Welcome to Balendu.net

A life full of experiences, often a different point of view, always an open mind and heart and not afraid to tell what his truth is - that is Balendu Goswami. 
On this page, you can get to know him through his blog and video posts. Maybe you find something that makes you think or even something that helps you see a problem from another angle. Maybe just a word of encouragement, an insight into another culture or an inspiration for your personal life.
If you would like to talk to him personally about your individual topics, you are most welcome to make an individual appointment with him - at his place in Germany or online!


In 2008, this Blog started as a daily diary for friends to keep them updated where Balendu was or what he was experiencing on his journey. It transformed into an outlet and medium of communication for opinions and thoughts. Share yours in the comments or simply enjoy a good read!

Ashram and Charity in India

In India, Balendu has founded a school for unprivileged children together with his family. While India’s school children very often get beaten by their teachers, the Swami Balendu e.V. Primary School provides free and non-violent education to those who cannot afford a school at all. They can learn in a loving environment and get a warm meal every day on top of it! 

Support for the Children

You can support this beautiful project with a child sponsorship, a food donation or a free contribution. The children thank you already!

Visiting the Ashram

You can come and stay at the Ashram of Balendu Goswami and his family, visit the school and dive into India to have a first-hand experience!

Ammaji's Ayurveda Zentrum, Germany

Since 2017, you can meet Balendu in person in Wiesbaden, Germany.  There, in his Ayurveda centre, you can get advice on your your dosha, the Ayurvedic body type, take an Ayurveda masssage or an Ayurvedic treatmtent.