Religious Traditions let Followers ignore their Gurus’ Crimes – 12 Sep 13

The biggest problem with cases like Asaram’s is the religious background of his followers. Hinduism encourages human worship! This religious background is the reason people refuse to speak out against their guru, even if they have seen him commit a crime. It is the reason why victims don’t dare to protest while they are being harassed and hesitate uncovering their master’s deeds. It is the reason for those crimes to even take place!

The scriptures on which the tradition of having a guru is based tell that a guru is on the same level or even higher than God. This means that it would be a big sin to listen how someone says something bad about your guru. Whatever he does can only be right and that’s why you should either make the person stop talking negative about your guru or close your ears and not let any such words enter your mind.

Hinduism tells that you can only reach your goal of liberation through a guru – so everybody should have one such person about whom they should never hear anything bad. They will wash his feet, just like they wash the feet of the statue of God. They bow to him as they bow to God and they devote themselves completely to him.

In some traditions of Hinduism, followers are told to devote their mind, money as well as their body to the guru. Some gurus take this literally and ask their followers to actually give them their bodies. Some former disciples of Asaram are now telling how he often talked indecently, asking them to surrender themselves literally as it is written in the scriptures!

This is not only Asaram, I have heard many stories of communities where a new wife, when she marries into a home, first has to pay a visit to the guru before she can sleep with her husband. She is given to the guru just like you would offer food at the altar – and he will sleep with her, bless her and only then the husband and family will welcome her in their home! This is still happening in India and why? Because a guru is god for them!

A long time ago, I had a friend who also went to give lectures like I did and who was in the role of a guru as well. He was married and about 40 years old but when he came to a certain town, his organizer donated him his 17-year-old daughter! What did he do? He left his wife, married this girl and now has children with her!

Faith has created such customs. Religion is the base for the crimes committed by gurus. People are taught from their childhood that the guru is god. He cannot do anything wrong and you are supposed to obey whatever he tells you to do. If anybody wants to tell you that it is wrong, make him shut his mouth or just don’t listen. Ignore or run away from criticism, give up on your own thinking.

Asaram’s story came out because of one young girl’s bravery. Many such stories all over the country stay in the hearts and minds of the victims. Fear, crime and suppression – that is what religion and those scriptures have brought us.

The Dilemma of Followers: Knowing about the Crimes of a Guru but unable to accept it – 11 Sep 13

Of course even Asaram does not only have such followers who would commit any kind of crime for him without hesitating. Among his crowd of followers, too, there are those who have some doubts – but they decide to close their eyes and hang onto their beliefs. Why? Let’s have a look at their state of mind and state of feelings.

Against Asaram, there is now not only the accusation of sexual harassment but slowly more and more details emerge on similar cases and also completely unrelated crimes. The media reports for example that his Ashrams all across the country are, at least partly and in some cases completely, built on illegally occupied land. It is land that actually belongs to the government and was not meant to be sold. Some corrupt government officials however took may have accepted a bribe, a bit of money cash on the hand and they simply ignored how suddenly a whole Ashram was spreading on land that actually belonged to the government. Of course now everyone is eager to point out such problems but where were they before Asaram went to jail?

It doesn’t matter what accusation it is though, there are these followers who, to the outside, don’t talk much about it and may only deny that their guru has done something wrong but on the inside have big doubts on this statement! They see, they read, they hear the news and if they are truly honest, they believe their guru has done such a crime.

Nevertheless, they just refuse thinking any further in that direction. Their reason is actually quite understandable: they have spent years and lots of money, time, effort and feelings for this guru. They have defended him in front of relatives and friends who thought they were too devoted. If they admitted his fault, they would have to admit that they were wrong all along! It is hard to accept!

These followers want to protect their superstitious belief in a man who is like god or even above god. Obviously, he is infallible and they will try to find any kind of explanation for his misbehavior and crimes! These explanations are then used only to calm themselves and soothe their own doubts. They won’t be completely comfortable however and will try to stay out of public discussions of the matter.

They will shut their ears, stay in their illusion and just wait for the storm to pass by so that they can go on as usual.

My advice to these followers is: don’t be afraid and finally open your eyes and ears to what you actually already know inside! Your guru is no god, just as you are no god! Accept that he is just as human as you are and that he, probably in the face of popularity and wealth has done things which are not only morally wrong but also forbidden by law.

Realize that you don’t need a man like this. Take advice and help from people around you but don’t surrender your everything to anybody. Take your own responsibility and you will feel how this change in your life will actually make you stronger!

Arranging Girls for a Guru’s Lust, following him blindly even in Crime – 10 Sep 13

After having inspected the situation of the betrayed follower, in Asaram’s case the victim’s father, I would like to take a look at those followers who have been actively supporting Asaram in his wrong deeds and are still convinced that their guru has done nothing wrong, that this all is just a conspiracy.

These people are also full of emotions due to this case and of all emotions, anger is the very first – but while the betrayed follower is angry on his former guru, their anger is directed against the victim, her family, the media and everyone who dares saying a bad word about Asaram. They would do anything to please their master and they hate everyone who does something that displeases him.

Just take Asaram’s close aides: the media explained in detail how on events, for which the students of his schools, such as the victim, were present, Asaram would throw flowers or shine a light several times on exactly those girls whom he found pleasant to the eye. His helpers knew that these were the girls whom he wanted – and they ‘delivered’ them to him, finding excuses like that ‘special ritual’ that the victim supposedly had needed. They don’t care anymore what is wrong or right, they have allowed their wish to please their guru to overwrite any moral judgment of their own. Their guru wants it, so it is right and has to be done.

Unfortunately this is a part of Hindu religion and Indian culture that has caused a lot of trouble to many people already, because they just give up all their responsibility and follow their guru even through the worst crimes.

That’s how, when Asaram gave a statement blaming politicians for a conspiracy, when he said that Christians are trying to attack Hinduism by attacking him, when he threatened the media with violence by his followers, all of these blind sheep just followed and chimed in. They protested and are still protesting in public places against that ‘conspiracy’. They threatened and tried to bribe the victim’s family. They heard their guru say that he couldn’t guarantee that there would be no violence by his followers – and they started attacking reporters in front of Asaram’s Ashrams. On several TV channels they showed how cameramen and reporters were shouted on and beaten!

These followers were provoked by their guru to use violence simply because they blindly believe he is right and everyone who thinks the opposite is crazy, stupid or wants to harm them.

The problem is that it is very difficult to reach through to these people or talk some sense into them! Their mind is fully focused on their guru and whenever you will use just one word against him, they will feel attacked and bite back.

Is there really a way to change their mind? I believe only if they themselves experience some kind of disaster that can open their eyes in regards to their guru. They are ready to do anything for him – even if he insults or abuses them, verbally or physically, they believe he is right. It would need a big blow to shake those walls around their minds and open a gap through which some reason and sanity could enter.

Until that happens, they will keep on walking behind their guru as the blind sheep who never question or doubt whatever their master says or does.

The Father of Asaram’s Victim: Bribed, Threatened but still standing strong – 9 Sep 13

In the past week I reported about Asaram and his case of alleged sexual harassment for which he was arrested. While there are more and more details emerging, I would like to take a look on the feelings of the particular people involved, especially as this kind of case is nothing unique. It happens all the time, with many different gurus and their followers, when the latter understand that their worshipped master is not as holy and pure as they had always thought. Let’s first of all have a look at the feelings and situation of that betrayed follower.

In Asaram’s case that is the father of the 16-year-old victim. For years he has devoted his life, his love, his time, his worship and lots of money to his guru. He sent his children to his school, thinking that they would get the best education possible – and it was not cheap either! But he did it happily as he knew that the money would support his beloved guru.

And then this! His trust betrayed and broken in the worst way a father can ever think of! Can you imagine the feeling of being completely lost? Of having wasted years of devotion and all that comes with that to a man who, according to your own daughter, tried to have sex with her and even threatened her with murder? Completely disillusioned, heartbroken and at the same time angry like never before!

He did the best thing that he could do: he reported the crime to the police. Unfortunately, the police or Indian politics decided to play even further with his feelings by treating Asaram as a VIP suspect, not arresting him for nearly two weeks!

In the meantime, he received threats by followers of Asaram until he had his phones placed on police surveillance. Others tried offering him bribes and to buy him if he could stop his accusations. A woman who is close to Asaram and is considered his daughter as well as other family members came personally to beg him pardon, lying at his feet and crying that he should forgive Asaram.

He however stayed strong – and obviously so! He explained that he had given Asaram so much money but his former guru had taken something that nobody could give back! What could he offer him to pay for his crime? And why should he be afraid when he had already faced such a big hit?

No, he did not waver. On the contrary, when it looked like the police was not taking action even after the deadline of Asaram’s summon was over, he went into a hunger strike, saying he wouldn’t eat until they had arrested him, as they should do by law.

I believe he did exactly the right thing: by making the case public, unlike maybe other fathers of victims before him, he may save many more girls and maybe some more formerly blind eyes were opened!

And that is what I would suggest him to think of whenever he has that feeling of having been betrayed and having spent time, money, energy and love for a man who didn’t deserve it. You took action once you could see what is wrong and many others won’t have to face such a disappointment because you did what you did.

Don’t regret, accept what happened and take it along with you for a better future! Help others, let them come to you and tell again and again of your story so that many more may not have to face such problems!

Evolution of Gurus from ancient Times to modern Rock Star Gurus – 23 Jul 13

With yesterday’s Guru Purnima holiday, I also started writing about gurus and their initiations and followers. Traditionally, a guru initiated only a small number of disciples. It was a one-on-one relationship that had had to each of them. They all lived in his community called ‘Gurukul’ where they shared and lived and learned from him. After some years, the disciples may have taken off for their own adventures, making space for new disciples but returning again and again to their guru to seek advice and blessings or to greet him and honour him on occasions like yesterday.

Today, things look slightly different. The first and foremost difference: today’s gurus are popular celebrities, who live a life very similar to film stars. They have their programs, they have stage appearances where disciples are waiting for hours, just like fans of rock stars, just to get a glimpse of them and they have tour buses with which they go from one performance to the next. Instead of entry tickets, they have many different ways to get their income, including rituals, donations and merchandising. Huge crowds await them wherever they go and it is a huge honour if you ever get close enough to get a word directed at you personally.

It is physically not in any way possible for them to give initiations in the traditional form – they cannot meet every single one of their fans and have a personal talk with them! And so they proclaim in very big form: I am a guru who doesn’t give initiations! It makes them look even greater and special in the eyes of their disciples. These people get fooled into believing that their guru is greater and better than any other guru ever before – because he doesn’t give initiations, the number of his followers is growing and growing.

Some of these disciples already have themselves the feeling that guruism isn’t exactly the greatest thing of all. They don’t actually want the traditional way of bondage to one guru and believe that what they have is much more developed while they actually devote themselves in the same way – just that their guru is doing a mass-production of disciples. When asked about this, they often deny however to be following a guru and say that this man is their ‘mentor’. It is a fashionable way of saying the same thing.

Their disciples devote themselves fully and completely to their guru, creating an illusion of a close relationship which doesn’t actually exist. They speak of a special bond in between them and their mentor but their guru wouldn’t even recognize them if he met them on the street. Congratulations, you have a father figure who doesn’t even know who you are!

Sometimes this imagination of closeness to this man can be dangerous, too. The definition of the word mentor implies a closer relation than any of these people will ever have with their gurus. Once they realize that their imagination is just that, an illusion, that they were actually always strangers for this person, they can fall in a deep hole of disappointment. Then they feel as though they have no direction in their lives, and that they have wasted years of their lives for an illusion.

I think this modern guruism is even more dangerous for people.

The tempting Offer of Gurus to free you of any Responsibility – 3 Apr 13

Yesterday I wrote about the responsibility that both writers and readers have and should take for their lives and their actions. Everybody should be aware of his responsibility and take it in his hands. While this is something that most people would accept as how it should be, Hinduism and the common Guruism unfortunately teach something else: you can and should give all your responsibility to your guru.

Yes, this is what is written in the highest scriptures and this is what gurus have been preaching for centuries and what followers try to achieve. The idea is that you devote yourself complete to a guru. You surrender yourself, all your bad Karma but also your good Karma to your guru and do what he says without expecting anything for yourself. Then you will reach the point that you don’t have any Karma for yourself anymore and thus will reach heaven after your death.

This concept is actually the key-point with which guruism is running at all. Gurus invite people: Come, give me all your karma, do what I tell you and you don’t need to worry about your life or even your afterlife. Devote yourself and surrender, I will take care of you in this incarnation and later on.

Isn’t that a wonderful concept? A tempting offer for any innocent, normal, religious-minded person! Every Hindu who grew up in this religion will believe that this is the right way and anybody else can understand how inviting it sounds: Sit in my boat, I will row and take you to the other side! You don’t need to think or worry, you will reach there safely. You cannot upset the boat, you cannot be carried away by the current of the river, you won’t drown – you won’t even get wet!

They surrender. It is easy and it is even seen as something good in society! They proudly say ‘I have surrendered, I am devoted, I am a follower and only do what my guru says. I am nothing’. This humbleness is exactly what is expected of them. ‘Finish your ego’ is what they are told, otherwise the guru cannot take over. He will take care of your Karma account so you have to give him all rights to it.

For this service you obviously also have to pay a certain fee. Some gurus don’t take this fee directly. Some are like banks where you have to have a certain insurance plan with them before you get special services. But you have to pay, directly or indirectly.

Extracting big amounts of money is not the only advantage that gurus take of this attitude. They have many people who are so devoted that they would do anything, whatever they say. This power, given to them by their devotees, paves the way to sexual abuse. Many former female disciples of gurus have told me that they just thought of their guru as god. They fully surrendered and trusted that they would be saved through him and by doing whatever he asks for. When they were asked to serve him in his private bedroom, to massage his genitals and even have sex with him, many of them did! There are so many cases of gurus who abuse women because they innocently believe it is what they are supposed to do.

So you see the extent of the problem when people don’t want to take their own responsibility and rather take the easy way out – handing it over to someone else. It is never right to do this. Take your responsibility, for your actions and the consequences, and realize that you don’t need a guru to be happy in life.

Appreciation, Abuse and Warnings after writing about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – 22 Feb 13

The whole week’s diary entries have been impacted by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, his alleged mobile phone charging powers and the consequences of my article about them. I thought I should share the reactions of different people on my blog entries with you, it might be interesting.

Of course there was the usual angry response from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s followers and members of the Art of Living foundation. The extreme response is mostly rather abusive and not very entertaining, in a language that I don’t use in my blog and which I thus won’t repeat here. Let’s just say that you can let your imagination run wild and think of any insult, they have most probably used it for me in the past four days. The funny thing is that this is people who like meditation, who want to find peace and balance and whose guru tells them himself that they should not say anything bad or think anything bad about anybody…

Well, but that has happened each time that I wrote about some fake guru and exposed their cheating behavior. It is not very surprising and the normal behavior, comparable to a scared, cornered animal. Being confronted with the way that they have been cheated by their guru, those followers try to use attack as a defense but not in a very skilled way!

There are other and more moderate reactions however, too. One person who has used the breathing techniques that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar teaches and who has obviously felt benefit from it, tried to find an explanation for his guru to say such nonsense. He seemed to be himself confused about the question why someone would write such nonsense or even say it in a lecture and so he concluded that the people in the lecture, which was held in a rural area, were ‘simple-minded’ and ‘of low intelligence’ and expected a guru to tell such stories.

It is actually quite funny to explain the story in this way. It is a careful way of saying: the audience is stupid, that’s why he has to fool them. Really? Is this what an enlightened person is supposed to do? For one, you should never assume that the person in front of you is stupid. Furthermore, you are not supposed to tell people whatever they want to hear just so that you get what you want! An honest person will never act in this way! If people even did expect this from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, why would he just make something up to please them?

No, I think you cannot use this as an explanation or excuse for him. I believe that there is probably someone whose job it is to just note down or record every lecture and then make another webpage, another article out of it, without this being further reviewed. He did say it, it was published and when they noticed that not everyone believes him to be all knowing and omnipresent or a divine, enlightened being, they took it down again.

There were however also lots of comments of support from readers and friends, people who have been disappointed by the organization themselves and others who were surprised as they thought him to be more serious and real. There have also been friends who got worried about me writing like this, as his organization is quite big and has lots of money and that he could have some kind of influence and could harm me.

I thank you all friends for your support but you don’t need to worry about me. I know I am not alone when I write about cheating gurus, when I expose scandals or just collect information about wrongdoers, hypocrites and scam religious leaders. There are hundreds and thousands of people more who are not happy with them, who know it is wrong and who are there to support. They may not be as outspoken but they are there and this is something that not only I know, those gurus know it, too!

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is all knowing like God – that’s why he has to steal Tea! – 21 Feb 13

On Monday I told you about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s alleged mobile-charging powers which I had read about in a story which was taken down consequently to my diary entry. Reading the webpage again on the screenshot that we had made, I noticed that I had not even referred to the second story Sri Sri Ravi Shankar tells to his disciples! It doesn’t lack in superstitious, religious ideas of the relation of guru and devotee and of course the manipulative suggestion of the guru that the devotee is much more powerful than the guru.

Here is a small summary: Approximately 10 years ago, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and some devotees were guests in someone’s house in Durban, South Africa. They were about to leave when he suddenly had a strange feeling of restlessness and went to the room of his devotees. He saw a packet of tea and when nobody could answer the question whose it was, he took it and packed it in his suitcase.

His devotees felt a bit funny about their guru so openly stealing BUT – thankfully – when they landed in Johannesburg, he met a man at the airport who asked him:

“Gurudev, did you get the packet of tea I sent for you? It is a special tea. I myself went and picked it up and I wanted to give it to you. I couldn’t come to Durban so I sent it through somebody.’

The next lines of the story are so beautifully written that I don’t want to spoil them by summarizing them in my words:

‘So it was sent through somebody and they put it in another room because they know that I don’t drink tea, and so they didn’t even tell me. This was a case.
Then I said, ‘Yes, I got that packet of tea.’

This means that when your feelings and your emotions are so intense, I become only a puppet then. So I had to get the packet of tea.

So, this is the story on how I have to steal a packet of tea, which is not really stealing. It belonged to me but at that moment it appeared as though I am stealing something that did not belong to me.’

Ah, this story may sound nice when you are in a room with hundreds of people and everybody is just in a state of pure bliss because they are able to hear the voice of their beloved guru. When you sit at home and read it, you have to shake your head in disbelief about it that someone could believe him and that he would even like to place this publicly on his website! He tells these stories as though he really wants to make people believe he is God! This story alone though brings up so many questions in itself!

The very first and most important: if you are all-knowing, which you did not deny at the beginning of the story, how come you did not know that this tea was meant for you?

If you did not know it is yours, how come you took it? Taking someone else’s property is stealing, you saw that right, and even if you afterwards get to know it was yours, you stole it in the first place – that’s wrong. Really, Sri Sri, you cannot talk yourself out of this one!

If however someone buys a special tea for you and knows that he will come to meet you in Johannesburg, why would he send the tea to Durban?

If he did actually send it to Durban – maybe because he did not know he would come to Johannesburg, why would the messenger not deliver the tea personally? Obviously the man was important enough to meet you at the airport in Johannesburg, surely his messenger would be able to reach you? Why did that tea not reach you in the first place?

The best part is however this:

‘This means that when your feelings and your emotions are so intense, I become only a puppet then. So I had to get the packet of tea.’

He enforces this with the third story of this page in which he felt physically weak and ill because he had not met his followers who were waiting for him and they were all disappointed and angry. If that was true, he would always be walking around like hypnotized, doing whatever his followers want him to do. I know for a fact that they all quite strongly feel for him – for the past three days I have been removing angry posts and comments from my webpage and facebook page!

The conclusion is that I don’t believe this story or all the nonsense around it, most of all that he is all-knowing. I rather think he either invented the story or maybe actually likes to drink tea from time to time and doesn’t want to admit it, then someone saw him packing some tea and he had to create a story around it. We can only guess but one thing is for sure: if he is all-knowing, he hides it quite well.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Appeal to switch off your Brain and follow him: Don’t think! – 20 Feb 13

I am surprised but also very happy about the great response I received to my last two diary entries. On Monday I told about a very funny article on the Art of Living website in which their guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar claimed that his devotees were able to charge their mobile phones without any chargers, simply by putting them in front of his picture. After this story spread in this way online, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar decided that this story was not good advertising and they took the page down from their website. Many people have been writing to me and expressed their experiences with this guru and his organization and I thought I should write another diary entry about him, his work and his way of attracting people.

Above you can see the photo of a newspaper insert, an advertisement that was handed out to people in Ahmedabad along with their newspapers. At the bottom you can see the events, courses and retreats that they offer, the venue, which is one of the organization’s own places and the contact details. The essence of this advertisement though, which catches the reader’s eye and which would immediately deter me personally from anything that is being offered is the order which is written above in the biggest letters of the complete paper: DON’T THINK… JUST JOIN ART OF LIVING

Wow! Do you really think that this is the most subtle way to advertise a brainwashing, cult-like community program like this one? After the story with the mobile phones I am convinced that Art of Living and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar offer nothing else than exactly that – a place where you are not allowed to think and develop your own opinion. A place where you can just comfortably follow whatever you are being told and blindly believe that you will in this way reach some kind of spiritual goals like enlightenment, Samadhi or even liberation at the end of this life. Congratulations to everybody who feels attracted by such an advertisement!

Maybe however they are successful because they are so openly saying it! They don’t, like other sects, try to hide the fact that they don’t want people to think but rather believe whatever they say. That does not fit with the action of taking down their article about the mobile chargers though – as I said yesterday, normally I don’t often read that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar presents himself publicly as all knowing or omnipresent because that would cause an uproar in the media who are thankfully nowadays ready to show how fake gurus claim to have impossible superpowers!

We can perhaps conclude that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in general tries not to look like other fake gurus but that from time to time something slips through of how it looks like underneath the well maintained cover of purity. An article about mobile-charging powers, a leaflet which encourages people to switch off their brains and follow blindly or news reports accusing him of building his meditation centers on government land that was meant for the poor and needy.

There have been such events that scratched his nearly-perfect guru image and made him a little less popular, also among the Indian religious population. Last March for example he publicly said that government schools were the breeding places for terrorists, which is why all schools should be run by private organizations. After big protests from all over the country, including from ministers and members of parliament who went to government schools themselves, he tried to talk himself out of it but video records show clearly that he said exactly that.

So maybe Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has to try harder not letting the cover slip or maybe, just maybe, people could learn at some point that they don’t need a guru to find inner calm and peace as well as physical and mental well-being. Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, all that is available for everybody and just because Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or anybody else started putting his brand on it doesn’t make his technique more valuable or better.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar quickly removes Story about having Mobile-Charging-Powers – 19 Feb 13

So, here we are on a new day, with a new diary entry and facing the aftermath of yesterday’s diary entry about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Yesterday I reported about a story which I had read on the official website of his foundation ‘Art of Living’, in which he claims that his devotees are able to charge their mobile phones in front of his picture. Today my browser automatically opened this page again – not by magic but because I have set it on opening the previous session – and shows me that they have taken the page with that story down! It now shows ‘You are not authorized to access this page.’

We do have a screenshot however for those of you who were not quick enough with reading it! Click on the following link – it will open in a new window for you to read and see for yourself:

Once something is out on the internet, it is difficult to make it vanish again, especially if the attention of thousands of people has been drawn towards it! I posted my diary entry yesterday afternoon and, as I always do, shared it on my facebook page. From there it spread like wildfire across the internet – and obviously reached Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, too. As quickly as possible they removed the text from their website, thinking that they can remove the evidence of what I am saying. Well, again, modern media is able to give proof of what happened online and you can see it above.

I had actually not expected to find such a superstitious article on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s website because I had until had the impression that he wanted to present himself in another light. It had seemed to me that he was very careful not to publicly show that he is just the same kind of guru like all the other fake ones, trying to attract devotees by showing magic tricks and claiming to be ‘omnipresent and all knowing’. The fact that he and his team decided to take the article down after I wrote about it shows only that they know that it is wrong! They know that this is not possible, that it is just fiction, an invented story to impress those who are listening.

He says himself that it is a story of a rural Indian area, a place where people are very superstitious, where people don’t know much about scientific reasons why this cannot be true and where people are gullible and religious enough to blindly follow a fake guru if he just tells them enough fantasy stories about his power. By saying that they are more powerful than he himself, he actually made them greedy on top of fooling them! They, too, want to have such powers!

The sad thing is how many people have been cheated and lured into believing that this man has true powers! Before I receive more comments telling me of all the benefits people had through his techniques, let me tell you that I don’t doubt the benefit of yoga, meditation or breathing techniques! I don’t believe however that there is any benefit in having a fake guru teaching them, telling you invented stories of his powers or the powers you could have if you joined him!

I just want to send out another appeal to everyone who happens to stumble over this article: you see yourself in this example that Gurus like this man can take their words back in a second, writing one thing today and another tomorrow. They are not honest, they don’t have any superpowers and they are not enlightened beings. They don’t want to help you, they want you to depend on them, they want your money and they want to manipulate you. Don’t get caught in their traps, take responsibility for your life yourself and be happy without depending on any guru’s fake powers!