. I arrived very stressed and left pleasantly tired and relaxed. Only recommended - it works especially well if you wear business clothes, as they don't come into contact with oil.

My first Ayurveda Marma massage was great! I felt like I was in good hands and was thrilled by the very intensive and soothing massage. We recommend!

Hilde S.

Two weeks ago I was there for a consultation and this week (week 30) for a 90-minute Ayurveda massage. It was very professional and relaxing. Since I have already enjoyed an Ayurveda intensive treatment somewhere else while on vacation, I can really compare directly. I am so satisfied that I have already booked the next appointment.

Checked in with sore muscles and a bit exhausted and came out super relaxed and full of energy. I felt like I was in India in the Ayurveda center. Great! Authentic, professional & very soothing! I'll be back! My heart recommendation🙏🏻

Today I went to the Ayurveda center for a yoga massage. I'm completely busy right now, have back pain and came to my appointment completely stressed.. now I'm still stressed, but no longer stressed, but relaxed and my back is feeling so much better 🙂 Thank you for the 90 minutes of time out

Michael Kosak

Practice located on a beautiful street. Warm welcome, no waiting time, pleasant treatment room. A whole hour of soothing treatment for body, mind and soul... I'm already looking forward to my next appointment. Many thanks to Balendu and his team 👌🙏🙋🏻‍♂️

Pure relaxation and well oiled 🙏

Doerte Schott

I received several professional Marma massages over a few months. They were a real blessing and gave me relaxation, inner peace and life energy. Despite high professional and private demands, I felt balanced and "in my center". I am extremely grateful for that. I can only recommend Balendu’s massage art!

I have been treating myself regularly to a massage (mostly neck/back massage) at Ammaji's Ayurveda Center for over two years. Balendu and the team respond to each individual individually - from gentle touches to firm grips - everything is done to ensure that the person feels completely comfortable on the lounger. The massage always takes me out of the chaos of everyday life and has a lasting effect. Thank you for that!

Very pleasant atmosphere and the massage was great!

Today I had a very intensive, good Marma massage. I was tense when I arrived and after the massage I felt relaxed and liberated.

A wonderful experience. Massage and peeling really for the whole body. Ubta is something special.


It was a very pleasant experience, parts of the body that were uncomfortable/ticklish for me were noticed directly and treated more carefully. Very happy again 😊

Birgit Gross

I took part in the two-week Ayurveda treatment in January. It was a great time to have the opportunity to enjoy a very relaxing and soothing massage once a day despite work. The freshly prepared meals were delicious and filling. Balendu and his team are very warm and wonderful people. I would like to repeat the treatment.

Sarom Yohannes

I am thrilled with the pregnancy massage and can only recommend it. My tension throughout my body was relieved, which meant I was able to sleep well and breathe better for the first time in weeks.

Margit Thomas

Very good Marma massage. It definitely wasn't my last. 🙏

Nadine Cali

What I've gotten to know so far has been positive. Very clean. Beautiful, for me attractively furnished treatment room with a pleasant atmosphere. Balendu Goswami's full body oil massage was perfect for my well-being. I like the intensity of his pressure. He was careful and asked if it was comfortable for me. I am interested in finding out more about the center. 🌿

Carina Eichele

Baby and I were very relaxed afterwards. I can only recommend the pregnancy massage.


We were there the day before yesterday and were very satisfied with the massage. For me it was the pregnancy massage and my husband got a full body massage. We received a really warm welcome and were then straight away. Very great employees and you felt really comfortable. It was really good and we really enjoyed it. Thank you again at this point. 🙂

Balendu gave me a wonderful massage this evening. His was the third massage place I've tried in Wiesbaden and hands down the best. He has a very calm nature and made me feel very relaxed. It's very normal to remove all your clothing, including your underwear for his massage technique as he does massage your whole body, within professional massage terms. However, he wants you to be comfortable so keep on your underwear if you want - I did. He's very professional and his massage is totally above board. The hot lemon water to remove the excess oil after the massage was a great addition. Thank you Balendu!

Professional and very competent treatment - you can feel that the practitioners know exactly what they are doing. In addition, making an appointment and paying are very straightforward. Absolute recommendation!

Petra Willas

I have been coming to Ammaji's Ayurveda Center regularly for six months now and enjoy the successful mix of warmth, professional advice and exceptionally good massage. The marma massage takes you completely out of the chaos of everyday life and has a lasting effect. Determining my body type has brought small changes into my everyday life that have noticeably improved annoying stress symptoms. The right tea and the right yoga exercise at the right time work surprisingly well. You just have to know which... Through a week of delicious Ayurvedic food from Balendu and an informative cooking workshop in the center's new, comfortable rooms, Ayurvedic nutrition has also found its way into my kitchen. So if you want to use Ayurveda for yourself, you can get everything you need here... I'm really happy to have discovered this opportunity for myself. Thanks to Balendu and his team for this.

I was there for both a very good massage, which solved a lot, and also for a type of consultation. The type advice helped me a lot and greatly improved my attitude to life. I can only warmly recommend Balendu, he is very sensitive and good at his work.

I did a two-week mini Panchakarma treatment at Balendu. His massages are very good, powerful and soothing. The applications are very professional. You immediately feel like you're in good hands. The Ayurvedic food during the treatment was varied and tasty, and the quantity was absolutely sufficient. I can recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to cleanse and detoxify their body. In terms of time it takes, it's absolutely doable and easy to integrate into your normal working life.

Sophie Wagner

Thank you very much for the two-week treatment, a wonderful break and a pleasure! I'll definitely keep coming back until then.

Alexis Roberts

I would highly recommend seeing Balendu for relaxation and overall health and wellbeing. I appreciate his knowledge and ability to provide treatment that is individualized. Balendu took the time to listen to me share what my body was feeling and ensured that my comfort level was met. We were on a roadtrip so I was feeling very stiff. I felt very relaxed and grounded after my massage. All of the services and offers at Ammaji's Ayurveda Zentrum are with the intention of nourishment, healing and with genuine care. I've experienced massages in various countries, I was a massage therapist for 5 years and can share that Balendu's treatments are at the top!!! I could go on but it's definitely something you must experience for yourself.

As a New Wiesbaden resident, I am happy to have found this gem here🥰 Professional and extremely soothing massages in a feel-good atmosphere, I particularly recommend the Marma massage🤩

The best massage that I have ever had in my life!!! Balendu really listens to the body while synchronizing breath, massage and exact pressure, and that’s makes a huge diference!! Also adressing all parts of the body from head to toes leaves you really nourishes and totally relaxed. I wish I was living in Germany so I could have them more often!


Because of my health, I became interested in Ayurveda and wanted advice that would help me integrate Ayurveda and yoga into my everyday life. During the 3 appointments to determine the body type, my dosha was determined (Pitta-Kapha), and recommendations were given about the leading spices and a dosha-friendly diet, which I was able to implement easily. I was also given a multi-page, well-explained handout, which I still use today. The yoga exercises on it are very helpful and bring me into balance. I treated myself to a massage and one or two delicious dishes from Swami, which were simply delicious and soothing. The Marma massage was relaxing and intensive with good oils, it also set things in motion for me and had a good after-effect.

Klaus Schauer

I had Balendu massage because I had problems in my lower back. This massage, it was a full body massage, was the best I have ever received. The back pain had disappeared by 90 percent. I also had small problems in my shoulder area, which disappeared after the massage. I can recommend Ammaji's Ayurveda Center to everyone. I feel well advised and in good hands here. In any case, that wasn't the last massage with Balendu. Many warm and heartfelt thanks to the whole team. I'll be back.

Jenny Schott

An oasis of relaxation. Magical hands that pamper your body and delicious food. An authentic Ayurvedic treatment with a guarantee of well-being.

The massages are incredibly good for me; they have a healing effect on my migraines and neck pain. Balendu provides relief that I have not yet achieved with western medicine.

En Ok Kvon

First time I came to ammajis Zentrum during my pregnancy in 2019 and since than I am a regular customer. The massage helped me a lot especially in last months of pregnancy. My body felt so good and so much relaxed. I could sleep like an angel all night long. After delivery I came back again for intensive course in order to speed up the recovery process und get relaxed the tensed muscles. And my newbone baby was happy to get a baby massage there. 😀 Definitely recommended! My tipp: try yoga massage 🔥

Danny Hinken

Very warm, pleasant atmosphere and lovely people! 🙂 The Ayurveda treatments are incredibly relaxing and have a very deep effect, and the food is simply delicious! This was my first experience with Ayurveda and since I have been following the nutritional recommendations that suit my dosha, several symptoms (skin problems, digestion, sleep...) have become much better. Can only highly recommend it to everyone! 🙂

Nico Lange

A piece of India in Wiesbaden. Authentic, calm, down to earth. No frills, great massages, delicious food and warm people. Almost like in India.

Susanne M

I had a 90 minute massage and it was really great! I'm excited! Afterwards I was totally relaxed and everything went better again!

Matthias C

Very pleasant and warm atmosphere! Great advice and the best massage I've had so far. So I booked another appointment straight away 🙂