The consciously cheating Guru fooling People for their Money – 31 Aug 12

Yesterday I described that type of guru whose only task it is to give blessings. He is practically doing nothing. Today I will describe one type of guru who does something – and you probably read before that I don’t approve of what exactly this guru does.

5. The consciously cheating Guru

He is this kind of guru who claims to have magic powers, who tells people he has Siddhis, who attracts them by showing miracles or telling of miracles he allegedly performed. He is the kind of guru who flies, makes statues bleed, materializes ashes, materializes silver and gold, reads other people’s minds, knows the future, heals cancer and AIDS, makes the blind see and the lame walk.

I may have forgotten some other great abilities that such gurus claim but I think you already got a pretty good idea of what I mean. This type of guru claims anything that could bring him more followers and in the end more money.

Small miracles are performed for people with little money, rich people get to see bigger ones. These gurus have no knowledge about scriptures and in general nothing great to tell any of their disciples. If they had, it would not be necessary for them to show magic tricks to impress others. They take their ‘wisdom’ from books of others, mix it together a bit and present it, if they ever want to present something. Mostly however they just make a big show and try to impress people.

These gurus know exactly that they cheat their audience. Of course, you know that you only make others believe that you materialized gold – in reality you were hiding it in your handkerchief the whole time! How would you not know you are fooling others?

Such gurus play with the greed of religious people who want to believe in superstition. They lure them in, show them their ‘siddhis’ to make them more and more greedy for success, for money, for whatever they want and actually suck their money out of them. Look at those gurus and you will see that most of them are big. Their show works best when they are big and they even hire people to show that they already have a mass following. And in this way they themselves get rich, accumulate tons of gold and just make ridiculous amounts of money.

The list of these gurus is long. Sathya Sai Baba was probably the biggest name among them but there are many more. Vishwananada, Nithyananda, Kaleshwar and many many more.

This type of guru is the one who can be clearly and easily identified as a fake guru and I think they have the lowest morals of all. Instead of using the trust and faith that people have in them to teach them how to take responsibility for their own lives, they keep them in the dark, make them dependent on them and keep them like blind sheep who can only follow what they are told.

No, this type of guru is not one whom you should ever follow. He has low morals himself because he cheats his followers. Consciously and with full intention. Only to enrich himself.

Unfortunately there are still too many of these gurus and too many people who enjoy following such men and women.

Der Guru, der die Menschen bewusst um ihr Geld betrügt – 31 Aug 12

Gestern habe ich den Typ Guru beschrieben, dessen einzige Aufgabe es ist, Segen zu geben. Er macht eigentlich gar nichts. Heute möchte ich einen Typ Guru beschreiben, der etwas macht – und ihr habt wahrscheinlich schon zuvor gelesen, dass ich das, was er macht, nicht gerade gutheiße.

5. Der Guru, der bewusst betrügt

Er ist ein solcher Guru, der behauptet, er hätte magische Kräfte, der den Menschen erzählt, er hätte Siddhis, der sie anlockt, indem er ihnen Wunder vorführt oder von Wundern erzählt, die er angeblich vollbracht hat. Er ist einer der Gurus, die fliegen, Statuen bluten lassen, Asche materialisieren, Silber und Gold materialisieren, die Gedanken anderer lesen, die Zukunft kennen, Krebs und AIDS heilen, die Blinden sehen und die Lahmen laufen lässt.

Ich habe vielleicht einige weitere, großartige Fähigkeiten vergessen, die die Gurus dieser Art behaupten, aber ich denke, ihr habt bereits eine recht gute Vorstellung bekommen, was ich eigentlich meine. Diese Sorte Guru behauptet alles, was ihnen mehr Anhänger und im Endeffekt mehr Geld bringen könnte.

Kleine Wunder werden für Menschen mit wenig Geld vollbracht, reiche Menschen sehen die größeren Wunder. Diese Gurus wissen nichts über Schriften und haben im Allgemeinen nichts großartiges zu ihnen Anhängern zu sagen. Wenn sie das hätten, müssten sie keine Zaubertricks zeigen, um andere zu beeindrucken. Sie nehmen ihre ‚Weisheit‘ aus Büchern von anderen, mischen das alles ein bisschen zusammen und präsentieren es, wenn sie jemals etwas präsentieren wollen. Zumeist jedoch machen sie einfach eine große Show und versuchen, Leute zu beeindrucken.

Diese Gurus wissen genau, dass sie ihre Zuhörerschaft betrügen. Natürlich, du weißt doch, dass du andere nur glauben lässt, dass du Gold materialisierst – in Wirklichkeit hast du es die ganze Zeit in deinem Taschentuch versteckt gehalten! Wie könntest du nicht wissen, dass du andere betrügst?

Solche Gurus spielen mit der Habgier religiöser, abergläubischer Menschen. Sie locken sie an, zeigen ihnen ihre ‚Siddhis‘, um sie noch gieriger nach Erfolg, Geld oder was auch immer sie wollen zu machen und saugen ihnen schließlich ihr Geld aus. Sieh dir diese Gurus an und du wirst sehen, dass die meisten eine recht große Anhängerschaft haben. Ihre Show funktioniert am Besten, wenn sie viele Leute haben und so heuern sie sogar Leute an, um zu zeigen, dass ihnen bereits Massen an Menschen folgen. Und so werden sie selbst reich, sammeln tonnenweise Gold an und machen lächerlich viel Geld.

Die Liste dieser Gurus ist lang. Sathya Sai Baba war wahrscheinlich der größte unter ihnen, aber da sind noch viele mehr. Vishwananda, Nithyananda, Kaleshwar und viele mehr.

Diese Art Guru ist die, die man ganz klar und deutlich als falsche Gurus identifizieren kann und ich glaube, dass sie von allen die niedrigste Moral haben. Anstatt das Vertrauen der Menschen dazu zu verwenden, ihnen beizubringen, wie sie Verantwortung für ihr Leben übernehmen können, halten sie sie im Dunkeln, machen sie abhängig und halten sie wie blinde Schaft, die nur das befolgen, was man ihnen sagt.

Nein, diese Art Guru ist nicht die, denen man folgen sollte. Ein solcher Guru hat selbst keine Moral, denn er betrügt seine Anhänger. Bewusst und mit voller Absicht. Nur um sich selbst zu bereichern.

Leider gibt es immer noch zu viele Gurus und zu viele Menschen, die gerne solchen Leuten folgen.

Sex with Gurus – Religious Prostitution – 15 June 2012

Read this article in Hindi

Swami Nithyananda was arrested again. He had been arrested before for being accused of rape and sexual harassment. He was out on bail and now one of his former close female disciples, who had been in his bedroom service for five years, accused him for rape and sexual harassment again. Another disciple, this one male and American, accused him for raping him, too, and harassing him sexually. He calls himself Paramahansa and he likes to sit on a golden throne, wearing big golden necklaces and a golden crown. He also loves to be surrounded by young, beautiful girls.

When I was in America in 2009, I heard of him for the first time and put a video on YouTube, criticizing and exposing him, while being among his followers. This was before he was arrested and before his sex CD appeared.

It is not only Nithyananda, another spiritual person, who calls himself Ikshadhari and who is , I believe, still in jail, was running a high-end brothel, supplying girls. Kripalu Maharaj from Vrindavan, my town, who spent Billions on building a ‘Love temple’ was accused many times of having sex with and raping female devotees. He had been arrested in India and abroad. But he is out because of his power and money and still enjoys today.

Following the steps of his guru, Kripalu’s disciple Prakashananda was accused of sexual harassment of minors and found guilty by a court in Texas. He was given a sentence of more than 20 years and then ran away. It has been more than two years that he is absconding, nobody knows where he is and he is on America’s list of most wanted persons. It was America, so he was sentenced. If it had been India, he would pay a bribe and everything would be okay. Many male and female disciples of these two gurus roam around in the country, exploiting their devotees.

Sathya Sai Baba from Bangalore, who died last year, had been popular among many politicians including chief ministers and prime ministers who regularly went to meet him. He showed lots of magic tricks on the name of miracles, produced ashes for the poor and jewelry for the rich. BBC exposed him in a documentary in which an American boy accused him of sexual harassment. The documentary is available online and worth watching. Because of his political influence, many more of his crimes have been completely brushed under the carpet.

Some years ago there was news here in Vrindavan, a report had been made in police about a preacher who had been to Kolkata and had a sexual relation with the rich wife of his host. This man wanted to get a divorce and took the chance to film them – the preacher had to run away from there.

Some time ago there was news in Vrindavan’s newspapers that the business of prostitution was running high in many Ashrams. There were police raids, many women were arrested. Selling one’s body is easy under the cover of religion and devotion.

We often hear a lot of such dirty business from the ISKCON temple. Local women are connected with this anyway but you can hear more and more often that foreign women get involved in devotional prostitution, too. It is actually very easy for a woman from another country to earn money here because newly rich, Indian men always get attracted to imported items. And here in Vrindavan you can get devotional ones for cheap. It is the same old system of demand and supply.

Have a look into the Ashrams of the religious towns Haridwar and Rishikesh and you will see that the Sadhus, Sanyasis and Gurus there are the owners of enourmous wealth and properties, they live in luxury, have residences that resemble palaces and young female disciples around them. In most Ashrams, the inner circle serving the guru consists of mostly women. Those who come to the Ashram as visitors, those who live there and the disciples around the guru, everyone knows what kind of relation these women have with their gurus. Because you cannot hide this kind of thing for long. Especially those who live around them know it. But nobody calls them wives or mistresses and these gurus show themselves as very religious, pious celibate monks. If at some point any female disciple for any reason gets out of the guru’s control, she starts exposing him, just in the way Nithyananda was exposed. Then it all comes out. How many names should I list here? I grew up in the environment of religion and spirituality and have seen from my childhood on how many big so-called Sadhus, Sanyasis, priests and preachers behave inappropriately and get into definitely sexual relations. Their followers and disciples know all about it but they remain quiet because of their influence and money.

Aren’t you surprised that while a normal middle-class person with a job or in business has to do very hard work to be able to raise his children and build a simple house, these people who do religious business, who are priests, preachers, sadhus and sanyasis, earn lots of money in a very short time and can build palaces to live in? How and from where do they get this much money and so quickly? All these young sadhus and preachers have rich women gathered around them. And I have seen many female sadhus and preachers who are in turn worshipped by rich men surrounding them. They don’t have any lack of money. See how much money these rich people spend to organize their preaching programs with lectures, bhajans and satsang. These preachers pay TV channels to broadcast their advertisement to get more programs and money from the religious audience. Tell me, is this called religion and should this be the business of gurus?

Please ask those millionaires and billionaire, those so-called sadhus and sanyasis, do they know the definition of the word ‘sanyasi’? Preaching and giving lectures is their business and especially in Vrindavan it has become the home industry. The business of selling religion, scriptures, God and blessings. It is a joke that these rich people are called sanyasi. But they don’t feel ashamed. These people are responsible for the loss of moral values in society and have harmed the image of society and the country.

With the case of Nirmal Baba everybody got to know how sellable the media is here. And it is not only Nirmal Baba, there are many more, including Kumar Swami, who are daily shown on TV programs. The media takes money from these male and female gurus and shows their news, pretending to be neutral and showing the dark side, too. In this way the gurus get their publicity and the media cannot be called partial while receiving their money, too. In the last days I saw a religious woman on TV, called Radhe Ma, wearing lots of make-up, doing a lapdance on the lap of devotees with people clapping and singing along. Is this called religion and culture?

I have heard that religious prostitution is now well established in society. So-called religious people, in religious getup, chanting God’s name, go to sleep with their devotees and earn money in this way. These devotees actually got bored from just having normal sex and now enjoy making a new fantasy reality: having sex with a religious wrapper. Devotion to God and the joy of sex – double pleasure! And which difference does it make to those devotees if they spend some money on those male and female gurus? If they went to a nightclub, they would also spend money. Last year Ikshadhari was caught running a brothel but many male and female gurus are involved in the same business. Where are our moral values, where is this society going? Is this our great India?

What I really feel bad about is that there are many men and women who go with an innocent, religious intention to those male and female gurus. The gurus don’t have good intentions for them, either, and those people who are around the gurus, who work for them and know about the bad character of the guru, think they also came with bad intentions, although many of them came with innocent hearts. Don’t you think it is now time to outcast these so-called religious businesspeople? Save yourself and your children, the coming generation, from the robbery that is happening in temples and Ashrams. Don’t waste your valuable time on programs organized on the name of religion and save yourself from other people’s bad intention and blame. If you really want to serve God and devote yourself, why don’t you do this at your home? Why do you run after these corrupt male and female gurus, wasting your time and hard-earned money? Did you ever think why all these sadhus, sanyasis and gurus in India have these enourmous amounts of wealth when a normal person is struggling to fill his stomach?

I live in the religious town of Vrindavan where this religious business is growing everywhere. And when you read my words, you can imagine how angry all those sadhus and preachers are with me. If they could, they would kill me. I have written many articles about those many popular people and organizations named above, exposing them with the result that they are angry. They abused me, wrote bad things about me, tried to bribe me, threatened me and told they would file lawsuits but I continued then and I will continue in future. I do not have any personal problem with any individual person or organization but with this corrupt system on the name of religion and God. I took their name openly and talked against them, that is why they tried whatever they could. These people are big criminals and if tomorrow anything happens to me or my family, these people will be responsible for that. I am actually not anymore a religious person and I believe that religious provides the room for all these dirty crimes. But I want to request even those who believe in religion and want this corruption and dirt to be removed from religion, please don’t be shy to spread the word about these bad, corrupt people.

Crime and Religion – why are they so close? – 30 May 12

Yesterday I said that there is a lot of violence in religious scriptures and I wrote that I don’t approve of this. It is true, it may have been a time of violence when the scriptures were written but we should teach people the opposite. Unfortunately however I see that there are not only criminals in the scriptures but the scriptures have supported and created a lot of criminals. I don’t say that every religious person is a criminal, absolutely not. But I have always seen, heard and experienced that criminal people are religious.

In my childhood we had people living not far away from us and we knew that they had been to prison and again and again they were having problems with the police. Nevertheless you would meet them in the temple every day, they would do rituals, pilgrimages and all good deeds that you could think of. You would stand close to them and hear them say the most holy words and most humble prayers about God’s creation but you would know that they were suspected in different crimes.

I knew a man who enjoyed telling stories of his grandfather’s grandfather. He told that this man, his forefather, had been a robber. But he was a religious robber. He was a devotee of Kali, the Goddess I mentioned yesterday, the one with the mala of demon heads around her neck. It was his business to rob people and, if they resisted, they would also be killed. He did however lots of religious work, too – and so he helped people with his ‘earnings’. So he was a Robin Hood-like robber. So obviously a good person, religious, pious, just from time to time killing someone.

There is an area called ‘Chambal’, not very far from here, from where we always heard that there a lot of robbers live. People prefer to drive through that area in daytime, not in night, when the risk of being robbed is higher. In all stories about the robbers of that area, they are depicted as very religious.

I have seen many movies with that theme, too. Still today you can see movies in which the bad guys are very religious. One day they steal, rob and murder and the next day they sit in their temple, doing their poojas. I once mentioned some old stories about temples in Vrindavan and the criminals that belong to them. How come? Because movies, just like books and stories, are a reflection of society and religion does give room for criminals.

Again I want to say that not every religious person is criminal. I can also not claim to know about western countries and how it is there. I don’t know about the Italian or Russian mafia for example and if they are generally religious people or not. In my culture, in our country however, I grew up with theater plays, movies and real people showing exactly this connection of crime and religion.

I believe, as I wrote once before, too, that religion supports, if not even increases crime, by giving the possibility that you can be freed of any sin. In Hinduism you can do the biggest sin, for example kill a cow or a high caste person, and after that you just have to go to the temple with the required devotion, tell it to a priest if you like, pay him some money for him to do a ritual or do it yourself and then you are free of sin again. Your conscience can be wonderfully cleared by that and you can go and commit another crime. You never have to feel bad about what you did – just do some ritual, spend some money and you are fine again.

Apart from those people who are professional criminals and additionally religious, there are also those who are professionally religious and additionally criminals. I am speaking of all those fake gurus like Nithyananda, Nirmal Baba, Kumar Swami, Kripalu, Prakashananda and so many more to whom religion gave not only a profession and an income but the possibility to use their status for exploiting, cheating and abusing people. They, too, could only become criminal because of religion.

Another reason why I believe religion has brought lots of negative to this world.

Religion und Kriminalität – warum liegen sie so eng beieinander? – 30 Mai 12

Gestern habe ich gesagt, dass es in religiösen Schriften sehr viel Gewalt gibt und ich habe auhc geschrieben, dass ich das absolut nicht gutheiße. Es ist wahr, als die Schriften geschrieben wurden, war es eine Zeit der Gewalt, doch wir sollten den Menschen das Gegenteil beibringen. Leider sehe ich jedoch, dass es nicht nur in den Schriften Verbrechen gibt, sondern dass die Schriften auch viele Verbrechen verursacht und unterstützt haben. Ich sage nicht, dass jede religiöse Person ein Verbrecher ist, das ist auf keinen Fall wahr. Ich habe aber gesehen, gehört und erlebt, dass viele Kriminelle auch religiös sind.

In meiner Kindheit lebten nicht weit von uns einige Leute, von denen wir wussten, dass sie schon im Gefängnis gewesen waren und immer wieder Probleme mit der Polizei hatten. Trotzdem traf man sie jeden Tag im Tempel und sie gingen auf Pilgerreisen, führten ihre Rituale durch und begingen alle guten Taten, die man sich nur denken konnte. Man stand im Tempel in ihrer Nähe und hörte, wie sie die heiligsten Worte und die bescheidensten Gebete sprachen und doch wusste man, dass sie Verdächtige waren für die verschiedensten Verbrechen.

Ich kannte einen Mann, der gerne Geschichten Ururgroßvaters erzählte. Er erzählte, dass dieser Mann, sein Vorvater, ein Räuber gewesen war. Doch er war ein religiöser Räuber. Er betete Kali an, die Göttin, die ich gestern erwähnte, die mit der Mala aus Dämonenköpfen um ihren Hals. Er raubte Menschen aus und tötete sie auch, wenn sie Widerstand leisteten. Er tat jedoch auch sehr viel religiöse Arbeit – und so half er Menschen mit seinem ‚Gewinn‘. Er war also ein Räuber wie Robin Hood. Ganz klar also eine gute Person, religiös, fromm, nur hin und wieder tötete er jemanden.

Nicht weit von hier gibt es eine Gegend, die ‚Chambal‘ genannt wird. Wir haben immer gehört, dass dort viele Straßenräuber leben. Man zieht es allgemein vor, tagsüber durch diese Gegend zu fahren, nicht in der Nacht, da das Risiko, überfallen zu werden nachts größer ist. In allen Geschichten über die Räuber jener Gegend werden sie als sehr religiös dargestellt.

Ich habe auch schon viele Filme mit diesem Motiv gesehen. Sogar heute noch werden Filme gedreht, in denen die bösen Jungs sehr religiös sind. Heute stehlen, rauben und morden sie und am nächsten Tag sitzen sie in ihrem Tempel und machen ihre Puja. Ich habe schon einmal in meinem Tagebuch einige alte Geschichten über Tempel in Vrindavan und die Verbrecher geschrieben, die darin vorkommen. Wie kommt das? Weil Filme, genauso wie Bücher und Geschichten, eine Spiegelung der Gesellschaft sind und Religion Verbrechern sehr wohl Freiraum gibt.

Ich möchte noch einmal betonen, dass ich nicht meine, dass jede religiöse Person kriminell ist. Ich kann auch nicht behaupten, dass ich das für die westlichen Länder sagen könnte oder dass ich wüsste, wie es da ist. Ich kenne mich zum Beispiel in der Beziehung nicht aus, ob die italienische oder russische Mafia sich im Allgemeinen aus Kriminellen zusammensetzt oder nicht. In meiner Kultur jedoch, in unserem Land, bin ich mit Theaterstücken, Filmen und wahren Menschen großgeworden, die genau diese Verbindung von Verbrechen und Religion zeigen!

Ich glaube, wie ich auch zuvor schon geschrieben habe, dass Religion Verbrechen unterstützt, wenn nicht sogar vermehrt, indem sie die Möglichkeit des Sündenerlass gibt. Im Hinduismus kann man die größte Sünde begehen, zum Beispiel eine Kuh oder eine Person der höchsten Kaste töten, und danach muss man nur mit der nötigen Hingabe in einen Tempel gehen, das Ganze wenn man mag einem Priester erzählen, ihm etwas Geld für ein Ritual geben oder es selbst ausführen und dann ist man wieder frei von Sünden. Dein Gewissen ist dann wieder herrlich rein und du kannst losziehen und eine weitere Sünde begehen. Du musst dich nie schlecht fühlen für das, was du getan hast – mach einfach ein Ritual, gib etwas Geld aus und du bist wieder in Ordnung.

Außer diesen Menschen, die professionelle Verbrecher und dazu noch religiös sind, gibt es auch diejenigen, die professionell religiös sind und dazu noch Verbrecher. Ich spreche von all den falschen Gurus wie Nithyananda, Nirmal Baba, Kumar Swami, Kripalu, Prakashananda und so viele andere, denen Religion nicht nur einen Beruf und ein Einkommen gegeben hat, sondern auch die Möglichkeit, ihren Status dafür zu verwenden, andere auszubeiten, zu betrügen und zu missbrauchen. Sie konnten auch nur wegen Religion zu Verbrechern werden.

Ein weiterer Grund, warum ich glaube, dass Religion viel Negatives in diese Welt gebracht hat.

Yoga Teachers and Lovers: Does Yoga make you sexually abusive, a Nymphomaniac or a Philanderer? – 28 Feb 12

I read an article of the New York Times online today. The title is ‘Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here’ by William J. Broad. In this article, the author describes present and past sex scandals of yoga teachers and gurus and basically says that yoga itself is the logical reason for those scandals as yoga is all about sex. Apart from this main argument, there are many points in this article that I don’t agree with and I thought to share my views with you.

The author starts off saying that people are surprised about their yoga teachers’ sexual relations, as it is the case in the recent revelation of John Friend’s sexual relations. Students are shocked about the founder of Anusara Yoga having cheated on various girlfriends. According to Broad however, they should not have been surprised, because he believes yoga began as a sex cult.

Yes, that is right. He states that Hatha Yoga, the physical postures, were a part of Tantra practice. In his opinion Tantra was used for reaching sexual bliss and Hatha Yoga used for speeding that up a bit.

The picture that is presented here is very, very wrong! I know that Tantra has this bad name in the west for being just all about sex but I cannot say enough times that this is absolutely not the truth about Tantra. Tantra is about life. Sex is obviously a part of it but Tantra is not all about sex! In the west, Indian philosophers presented Tantra as a sexual practice because in this way they could attract people and money. Everybody is fascinated about sex, so when they took an old philosophy like tantra and told about it as sex parties, people liked the idea and that is how its bad name spread. Stories about white, red and black Tantra were added but Tantra is not all about sex.

And Yoga was never a part of Tantra! Now you mixed Hatha Yoga into Tantra although they are in no way connected! And your conclusion is that because of that, there have been so many yoga teachers and gurus with sex scandals – because yoga stimulates the sexual organs! I have a big objection to the line ‘Why does yoga produce so many philanderers?’

There is obviously a great number of famous yoga gurus who have been accused of sexual impropriety and he mentions several of them: Swami Muktananda, Swami Satchidananda and Swami Rama. The list does not end there though. I have written about TM founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose students tell about having sex with him, Nithyananda, whose sexual activities were exposed through a video secretly filmed in his bedroom and we read about Swami Maheshwarananda, the founder of Yoga in Daily Life and ex-followers report of his sexual activities, too. There are many more to be added to this list.

All those people he mentioned as gurus in his text and those whom I added are sanyasis according to Hindu religion. A sanyasi is celibate, just like monks and priests in Catholic Church. They are not supposed to have sex and that is why it is such a shock when their followers find out in the end that they actually have lots of sex. Many of them preach celibacy themselves while enjoying sexual pleasures with many.

This is where the problem starts. Celibacy, not Hatha Yoga, brings the problem. They stop the natural flow of human emotions. They teach yoga and tell people to resist sexual pleasures but in the end surrender themselves – of course secretly. And now people come and blame yoga instead of blaming celibacy and the wrong teaching that a person of high consciousness or religiousness has to be celibate. What would you say about the sexual offenders in Catholic Church? They were not doing yoga! They had the same problem – celibacy.

The author of that article however is convinced that yoga is the reason for people having lots of sex. He says ‘the arousal, sweating, heavy breathing and states of undress that characterize yoga classes have led to predictable results’. How are those the characteristics of yoga? When does yoga tell you to undress? When we were in America, we were once invited to a nude yoga class – we refused – but that is not usual and definitely not required in yoga classes! About every sport includes ‘sweating, heavy breathing’ and, if you prefer doing that sport with less clothes, a ‘state of undress’! You can play football at the beach just in your bathing clothes or even naked but that is not how you normally play it! This does not mean that it is a characteristic for football!

Now I come to the most important point which is the essence of this complete article. The author says that yoga is so arousing that those gurus could obviously not control themselves. He gives scientific proof that yoga stimulates your sexual organs and increases testosterone in the body. Well, any sport that moves the body gives you energy and it is proven that physically active people have more sex. It is obvious, as yoga is for the complete body, that it also has an effect on your sexual organs and even some sexual problems can be healed through yoga. It does not mean however that everybody who practices yoga likes to have orgies!

Wouldn’t this mean that all Hatha Yoga teachers are dreaming of having sex with their students all the time and they cannot help it? Does this mean that every yoga student is aroused after a yoga class? Does that mean that after an hour of yoga practice you have so much sexual power that you have to cheat on your partner? I don’t think so!

That article is actually very disrespectful for many great yogis, people who have devoted their lives to yoga and every single person in this world today who loves yoga. There are millions of people on this earth who enjoy yoga as a part of their lives and who know what Hatha Yoga does not teach them to sleep with hundreds of different people! Yoga teachers and yoga students, raise your voice against such ideas and such nonsense! That is insulting you directly! You are not in a cult and you are not practicing the rituals of any cult! Have you experienced that yoga gave your sex life a boost? Great, but it does not make you a nymphomaniac or philanderer, does it?

If you are a yoga teacher or a yoga lover, please tell me whether this is the result of yoga in your life! Is that what yoga gave you? I don’t think so! Ask your yoga teachers and your yoga students, too. I believe you will rather get answers about how much richer, peaceful and balanced yoga has made their lives, how much joy and power it brought to them. Maybe also to their love lives – but in a loving and healthy way.

Yogalehrer und Yogaliebhaber: Macht Yoga dich zur Nymphomanin oder zum Schürzenjäger? – 28 Feb 12

Heute habe ich einen Artikel der New York Times online gelesen. Der Titel ist ‘Yoga und Sex Skandale: nicht überraschend‘ von William J. Broad. In diesem Artikel beschreibt der Autor Sex Skandale von Yogalehrern und Gurus der Gegenwart und Vergangenheit und sagt zusammengefasst, dass Yoga selbst der logische Grund für solche Skandale ist, da es im Yoga hauptsächlich um Sex geht. Neben diesem Hauptargument gibt es viele Punkte in diesem Artikel, denen ich nicht zustimme und ich dachte, ich teile meine Ansichten hierzu mit euch.

Der Autor beginnt damit zu sagen, dass die Menschen überrascht sind, wenn sie von den sexuellen Beziehungen ihres Yogalehrers erfahren, wie es auch der Fall ist mit John Friend, dessen sexuelles Leben erst vor Kurzem ins Interesse der Öffentlichkeit kam. Die Schüler des Gründers von Anusara Yoga sind geschockt, dass er seine verschiedenen Freundinnen betrogen hat. Nach Broad jedoch sollten sie sich gar nicht wondern, denn er glaubt, dass Yoga als ein Sex Kult begonnen hat.

Ja, das ist richtig. Er sagt, dass Hatha Yoga, die Körperstellungen, ein Teil von Tantra-Praxis waren. Seiner Meinung nach war Tantra dazu da, sexuelle Glückseligkeit zu erlangen und Hatha Yoga wurde verwendet, um das zu beschleunigen.

Das Bild, das er damit beschreibt, ist sehr, sehr falsch! Ich weiß, dass Tantra im Westen einen schlechten Namen dafür hat, dass es einfach nur um Sex geht, aber ich kann nicht oft genug sagen, dass das absolut nicht die Wahrheit ist. Bei Tantra geht es ums Leben. Sex ist natürlich ein Teil des Lebens, aber bei Tantra geht es nicht nur um Sex! Im Westen haben indische Philosophen Tantra als sexuelle Übung dargestellt, weil sie dadurch Leute und Geld anzogen. Jeder ist von Sex fasziniert, als sie also eine alte Philosophie wie Tantra hernahmen und davon als Weg zu Sex-Parties sprachen, gefiel den Leuten die Idee und so wurde der schlechte Name verbreitet. Geschichten über weißes, rotes und schwarzes Tantra wurden hinzugefügt, aber beim Tantra geht es einfach nicht nur um Sex.

Und Yoga war nie ein Teil von Tantra! Jetzt mischt man Hatha Yoga in Tantra, obwohl die beiden auf keine Weise zusammengehören! Und die Schlussfolgerung ist, dass es deswegen so viele Yogalehrer und Gurus mit Sex Skandalen gibt – weil Yoga die sexuellen Organe stimuliert! Ich bin mit dem folgenden Satz absolut nicht einverstanden: ‘Warum hat Yoga so viele Schürzenjäger hervorgebracht?‘

Es gibt natürlich eine große Anzahl bekannter Yoga Gurus, die beschuldigt wurden, sich sexuell unangebracht verhalten zu haben und der Autor erwähnt mehrere: Swami Muktananda, Swami Satchidananda und Swami Rama. Die Liste hört dort jedoch nicht auf. Ich habe bereits über den TM-Gründer Maharishi Mahesh Yogi geschrieben, dessen Schüler erzählen, wie sie Sex mit ihm hatten, Nithyananda, dessen sexuelle Aktivitäten durch ein Video aufgedeckt wurden, das heimlich in seinem Schlafzimmer gedreht wurde und wir lesen von Swami Maheshwarananda, dem Gründer von Yoga in Daily Life und ehemalige Anhänger erzählen auch von seinen sexuellen Aktivitäten. Es gibt viele mehr, die man in diese Liste aufnehmen müsste.

All die Menschen, die er als Gurus in seinem Text erwähnt und die, die ich hinzugefügt habe, sind nach Hindu Religion Sanyasis. Ein Sanyasi lebt im Zölibat, genau wie Mönche und Priester der katholischen Kirche. Sie sollen keinen Sex haben und deswegen ist es ein so großer Schock, wenn ihre Anhänger herausfinden, dass sie in Wirklichkeit ganz viel Sex haben. Viele von ihnen predigen Enthaltsamkeit, während sie selbst sexuelle Freuden mit vielen verschiedenen Partnern genießen.

Da beginnt das Problem. Enthaltsamkeit, nicht Hatha Yoga, bringt die Probleme. Sie halten den natürlichen Fluss der menschlichen Emotionen an. Sie unterrichten Yoga und sagen den Leuten, sie sollten sexuellem Vergnügen entsagen, doch am Ende geben sie selbst nach – aber natürlich nur im Geheimen. Und jetzt kommen die Leute und beschuldigen Yoga, anstatt die Enthaltsamkeit und die falschen Lehren, dass eine Person mit hohem Bewusstsein oder Religiösität enthaltsam leben sollte. Was würdet ihr dann zu den Sexualstraftätern in der katholischen Kirche sagen? Sie haben kein Yoga gemacht! Sie hatten das gleiche Problem – Enthaltsamkeit.

Der Autor des Artikels ist jedoch der Überzeugung, dass Yoga der Grund dafür ist, dass die Menschen viel Sex haben. Er sagt ‚die Erregung, das Schwitzen, schwere Atmen und dass man sich auszieht, was eine Yogastunde charakterisiert, hat zu den vorhersehbaren Ergebnissen geführt‘. Wie sind das die Charakteristika einer Yogastunde? Wann sagt dir Yoga, dass du dich ausziehen solltest? Als wir in Amerika waren, wurden wir einmal zu einer Nackt-Yoga-Stunde eingeladen – wir lehnten ab – aber das ist nicht üblich und definitiv in einer Yogastunde nicht notewendig. Fast jeder Sport beinhaltet ‚Schwitzen, schweres Atmen‘ und, wenn du Sport lieber mit weniger Kleidung machen willst, auch ‚dass man sich auszieht‘! Du kannst Fußball am Strand auch nur in deiner Badekleidung oder sogar nackt spielen, aber das ist nicht, wie man es normalerweise spielt! Das bedeutet doch nicht, dass es ein Charakteristika des Fußball ist!

Jetzt komme ich zu dem wichtigsten Punkt, der das Wesentliche des ganzen Artikels ausmacht. Der Autor sagt, dass Yoga so erregend ist, dass diese Gurus sich offensichtlich nicht kontrollieren konnten. Er gibt wissenschaftliche Beweise, dass Yoga deine Sexualorgane stimuliert und Testosteron im Körper erhöht. Naja, jeder Sport, der den Körper bewegt, gibt dir Energie und es ist bewiesen, dass körperlich aktive Menschen mehr Sex haben. Es ist ganz klar, dass Yoga, da es für den ganzen Körper gut ist, auch eine Auswirkung auf deine Sexualorgane hat und es können mit Yoga sogar einige sexuelle Probleme geheilt werden. Das bedeutet jedoch nicht, dass jeder, der gerne Yoga macht, auch gerne an Orgien teilnimmt!

Würde das nicht bedeuten, dass alle Hatha Yoga Lehrer die ganze Zeit davon träumen, mit ihren Schülern Sex zu haben und sie können gar nichts dagegen tun? Bedeutet das, dass jeder Yogaschüler nach einer Yogastunde erregt ist? Bedeutet das, dass man nach einer Stunde Yoga so viel sexuelle Energie hat, dass man seinen Partner betrügen muss? Das glaube ich nicht!

Der Artikel ist respektlos gegenüber vielen großartigen Yogis, Menschen, die ihre Leben dem Yoga gewidmet haben und jeder einzelnen Person in dieser Welt, die heute Yoga liebt. Es gibt Millionen Menschen auf dieser Erde, die Yoga als einen Teil ihres Lebens genießen und die wissen, dass Hatha Yoga ihnen nicht beibringt, mit Hunderten unterschiedlichen Menschen zu schlafen! Yogalehrer und Yogaschüler, erhebt eure Stimme gegen solche Ideen und solchen Unsinn! Das beleidigt euch direkt! Ihr seid nicht in einem Kult und übt auch nicht die Rituale eines Kults aus! Hast du erlebt, dass Yoga deinem Sexleben wieder Schwung gegeben hat? Großartig, aber das macht dich nicht zu einer Nymphomanin oder zu einem Schürzenjäger, oder?

Wenn du Yogalehrer oder Yogaliebhaber bist, sag mir bitte, ob das die Auswirkung von Yoga in deinem Leben ist! Ist es das, was Yoga dir gegeben hat? Ich glaube nicht! Frage deine Yogalehrer und auch deine Yogaschüler. Ich glaube, dass du eher zu hören bekommst, wie viel reicher, friedvoller und ausgeglichener Yoga ihre Leben gemacht hat und wie viel Freude und Kraft es ihnen gebracht hat. Vielleicht auch ihrem Liebesleben – aber auf eine liebevolle und gesunde Weise.

Corruption in religious and spiritual Business – 24 Aug 11

In India the issue of corruption is very much in the focus of attention and Anna Hazare is still fasting in his fight against corruption. Here we talk about political corruption and corruption in bureaucracy which is in everybody’s daily life. Normal things don’t get done without bribing someone and this is what everybody talks about at the moment. What unfortunately does not get seen these days very openly is another area where there is a lot of corruption: religion. Corruption in religion is much worse because the most corrupt people there show themselves as the purest of ideals that everyone else should follow. Additionally it is very difficult to actually prove that someone is corrupt in this field.

In a country like India religious corruption starts because the people of the country have very strong belief. They get cheated because of this belief and corrupt people can take advantage of them in order to enrich themselves.

It can start very small, with illegal acquisition of land. Someone would like to own some land and property which actually belongs to the government or also to someone who is not around very much to guard his property. This someone who wants to own the land just places a statue and a little altar onto that land and makes it a temple. In a country like India, nobody will remove this altar or temple because it is holy! The person can now start building around that place and have a whole house there in the name of making that temple bigger and better.

In general, temples are the reason named for a lot of corruption in India. There are again and again gurus like Kumar Swami who claim that they want to build enourmous new temples and need a lot of money for them. Apart from the question how useful it is to build more and more temples, the question often remains where all the money went? Nobody ever saw a temple really being built or if so, that it would be really as expensive! A lot of money goes in private pockets there and not to the purpose that people gave it for!

A different way to get money out of believers’ pockets is to promise them all kinds of things. Nithyananda says he can make them levitate, Baba Ramdev once said he would heal aids through yoga and Kumar Swami even claims to have healed brain tumors merely with his Mantras. Do you really think any of this worked the way they said? Is that not corruption, taking money for such promises and thus cheating hopeful believers? The best promise that I have heard in this way is that a guru could liberate you from the cycle of reincarnation. Who would prove that? But the guru makes his money…

In this year we have seen the nicest proof of how rich such gurus can really get. When the famous materializing magician Sathya Sai Baba, whose birthday celebration was attended even by India’s Prime Minister, passed away, they found so much money and gold in his private rooms that everyone was amazed to see how rich he really was! And that by making people believe he can materialize gold and jewelry!

In modern times you don’t only see posters and pamphlets as advertisement for such gurus but can also see them on TV channels. They spend a lot of money on getting their face to the best spots on television, so that people see them right after having seen an astrology show in which a caller is told how Saturn will have bad influence onto their future. Creating fear and then promoting the solution through the same channels brings these corrupt people a lot of business, too. And that happens on the same channel on which you can see talk shows against corruption at other times.

All this corruption starts when people have a strong belief and others try to take advantage of that belief. Just have a look at how much money those babas, gurus and temples in India have! And imagine if this money had gone to the support of the needy and poor instead! Corruption can be in many areas of your life and we need to fight it not only in politics, but also in religion.

Korruption im religiösen und spirituellen Geschäft – 24 Aug 11

In Indien bekommt das Thema Korruption im Augenblick viel Aufmerksamkeit und Anna Hazare ist immer noch mitten in seinem Hungerstreik gegen Korruption. Wir sprechen hier von politische Korruption und Korruption in Bürokratie, die in jedermanns Leben ist. Ganz normale Dinge geschehen nicht, ohne dass man jemanden bestechen muss und genau darüber sprechen im Augenblick alle. Was in diesen Tagen jedoch leider nicht sehr deutlich wird, ist, dass es auch in einem anderen Bereich viel Korruption gibt: in der Religion. Korruption in Religion ist viel schlimmer, weil die meisten korrupten Menschen sich dort als die reinsten Vorbilder zeigen, denen alle anderen folgen sollten. Zusätlich ist es sehr schwierig, in diesem Bereich wirklich zu beweisen, dass jemand korrupt ist.

In einem Land wie Indien gibt es religiöse Korruption, weil die Menschen des Landes einen sehr starken Glauben haben. Sie werden aufgrund dieses Glaubens betrogen und korrupte Menschen können sie auf diese Weise ausnutzen, um sich selbst zu bereichern.

Das kann ganz klein beginnen, mit illegalem Landbesitz zum Beispiel. Jemand möchte gerne etwas Land besitzen, das eigentlich der Regierung gehört oder auch einer Privatperson, die nicht viel in der Nähe ist, um ein Auge auf seinen Besitz zu haben. Derjenige, der das Land besitzen möchte, stellt einfach eine Statue und einen kleinen Altar auf das Land und macht es zum Tempel. In einem Land wie Indien würde nie jemand diesen Altar oder Tempel wegschaffen, weil es ein heiliger Ort ist! Die Person kann nun beginnen, um diesen Ort herum etwas zu bauen und kann dort ein ganzes Haus bauen, indem er sagt, er möchte den Tempel größer und größer machen.

Im Allgemeinen sind Tempel der Grund für viel Korruption in Indien. Es gibt immer wieder Gurus wie Kumar Swami, die sagen, sie wollen riesige neue Tempel bauen und dafür brauchen sie viel Geld. Neben der Frage, wie nützlich es ist, noch mehr Tempel zu bauen, bleibt da oft die Frage, wo das ganze gesammelte Geld hingegangen ist? Niemand hat jemals wirklich gesehen, wie der Tempel gebaut wurde oder wenn er gebaut wurde, dass er wirklich so teuer gewesen sein könnte! Viel Geld geht dort in private Taschen und nicht dem Zweck zugute, für das es gegeben wurde!

Ein weiterer Weg, Geld auf den Taschen der Gläubigen zu ziehen ist, ihnen alles mögliche zu versprechen. Nithyananda sagt, dass er sie schweben lassen kann, Baba Ramdev sagte einmal, er würde Aids mit Yoga heilen und Kumar Swami behauptet sogar, er hätte einfach nur mit seinen Mantras Gehirntumore geheilt. Meint ihr wirklich, dass irgendetwas davon so funktioniert hat, wie sie es gesagt haben? Ist das nicht Korruption, Geld für solche Versprechen zu nehmen und so hoffnungsvolle Gläubige zu betrügen? Das beste Versprechen, das ich diesbezüglich gehört habe ist, dass ein Guru den Menschen vom Kreis der Wiedergeburten befreien könnte. Wer sollte denn das beweisen? Doch der Guru macht damit sein Geld…

In diesem Jahr haben wir den besten Beweis dafür gesehen, wie reich solche Gurus wirklich werden können. Nach dem Tod des berühmten materialisierenden Zauberkünstlers Sathya Sai Baba, zu dessen Geburtstagsfeier selbst der Premierminister Indiens gekommen war, wurde in seinen privaten Räumen so viel Geld und Gold gefunden, dass sich alle sehr darüber wunderten, wie reich er wirklich gewesen war! Und das, wo er doch die Menschen glauben ließ, dass er Gold und Schmuck materialisieren könnte!

In heutigen Zeiten sieht man nicht nur Poster und Plakate, die für solche Gurus werben, sondern auch Fernsehspots. Sie geben viel Geld aus, um ihre Gesichter auf die besten Sendeplätze zu bekommen, so dass die Menschen sie gleich nach einer Astrologie-Sendung sehen, in der einem Anrufer gesagt wurde, dass Saturn eine schlimme Auswirkung auf ihre Zukunft haben würde. Angst zu machen und dann die Lösung auf dem gleichen Sender anzubieten bringt diesen korrupten Menschen auch viel Geschäft ein. Und das geschieht auf dem gleichen Sender, auf dem man zu einer anderen Zeit Talk Shows gegen Korruption sieht.

Diese ganze Korruption beginnt, wenn Menschen einen starken Glauben haben und andere versuchen, diesen Glauben auszunutzen. Seht euch nur einmal an, wie viel Geld diese Babas, Gurus und Tempel in Indien haben! Und stellt euch vor, dieses Geld wäre stattdessen zur Unterstützung der Armen und Bedürftigen geflossen! Korruption kann in vielen Teilen des Lebens geschehen und wir müssen sie nicht nur in Politik, sondern auch in Religion bekämpfen.

Nithyananda’s new Abracadabra: Unsuccessfully trying to make people levitate – 27 Jul 11

I recently got in touch with a former devotee of Nithyananda. She wrote her experience in an article which she published as author on our website. Her name is Bawaani and she is from Malaysia. She described her story with Nithyananda, how she first believed in him but with the sex scandal last year lost all faith in him. She had been very engaged in the Ashram activities in Malaysia and had brought her family to attend programs and engage themselves there, too. She has seen the truth and reality and broke away but her family is still devoted which makes her feel guilty. There is a turmoil of feelings for people like her, who had a strong belief and who were disappointed.

Since the scandal broke last year, many of Nithyananda’s followers have left him. They were mainly upset about his sexual engagement with many women although he claimed to live in celibacy. With some distance they realized however that his claims of being able to perform miracles were not based on reality but only fake.

Some time ago I wrote about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who fooled the world with his claim that people could levitate if they followed his meditation technique, the Transcendental Meditation. And just some days ago I saw the video which you see below where you can see Nithyananda trying to sell the same idea to his followers! This trick is really very old and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has made a lot of cash with it. Now Nithyananda also makes people levitate. Didn’t he find anything new to make cash with?

I have read before that he always used to take bits and pieces like wise words from other gurus and made his own wisdom out of it. What he is doing in this video however, trying to make others fly, seems to me like a street magician failing in his tricks. I remember the street magicians in my childhood, who were standing on the way to school. They always had a little crowd of maybe 20 people gathered around them, watching as they did their tricks, shouting ‘Abracadabra!’ They always got a few rupees for their entertainment and because people knew that they were poor and had to do this for a living. Nithyananda waves his hand and blows some air to the other person as if he would put a spell and ‘Abracadabra’, the other one should fly. Unfortunately they don’t. The difference is that he is not standing on the street for his magic show but is sitting on his throne. You might wonder however if he had to start doing such tricks for a living.

The media took these videos and made fun of them, calling it ‘Nithyananda’s flop comedy show’. He and his followers thus went and sued them for defamation and making fun of these holy techniques. At the same time they sued the TV channel that published the video that led to his scandal in the last year, saying that it is morphed although forensic reports already proved that it is really Nithyananda in the video.

Of course having sex does not make a Guru fake but what about lying and manipulating several women and changing statements when asked about it? Once I was in Samadhi, once I was experimenting, another time I was ill, then I forgot what happened, I have erectile dysfunction or I am celibate and this all cannot be real. This hypocritical person teaches celibacy and at the same time makes followers sign a sex contract on the name of Tantra.

Many people have left him like the girl who wrote her experiences to us. Others however are still there and I just don’t understand why they stay with him. After seeing this drama, how come they can still sit there and believe in him?

I actually had pity with him last year and advised him to leave this fake guru business, to go and get married, lead a normal life and enjoy it. Then he wouldn’t need to care about public opinion anymore, just lead an honest life and be happy. The point is however that he cannot leave this life. He is a cheater. You can see this from his faked birthdate until his recent levitation attempts. Maybe one woman is not enough for him and as a guru he can have many. Or it is the money in this business that attracts him. Be that as it may, he will not come out of this illusion and will keep on trying to attract people to follow him.

At the moment he is still out on bail and his trial will continue. We hope he will get the right treatment for his actions and wrongdoing. I am writing about these things again, just to spread the message and to make people aware so that innocent people won’t be cheated anymore. When searching for a picture for this purpose, we were at a loss as to what to put. This is how I volunteered to dress up as a magician to illustrate our point. The picture above is the result.