A Beautiful Day in New York – 26 Jun 10

We had a beautiful last Saturday here in New York. It is now pretty hot here, too. We are anyway preparing for leaving on Monday. We went out in New York with a friend and then in the evening went to Central Park for the free Yoga class where we were joined by some very lovely people.

They also joined us for dinner after yoga and we got to know them a little bit better. Some of them are doing a course for nutrition, one of them was a raw chef, in short, all of them were interested in healthy living and eating.

We had a beautiful evening together and afterwards the full moon meditation, now we are tired and will go to bed soon.

New York City to Houston, Texas – 21 May 10

Yesterday we had a beautiful evening with Su and Jeremy. We walked to their apartment and then had a salad and afterwards a great ice-cream at Times Square. It was like a celebration of our last evening in New York before we fly to Texas.

Today in the morning we got ready and then set off to fly to Houston where Lola and Kevin picked us up. Lola invited us to do healing sessions, spiritual counseling, meditations and yoga workshops at her yoga studio. After doing some shopping they dropped us at their friends’ house where we will now stay with the very nice family of Joanne and Jeff.

We are tired after travelling and the more than three hour flight and Ramona said ‘let us just write a few lines and put it into the category Really nothing’. So maybe you will find, this diary entry is missing some wise message, that’s how it comes into our popular ‘really nothing’ category, but maybe you will also find it nice just to get to know about our travelling.

Spring started in Vrindavan – 2 Feb 10

Spring started in Vrindavan. It is now nice to go and walk outside without the big and warm shawl. The mornings are not foggy anymore and the sun comes out again each day. We heard from friends that there is still a lot of snow in America and Europe and Germany is all over covered with snow. Winter was everywhere very cold and is still in many places but here now each day feels a bit warmer.

Spring has already officially started according to the Indian calendar. And with the warm weather our guests also will come. From tomorrow guests will start coming and in this month we will have visitors from all over the world again. We are looking forward to have the Ashram filled with friends who laugh and dance together as if they had known each other their whole life long although they just met here in India.

It will be a beautiful time especially with Holi at the end of this month. Hopefully until then the street work which is again going on now is over. Today the whole day they were digging behind the house to make holes for the sewage line again and as it is in India a whole crowd gathered just for standing around the whole and watching how it gets deeper.

A Delay that Made Sense – 16 Sep 09

Today we had to go to the bank and for shopping afterwards. We wanted to take along two letters which we needed to give to our banker. So we started from home to go to the building which is a walk of maybe 15 minutes. The three of us were walking and only one block away from the bank we had to stop at a traffic light. I turned around and asked Ramona ‘You have the letters, don’t you?’ Ramona shook her head and looked at Yashendu ‘You have them, right?’

It turned out that none of us had taken them thinking that one of the other two had it. So we turned around and did our shopping on the way home. We picked up the letters and went back. We entered the bank and went to the counter. They told us to go to a cubicle in the back where our banker was sitting. And after saying hello she said ‘Oh, good that you came now, I just came back from lunch!’

You see, it was very good that we had to take that extra round back, if we had not, the woman whom we wanted to talk to wouldn’t have been there. And we got some workout walking through the streets of New York!

The Weather… and food – 17 Jul 09

Today we were invited by Iris' parents to come for dinner. Actually we planned to eat on the terrace and yesterday it looked like the weather would be nice. Yesterday we had such a nice weather, the sun was shining the whole day long. But today in the morning when we got up there were dark clouds in the sky and soon a thunderstorm started.

But Iris’ parents had a nice solution for this weather: they have a hut in the garden where we could nicely sit together for dinner without feeling cold or wet. And Iris’s mother made really great pizza! We had brought a nice salad and so we had a really wonderful dinner. It is so nice if you can just sit together and instead of complaining about the weather just laugh about it. Now we are sitting back at home and we are so full and tired that I cannot think of anything else to write.

A Day in Hamburg – 21 Jun 09

Today was a really nice day. First of all I want to thank all of my friends who told me, in reaction of yesterday’s diary, that they would like to travel with us and always help us in carrying. It is wonderful to have people who love you.

We had a great and spontaneous day today with friends. We actually planned to go to the North Sea with Regina, Jens and Celina, but then felt that it was too windy and cold for that. So we went to Hamburg and called Michael who then joined us with Andrea for a coffee/ tea / hot chocolate or ice cream. What we did not know before was that there was a celebration going on in Hamburg and many people were in the streets and all shops were open, too. And although it started raining then, we enjoyed our time very much.

After saying goodbye to Michael and Andrea we went to a very good Indian restaurant which we know from last time and had a delicious dinner. It was just a very nice day.

Happiness even through Ice-Cream – 5 May 09

We had a wonderful dinner today with lots of ice-cream. Then we thought about how nice and easy life can be. What else do you need in life? Wonderful love, nice food and great ice-cream! How simply life can be happy! And it is even nicer, when you have a second round of ice-cream!

Iris said: ‘It is very easy to make you happy because you are happy in small things.’ I am a happy person by nature. But also I am a normal human person and so many things can affect me. However I try to always live in my happiness. And I am also happy when I am successful in being happy.

Mango Season Started in India – 15 Apr 09

I think I wrote yesterday already that it is getting hotter. At the hottest time of the day today it was 40 centigrade warm. And this is only the beginning of the summer. And with arrival of summer the garden starts smelling wonderfully of many different flowers. The mango season also started and in the last days we have been eating mangos daily. They are so delicious and sweet! This taste you can only get in this season! Ramona, who never liked mango in Germany, also loves it here. We have fresh mangos, mango ice-cream, mango chutney and other mango-dishes.

These are now my last days here at the Ashram again. You can feel it in the atmosphere that my family is sad that we will leave. Of course I also feel this heaviness of leaving my family but I am very happy in enjoying my last days. And my mother feeds us the most fantastic dishes each day so that we really enjoy each moment of these days.

Click here to see pictures of today/s lunch

Changing Weather in India – 6 Mar 09

The weather is changing here pretty crazily. I have a cold, my nose is running and my throat is aching. I suppose it is because of the weather. In the night it gets cold, in daytime it is hot. And this change from hot to cold to hot affects the throat first. It is the body and you never know in what way it can react.

We are looking forward to tomorrow. The colour festival Holi will start and we will start it by playing with the school children. After lunch we will play Holi with them and then the school will be closed for the festival time. I think in the next days my throat and voice will be better and I will also get to play with colours.