What is True Spirituality – 17 Aug 09

Today in the morning I and Yashendu were interviewed by a local TV channel. Among lots of questions there was also a question about spiritual life. I said: This is the problem, spirituality is seen as a certain category, or a label. These are doctors, those are lawyers, these are business men and those are spiritual people. Spirituality thus describes a certain lifestyle and is defined by certain acts that people do, like meditation, yoga or ceremonies. People wear clothes in a certain way and live in a certain way, then they are called spiritual.

This is how I see that spirituality is developing in a certain frame. He practices law, she practices medicine and I am practicing spirituality. If you do this, look like that and think in that way, you are spiritual.

This is not my idea of spirituality. Spirituality should not be fixed with a certain label. True spirituality is if you do not do anything special for it and don’t do any effort for being spiritual. It is just integrated in your lifestyle, no matter what you are doing. In my opinion everybody is spiritual in his own way. I even say that those who don’t go into a temple or church or are not sure about God are spiritual if they believe in love. It would be very difficult to keep the normal, worldly and material life separate from spirituality. We need to integrate both with each other. Spirituality should just be normal and natural. My conclusion for spirituality is in short: If you live in love, you are spiritual.