Happy to be back in our normal Blog-writing Routine – 1 Oct 16


We are very, very busy these days!

I know that is something that I have mentioned to you before already and it is definitely nothing surprising: we are running a new business venture, our restaurant, and we are completely involved ourselves in the operations. At the same time we have our Ashram with its Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats, guests whom we take care of and whom we like to spend time with as well. For that, we are of course running our website and have email conversations with interested people. And last but not least, there is our school. All our kids come every day and there are always things to take care of, too!

So no doubt that we are busy but at the same time we reserve a little bit of time every day for you, my readers. Ramona and I prepare one page for you to read – because I love it when you take part in our lives in this way.

For a long time now, over years, this has been our daily ritual and only when we really couldn’t find time anymore this year, after opening our restaurant, there was a break in regular updates. It was not only the time though, the mind was also occupied with so many other things that there was no space to be creative or to think anything else than about the restaurant or what absolutely needed to be done!

I am very happy that we are back in our ritual now and even if sometimes there are days when it gets late or when we can only note down the idea – and write it out the next day – I enjoy keeping you up to date again with my thoughts, events at the Ashram and our lives!

And of course I will be happy to hear from you as well – just write a message in the comments!

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