Happy to be back in our normal Blog-writing Routine – 1 Oct 16

We are very, very busy these days!

I know that is something that I have mentioned to you before already and it is definitely nothing surprising: we are running a new business venture, our restaurant, and we are completely involved ourselves in the operations. At the same time we have our Ashram with its Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats, guests whom we take care of and whom we like to spend time with as well. For that, we are of course running our website and have email conversations with interested people. And last but not least, there is our school. All our kids come every day and there are always things to take care of, too!

So no doubt that we are busy but at the same time we reserve a little bit of time every day for you, my readers. Ramona and I prepare one page for you to read – because I love it when you take part in our lives in this way.

For a long time now, over years, this has been our daily ritual and only when we really couldn’t find time anymore this year, after opening our restaurant, there was a break in regular updates. It was not only the time though, the mind was also occupied with so many other things that there was no space to be creative or to think anything else than about the restaurant or what absolutely needed to be done!

I am very happy that we are back in our ritual now and even if sometimes there are days when it gets late or when we can only note down the idea – and write it out the next day – I enjoy keeping you up to date again with my thoughts, events at the Ashram and our lives!

And of course I will be happy to hear from you as well – just write a message in the comments!

Wieder zurück bei unserer normalen Blog-Routine – 1 Okt 16

Wir sind zur Zeit sehr, sehr beschäftigt!

Ich weiß, das ist etwas, was ich euch zuvor bereits erzählt habe und es ist definitiv auch nicht überraschend: wir haben ein neues Geschäft, unser Restaurant, und wir sind selbst völlig darin involviert. Gleichzeitig haben wir unseren Ashram mit unseren Yoga und Ayurveda Retreats, Gästen, um die wir uns kümmern und mit denen wir gerne auch etwas Zeit verbringen. Hierfür haben wir natürlich auch noch unsere Internetseite und haben Email-Unterhaltungen mit interessierten Leuten. Und schließlich ist da noch unsere Schule. All unsere Kinder kommen jeden Tag und es gibt immer Dinge, um die wir uns kümmern müssen!

Keine Frage also, dass wir beschäftigt sind, aber gleichzeitig reservieren wir ein klein bisschen Zeit jeden Tag für euch, meine Leser. Ramona und ich bereiten eine Seite für eure Lektüre zu – weil ich es Liebe, wenn ihr so an unserem Leben teilhabt.

Über Jahre hinweg war das unser tägliches Ritual und nur, als wir dieses Jahr nach der Eröffnung unseres Restaurants wirklich keine Zeit mehr fanden, gab es eine Pause an regelmäßigen Updates. Es war jedoch nicht nur die Zeit, die uns fehlte, der Kopf war auch voll mit so vielen anderen Dingen, dass da gar kein Platz war für Kreativität oder eben, um irgendetwas anderes zu denken, als an das Restaurant oder Dinge, die absolut notwendig waren!

Ich freue mich sehr, dass wir nun wieder zurück in unserem Ritual sind und selbst wenn es manchmal Tage gibt, an denen es spät wird oder an denen wir nur die Idee aufschreiben können – und es am nächsten Tag erst ausschreiben – ich genieße es, euch auf dem neuesten Stand bringen mit meinen Gedanken, unseren Leben und dem, was hier im Ashram so vor sich geht!

Und natürlich freue ich mich auch, von euch zu hören – schreibt mir einfach in den Kommentaren eine Nachricht!

I love Changes but also accept my Mistakes – 10 Nov 14

I have walked a very long journey of changes which took me more than a decade. In the process of it I turned from spiritual Guru to atheist. I always wanted to go with honesty, with my feelings and with time. I don’t want to be rigid or stubborn and don’t want to stick with what I knew in my childhood. I have kept an open mind, have travelled and seen the world and that’s how I am who I am today.

On this website, you can read about my history, it is visible if you look at the photo gallery and everyone who has read in the older entries of my 7-year-old blog has a clear proof of my change. I have never hidden anything and obviously you could still see signs that show my history. I am open to say and accept that this is me and my history.

I am also a very emotional person and as I love changes and am not afraid of them, I also take very quick decisions. Mostly, I am happy with these decisions but there are times when I regret them as well. Those are the moments when I think I should not connect my pride with that. When I have made a mistake, I should accept it as well.

I accept my mistakes and revert my decisions, if possible. And that’s how life goes on.

Writers: feel honoured when someone copies your Content! – 1 Sep 14

Are you a writer? Maybe not even an author of published books, maybe not even the writer of a blog, just someone who enjoys writing – and puts the results into public from time to time? Yes? Then you may have experienced something that I want to write about today: the shameless copying of our incredibly clever, hilarious and never-before-seen original content.

Yes, it happens. It has always happened in the course of history and it will always happen – but the methods will keep on changing! I have already made plenty of experience with that!

When I was still giving lectures in India, there were people who saw the success and wanted to give lectures like me. The best way? Take notes and do it yourself! In older times – that sounds like I am old but technology has progressed really fast! – there were tape recorders with which people made tapes of their own lectures and sold them. Or of other people’s lectures. Then they would sit at home and learn each word of the lecture along with the tone and emotional expressions. In the end, I am sure there were several people who could give a lecture that sounded just like me. But I always imagined them finishing the lecture and running off the stage as fast as possible, so that nobody could ask them any questions! They would never know an answer!

I didn’t know then and I don’t know now who exactly is using my words. Online however, you sometimes find snippets and sentences which you have the feeling you have read before. You read them and you think ‘I agree from my heart!’ and when you read on, you think ‘Wow, it is as though I have written this!’ and just a moment later you realize: ‘Hey! I HAVE written that!’ Not only one line, not only two, complete blog entries, 600 words and more!

Sometimes I wonder whether I should be happy that they actually took my text as it was – instead of butchering my carefully structured sentences, tearing them apart and inserting mindless additions, claiming the text to be their own after that!

Once I was asked to write the introduction, the foreword to a book. I did. I got a copy of the book. I saw my name. Just the words were not mine! Maybe I should feel flattered though that I am popular enough to have random quotations attributed to my name… He had changed my foreword and added his words. Inside the book however, I found many of my words and of course, he was now the author of this book – and officially of those words as well.

Oh well, it is the bitter fate of a writer. But then again, I think, I should look at it like charity: recently I confronted a man on whose facebook profile I had repeatedly seen my statuses – without my name or a link to my page or website. At first, he regretted having been caught – and promised to change. With the second time, he apologized, ‘It has become a habit’. The third time, the truth was finally revealed:

‘Oh, you know, after I posted your words people actually started believing that I am smart!’ A little bit of charity for the good image of a fellow human?


Special Offer: 20% off all Retreats! – 31 Jul 14

Today we have sent out a newsletter about an exciting special offer which I would now like to share with all of you as well:

20% off all our Retreats!

There are some conditions to this – as with every special offer – but they are very clear and there is no catch: in order to get those 20% discount, you need to book in between the 1st and 31st August 2014 with the complete 80% of the cost. After that, you can come for your chosen retreat at any time until the 31st December 2015.

So instead of booking your Ayurveda or Yoga Retreat with a 50% advance payment and then pay the remaining 50% four weeks before you come, you need to pay only 80% all in all!

I imagine this to be especially interesting for everyone who wants to take part in our popular Ayurveda Yoga Holiday in October or November of this year! Or those who want to come in that best time of the year for our Ayurveda and Yoga Weight Loss Retreat. Everyone who has been thinking about booking those retreats with us – do it now and you can save money!

Of course there are many more retreats – all our Yoga Retreats with different focus or our Ayurveda Cooking Retreat for example. Even the Holi Retreat for 2015 is included in this offer!

Each of you who has thought about coming to India to visit our Ashram, enjoy some yoga in India or experience the great benefits of Ayurveda – act now, book your trip and make it real!

We are really looking forward to having a lot of people take advantage of this special offer!

Now that I got you all in the mood for coming to our lovely home in Vrindavan, I want to answer that burning question that I can feel you have right now: how come we are giving such a great discount on retreats that are anyway running well?

I will tell you without telling too much: we are working on a great project and with just some extra bookings at this moment, everything will work out in a smoother and quicker way – and you will soon get a surprise! Just spread the message of the possibility to get a discount of one fifth of the price for great retreats and then wait for your surprise! Oh, and if you come to the Ashram before, you will get to know what it is without me even telling you! 🙂

I hope to see you in India soon!

Friendshiplog.com – share the Memories of your Friendships – 28 Oct 13

I have made the experience of being popular. I have seen the glitter and glamour that comes with it. There were masses in front of me, all eager to get close. It is exciting, it is full of life, it is great – but I have learned one thing: you cannot be close with the masses. While celebrities get cheered at and wave to big crowds during the day, they need someone in the evening, a shoulder to lean their tired heads on. Someone to laugh and cry with, to share real emotions. A friend.

Those who have needed the help of a friend when they were down, know how valuable it is to have this person in life! You need to look after your relation with these friends – and that’s exactly for what we have created a new website: Friendshiplog.com!

It is a new kind of social media page, one for individual connections instead for a huge amount of people whom you have maybe met once or not even that. On facebook a lot of people look for new connections, for new friends and maybe even for business. A lot of users are overwhelmed with the many new friend requests by people whom they don’t even know. On Friendshiplog, you connect with your real friends, with those whom you know, whom you love and with whom you have already shared memories!

You can write down these memories to keep a record, a log of your friendship – and in several languages! In the footer of the page you can select English, Hindi, German, Spanish or French. Remind your friend of the good times you had together or thank him or her for the support you got. Your friend will be happy to hear of you and will love to read of those cherished memories. Give your friend a virtual hug by writing your experience in a story.

You don’t need a lot of time for one story – there is no need to put your complete friendship into words from the day you got to know each other until today! Simply take one incident, one funny day, one interesting talk, one sad moment when you got your friend’s help and share it with him or her. Can you imagine the joy when your friend gets to read it and remembers that moment as well?

Others who read your stories get inspiration for their own friendships, can laugh about a joke or feel with you if your friendship is a moving story. In today’s world, where we have a huge amount of negative news on TV, in newspapers and on the internet, this page will be an oasis of positive stories where people can go and read about their own and other people’s friendships whenever they feel sad, down or depressed by all the bad happening in this world. Restore your faith in humanity by reading about the great bonds that people share.

So come and join us with stories of your friendships!

You can also like Friendshiplog.com on Facebook!

My entire Blog available in Categories for Download – 10 Oct 13

The text that you are reading now is this blog’s 2117th entry. I have started writing my daily diary on the 1st January 2008 and have not taken even one day off. All these entries are separated into 97 topics. We have now taken a new step with this blog – you can buy its categories and download them onto your eBook-reader, mobile device or computer!

What started as a possibility to tell all of my friends at once what I was doing turned into a daily medium in which I can voice my thoughts – and which many people daily read as well. I am happy about the great feedback that I have received over the course of years, happy that so many people enjoy reading what I am thinking, even if it is sometimes fully different from their own thoughts and perception.

After several people expressed interest to know more about my life, I started in 2011 to write autobiographical diary entries every Sunday. In the category ‘My Life’ there are now 144 blog entries that tell you the story of my life.

Soon after, we started a regular blog entry for Saturdays as well – every Saturday I post another recipe for a delicious dish. If you enjoy cooking, you should have a look at that category! From classic Indian dishes in Ayurvedic variations over snacks to desserts, you will find all kinds of dishes and it is explained in details how you can prepare them at home! 146 recipes are there for you to download now!

You can also choose any of the categories that don’t have regular entries, like the popular topic religion, which has 107 entries. Sex, Indian Culture, Western Culture, Relationships, Parenting, Gurus – there are a lot of interesting topics and each of them is now completely available for you to download!

From the beginning on, there were requests to turn the blog into a book someday but there were always more important projects and expenses so that until today we don’t have a physical copy of the diary. You can however now finally read your favourite categories offline! For only five Euro you can download one complete category as a PDF! Transfer it to your eBook reader or your mobile device and take it along whenever you want! Get the recipes in your kitchen or read about cultural differences while you are in bed or sitting in the garden!

You can either go to our shoppingcart and navigate to the category you are looking for in order to download or, if you like a certain diary, just scroll down and you will find a link to this category’s download on the left side of my signature. Each category page also has the link on top.

The best thing is: once you bought a category, you can always download the updated file for free! Whenever I write a new post in that category, you can get an updated PDF – lifelong!

The income of my diary sales will obviously support our children charity projects – as everything we do! Another reason to write for me – so that you have something nice to read and our children something good to eat! 🙂

Website down, Mails bouncing back – what had happened to Jaisiyaram.com? – 1 Nov 12

You cannot imagine how happy I was yesterday and am today to see our website working. How happy I am that you are able to read these lines! Our website is back up. If you are a regular reader, I know you were missing reading my blog with your morning coffee or at your daily computer-session. And I can tell you, I was missing it very much, too! Let me tell you about our technical disaster that started one week ago.

We were attacked. Not physically but virtually. Not our body took harm but our website did! Actually, it was our server that the attacker hacked into and where he placed a script that started sending out spam mails. We were notified and immediately informed our server administrators who shut down the possibility of spam being sent – obviously something had broken the security measures which were previously in place to prevent such a thing!

What followed in order to make sure our server is secure of further attacks was like a nightmare. The server administrators took off our server. It had to be done, it was a question of security. At first we thought it would take hours only – those hours stretched into days and all we could think of was what people would say if they tried to open the website during that time! There would just be an error – Website not found! Whoever would send an email would get his mail right back into his inbox – bounced. People who had booked retreats and wanted to come to the Ashram would panic – how would they reach us now?

I don’t know if you can imagine the extent of this downtime for us. You can compare it to losing your mobile phone with all your numbers on it and all you have left is an unplugged landline phone with dial plate.

It is a very strange feeling to sit in front of the computer in such a situation, waiting for a message by the server administrators, hoping they would say it was done or at least that they were about to finish. We usually spend quite some time working at the computer and in the past days we spent even more time – but had the feeling that we achieved nothing at all! It is frustrating when there is nothing you can do – either because you don’t have enough technical knowledge to do or because there is no way you can change anything!

We wrote to the server administrators who were watching codes scanning and restoring our files, we talked to them on phone, we used normal webmail to send short notifications to those people whom we expected to write to us and we called our developer, asking for any possibility to get our website back up. When we had just come up with an alternative and temporary solution – another server onto which we would upload our backup – the server administrators finally told us that they had found a way to do it more quickly.

And slowly, bit by bit, our website came back up. There was some text, now the colours, refreshing again brought the photos up and finally it was back in its full shape. Wow, was that relieving! We still had lots to do, mails had to be sent again, the missed diary entries had to be put up and we had to ensure that the server was actually secure now. But whatever we were doing from that moment on felt just easy. It was a joy sitting in front of the screen again, seeing our website and reading mails again.

Yes, now we know that we have to work on a backup plan so that this story will never repeat itself. We are sorry if we missed your mail. Please resend it, we would love to read from you. And most of all thank you for having checked our website whether it is up again. Here we are, again connected with the world.

Cheating made easy online – Business of Sex, Love and Pain – 28 Jul 11

Yesterday I wrote about Nithyananda and mentioned that he might not like to leave his guru life because only in this position he has the possibility to have several women at the same time. This however was the reason for his big scandal in the first place: he slept with married women, not only with one but several of them.

With this on my mind I yesterday read news about a dating website. It is not a normal website where singles can meet though, but a website where married people can search for someone to have an affair with. It is a website that helps people cheat safely. The owner of the website gives a money-back guarantee to all serious participants. If they don’t find a partner who is ready for this betrayal, he will pay them back their membership fees. The website says they have more than 10 million anonymous members.

Where is our society going? This is a reflection of our society. It means there are so many people who wish to cheat that it has become a lucrative business for others. We see this everywhere around us. Why wouldn’t somebody have the idea to bring these people together and start a website on which they can meet? They earn their money by encouraging others to cheat on their wives and husbands. This website is not like a normal brothel and it is not like a swinger’s club. It is the business of bringing all those together who have the wish to cheat. They bring them together and earn money from it.

This is the internet and how it gets used. In earlier times it must have been more difficult to cheat. There was a friend of a friend and if you had a night with that woman, you were afraid that your wife may get to know because your wife’s sister was the best friend of the brother of the woman you had an affair with. Or the man whom you met in the bar, who seemed like a stranger and a safe choice to have wild extra-marital sex with turned out to be a colleague of your husband! When someone had an affair, it was more risky. This kind of websites however makes it more secure. You can choose someone who is usually far away but most of all, the other person is surely also married. So you keep each other’s secret and are sure the other one won’t tell anybody either.

With my counseling work I meet many people who share their experiences. There were husbands and wives who were shattered because their partner had sex with another person. There were others who were ashamed of having had an escapade. There were people who suspected infidelity and others who were sure but did not know what to do now. I wrote a lot about cheating last year due to all those experiences.

There is one thing that I can say: it never works and never makes you happy. It doesn’t matter why you are cheating, it won’t make you happy. Are you missing sex in your relationship and have unfulfilled sexual desires? Or are you actually searching for love? Whatever it is, don’t go out and search a solution outside your marriage, it won’t solve the problem. Talk with your partner about it instead. Show your husband or wife that you cherish the love in between you and that you won’t do this step that others have done in your situation.

Cheating always hurts someone. It is natural, a devoted partner cannot be indifferent about a third person in a place where there should be only two. Jealousy, a feeling of having done something wrong and most of all the trust which is lost in your relationship is the prize.

The business people who run this website may only see the money but not the pain that they cause with this service. If you make cheating easier, more people will do it. You increase the problems in relationships which could have been solved if the partner was more afraid of doing this step. Everybody has to take his own responsibility but I believe we should not support cheating.

Don’t cheat and don’t help others cheat. It only hurts and causes pain.

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Is SEO Spiritual or Religious? – 26 Oct 10

When writing about spirituality and religion yesterday I could not help but think of the SEO practice that we are doing on our website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and its goal is basically to be found easily on search engines like Google or yahoo if anybody searches keywords that are related to your website. The higher your website is displayed in Google when you search ‘Sponsor a child in India’, the more probable it is that people who are looking for helping a poor child come to you. Of course it would be best to come on the first page for each of your keywords.

SEO experts, webmasters and website owners try to get to that spot by adding keywords into their own page as well as finding people who link to your page with that keyword. If you had a website and you would link to us saying ‘Sponsor a Child in India’, Google would know that people searching for these words could find what they are looking for on our website. And this is how, if you search ‘Sponsor a child in India’, you will find us on the first page.

This much to SEO theory. You may be wondering now why I, a man who has spent more than three years meditating in a cave, is writing and explaining you about search engines. I actually have learned and made training so that we can get more visits to our website and more sponsors for our children, more support for our charity projects. It is great to work in this field, too. We have made many efforts, we have changed our complete website, its design, structure and nearly every text and we have linked to other important yoga and spirituality websites. In this way we have doubled the number of visitors on our website over the last 6 months according to Google Analytics, a program that shows statistics of visitors on your website. This is a growth of 100% and we are very proud of it. It means more people come to this website, read my blog, are interested in our programs, Yoga retreats and Ayurveda holidays and of course support our charity projects.

I already wrote that I do not have goals of having a gigantic company. I just want to help these children. Of course, I have changed with life. I have stopped reading and talking about religious scriptures and have started to read and talk about the internet in another way than all technical people. I cannot be a religious guru anymore but I have no objection to being a SEO guru – maybe a more spiritual one than other internet experts.

Again the question comes up what SEO has to do with spirituality. While I was learning about the ways how to make our website more visible, I have read about an old debate whether SEO was an art or a science. Is it a science with rules which will be the consequences of your actions? Or is it an art because you have to be creative in finding the right words and ways? And this debate reminded me of yesterday’s diary and the difference of religion and spirituality.

SEO experts have their own religion. There are rules for sins for which you can go to hell and there are definitely possibilities that you can go to heaven with. There is a formula which seems like the rules of a religion. The more quality links you have to your site, the better your ranking will be. If you are dishonest and put spam links or buy and pay for links and Google penalizes you, you are in the SEO hell because your targeted visitors will not find you anymore.

I think search engine experts need to be more spiritual than religious. This will actually solve their religious problems. In your SEO efforts you need to follow the common rules, your religious rules such as ‘Do not pay for links, do not buy links!’. For some people this seems difficult. You have to get links from other pages in order to get high in your ranking. So for that you can pay someone to put your link and your rank will go up. Problem solved but you may be punished for this sin and land in hell.

Now I say, come into spirituality! You have to work on getting your website up. However you should still love your content, your website, what you are writing and what you are offering. Then people will like what they read. You are creating great quality content that nobody else could present in this way because you are fully in your field of expertise. This is honest effort in my eyes. Then you will not have to pay for links and try to manipulate search engines because people just simply link to you from their website without even being asked to. They think more people should read about it and would like it. Then there is no need to do the sin, just simply because you love what you do – which I believe is spiritual. You change your consciousness, become more spiritual about what you do and you will get success!

In this way we have been working for the last year. I have seen my friends smile about my sudden enthusiasm to read and learn and work but then they are now happy with me to see the result. This much growth can only come from the hard work that our team did together with some lovely people who want to support us. Everybody can see it, also who has nothing to do with SEO: the website has gained a lot of content and each text has gained quality. We are happy to work spiritually and if spirituality comes into different aspects, be it technique, writing or search engine optimization, we will be happy to work in these fields, too. Love your work and love what you do, it is really worth it!