Guru admits: Materialization is a Trick – 23 June 10

Yesterday I already said that you sometimes see educated and intelligent people who fall for cheap tricks of gurus. It is especially the materializing trick that attracts people again and again although or maybe even because it is impossible in the law of physics to create something out of nothing. And it has often been proved by video recordings that a guru pulled a golden chain out of his pocket instead of materializing it or that he had the piece of jewelry hidden in his hand. What do these gurus say when you confront them with these videos and proof of their fraud?

Of course some of them are not approachable for just a normal person. They have a group of devotees who protect them from critics like you and me. You cannot reach them. Another way of gurus to dismiss criticism and this kind of evidence as faked and conspiracies against them by dark and evil forces.

Then there is another, a third way, which I have experienced and even read about on the website of one of those gurus. He gives a statement saying that yes, he does those tricks to attract people. It is the first step to make them come to him. He adds that then, once contact is established, people get to know his real wisdom and greatness. Once they get in touch with his divine light and progress on their path of following him, they realize that the magic tricks of materializing gold and ashes are for those who are still at the beginning of the path.

So he openly says that he cheats those seekers! And those whom he tells about it find it okay because they have the ego of ‘being more conscious’ about it. They defend him for it whenever someone criticizes him. What a lovely way: one cheats and those who were cheated love him for it and encourage him to cheat more and more people! The starting point of the relation with this guru is a lie. Where will it reach? What hope has a person who was attracted by this? And he will tell it to another one who will come, too, that is the sense. How much hope you are creating and then destroying? You are cheating innocent people! Unfortunately you see that many people go to these gurus, follow them and make them rich.

Courses in Celibacy – 10 Mar 10

Sometimes it is funny for me how people try to live in old beliefs and times which just don’t fit into modern life situations. Some people try to adapt those beliefs or try to change and modify it to fit to the mind of modern people. Like this I have heard of a 6 months course in India for becoming Brahmachari. Isn’t that funny to hear? Last week I wrote about how the real meaning, the being one with the united soul, and how it is nowadays just used for a person living in celibate. If Brahmacharya is celibacy, what exactly do they teach in a course of Brahmacharya? 

This I got to know from a woman who told me she was in India for this course. Funnily enough I met another woman later who had a baby from the course leader himself, a guru who calls himself celibate. 

And one more word which I often hear people say to a celibate person is ‘Bal Brahmachari’. Bal means child so it refers to a person who is celibate from birth until today and celibate for these people means no sexual feelings. How can you say this? I wrote about this the other day and again I say that sexual feelings are just natural and this is how children also have them, they are just there. But children’s feelings are innocent. When an adult person raises his sexual feelings, he has an object in his mind. He is aroused by one person. But children have sexual feelings just without any aim. Is the title Bal Brahmachari now something greater title than just Brahmachari? Actually I feel that it will be more difficult for those who have already enjoyed, shouldn’t they be the better Brahmacharis?

The View of a Child on the World – 5 Feb 09

Did you ever think about how children see the world, what their perception is of everything that is going on? You probably did sometime, when you were growing up, came out of your teenage and became an adult yourself. But with time passing by most people tend to forget how it is like to be smaller than nearly everyone around you.

You forget how you yourself did not yet understand the world. In that time your parents were the only people in the world. Some time later you got to know more of the family and even the neighbours and close friends. In that time you believed that this is the whole world. When you started going to Kindergarten or to school, this was the most important place apart from your home.

I also remember that when I was in primary school, maybe 7 years old, the 15 year old children seemed like big people to me. When my moustache and beard was not growing yet and I saw older boys who already had a moustache, I was wishing for my moustache to grow as soon as possible and I was waiting for it.

If we see Suraj whose world falls apart if he doesn’t get a toffee in the moment that he wants to and his world is full of joy and happiness when he gets it. It is this innocence which makes everybody love children, this purity and love for the moment. And if you never thought about this, think now and then help your children and the children of this world to slowly discover more and more. It is a process in which you can support them. Don’t get impatient or angry, explain and show them the wonders of this earth.

Sharpeners are for Pens, not for Fingers! – 20 Nov 09

Yesterday Suraj got a pencil sharpener, a nice one with a box and a lid. He was happy because he always breaks his colour pens and is not allowed to write with ball-pens because he always draws on walls, sheets and on whatever he can find.

So yesterday he got a sharpener and he had it in his hand. Purnendu was sitting next to him but was doing something else. When Purnendu turned around again he saw that there was blood on the bed-sheet. He was alarmed and looked at Suraj but the boy was still playing nicely, just turning the sharpener in his hand. But when he looked closer he saw that Suraj’s finger was bleeding. He brought band-aid and when he was about to put it on, Suraj finally realized that he was bleeding and started crying.

Purnendu told me this in the morning and we had to laugh. Suraj had managed to open the sharpener and put his finger in and turned but he didn’t even notice that he cut himself so busy he was in playing.

Sometimes I would like to be like Suraj. So nice, just innocent and full of trust that someone will take care of him. He also often doesn’t decide if he is really hurt but looks at others first after falling to see if they think it is bad. He has a great life, never care about anything because everybody is there for him. And a child’s love is just the greatest thing!

Innocent Childhood Memories of India – 14 Jul 09

In every culture a child grows up and has certain changes in their mind, a certain development. These changes are the same in both cultures, in India and in the West. But the changes that I see there when children are 16 years old take place here when a child is 11 years old. That is a difference of five or six years. And I remember well what I did when I was fourteen years old. We were talking and laughing about stories from my childhood.

I told Thomas and Iris that in that time, when I was a teenager, we were a group of boys who did many things together. Once a year there is a big pilgrimage day in Vrindavan and Mathura on which everybody makes a pilgrimage walk of around 50 kilometers around three villages. You start early in the morning and come back maybe late afternoon or evening. And I remember when we were fourteen years old we wanted to start in the morning but instead of just starting, we stood around and waited until a group of girls whom we knew came by. And exactly then we started and walked behind them. And in this way we followed them on that day, making jokes and having fun. They also enjoyed, turned towards us and laughed.

Shortly before we reached Vrindavan we asked two of the boys who were walking with us where they would finish their round. And then we got to know that they had already finished their round and were walking 15 kilometers extra after their round of 50 kilometers just to walk behind these girls! And when the girls had finished their round, they took a bus back home.

It was a great time and I know how much innocent fun I had in that age. I like to think of that time and this is why I sometimes feel that children here might not have these memories because they start so early trying to be adult.

A Small Child in Love – 16 Mar 09

Today in the early morning my friend Angie from Canada arrived at the Ashram. It is very nice to have her here and especially Kanu was very happy about her arrival. For many days he has been asking when Angie would come. He remembers her very well from the last time when she was here in October. He often asked for her and calls her ‘Happy Angie’ because of her jolly nature and her smiling face.

When he saw her he was feeling shy at first hesitating to come close to her and running away from her. But after a few minutes his shyness had disappeared and then he tried to be around her all the time, looking at her continuously, calling her again and again ‘Happy Angie!’ and trying to do anything that could attract her attention, even during dinner. Then I asked him ‘Do you want to marry Angie?’ and he became very shy. I said to Angie ‘He is in love with you!’

And you can see how he is expressing his love. At this age of three and a half years he also has all these soft feelings but he can only express it in that way how much his mind is developed. The feelings are the same that an adult has, just the way of expressing them is according to the development of the mind. We all had much fun with this little one and the love story and we will have in the next days, too. He is so happy and did not want to go to sleep. I took a picture of him with Angie. It is lovely to see this natural innocent love.

Today is Melly’s birthday and we are sending her much love! We will celebrate together when she and Susi will be here in India and we will have a great party!

Sexual Abuse in Childhood – Are you a Victim? – 25 Feb 09

Yesterday I talked about people who like being victims. For them it is nice that they get pity and that people feel sorry for them. This is how they enjoy being victims. I knew a woman who claimed to do healing work. She told each third woman who came as a patient: you were sexually abused in your childhood or in your past life. This healer also told me that she was sexually abused in her childhood by her father. When she also said this about her patients, many of them said ‘No, I do not remember anything of this kind.’ But she said: ‘Maybe you do not remember it but it is like this. Maybe someone has touched you when you were a child. And that needs to be healed.’ She told to one woman that she had been abused by her babysitter but she did not believe it.

This woman’s whole idea was to make people victims. They should believe that they are victims. Then she would feel sorry for them and pity them. Of course these poor people then would need to get her treatments and attend her workshops and seminars to be healed and to receive more pity.

I do not see people like this woman as healers. I see them as confused business people who want to confuse others and want them to be victims. Like this their business can grow.

I am not saying anything about someone who has really suffered from this pain in their childhood. I have all sympathy for them and I understand their pain. Many people come to me and many women talk to me about intimate problems also share their hurt and pain of their childhood. Among all people whom I have met there were also women who told me that they think they were sexually abused. But they are not sure. Then I wonder how and why they have got this idea. Some even say that they do not exactly remember what happened, who did and when it happened but something happened. If it was not sex, then somebody touched me. But I do not remember who, when and how. I feel something was there.

I understand those who know, who suffered and who have their pain still in their memory. But I do not understand why those, who do not remember when, why and who did what, want to be a victim. It is okay, if something happened in your past and you do not remember it clearly, accept it and let it go. Do not go into this role of a victim, there is no need to do that!

I can tell one experience of myself. When I was seven or maybe eight years old the wife of my mother’s cousin, who was in that time maybe 35 years old, was guest in our home for two or three weeks. It was summer and it was very hot. It is usual in India that people lie down and sleep after lunch and daily we all lay down for a nap. This woman always took me in her arms and lay me onto her body. I exactly remember that I felt her body and I know she also touched me. And I know I enjoyed something but I was very innocent and did not know at all what sex is or what happens with the body in that time. In that age we were still playing naked on the streets. She felt my body and I felt her body. Deep inside me I felt that somehow it was not right, something was wrong. But now I can only laugh about this. Why should I become victim? Why do I need to carry this burden of thinking in this way?

I hear many times how people make such a big thing out of this. I clearly want to say that I do make a difference between people who were really victims in their childhood, went through this pain or suffered from being raped and people who have got this idea from some other person who planted this doubt into their minds. Being a victim is not a cure. It can be a tendency of behaviour and you have to be brave to leave it. You need to have the strength to step out of the role of being a victim.

Today’s food was sponsored by the praxis for Physiotherapy Heide Baser in Germany. I thank the team who gave their tips to the children to sponsor their food!

Goodbye-Letter to my little Friend – 9 Feb 09

My dear little friend Celina,

today I am writing my diary for you. To see the tears in your eyes while saying goodbye made me cry and writing these lines I get emotional again. I really thank you from my heart for your innocent love. We had a great time this week with all of you. I know you will miss me and I will also miss you. You made us promise that we would come back. You asked us when and we will come whenever you say. But I also want you to promise that you will come to India this October. I was in your home and now I would like to welcome you in my home. I believe your parents will bring you there. I have left a little gift for you and hope you will like it. It was very nice in Hamburg yesterday evening; that was a great idea of you.

Sending you lots of love,

Innocence of Children – Be like a Child – 7 Jan 09

It was a nice first day in Scotland. I had healing sessions in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Glasgow to have a Darshan. When I talked about being natural in the Darshan I had to think about Enki, Julie’s two and a half year old son. It is so nice to see him and his energy, how natural he is and how naturally he expresses his feelings. He laughs when he finds something funny and cries when he hurts himself.

Julie was playing with him in the afternoon and it was so funny to watch. They were playing and Julie was holding his legs so that he was upside down. By mistake she dropped him a little bit on the floor and he banged his head on the floor. He did not hurt himself, he just told his mum: “Not like this, mummy!” I saw his cute little face. It was so nice and we laughed so much about it.

We all have to be like children. We need to find our inner child which is innocent and has the freedom to express. From the Darshan we came back late and now I am tired.

Click here to see pictures of the Darshan in Glasgow