Love your work to avoid wasting your Lifetime – 21 Jan 15

After having written about the medical profession yesterday, I would like to write in general about the love for you work, for that, which you are filling your life with. In my opinion it is necessary that you love what you do!

For a majority of people, their work fills a good part of their day. Eight hours in a day is a very normal time period to work and for many people it is even more than that. Calculating that you sleep another eight hours, need one hour for personal hygiene and bathroom rituals, another hour – again for many even more – for getting to and from your work place, you are left with six hours of your day. In these six hours, you have to do grocery and other shopping, do the household and eat. Finally, you have a little time left to relax, spend with your friends and family, play with the kids or invest in your relationship.

Not that much, right?

While in many countries, you have a five-day working week for most people, others have to work six days and many even for seven days a week, with one day shorter times or more holidays.

So you do spend such an amount of time at your work that it is necessary that you like what you do! Don't you see what you are doing with your life if you don't? Every day, every week, every month and every year you are investing time in something you even dislike or hate!

It won't make you happy, it won't satisfy you. It will make you sick.

I know, I know, people will say ‘But I have to work to make a living!’ and argue that you cannot choose where you get accepted and employed. If you really think of it however, in most cases you do have another choice! You are staying in a job that you don't like, compromising with a big amount of time of your life for other reasons, most of all money.

For many, it would be possible to work in a way that would make them happier and fulfill them, if they could accept that it wouldn't bring them as much money. They wouldn't starve or experience hardship – it would just not be that much.

And that’s why I encourage everyone to find a way to be happy. Learn liking and loving your work or change something. Maybe you can reduce the hours and start a second job in a more fulfilling position. Maybe you can change completely by just cutting down your other expenses. Maybe you start a business of your own, working hard and more but at least for something that you are passionate about.

Just don't waste your precious lifetime with something you don't like.

Go Your Own Way – No Matter where Others Go – 25 Aug 10

When I was writing yesterday’s diary, I remembered a line of a poem of Rabindranath Tagore which I had learned already in my school time. The line simply says ‘Walk alone on your path’. I wrote yesterday already, if you have a principle which you do not want to compromise with, you sometimes may feel a little bit lonely on your way. People come and they leave again if they cannot walk on with you but you should continue on your path without hesitation.

The crowd may go another way. Have you tried that way and decided that you cannot walk it? Then choose your own path. Don’t worry about where the crowd is going and if they take another way, keep on following your own way, even if you have to walk it alone for some time. Do not worry, there will be someone who will stay for long, too.

I have made this experience with my way. I am not a master and I do not want followers. All these gurus and masters that I have been writing so much about care for the crowd. They try to pull the crowd on their way. But I do not want to pull! I want to invite everybody to join me for a shorter or also a long piece of the way but only from their own choice and only as long as they want. I would be happy if I could show them where they can safely place their feet while walking. Maybe they also make the way more obvious to me and point out where exactly the way is. However if they decide to step away from my way, I will let them go without hesitation. If they decide to stay, I am happy to walk hand in hand with them, to help each other climb over stones and cross rivers together.

Live with your principles, find your way and follow it. You may sometimes have to walk alone however you will be able to walk with inner peace because you are going completely on the way that you chose. You will not have regrets that you made steps off the way. It will make you happy, much happier than going with the crowd. And you will see, also on your lonely road, there will someday be the right person to join you.

Let them Go if they do not Accept your Love – 24 Aug 10

In my life many people have come and many have left. Of course, each time when someone leaves, you think about why and you want to explore the reason behind it. Sometimes you do not really find a reason which makes this separation even stranger. Why did the other person leave?

I have experienced this often with people who could just not go along with me. When a person has a principle or something they are living for, others may not really have a solid reason for leaving but they do. They just could not go along with you on the way that you are following. You will hear many excuses but sometimes you can feel behind it that there is just one thing: you cannot compromise with your way and the others do not want to join you on your way. You know what? It is good that they leave.

I use to say if you have a wish, if you have a target that you want to achieve and you do not have any alternatives, you will reach there. Your wish will get true if you do not change your way. I do not have a certain aim. It is just not my nature to make targets. My principle for living in the presence is to be honest, direct and clear. It is not always easy to go this path but as I will not move one step away from it, I will go it. And those who cannot walk along on this way will naturally go away.

I know I am not the only one with whom this has happened. Someone leaves you and you wonder why but you have the feeling that you have done nothing wrong. You were thinking for their benefit but they did not want to accept your love or well-wishing. You wanted to do something good but they felt differently and left. Don’t worry about it. It is just normal, let them go.

Yesterday we sent our newsletter with Rajbai’s story which I wrote in yesterday’s diary, too. You might also have received it already. If not and you would like to get regular newsletters about our activities, my thoughts, what is happening in my life and at the Ashram, you can simply sign up to our newsletter.

In each newsletter there is a link at the bottom where readers can unsubscribe if they do not want to get the email anymore. As always we saw yesterday, too, that several people clicked on that link. Ramona and I were reading their names and were watching them leave. We talked for a while about it and quickly came to the result that it was very good that they were leaving. It is a necessary filtering process and we should not be disappointed about seeing them leave.

It is not only okay, it is really good. They pressed the unsubscribe button in the newsletter and thus left just as others left our lives before. I tell you, it is necessary to have this button. If you send a mail to anybody who doesn’t want to receive it and there is no option to unsubscribe, it is considered as spamming. In the same way, if you send love to those who do not want to get it, you need to give the possibility for the other one not to take it; otherwise you will be the one who gets hurt again and again. If you do not let them leave, they might create problems for you later.

Accept that your way is not the same and it is good that the other one decided to leave.

When we send a newsletter like yesterday, with a story about our charity and our children, and someone decides to leave after reading it, I believe it is right for them to go. If they do not have any interest in children and in our charity work, if they do not want to hear anything about that, why are they with us? Our love to these children is the essence of all that we are doing.

This is why I really love this link for unsubscribing. And this is how I love the internet, too. Whenever you want, you can be in the middle of a hurricane and whenever you want, you can leave.

The world will go on and keep on turning. And you and I, we will go our way.

Compromising with your Honesty? – 27 Apr 09

On my diary entry of the 23rd April, I have received another comment. This person said about compromising that everybody has to do a compromise in this world, otherwise you cannot meet but you will go apart from each other. I respect and fully understand what she means with this but this is not what I meant when I said that I do not want to compromise.

When you do this in love, for me it is not a compromise but it is respect for this love. When you are in love you enjoy everything. Of course, you have to do some things but if it is in respect and love, it is not a compromise for me. Of course we live in this world and society and we need to go together with people. We have to respect other people’s feelings.

When I say that I don’t want to do compromise, I mean something else. When you compromise with your heart, your principles and the values that you want to live with or when you sell yourself and your values, then you compromised with your honesty. If you do that, if you compromise, you will have a bad conscience for your whole life.

That is what I say about being honest. The compromise will always make you feel guilty. And in this way, if you do not compromise and are honest, you will maybe have less material things but you can live with pride and when you will die you will not have any regrets.

The comment is in German but it is published as an article on our website and you are welcome to give a comment to it yourself.
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Difficulties Standing in Between Cultures – 23 Apr 09

I sometimes feel strange with all this cultural difference. I am here in Germany and the western world is my work place where I travel. I am here but somehow I feel that I cannot accept this culture.

I come from a very different culture and I am proud of it. I was born and I grew up in India. But I cannot imagine going back into the life that I have left behind me. When I was living in the role of a guru, I did not have any problem with it. I grew into it and I was also living this with honesty. After my time in the cave however and now after spending time in the west, it all feels like a drama. I cannot go back into that life. If I did the same, I would not be able to live honest. My level of consciousness is different from what people there expect from a guru.

I wrote also that last month I refused the offer of someone who wanted to organize my program in India in the way that I used to do it before I went into the cave. They had ten million rupees budget, five million for organizing and five million donation. I refused it because I feel that I cannot play that role again. It would not be honest and it is just my wish to live an honest life in love until my last breath.

I left everything after coming out of the cave. If I had wanted I could have played an even bigger guru role because I was very popular for this time in the cave. But this is what the cave has given me and taught me. It gave me this life which I wanted to live and so I needed to change place because it was too much in India. This is how I came here and started from the beginning. I did not have anything and did not know anything about culture, language or anything. And I have got everything.

But many times I have the feeling how quickly love, belief and feelings change here. It is very difficult to trust or rely on anybody. I have had many experiences in this way and I think it is enough. I want to live my life without compromising, just only in love.