I love Changes but also accept my Mistakes – 10 Nov 14

Personal statement

I have walked a very long journey of changes which took me more than a decade. In the process of it I turned from spiritual Guru to atheist. I always wanted to go with honesty, with my feelings and with time. I don’t want to be rigid or stubborn and don’t want to stick with what I knew in my childhood. I have kept an open mind, have travelled and seen the world and that’s how I am who I am today.

On this website, you can read about my history, it is visible if you look at the photo gallery and everyone who has read in the older entries of my 7-year-old blog has a clear proof of my change. I have never hidden anything and obviously you could still see signs that show my history. I am open to say and accept that this is me and my history.

I am also a very emotional person and as I love changes and am not afraid of them, I also take very quick decisions. Mostly, I am happy with these decisions but there are times when I regret them as well. Those are the moments when I think I should not connect my pride with that. When I have made a mistake, I should accept it as well.

I accept my mistakes and revert my decisions, if possible. And that’s how life goes on.

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