Can Child Sponsors bring Gifts? – 7 Apr 09

Once there was a sponsor from Australia who was sponsoring a girl and when she came to the Ashram she brought a gift for her. It was a pair of golden earrings. I stopped her from giving it to the child and said ‘Sorry, I cannot allow you to give this to the girl because for me all other children are also the same. Why does only one girl get a gift? Maybe you can give a gift to each child, then it is okay, but if you give it to one only, what will the rest of the children think? This will hurt their soft hearts. When we give gifts, we buy something for everybody and then we give it to all of them. And if you want we can go and buy something for everybody. That will be the best.’

She also understood my feelings and respected them. She said ‘You are right. I did not think in this way.’ If anybody asks if they can bring or send gifts for their sponsored children, we respect their feelings but have to say no because we do not want to make a difference in between the children. It is wonderful if you want to give something and you give it to everyone. In this way the love and compassion of a sponsor and someone who wants to help and support will flow naturally towards children and God, without any ego or possessiveness which could be fixed on one child. And of course someone only takes a sponsorship because they love the children of this world and want to help.

Sex as a spiritual Experience or Physical Experience without Mind – 3 Apr 09

As I said yesterday, possessiveness is a subject of the mind. When the mind gets involved in sex, then the body cannot enjoy because the mind stops it from having fun. And you stop the other person from having fun. You want the other person to be in a certain way, to act in a certain way and to react in a certain way. Possessiveness and expectations come along with the involvement of the mind.

A sexual experience could be nice on a physical level, too, but actually it is a spiritual experience which has to take place on the level of the soul where it doesn’t matter if there is physical involvement or not. It can be with and it can be without physical involvement. But it is definitely not healthy on the level of the mind. The push of sexual force onto your mind can even make angry and violent. That is why it is good to let sexual energy flow in body and soul, not in the mind.

Keep the Mind out of Sex – it leads to Possessiveness – 2 Apr 09

Yesterday I wrote about sex and I want to say that it is just very natural to have sexual feelings. It is natural for all people who have body and soul. There is too much confusion and too many different teachings about it. Almost all religions and traditions have different ways to talking about sex. I don’t understand why we cannot just accept it in a natural way. Why does it always create so many problems? We involve the mind too much even though it is the subject of body and soul. If we keep the mind out of it we can manage our sexuality in a much better way.

There is another thing that comes along with a sexual relation like interest that you have to pay: possessiveness, a subject of the mind. When the mind is involved in sex, which should not be, then possessiveness comes. If our sexuality was on the level of spirit or soul, possessiveness will not appear. We all know how big this problem of possessiveness is.

Today I am very tired. Maybe I will write more about this in the next days.

Love Spells cannot Work – Love is not Sellable or Forcable – 17 Aug 08

Today in the morning I talked with Thomas’ mother on phone and wished her a happy birthday. She also sponsored today’s food in the Ashram and the children also send her the biggest birthday wishes.

As I said yesterday already, Roger and Mady came to pick us up in Wiesbaden and bring us to Luxembourg. So now I am writing the diary from their house. Today I got a mail in which someone asked me for a love spell. He wrote that he would give me a donation of an amount which I could decide upon. He wants to be with a girl whom he loves but who doesn’t love him back. He said he would pay as much as I wanted. Just send him a bill.

I replied sorry, I don’t do this. I do not believe in love spells. You also cannot buy someone’s love, it is not sellable. You have to be honest. If you really and truly love somebody, why are you eager to have that person? True love is not about owning. Why do you want to possess? I sent him a reply and said him: “Please don’t try to force love. You cannot get love even by begging. You cannot buy love. You can only get love, when you give love.”

If he wants to love her, why would he pay to own her? If you want to get a relationship with someone by a love spell it means that you would be fine if this person did not come to you on her or his own free will. You would agree to get someone who doesn’t want you. You want to manipulate that person only to satisfy your wish to possess. No, true love does not work like this. That is why I don’t believe in love spells.

You can also find people on Internet who sell this kind of spells and rituals. Once we also got a newsletter from a person who explained at what time you needed to do your ritual in order to be successful in seducing the person of your desire. I want to say we should spread our love without ego. Everyone who sells this and promises you will get your partner with their products or services, supports this ego. Love from your deep and honest heart and you will see how love will come to you!

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