Sexual Abuse of Handicapped Girls by Charity Organization – 7 Mar 11

Last week I got to know about horrible news. In Panvel, close to Mumbai there was a charity trust, a NGO, a non-governmental organization, which was running a home for handicapped girls from 12 to 16 years old. Some of them were deaf-mute, could not hear nor talk.

Medical reports proved that 5 of these girls have been sexually abused.

The police arrested 4 people of the organization and are now trying to find out more. What they know for now is that these helpless girls were abused and that the organization even made business by offering them to men. They were renting them out, sending them to people’s homes and picking them up again from there. It is like trading humans.

How horrible this experience must be for these children! They are not able to resist in any way and cannot even explain what they experienced. Several of them however must have been aware of what happened! Locked in their own body they had to endure, unable to do anything against this crime.

What kind of person does this? Who are the sick people who pay for such a crime? And even take pleasure from this most horrible way of raping and abusing children? It is sometimes unimaginable that such people exist in this world!

But still, this is not a singular case! It is only one nursing home that was discovered for their dirty work now but what about the hundreds or thousands of such institutions all over the country and the world which are never inspected? Nobody knows how many such places exist where children are badly abused. In all countries where there is a lot of poverty, you find such homes and orphanages where the conditions are simply horrifying. I know that abuse and violence is very common there although these are the places where there should be love and compassion.

These children, orphans or children who are handicapped – physically or mentally – need our love more than anything else. We need to provide them an atmosphere of love because they may not even understand our words. It is a sad state that this world is in if these children cannot even get the love that they need.

Gurus and Religious Leaders creating Fear to increase Income – 10 Feb 11

I said yesterday that Hindu priests and gurus often create greed in people. They tell them that they can perform rituals for them which will bring them money, luck, happiness and more. They use another feeling to sell their rituals: fear.

Fear brings a lot of money for many religious institutions and people. Selling through fear works in a similar way like selling through greed. Fake clairvoyants, astrologers and fortune tellers tell people about all the horrible things that could happen to them.

They tell them they can see in their hands, faces or in their aura some very bad things that will happen in future. They predict that Saturn will come in a constellation that will bring bad luck and sudden loss for their business. They forebode diseases and illnesses for the person himself and the family. They prophesy death of family members through accidents, snake bites and other misfortunes. Some even mention bad luck and unhappiness in future lives and incarnations but most of them concentrate on the current life as it is more urgent to those who ask.

Anybody who goes to these priests, preachers, gurus and cheaters is in some way superstitious. And whoever is in that business has good knowledge of human nature. They can guess easily in which way they can make the other one afraid. Everybody would get afraid, or at least feel uneasy, if someone told you of all the bad luck that you will certainly have in future if you don’t do any of the ceremonies and rituals recommended.

There is always a recommended way to save yourself from the prophesied bad luck. That can be a certain ritual, a prayer or a ceremony but also wearing a protective pendant, necklace or wristband. Of course you can buy all of these items and book all of these ceremonies with the person who made the prophecy or, at the most, with one of his relatives or their commission agents, who give them a share of their profit.

If you once see clear through this dirty business, you will understand how these people get richer and richer. It is a shame and whenever I hear from anybody that they left the belief in such nonsense and such cheaters, I get happy. We need to spread the word and let more and more people know that this is happening here so that less and less people get cheated in this way.

Love ending with a Fight in Court – 6 Jul 10

I wrote about losing love because of ego. If this happens, it is bad and it can lead to the most horrible situation: when ego brings you to the stage that you are in court with the one you loved. That is when you think you have to fight in court for what is yours and what is his or hers. Then you have to fight with the help of lawyers to separate everything that was united in love.

Then a fight is going on, but for what? Love did not work out, okay, but now you are fighting for material! Get as much as you can or give as little as you can, that is now only what it is about. No word anymore about love. Because what does the lawyer have to do with love?

I am not criticizing law, those who made it had their reason for it. No, I am criticizing or rather regret the fact that these situations happen. Many times it works without going to court, but sometimes it also leads to several years of grim fighting. I imagine this situation, to fight with the person with whom you wanted to share the rest of your life. You claim 50% of the property, material and money because you have shared bed, body, house and a part of your life once.

This can happen with the ego of two people or it can happen just with the ego of one. Imagine the pain of that person who really did not want to break, who did not want love to finish because of ego and who now has to fight. And he or she fights about keeping or losing property that he or she actually freely wanted to share with the other one. What will he or she be thinking? All those beautiful memories will be destroyed with the thought of what came afterwards.

Extremes in America – 10 June 10

I have last year already written a little bit about how we experience America and its people. We were noticing in that time and now again, how everything here is in extremes. There are either XXXL soda cans or non-fat frozen yoghurts which are eaten instead of ice-cream. You are either at the metro station where you are sweating and where it is really hot or you are in the metro where it is freezing cold because they have the air conditioning set on very cold.

Naturally these extremes also show in their language. Everything is either best or worst. Whenever you listen to a story told, you hear about the slowest car or the fastest one. You are told about the poorest and the richest people. No matter to whom you talk, everybody tells his stories in this way. It sounds great and those stories are often really nice to listen to. Unfortunately the truth is of course also often a little bit different. But any personal experience cannot be judged with right or wrong, if your friend says it was the most amazing day in his life, you cannot say anything against that!

There is nothing wrong with this, it is just a habit or a cultural difference. The only problem that I can see with this is that you might contradict yourself. One day you are saying that something is awesome and the next day, after a less beautiful experience, that same thing is horrible. That could give a funny impression on those who are listening, don’t you think?

We are laughing a little bit about this but we also like it because it shows enthusiasm.

Abortion of Girls in India – 22 Mar 10

The other day we were talking about my friend Govind whose wife got their second child, the first daughter, in November. We talked about how they didn’t know until the birth if it was a boy or a girl. The doctors do ultrasound here, too, to see if everything is alright, however they are by law not allowed to tell the parents the gender of the child. This law was passed for a very sad reason. In India it was and unfortunately is still for many families the biggest luck to have a son. It was like this in other countries, too, in earlier times.

The parents think that the name of the family will be passed on and a son will stay with them the whole life, he will run the family business and take care of his parents when they are old and when he already has his own family. A girl will leave the house, the parents often still need to pay money to her future husband’s family and they need to organize the wedding and spend much money on that. It is really sad but many families still have the strong wish to have a boy, not a girl and when doctors were able to tell that it would be a girl, there were many cases of abortion and killing the little girl in the mother’s womb. It is just horrible.

And what is even worse is that this law brought dishonest doctors even better business. Those doctors, who do not understand the sense and don’t have respect for life, accept bribes from families to tell them the gender of the child. The doctor says that it is a girl and offers them to do an abortion, too, pretending some medical reasons for it. We have heard of cases when the family decided against the abortion and when the child was born, it was a boy, not a girl as the doctor had said. He just wanted to earn more money with the abortion. Who would have been there to prove that the innocent child that was killed actually was a boy? These ‘doctors’ are wrong in their profession and act against the Hippocratic oath with which they swear to respect every life. It is horrible and we just have to make people aware of this so that every child and every soul has a chance.

Honesty or a Small Lie Sometimes to be Nice? – 1 Nov 09

Yesterday I wrote that I want to be honest even if my honest opinion disturbs someone or offends others. Honesty is a very important value for me, I always say that it is one of my three principles: honest, direct and clear. But there are cases in which you have to ask yourself if it is the right thing to be honest. Imagine this situation: you have a guest in your home and you know, he is going to leave in half an hour. But in the last ten minutes he fully misbehaved. Will you tell him and make a big deal out of it or just wait until he goes and let grass grow over it?

Or another situation: you are invited to dinner and the host told you he would cook a great dish especially for you. He calls himself a specialist in it and promised that you would love it. It doesn’t contain any ingredient which you don’t like per se but still you don’t like the whole dish at all. After dinner your host asks you: So, how did you like it? What will be your answer?

If you tell him that it was horrible for you, he will be very sad, disappointed and will feel bad that you didn’t like it. So depending on the situation you might want to say ‘Very nice, thank you!’ and you make a person very happy in just a second. It is in your hand. But be careful! You might enthusiastically comment on your food with words like ‘Great, absolutely delicious! I never ate anything that good!’ and at the next occasion when you are invited your host will make the same dish again or even bring it as a special present when he is invited to your place for dinner. Honesty is not always easy, but not saying the truth can bring you in strange situations!

There is a Sutra which says ‘Satyam bruyat priyam bruyat’. If I translate it, it says: Say the truth, but say it in a sweet way. So you need to judge in each situation individually what you can do. And often you can find a way not to make the other person unhappy while you are still truthful. This should be our goal. Be honest with much love!

Female Circumcision in Africa because of Religion – 29 Sep 09

On one of our last days in America we were talking about different religions and then came to the topic of circumcision which is usual in several different religions. I was told that it is also usual in the USA to do circumcision right after a boy is born and with every boy.

Then I remembered that in Africa many countries still have the tradition to do circumcision on girls, too. They do a full operation just with a razorblade with very young girls. In some traditions it is the celebration of when the girl becomes a woman and in other traditions it is done already before the girl turns even five years old. It is just horrible. So many girls have infections and die either from this ‘operation’ or also later, when they give birth. And why is this all done? To control the sexual desire of women and this very often in the name of religion!

At first it was a strange thought to me how this could have something to do with religion as it is just cruel. But then Ramona also remembered that Christianity and the Catholic Church spread the message in older times that you should not enjoy having sex and if you did have fun, it was a sin. So you can see again how horrible the influence of religion can be. Why would you do something like this to a little girl? It is the illusion of control. Controlling sexuality.

I have talked a lot about this already and I always say that sexuality is like water. You cannot stop it. If you try, it will find another way to flow. This practice of female circumcision has to be stopped. If you just search for female circumcision on YouTube, you will find hundreds of videos and you can inform yourself about this subject. I also want to write a bit more in the next days.

Today we had a small inauguration party for Thomas’ new praxis, the ‘Klang-Tempel’, the sound-temple.

Native Americans and Aborigines – Similarities in History – 25 Jul 09

Today in the morning I asked Ramona a little bit about the history of the Native Americans, the American Indians who were here in this country before people from Europe came. She told me what she knew and I found it very similar to what happened in Australia to the Aborigines. When I was there people told me that the natives of the country have not been even seen as humans by those who arrived on the coast of their land. And this is how so many were killed, they were suppressed, a whole culture was driven to a small area of the country, only a fraction of the land in which they had lived for many generations. What Ramona told me in the morning sounded so similar that we thought about it how this could happen and that there might be several more examples for this in human history.

It is horrible and you see these great cultures now, how their people don’t have hope and how their lives are ruined by alcohol and drugs because they don’t see a perspective for a good future. I would like to talk about the Native Americans with someone from here some day because I got to know a lot about the Aborigines when I was in Australia.

In the afternoon we went to do the tourist sightseeing tour in New York. We went to see the statue of liberty and walked a lot around the city.