Expose fraudulent Spiritual Leaders on Fake Guru Forum – 12 Mar 10


Last week in the diary I have written about the cases of ‘spiritual fraud’ that have been exposed in the last weeks here in India. Sexual abuse, prostitution, cheating and even murder have allegedly been committed by so-called gurus and of course disciples and followers throughout the world are disappointed and angry.

If you have been reading my diary, you know that I am against following someone blindly and I always say that you can take responsibility for your actions yourself. In order to make more people aware of the fact that these ‘Gods on earth’ are not always as holy as they seem, we decided to start an online forum www.fake-guru.com where you can discuss cases of exposed gurus, write about how they attract their followers and read experiences of other people.

We invite you to join this forum and we are looking forward to spread awareness in this way. We hope we will meet you in the Fake-Guru Forum soon where we are also actively writing. So if you have any question, just sign up and start typing! And don’t forget to tell this also to your friends and family who may like to join, too!
Be your own guru!

2 Replies to “Expose fraudulent Spiritual Leaders on Fake Guru Forum – 12 Mar 10”

  1. While there have been extreme incidents recently, most problems with gurus fall into a “grey area” in which claims of gurus and/or disciples exceed the guru’s actual abilities. So while I may have criticisms of them, I wouldn’t necessarily totally dismiss them or call them “fake.” Most of the really terrible gurus I have detailed knowledge of are … See Morefrom long ago, long gone, old news, and already exposed. So I may not have anything worthwhile to contribute to the forum. But I’ll look over the discussions, and I’ll contribute if I think I have anything original to say, or anything worth saying.

  2. my husband got involved with fake guru some years ago and he got to spend all his money on him most of which he borrowed on gurus advise.we have lost everything and are now destitude and guru does not want to know us or help us, what should we do.