A Doubt on our School Food: Does my Daughter eat it, too? – 24 Nov 14

Last week, I posted a picture in my blog which showed some of our school children at lunch. Seeing this picture on Facebook, a person asked whether our daughter ate with these children as well. While I obviously replied there as well, I thought this question deserved a more elaborate answer in my diary as well.

The basic answer is quite simple: yes, she does.

Apra actually waits for lunchtime eagerly because then all the children come running out of school and she can sit with them to eat. She chooses with whom she sits – usually one of the boys who also live at the Ashram and who are like brothers to her. She gets a plate like all other children and the same food like all others, too.

People obviously think our charity is a kind of a farce. They doubt that we would make the food that we feed these kids of poor families good enough for letting our daughter eat the same.

At first, you may believe it incredible that someone could have such a thought. Thinking a bit more about it however, you can understand where these suspicions come from: unfortunately many charities do exactly that! I know that here in India charity has become a kind of established business where people take a lot of money and then only provide poor quality food, clothing etc. to those whom they then show in their advertisement! They know what the food they provide to the poor is made of and that’s why they would never eat it themselves or give it to their kids.

I tell you something: we are not a huge organization, we are just a family having started a school and trying to help these kids. The food for the children is being made in our own kitchen, by the same cook who also prepares our food, with the same vegetables, rice and lentils that we eat as well and using the same spices that we get in our dishes. The only difference is that the pots are much bigger for 200 people than for 20.

And one more thing: if there is any food left after the kids ate in midday, we eat the rests in the evening. Not only because we don't want any food to be wasted and definitely not because we wouldn't find anybody else to eat it. No, because it really is delicious, tasty and healthy as well!

My Amazement: there is Fraud in developed Countries like Australia, too! – 23 Nov 14

When I reached Australia in the beginning of 2007, I obviously had already a few places to go to where I knew people who wanted to organize my program again. Of course there were also a few new organizers whom I met for the first time but also many people whom I met again after a year’s break. One of these friends was a man who had even come to meet us in India in between. And I couldn’t believe what he told me when we had the time for a lengthy talk!

My friend had known my sister, as he had been at our Ashram just before her accident. So obviously we spent a bit of time remembering her. Then however he told me that he was excited about a new chance in his life: he had heard of a new investment scheme that could give you many times the amount of your money in very short time! A person whom he knew had invested there and had told him that he would soon be rich because of his investment!

I don’t remember what it was exactly but I believe it was a kind of fund for gold digging in South Africa. Someone had told my friend that there were just investors needed and once the gold was found, everyone would get back a lot more than they had invested.

When listening to this I was stunned: we have a lot of this kind of scams going on in India. I had heard and read so often about it, I could easily see the pattern that all of these fraudulent ideas follow: get many people to give up their money by promises of quick wealth. What shocked me was not the scam in itself, but the fact that this also happened in Australia and obviously there were people who fell for it as well!

One of them was my friend. I asked him ‘You didn’t invest in that, did you?’ already fearing that he had done exactly that. And yes, he had. ‘You know I don’t have a lot of money but I invested my savings.’ He went on to tell me about the things he was going to do once he would be a millionaire and tried to convince me of joining this infallible scheme.

Obviously I was not interested at all in losing my money by handing it over to cheaters. I also told my doubts to my friend but of course he didn’t want to hear anything of it.

I had understood however that there are fraudulent people everywhere around the world and unfortunately also those who fall for them. The only way to avoid this is to realize that nobody just comes out of nowhere and sends you money like this. You need to work to earn your money!

Will Fake God Sathya Sai Baba Die Soon? – 21 Apr 11

Several days ago I heard that the guru and magician Sathya Sai Baba is seriously sick and in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in South India, his life depending on a ventilator and some life support machines. I have seen on Indian media online that his situation has been critical for several weeks now.

I have written a couple of times already about this man and his followers. At the moment his followers are doing many ceremonies and prayers for the health of their guru. He is very well-known in India and also in the west, mostly for his magic tricks in which he materializes ashes and even gold. Unfortunately his followers, among them many high Indian politicians, believe that he actually can make gold and jewelry out of nothing. They honestly believe he is God, call him an ‘Avatar’ and trust that he can perform all kinds of miracles and heal everybody of nearly every disease. Some people even claimed that he has healed their cancer.

Knowing this all I had to wonder very much when I heard that he now depends on life support in the hospital. How come? Does he not have the power to make his body functions work as they should? Can he not heal himself? Additionally I had the impression that God never dies. If this man is God, how come he is now apparently about to die?

You may now say that God, the essence, doesn’t die but the incarnation, the physical body does. Okay, I might even accept this as an explanation but wouldn’t you expect God’s incarnation to die in dignity? Or peacefully? But this is what nobody would ever wish for himself!

Why do his followers even now still believe that he is anything greater or better than all of us? They still don’t realize that whatever he has always been doing was only fooling and cheating others! Still and until this very moment they believe that their guru is God and not just a normal man who got old and sick and will die soon. That is the reality.

I guess there are already many answers to the question why God dies and why especially in this way. His followers will write a complete new scripture about him after his death and built several more temples in his name. There will also be more people imitating him. There were many already who have been materializing things like him and showing tricks like him in order to attract followers. I am afraid that after his death more people will walk this way.

They might even say ‘I have a part of Sathya Sai Baba’s soul in me’ and while there is only one living Sathya Sai Baba, there will be many more of his incarnations in future, once he has passed away.

Be that as it may and be he who he may, I wish that his soul will go in peace. Then he will be in light and love instead of this web of lies, tricks, magic and fraud.

Chief Minister of Karnataka Yeddyurappa Attacked by Black Magic – 1 Feb 11

Sometimes when you see or read news you see things that, at first, you can hardly believe. Such a thing I saw yesterday and I could not believe my eyes when I read that B.S. Yeddyurappa, the chief minister (CM) of the Indian state Karnataka, said “There is a conspiracy to eliminate me through black magic”.

I researched on the internet to find more about it and quickly was supplied with information: I knew already that Yeddyurappa belongs to the BJP, a political party I wrote about before, too. They have a rather conservative approach and their aims and goals are always close to the opinion of the RSS, a group of extreme Hindu nationalists. He has been on the news quite frequently in the last days and weeks as he and his family have been accused of a big land scam where they allegedly obtained land for nearly not any payment simply because he was chief minister.

What I did not know until now is that he is also superstitious and believes in black magic attacks. He indirectly accuses the leader of the opposing party that he is performing black magic in order to kill him. Until now I knew that some or even many of our politicians are corrupt, that a lot of money is going into their pockets or the pockets of people they favour but I was always of the opinion that they, even if they are dishonest, are intellectuals, intelligent and educated people who can guide the inhabitants of their country towards freedom of such superstitions!

Really, think about what kind of light this casts on his whole party who chose him as their candidate and what message it gives to the people who elected him! When the CM has this kind of mentality, why would poor and uneducated people learn anything better? Which century are we living in? He is the politic head of the state in which Bangalore, the IT city is capital. Many software engineers learn in this region of India and become famous all over the world!

Now I don’t wonder anymore when I hear that high politicians go to fake gurus like Satya Sai Baba to get his ‘help’ and blessings. They actually believe in this kind of fraud and show their people that they should, too! It is a shame for Indian politicians and our country to give this kind of message and example. You see again, that not only uneducated people are cheated by the irrational creation of fear that gurus simply love to do.

If it was really true that you can do this with black magic, why could we not use black magic on all corrupt politicians and remove them from their posts at once? Wouldn’t it be nice to simply clean up in Indian politics and remove all this dirt? Unfortunately however, this is not reality and this is how we have to listen to statements such as the one of Yeddyurappa.

Yeddyurappa fears black magic threat to life

Hey Nithyananda – Was that Repeated Rape or a Divine Act? – 2 Dec 10

We read a little bit more about Nithyananda today and we were actually laughing about several of the news articles that we saw. There are quite a lot of excuses that spiritual masters have for having sex – and they are always the same, too. They give an argument and try to be intellectual about why you should have sex with them. People are told: This is not ordinary sex, nothing dirty. It is a tantric ritual, the divine unity of male and female. Yin and Yang. Some say ‘I am Krishna, you all are gopis.’ And Nithyananda obviously said to one of the women who now accused him of rape: ‘I am Shiva and you are Parvati’. If anybody else does it, it is just ordinary sex, but if we do it, it is a divine act. Oh well…

It is already ridiculous if you look at this side of the coin. If you turn it around and look at what the ‘victims’ say, you may wonder as well. When he was in the US, Nithyananda is said to have enjoyed American culture and went to some strip clubs. Having seen and experienced professional lap dances, he decided that he should have this at home, too, and ‘forced his female followers to do the same’. I tried to imagine how you can force someone to do a lap dance for you but I did not quite succeed, do you?

Another one of those funny allegations is how a woman describes his misdeeds. She told she was ‘repeatedly raped by Nithyananda, not only at his Bidadi ashram but in other parts of the country as well’. Again, my imagination failed. How exactly can rape take place repeatedly and then also in different parts of the country? Does this mean Nithyananda is just an ordinary stalker, following her around the country and attacking her whenever she is alone? Or was she following her guru on his India tour and had a VIP pass to his bedroom?

Whatever will happen in this trial or hearing, there will be accusations and taking advantages of loopholes of laws. In this kind of court cases the truth rarely is revealed. Whoever can make the better story will win. But overall it is not a good image for the spiritual scene in the whole world if God needs to be an excuse for having sex. It is a natural desire, fulfill it in respectful, loving ways and be honest about it. Not that difficult, is it?

News Articles:



Yes, I am Calling you Names – 30 Nov 10

In the last two diary entries I wrote about two fake gurus: Sathya Sai Baba and Nithyananda. A friend yesterday asked me “I know you wrote about them before but you always kept it more general, talking about fake gurus in general. Now you even wrote their names and made very clear that you mean them. Why did you write in one way before and now in a fully different way?”

I first of all told my friends that the way that I am writing is actually still the same, my opinion has not changed. In that time I was writing in general about gurus and had some particular names in my mind. Now I write about these gurus but with that still want to give a message to the general public and less known gurus. Then and now however the message is the same: don’t run after gurus, they cheat, they claim to help you on your way while exploiting you and they pretend to be something that they are not.

When I started writing this message in my diary I thought I do not reveal exactly whom I mean. I did not want to insult anybody and I knew that many people who come to my lectures and workshops actually also go to some of these gurus’ workshops and retreats. There are several reasons why I now clearly say their names.

Some people said I should be careful, those who go to these gurus also give donations to the children of my school and they visit my workshops and lectures, too. I however openly invite everyone to get to know me and my views on this topic. Whoever likes it is very welcome to be my friend. Whoever doesn’t like it, is very welcome to leave. This is the difference between me and those gurus. I don’t want to hold and bind anybody to me or my projects. If you want to have a master who tells you what to do, don’t come to me. If you would like to have a friend, I would offer you my open arms. If you like what we do with those children in India, we will be happy about your support. If you would rather give a donation to a guru who builds a temple and sends you his questionable blessings, it is really only your choice!

The main and foremost reason for me to write those names is simple honesty. Why would I not say it? I have this name in my mind and it is just honest to write that name, too. I still do not want to insult anybody but I have the intention of warning people of cheaters. I don’t want them to have bad experiences, I don’t want people to waste their money while thinking that they will get enlightened, I want them to go their own way, responsible for themselves and without depending on somehow who doesn’t really care about them anyway.

If I only write in general, it can even be that some people don’t understand exactly who I am talking about. Disciples and devotees of different gurus tend to be blind regarding the faults of their master. They may read my diary and say that they agree but not realize that I directly pointed my finger towards their guru. Now I am doing this even more clearly so that nobody can look away. If you see your guru’s name, you cannot run away anymore from this confrontation: are you following a cheater?

Rape Charges Filed against Nithyananda – 29 Nov 10

Yesterday I wrote about Sathya Sai Baba and how he succeeded to save himself from accusations and even court charges through high political connections. Another fraudulent guru from South India, also trying to make political bonds to save himself, was not that much successful with this strategy. The world got to know about Nithyananda when his sex scandal came out in March this year. A video tape was published by his former driver that showed him in bed with different women. Only a bit later he was searched for and finally arrested. After approximately two months he came out of jail on bail and today finally the charge sheets for his case were filed by the CID.

Nithyananda and four of his associates are charged with rape, unnatural sex, cheating, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy. One of the four is accused of destroying evidence. This evidence consisted of hundreds of contracts that Nithyananda and his organization asked people to sign. In these contracts participants agreed that programs will contain nudity, sexual activity and practice of tantric secrets. In short, it was an agreement that the master can ask the participants to have sex with him. They actually signed that they would not mind anything of that and would surely never file a case against Nithyananda because of these sexual activities.

I think in a case like this it is very hard for the victims to have the courage to go into public. Maybe hundreds of people have signed his contract and had ‘tantra time’ with him. Because of restrictions of society and worries for their reputation however, only very few women will be courageous enough to actually stand up against him. Even though the investigating parties always announced that it would be confidential, it was difficult to do this step for many and this is how it has taken so long to get 101 witnesses from India and abroad to back up the charges.

I actually got to know about Nithyananda last year when I was in America and staying with some of his followers. I felt weird about him and his message and published a video in my diary expressing my feelings. This was even long before his scandal. When his sex video came out, I wrote again in my blog and just advised him to be honest. He could have accepted that he was in love with that girl, he could have just said that he was never living in celibate and he could just have left his dirty guru business. He, the great master however, had to make drama and tried to find a way out of it in a dishonest way. Hiding, lying and posting video messages online, he tried all he could to keep up the illusion of the holy man. He did not understand that this was actually his problem and his biggest problem. This is why I believe that he should get punished for what he did even if it is difficult to find witnesses or proof. He needs to understand that he has to stop cheating people on the name of religion. He sells enlightenment for money and the path to liberation goes through his bedroom. Money and sex, a big name and some fame, that’s all it was about and if there is no will to change, he needs to learn it in this way.

I would like to make another request to government and police or to the people everywhere: please forgive him if he feels sorry for what he did, promises to close his enlightenment shop and shut down his fake Guru business. Maybe he can find another job to survive with honesty and learn to live without golden thrones.

You can always read updates on Nithyananda here: http://nithyananda-cult.blogspot.com/

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Why Politicians Approve of Magician Sathya Sai Baba – 28 Nov 10

When we were still in India, on the 23rd November, we got the news that the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and many chief ministers and other high politicians of ruling and opposing party went to the birthday celebration of Sathya Sai Baba. I don’t know if you know this man who celebrated his 85th birthday but I have written several times about him without mentioning his name.

He is one of the most popular gurus of India, popular in the whole world. He is also one of the biggest and richest cheaters I know. He calls himself an incarnation of God and pretends to have divine powers. He does magic tricks and thus materializes ashes for poor and gold for rich disciples. On special occasion a complete golden egg can come out of his mouth. Usually that egg is hidden in a handkerchief in which he seemingly catches it when it appeared in his mouth.

The BBC has made a documentary about him and his cheating years ago. They showed his tricks, they had witnesses and victims of sexual assaults and harassment from his side and they also talked with politicians who, like on his birthday, come to him and openly show their approval.

I don’t understand why they go to this cheater? Don’t they see that he only tries to get money out of people? But maybe that is also their reason to go, they also get some money. It could be that their parties get some big donations from him if they go because he must be billionaire.

I actually believe that these donations and the ‘blessing’ that he gives to them helped a lot that he has never been convicted for any charges by court even after many allegations for cheating and more. He has taken care that there are many important politicians who can hold their protecting hand over his blessed head.

India is a secular country, why do politicians show their religious interest in this way in public? If they want to worship, they should do it in private! But the Indian public has a religious mind, so another reason to do this in public is to give a clear message: I am also religious, I am one of you! Especially when they are in high positions, politicians do this kind of advertising.

I actually don’t know exactly if I should be sad or angry about this. As a politician you are also an ideal, you are supposed to show people through your action what is good and what is bad. This is why it is so bad when politicians are corrupt – if they are, why wouldn’t everybody else be? And this is also why it is bad when they go to visit fake gurus and congratulate them to their birthday, whether they go for getting a donation or for getting more votes.

Here is another video in which you can see that he still does his magic tricks even though he is now in a wheelchair at his 85 years. Have a look at 3:53min: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=461967654102

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Is it Okay to Buy Stolen Bank Data to Pursue Tax Fraud? – 18 Aug 10

Yesterday I told you about the question if the Indian government should illegally hack data of blackberry users in order to protect the country from terrorism. It is quite interesting how moral questions arise when you talk about money, security and government decisions. Some time ago there was another topic in the news which you might have heard about and which brought up a similar question.

The German government had been contacted by an anonymous informant who offered them a CD of data which they could buy for $3.5 million. The data contained stolen bank details of up to 1500 people who had their money on bank accounts in Switzerland in order to escape German taxes. The government did some calculation and found that they could probably get $140 million back which they had lost through tax evasion – and did what seemed obvious to them: they bought the CD and a big discussion about the topic erupted.

That is not any wonder, tax fraud is a serious topic and the German government loses a lot of money each year through people who evade paying their taxes. And their strategy worked: even before the deal with the CD was made, many people contacted government offices and confessed that they might not have paid the full amount of taxes. Of course those, who confessed in this way in the end had to pay less than those whose data was seen for the first time on the CD. It was also not the first time, just some years ago the German government had bought data in a similar way from Liechtenstein.

Now think about it: the government themselves support the stealing of bank details so that they can pursue people who have committed tax fraud. How many people will be encouraged to try at least to hack into the bank computers and databases? If they succeed and they get a good amount of relevant information they can make a nice sum of money with it! Fully legally with the German government!

Germany will not be the only country in which this happens and RIM not the only company who acts in this way. I just would like to ask about the morals of these actions. I disagree to the statement that the end and result of this kind of project justifies the means. You need to see into the future and think how much more fraud, thefts, hacking and robbery you encourage through your actions.

Source: http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1958727,00.html

Expose fraudulent Spiritual Leaders on Fake Guru Forum – 12 Mar 10

Last week in the diary I have written about the cases of ‘spiritual fraud’ that have been exposed in the last weeks here in India. Sexual abuse, prostitution, cheating and even murder have allegedly been committed by so-called gurus and of course disciples and followers throughout the world are disappointed and angry.

If you have been reading my diary, you know that I am against following someone blindly and I always say that you can take responsibility for your actions yourself. In order to make more people aware of the fact that these ‘Gods on earth’ are not always as holy as they seem, we decided to start an online forum www.fake-guru.com where you can discuss cases of exposed gurus, write about how they attract their followers and read experiences of other people.

We invite you to join this forum and we are looking forward to spread awareness in this way. We hope we will meet you in the Fake-Guru Forum soon where we are also actively writing. So if you have any question, just sign up and start typing! And don’t forget to tell this also to your friends and family who may like to join, too!
Be your own guru!