Why Politicians Approve of Magician Sathya Sai Baba – 28 Nov 10


When we were still in India, on the 23rd November, we got the news that the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and many chief ministers and other high politicians of ruling and opposing party went to the birthday celebration of Sathya Sai Baba. I don’t know if you know this man who celebrated his 85th birthday but I have written several times about him without mentioning his name.

He is one of the most popular gurus of India, popular in the whole world. He is also one of the biggest and richest cheaters I know. He calls himself an incarnation of God and pretends to have divine powers. He does magic tricks and thus materializes ashes for poor and gold for rich disciples. On special occasion a complete golden egg can come out of his mouth. Usually that egg is hidden in a handkerchief in which he seemingly catches it when it appeared in his mouth.

The BBC has made a documentary about him and his cheating years ago. They showed his tricks, they had witnesses and victims of sexual assaults and harassment from his side and they also talked with politicians who, like on his birthday, come to him and openly show their approval.

I don’t understand why they go to this cheater? Don’t they see that he only tries to get money out of people? But maybe that is also their reason to go, they also get some money. It could be that their parties get some big donations from him if they go because he must be billionaire.

I actually believe that these donations and the ‘blessing’ that he gives to them helped a lot that he has never been convicted for any charges by court even after many allegations for cheating and more. He has taken care that there are many important politicians who can hold their protecting hand over his blessed head.

India is a secular country, why do politicians show their religious interest in this way in public? If they want to worship, they should do it in private! But the Indian public has a religious mind, so another reason to do this in public is to give a clear message: I am also religious, I am one of you! Especially when they are in high positions, politicians do this kind of advertising.

I actually don’t know exactly if I should be sad or angry about this. As a politician you are also an ideal, you are supposed to show people through your action what is good and what is bad. This is why it is so bad when politicians are corrupt – if they are, why wouldn’t everybody else be? And this is also why it is bad when they go to visit fake gurus and congratulate them to their birthday, whether they go for getting a donation or for getting more votes.

Here is another video in which you can see that he still does his magic tricks even though he is now in a wheelchair at his 85 years. Have a look at 3:53min: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=461967654102

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25 Replies to “Why Politicians Approve of Magician Sathya Sai Baba – 28 Nov 10”

  1. Thanks Swami that you have the guts to tell the truth, not many people can do this. SUPER keep on telling the truth please, blessings from Bharati

  2. @Nanda, you can say your opinion is that it is ridiculous but you also know that in reality it is not ridiculous but very true what Swami Balendu is writing here. Sai Baba may be your Guru as well or you may like his magic tricks and this magician but it has nothing to do with reality. We all know that he is not producing gold chains with lockets with his photo on it or golden eggs. Otherwise he could just solve everybody’s money problems and help the poor… But he only gives gold to those who give him 10 time more back. Those who cannot get ashes, is that a fair Guru????? Government and all other ministers are corrupt and thus bowing in front of money manipulators. They should take over all his property and use it for real charity….

  3. I biked all around India and almost everywhere I went to there would be someone telling me about sai baba, maybe if he feels like he doesn’t have enough money, he will start a religion.

  4. The politicians can’t have really wanted to see him because they themselves know the lies you spread to gain power. they just went to gain favor amongst people themselve.

  5. Yes, and these trick are not so different from what you see in corporate practice or even small businesses. For some reason people believe that when it comes to making money the ends justify the means. It leads to a life without riches and only sometimes a full wallet.

  6. The people I met during my trip to India who mentioned gurus never mentioned this man. That is interesting. I spent my time with people who would offer me a ride or their comany, a chai or a place to stay and without asking for anything in return. Most of them renounced religion and believed in love. India was full of these kinds of spiritual and nonreligious people so I am a little surprised to hear that this man is so popular.

  7. I know what you mean by saying they should worship in private if they are truly religious. You recognize that they are showing off or acting. And also, if they were not acting…if they were honest it would not matter if they worshiped in private or in the eye of the public. It wouldn’t matter to them and if they were in the public eye it would not have been because they asked for it, but still their would be no need an no attempt to make their worship a private matter.

  8. I don’t know why so many of India’s worst are concentrated in positions of power. Maybe because power is attractive to the most unconcious parts of us or maybe because many people are very unconcious and that unconciousness is scattered through every religion, occupation and view point. But I am very glad that people are reading about this situation because it allows us to consider ourselves and the ways that we are harmful and also educates us on some of the major challenges of our world so that we are able to create change.

  9. If you see someone as an actor who is aware of their “evil” deeds even though they usually are to a certain extent (though may not see them as evil but more so clever) you can loose sight of a greater reality behind every situation. No one is out there saying “Haha! How evil can I be!” People are afraid, people have strong strong desires for money, sex, power, whatever…But when we paint them in our minds as some evil genuis mastermind we cannot take ourselves seriously. I have never in my life seen this kind of conseption (although I have felt it in myself) turn out to be true.

  10. It is crazy, Swami Ji, that people don’t recognize this man as a cheater. It is frustrating and seems rediculous. People can believe in anything and strong beliefs feel real and legitament no matter how crazy they are. There is so much energy behind them it’s like they overwhelm our senses.

  11. Thank you for sharing and writing about this! I was thinking about this SOOO famous Sai Baba. This is incredible – i have met Latvian people here in my country Latvia, who talk about Sai Baba and they buy books about him and i have met 2 woman who told, Sai Baba come in their dreams and they see him and he told things to them, and they are soooo into him! I was shocked a bit! Then I searched for info on him on net, because I didn’t know anything about him. Then I saw videos with this golden eggs and ashes and I got confused. I asked my self WHY this happens? WHY do people follow him? NO ONE IS A GOD, GOD IS GOD, not human beings. Is it like in business? If there will be longing for the THING, the THING will come in the market for getting it! Is this all really about money and power and bahhhhhh……. This is such a time of change! I have been thinking why it is like this- that people like Sai Baba has such brain to understand the Vedas and tell them to people and use it for their own good… Swami you were right with your hard words “SELLING GOD”! I am always positive and looking forward for good changes! People like him will fall and truth will come to people’s minds and hearts 🙂

  12. Now Sai Baba is about to die. He is on life support, without machines he would already be dead. His followers are doing prayers and ceremonies for his soul. The question that I am asking myself is the following: why, if he is God, can he not leave this world with a little bit of dignity? This is the worst situation that I can imagine a human to be in! If he has so much power, how come he did not die peacefully in his Ashram?

  13. I find this so amazing. How is it that so many people can be fooled into believing in this sort of a person? Is there something that I am missing here. Did he person some grand miracle, or is this just handy dandy advertising? A marketing ploy to give people something to hold on to. Is it that they know he is a fraud but they are desperate for something that they’ll overlook the crookedness? I’m confused.