Proud Followers – Open Display of Loyalty to Guru – 2 Jun 11

Proud followers

Today I want to describe you another type of followers, those who are very proud to say that they are followers. They like to show in every possible way that they belong to their guru.

If the guru gives his disciples a certain outfit, they will wear it as often as possible. That can be a certain colour or it can be a certain kind of shirt or dress. Sometimes the guru even sells dresses that he himself has worn once. The followers believe those dresses to be filled with the guru’s divine energy, so they spend a lot of money to buy them and afterwards wear them proudly, telling others about it.

They openly wear a mala with a pendant on it, on which you can see the guru’s picture. Whomever they meet gets to know immediately that they follow that master. It is not enough that they buy and wear all those signs that show they belong to their master, many even open their own shop and sell them.

They often don’t use their birth names anymore but only the names which their guru gave them. This giving of names is a great honour by the master and the followers are proud to have received a spiritual name. It doesn’t matter to them that their parents, friends and other acquaintances feel strange about this change of name. They are just so proud and everybody has to call them by their new names now.

They want to let everybody know that they are followers and they convert as many others as possible to become followers, too. They become missionaries for their gurus and tell everyone, whether he asked or not, about their guru.

Proud followers believe that their guru is the only right one and that all other masters are fake. There is no guru like their guru and if he has any fault, they are quick to find an explanation for it.

Praise for their guru never stops. ‘My guru regularly has dinner with the Prime Minister and advises him on his decisions!’ or ‘My master has millions of followers all around the world’ are only examples. They boast with how many centers their guru has, how many popular people believe in him, how many government officials seek his counsel, how many millions his empire is worth, how many CDs and books he sells each year, how many people come to seek his blessing and more.

They are simply proud to be followers. This, too, is a very welcome type of follower for any guru. Who wouldn’t like to have proud followers who do your advertisement for free, give you lots of money and generate even more income for you.

Tomorrow I will write about the opposite kind of follower: the secret followers.