Counseling - online or in person

There are times in life in which we feel we simply need someone else. Be that someone to talk to and simply listen, be it a neutral person who gives his honest opinion or also someone who can give advice and help with practical tips, techniques and methods to help oneself.

You can talk to Balendu!


With an open ear, decades of experience in counselling, ancient knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda and openness for any kind of issues, Balendu is there to help you with any issue. A few popular examples are relationship problems, depression and burnout, health issues, stress and tension, difficulty handling emotions, low self-esteem…

Of course you are most welcome to come to our center in Wiesbaden and have your counselling session there – but you can just as well have a talk via a video call!

30 minutes - 45 Euro

As some issues take more than just one session, we have a special offer with which you get eleven sessions for the price of ten.

In this way, Balendu will have the chance to follow up with you on the changes that have happened since he talked to you the last time. You can give him feedback on advice that he gave – be that breathing techniques, nutrition-related advice or ideas on how to break your patterns of behaviour or thinking. You can then work together on further following down a path towards your well-being!

You can send an email to telling some details about yourself and we will contact you with suggestions for an appointment. Below you also find the button for making a payment for your counseling session. 

If you have any questions, just write us - we will be happy to answer!