If Mothers are Negative, Children feel it! – 13 Jan 09


Yesterday I told you about a girl and today I would like to tell you about this girl’s mother who was also there for a healing session. She told me that the girl’s father had run away years ago with a lot of money and that he could not be found anymore, not even by the police. So this is how she had to work very hard to raise her children and how she feels that it is too much for her as also has some health problems.

I said to the mother that she needed to forget the past. She should forget the man, she has lived twelve years without him now but she still regrets very much that he is not there to help her. I know it is hard work to raise a child and going to work and try to do everything in the right way. But why is the daughter missing the father? It is not him whom she is missing, she never met him. She thinks about her mother who is working so hard and thinks that this all could be easier if he could be there.

As I told the girl I told the mother, too, that she needed to think positive. She should not think that she is in trouble and she should not think of that man anyway. He was a cheater and he is gone but that is past. You lived the past twelve years looking back but now turn around and just see that you are doing very well. You are living, you are fine and you have a wonderful daughter. And when your daughter gets this new, positive energy from you and sees you with this attitude, it will be very good for her. She will see that everything is fine, that her mother is fine and this all will help both, mother and daughter, to gain self-confidence and to be happy!

3 Replies to “If Mothers are Negative, Children feel it! – 13 Jan 09”

  1. It is important, and difficult to not hold on to pain. Too often it is a tendency to cling to the things that hurt you and fixate on them for years or even your whole life. I wonder if many people have never heard that letting go of it is an option. There was a man when I was younger who told me for years and years that you could simply choose to be happy. I didn’t believe him. I thought “maybe YOU can choose to be happy, but you haven’t lived the way I have.” After years of him insisting on this I finally began to experiment with letting go, seeing if it was possible. I was astonished to see that it was. I am very grateful for that man in my life.

  2. Mothers have a deep and profound impression upon their children. Even the littlest behaviors, habits, and manners, are noticed and repeated by their children. And sometimes it takes a child growing until adulthood to realize that their mother was wrong and they can start to teach her the right way, or heal her somehow. But I have hopes that this mother-daughter pair could blossom and bloom together into a more positive light for the future…thanks to your beautiful words, Swami!

  3. Even if you don’t have enough money to buy certain things for your children, you have something, which doesn’t cost a thing. Love and happiness. And this is of a much higher value, it is sustainable and also it’s unlimited!