Are Humans on Earth more attractive Sex Partners for Aliens? – 3 Jun 13

I recently stumbled upon a video online which made me laugh and wonder about the big variety of people we have here on this earth! It is an interview with a lady who believes in aliens that come to the earth and also have sex with people. She actually believes that she often has sex with one of them, an ‘octopus man’ from another solar system!

It sounds ridiculous but this woman is serious about it. She calls herself a psychic who is in touch with all kinds of unearthly species: cat people, octopus people, ‘the greys’ – who look most like the stereotype image of an alien – and more. She and ‘her group’ go out in the night, when she is asleep. She explains that it is not a dream but that her spirit is actually travelling with those aliens in a UFO, exploring places within our solar system and even further than that!

When asked about the sex, which she apparently even had at a bus stop, she tells that she has a kind of boyfriend, or how she calls it, a ‘spirit friend’, who has sex with her. All those extraterrestrials indulge in sex but especially the cat people are sexually highly charged. I am passing this information on to you, just in case you ever meet one of them… It’s nice to know that before, I think…

In this way this lady is different from those whose alien-reports you usually hear. People tell they were abducted, they have been raped, forced to have sex with those horrible creatures from outer space who then made their experiments on them! She is enjoying the experience, as the second guest of the show, a scientist, points out. He is of the opinion that there is an explanation for all of what is happening, including her physical orgasms: it is all in her mind, her fantasy created these beings and it was so vivid that she could have orgasms with the imagination only.

I agree with the man who states that this is all just a creation of the mind. The anchor asks the alleged psychic why these aliens don’t show themselves, then we would all know that they are there. Unfortunately however they are not into ‘showing off’, she explains, adding that we all have our individual guides who only show themselves to us. A nice explanation for the inexplicable.

Finally, she is asked to give a proof, to show that they are really there, by telling the anchor what is in his briefcase back in the dressing room. After a very embarrassing attempt to guess the colour of the briefcase she tells that this does not always work when you want it to and that the beings don’t want to show it to her in that moment.

Well, I guess we have to still wait for the proof that there are octopus-like beings that have sex with us while we dream!

Do Not Cheat Yourself – 30 Jan 09

I like to work. In India many people nowadays become preachers or Swamis in a very fast way. They don’t really want to learn or study anything, they want to make money. This is how they look for a shortcut and they find it by just learning some hours of talk by heart which they have heard on a cassette a dozen of times. When they know this text by heart they just go and give this speech. They get their money although nobody of them can answer any question about what they just said.

Somehow I see this also in the west where people, who want to make a living in a quick and easy way, become healer, psychic and clairvoyant. Everybody has to do something in his life to survive, to earn money and to live, I understand that. I don’t understand however why people cheat themselves.

If all the people who do predictions and say that they have extraordinary powers are that much blessed with these powers, then why can’t they help our society in a more creative way? I could have been really very happy if someone could have predicted what happened in Haiti. Then we could have saved so many people and would have saved so many more from much grief and sadness. No, I don’t think it is possible and unfortunately there are still so many people who are cheating others and also themselves in this way.

Psychics need Psychotherapists – 7 Dec 09

Yesterday I wrote that many people have this ego problem that they even invent some special powers or abilities that nobody else has. And I said often that people who work as healers like to create fear first and then heal it.

Often they tell great stories of past lives, of ghosts and of more beings that they mostly invent or which they read about or saw on TV. And why do they make these great stories? Because they have to make their clients feel important, too! They will make them feel that they, too, are someone better, greater or just simply different than the others. They tell that they were some popular king’s secret lover in a past life who was murdered viciously or that they are being attacked by some kind of bad beings which only feel attracted by their energy. Another way is to tell them that some black magician is attacking them psychically. And of course they are the ones who can heal this.

Well, I think if you have read the last days’ diary entries you will know what I think about this. I don’t believe that any psychic can attack you, that is either your fear or an excuse. This can be cured, just with love.

I admire more the psychiatrist and psychotherapist than any psychic and think that people who claim that they are psychic need the help of a psychologist. I think everybody is a healer because everybody has the love inside himself to heal. I believe we all are unique but we all are one.

Why do you search in the outside for a reason to be special? Please see that your love inside your heart makes you special. Everybody has this love, there is no better or bigger love, it is the same but it is special. Don’t let anybody make you afraid and most of all, love yourself!

Psychic Powers? Prove it! – 2 Dec 09

Yesterday I said that that there are many people who became healers just like over night and they often announce that they have special and extra abilities. Here I am not talking about a very sensitive heart which can feel with the pain of someone and thus understand him. This is not what they say, no, they talk about supernatural powers. Of course, because it has to be something that another person doesn’t have, something that not everybody can do.

I have once personally heard someone saying to me: ‘Swami Ji, do you know that I am psychic? I know what is going on and I can read thoughts. I have this special ability.’ In this kind of situation I prefer to remain silent and not to reply. However I can challenge any person who claims that he or she has a paranormal ability to read my mind to try exactly this. I will make sure that everyone knows what I am thinking: I will write down my thoughts on a paper and put it aside and ask them to tell me what I was thinking. So there is no way of cheating, I write it down a third person can read it and the ‘psychic’ can tell what I thought.

I don’t believe in this. There are people whose feelings show clearly on their face and after some talk while watching them you can guess what they are thinking. And of course you can know what your beloved is thinking because you are so tuned with each other that your mind travels the same paths. But I do not believe that without that you are able to know what a strange person, someone whom you just met, is thinking. It is a very interesting topic and in the next days I will write more about it.