Contradictions in Religion – Do you have Karma of previous Lives or not? – 4 Feb 13

Last week I wrote about controversial philosophies which you can find easily in Hinduism. I described the Karma philosophy, explained that people take their bath in the Ganges during the Kumbh Mela in order to reach heaven or to reach liberation. Today I would like to write about another contradiction about the Karma philosophy which can easily confuse you.

I already explained that heaven or hell in Hinduism is a place where you either get punished for your Karma debt or get rewarded for having a positive Karma bank balance. If you have done your penance for all your bad Karma and have spent your time in hell as a punishment or if you had extra good Karma and spent it while staying in heaven, you should be reborn with a Karma bank balance of zero, just like a new account.

I believe however that you all have heard about people telling of lessons from past lives, of Karma of a previous life that they still have to work on and blaming events of this life on their Karma of previous lives. This is of course also a concept that originates in India, in Hinduism.

There is the idea that you do bad Karma in this life and get reborn as a creature of lower consciousness, a dog for example, as a punishment for your bad deeds. If you did lots of good Karma, you are supposed to be rewarded by being reborn in a good life. Rich people who are very lucky in life are thought to have good Karma from a previous life while people who are born into poor families or have serious health problems, especially from birth, are thought to have bad Karma left from before. Lower caste people are generally thought to not have good Karma from before while higher-caste people are said to have lots of good Karma from previous lives.

In this philosophy, there is no heaven or hell in between, everything happens on earth, in life. You carry your Karma along into your next life. When you have reached the point when you don’t do good or bad Karma anymore, you reach liberation.

So you see, these two philosophies absolutely don’t fit together! You can either believe that you come to this life on earth without any Karma or with all Karma of your previous lives. It doesn’t work together but Hinduism is flexible enough to let its followers choose what they like.

If you thought that Sadhus, who are completely detached from everything material, are very pious people who do good for others, you are wrong. They don’t want to help others, they don’t want to do good and get good Karma. They want to reach liberation, so they don’t try to make either good or bad Karma.

Opposite to this philosophy another attitude emerged, the attitude of a lot of people especially here in Vrindavan: they want to do live in love and devotion. They do good and thus create good Karma so that they are again and again reborn. They don’t want to reach liberation, they want to come back to this earth again so that they can live even longer in love and devotion.

Don’t you see that this all is just a matter of how you turn words in one way or the other? Don’t you see that you can simply choose what is comfortable for you? Once you realize this, don’t you think that religion is just altogether a big hoax?

My past Lives retold – the King, the Pharaoh and the Medicine Man – 3 Feb 13

I told you that I got to know more about the esoteric scene and western guruism on my travels in 2005. It was in the same year that I got upset about people’s fascination with past lives which was and is still quite popular there.

In that time, I myself still believed in reincarnation. It was a belief I had grown up with. It was part of the religion that I had been preaching as a guru my whole life long. Leaving my role as a guru did not mean that I left all the things I believed in – and thus I still believed that people would be reborn after their death. In India, it is very normal that people believe this but they don’t make it very important. They don’t usually think or fantasize about their previous lives, accepting that there may have been several lives but also accepting that they won’t know exactly what happened in that incarnation.

When this philosophy came to the west however and was spread in the esoteric scene, there were lots of ‘clairvoyants’ who happily embraced this idea. They anyway claimed that they could see the past and the future, so why not add that to their list of offers, too? Discover your past life! Heal your past life! Get answers to today’s problems by looking at your previous incarnations! In India, I have not met anybody who does this business but I have met too many people in the west. When I first got in closer touch with a businesswoman using past lives to attract customers, though, it was not a very pleasant experience.

I was very busy at a place where a lot of people came to see me, to have individual sessions and to come to workshops. As usual, my organizer welcomed the people who came in, asked them to wait if I was still busy with someone else and obviously had small conversations with all of them. I soon got to know that she did not only talk with them and asked them about their problems but even gave them insights to what she thought was the reason for their problems: their past lives. She created fantasy stories and presented them as visions of their past lives.

Funnily enough, I appeared in nearly all of these stories, too. She created stories of how they had been in ancient Rome, where I was a rich and influential townsperson who helped them out of a miserable situation. She fantasized about pharaohs in Egypt and kings and queens in England, about druids and medicine men. It would have been hilarious to hear all of these stories how we all were allegedly in connection in past lives if she had not been dead serious about it. Obviously people started wondering whether I, too, believed in all of this.

More than that, this woman was obviously jealous of other organizers or friends with whom I was close. In her stories about them, it was not all about peace, love and harmony. On the contrary, for one of my organizers, the story was quite violent, with us all being Native Americans. She even went as far as to say that I had been killed in that incarnation by my organizer which is why she now needed to resolve this Karma by helping me. I could not believe my ears!

It was a similar case of jealousy when she told a story to one of my close friends, who had a small baby. Her baby girl was learning to crawl and looked funny in the effort – she moved one leg more than the other, so that one leg was always just pulled along. It is just natural, the way how children learn using their bodies properly. This ‘clairvoyant’ however said that this girl was handicapped in her past life! Which mother would like to hear this? It is cruel to say such a thing and obviously, she was pretty upset.

My relation to this organizer did not go for long and in the aftermath I heard a lot of stories that people had been told about their past lives and my past lives. A lot of imagination and fantasy goes into such stories – but unfortunately there are people who choose to believe such stories – and those who like to fool and scare others with them.

Life brings Contradictions and my Blog is a Reflection – 6 Aug 12

If you have been reading my blog since the very beginning, the year 2008, you have witnessed a lot of changes over the past four and a half years. You can see that not only the way of writing and the length of entries have changed. The topics have increased and changed and so have my attitude and my thoughts about topics I am writing about. For me this is just obvious – life is always a process of change.

Ramona and I have lately been talking about all these changes and realized that someone reading one of my posts of the year 2008 could get a fully different idea of me. He may think I believe in things that I don’t actually believe in.

I have once written about reincarnation for example and I wrote that I believed in reincarnation but that my previous or next lives were simply not important to me. I wanted to give the message that you should live in presence instead of trying to find something in your past lives. I still believe that you should live in presence – but now I think the idea of reincarnation, of past and future lives, is only superstition. I have even written exactly that in a diary post not too many months ago!

In my early blog entries you will find me reporting of pooja ceremonies that we did in different places. We did those rituals then and maybe someday you read in the same blog, just some years later, that people are too credulous, that it is unnecessary and doesn’t bring anything to keep such traditions.

People who read such diary entries one after the other may think that this is a contradiction in what I write but I don’t feel like this. Look at the dates! I cannot think now what I was thinking when I wrote my diary entries four years ago. Life is a process and always changing and I just want to be honest and say what I think. I cannot tell you what I will be thinking five years from now! I am open to accept the change and have always welcomed what happened in my life.

I am not only talking about religion or my belief here! Very personal things have changed, too! There was a time when I did not want to ever have a wife – now I am happy married! For some time, my wife and I had no wish for a child at all – now we have our wonderful daughter and the best time of our lives!

I am very happy about all the changes that take place, smaller ones in daily life and bigger ones that take some time. I don’t need to take care of not writing any contradictory statements here because my website and my blog only mirror my life and the process of change that it is.

After all, I don’t give you a big philosophy or a principle like a guru. I don’t tell you what you should believe or that you should follow me. I am just a normal person like you and everyone else whose thinking is influenced by his surrounding and the events happening around him.

This is how my thinking about any topic can change and I will write it down here. You are welcome to be a part of this process. Read this blog as a piece of writing that documents the process of change in my life.

Why are Westerners fascinated by the Philosophy of Reincarnation? – 1 Dec 11

When I yesterday mentioned that I have stopped believing in reincarnation, I of course did not mean that I now believe in the Christian idea of heaven or hell. In my eyes both philosophies are man-made, created by religion in order to make people do the right thing. I don’t believe in the Hindu idea of reincarnation anymore because it does not fit to my thinking and nor does any other religion’s idea of what comes after death. I know however that many westerners decided to believe in reincarnation. Obviously this means that even though they were brought up as Christians, they rather believe in being reborn again than getting stuck in hell or rejoicing in heaven for eternity. How come? What makes the philosophy of reincarnation so attractive to people in the west?

One reason is that you can feel life is not simply over after death. And it is also not only either heaven or hell. You have some more hope because something will come after it. There are more lives to come. If you miss someone who is dead, it is consoling to think he will be reborn and you might meet him in another incarnation. You yourself don’t need to suffer from too much guilt because you will get another chance in another life. If you have unfinished business, you will be able to finish it next time. It reduces the amount that you suffer and gives more hope than the wide-spread and usual Catholic or Christian idea. Hinduism practically teaches you the art of dying. I did mention this in my diary before, too.

Another factor, which is the one I already mentioned yesterday, is that it serves as an explanation for why things are as they are today. If you are poor and miserable, it is because of your past life and what you did then. If you have a lot of problems with your family, you can find an explanation saying that you still had to learn that lesson from your past life when you made your own family’s life difficult.

The problem with this way of seeing reincarnation is not only that people get stuck in the past instead of living in the presence. They also tend to neglect their own responsibilities. They don’t accept their mistakes in this life and don’t take responsibility for their actions because there is always a very convenient excuse: that happens because of my past life! Then a problem with your ex-husband did not start because you both were egoistic and should have listened to each other more but because he was the one who allegedly killed you in a past life. How easy, now you don’t have to work on your conversation skills but just accept that it was not meant to be. It was Karma, it happened and that’s it.

It is convenient not only for many people as an excuse but for many others a great chance to make money. Hindu gurus and modern western healers claim to know what is going on in past lives and a lot of them even say they can heal any problems resulting from that! I have written a lot about this topic of fake healing and more in my diary before, too:

Fake Business of Healing Past Lives – 14 Feb 09
Healing Past Lives – a Good Business – 9 Jun 09
Storytelling of Past Lives – Something nobody can Prove – 10 Jun 09
Psychics need Psychotherapists – 7 Dec 09

When reading these diary entries, you may find that I mention my belief in reincarnation. As always, I say we humans are changing in an everlasting process. What I believed then, that we have past lives and are reborn, is not what I believe now. Two years ago I just thought it is not important what we experienced in past lives. Today I don’t believe in reincarnation anymore at all. I accept change and whenever I write my entries, I honestly write what I have on my mind.

The foremost reason however for people in the west to believe in reincarnation is in my opinion not really any of the ones above. It is neither that they are very worried about their life after death nor do most of them search for an excuse for what is happening in this life or are very interested in what happened in their past lives. No, I believe for the majority of western people who believe in reincarnation the main reason is that it is ‘in’. It is in fashion to believe, at least a little bit, in Hinduism or Buddhism. A lot of stars claim to have converted to one of these religions and the whole esoteric scene is a big mixture of Asian religious ideas. Some appeal to a greater group of people, so they are accepted by masses and I believe reincarnation is one of those ideas.

Anyway, there is no way to prove whether Christianity is right and there is heaven and hell as your final station, whether Hinduism is right and you have to come again and again to learn and finally reach Nirvana or whether I am right with what I believe, that there is just simply nothing else anymore. You and I will not know it until we are at a point where we won’t be able to tell it to anyone on earth anymore.

So let’s just accept that some people do good in this life because they think they will come in heaven, others do good because they believe they will have a better next incarnation and some do good because they are simply convinced that it is good to do good. If this is the result, I don’t mind a difference of opinion at all.

Philosophy of Reincarnation forces you to live in Past or Future – 30 Nov 11

Yesterday I spent some time with the participants of our retreats. They had the chance to ask me any questions about my time in the cave or whatever else they wanted to know.

Among many other questions somebody asked:

“Do you think you were special from the beginning and you came to this earth for a special task?”

Before my time in the cave I was living the life of a guru. That is definitely something special. You are a leader, a guide for others and you are special for many people. When I came out of the cave I knew that I wanted to change this. Living in the cave showed me that we all are the same and we all are special.

“So today you don’t think that you were born for this, that you were incarnated into this role? Do you believe in reincarnation at all?”

Of course I believed in this theory or philosophy before, when I was living the role of a guru. This thought is an important part of the religion I was living in and promoting. I had believed it from my very childhood. Until I went into the cave. You can say that this changed in a slow process after my time there. I don’t believe in reincarnation anymore today.

“Why don’t you believe in reincarnation anymore? Even without thinking that you were incarnated as someone special, you could still believe in the concept of reincarnation.”

I don’t believe in this philosophy anymore because it does not let you live in the presence. Whenever you talk about incarnations, you either think of the past or the future. You either think of your past incarnations, wondering whether you have done something good or something bad which has an effect on your life today, or you think of your future incarnations and wonder what you will be in the future. What do you have to do to be incarnated as someone more holy or even to be liberated from the cycle of incarnations? What would you do however with this knowledge? If you even believe in reincarnation and think you found out who you were in the past and who you will be in future, what benefit do you get from this?

Where does this idea even came from? I guess that religion invented this philosophy in order to bring people onto the right way. They told people to do the right thing, then they would be reborn into a royal family for example. If they strayed from the right path they would however be reborn as a poor beggar. Religion made people afraid of the future with this philosophy.

I want to live in presence and this philosophy does not fit with the concept of reincarnation. If you believe in living in presence, you cannot at the same time believe in reincarnation. This philosophy simply does not let you live in presence because it raises thoughts of past and future. Even my life in the cave is only my past. My guru life lies in my past. I want to live right now and I see what I am doing now, not what I was doing before. I think of our children, I think of the work that I do today and not of what I was doing in my past, in this life or another.

Psychics need Psychotherapists – 7 Dec 09

Yesterday I wrote that many people have this ego problem that they even invent some special powers or abilities that nobody else has. And I said often that people who work as healers like to create fear first and then heal it.

Often they tell great stories of past lives, of ghosts and of more beings that they mostly invent or which they read about or saw on TV. And why do they make these great stories? Because they have to make their clients feel important, too! They will make them feel that they, too, are someone better, greater or just simply different than the others. They tell that they were some popular king’s secret lover in a past life who was murdered viciously or that they are being attacked by some kind of bad beings which only feel attracted by their energy. Another way is to tell them that some black magician is attacking them psychically. And of course they are the ones who can heal this.

Well, I think if you have read the last days’ diary entries you will know what I think about this. I don’t believe that any psychic can attack you, that is either your fear or an excuse. This can be cured, just with love.

I admire more the psychiatrist and psychotherapist than any psychic and think that people who claim that they are psychic need the help of a psychologist. I think everybody is a healer because everybody has the love inside himself to heal. I believe we all are unique but we all are one.

Why do you search in the outside for a reason to be special? Please see that your love inside your heart makes you special. Everybody has this love, there is no better or bigger love, it is the same but it is special. Don’t let anybody make you afraid and most of all, love yourself!

Storytelling of Past Lives – Something nobody can Prove – 10 Jun 09

Yesterday I wrote once again about people who make business by ‘healing past lives’. And I cannot say often enough, that I am just and simply not in favour of making people afraid. I said it in today’s Darshan again. I believe in past lives and reincarnation but I also believe in your power to change your life in the presence, right now. I just hear so often that people are told about bad things that probably happened in their past life and they get afraid or feel guilty. And it doesn’t matter who it is, there will always be a big story in a past life including one or several of the following: rape, abuse, crime, sudden or violent death, a tragic family story or a heavy disease. And this creates fear! But don’t worry, you have influence on your life, you do not need to think of what happened in any of your past lives. You anyway cannot do anything about what happened and you are definitely not responsible for that.

I do not like this work because people, who are vulnerable, come and want to get help for now, something that they can do to change their situation but what do they get? Stories of what happened in some other time, creating fear, confusion and more insecurity. I want to say you that you yourself have the possibility to make a change for yourself. Now. It is your life! Believe in love, believe in God and be honest. God is not punishing, he loves you. Be happy.

Healing Past Lives – a Good Business – 9 Jun 09

Yesterday we were sitting and talking with Sonja and her husband. Sonja told that many people are very confused about energy work and we talked about how many people use this confusion to make business. We were thinking also about those who go to them and we came again to the topic that some people say they are doing work with past lives.

When someone goes to them they say ‘I will heal your past life. You have a problem in this life because of your past life. You were this in your past life and you did that to another person and that person did this to you!’ We started laughing about it that they can say anything because there is no proof for this kind of thing. When they don’t know any solution for a problem and cannot find the reason, they find a reason in past life. And you cannot argue about it because there is no proof that it was not like this.

But instead of looking into the present life, still many people then believe when they are told ‘For this problem you need to come for a session, I will heal your past life.’ So many people are still going there. They are told ‘I am a medium, a channel’. That is how they can say anything, there is no proof. You will always hear very fascinating stories from these people.

Then Sonja said ‘I think that many people don’t make a difference in between this work and your work. They come and think that you also heal past lives and things like that.’ I said to her that when these people get to know me they usually go away because they see that we cannot go along with each other. Yes, it happened, people came in this way but then they are disappointed that I do not play this theatre. And this is how they go away from me.

Sexual Abuse in Childhood – Are you a Victim? – 25 Feb 09

Yesterday I talked about people who like being victims. For them it is nice that they get pity and that people feel sorry for them. This is how they enjoy being victims. I knew a woman who claimed to do healing work. She told each third woman who came as a patient: you were sexually abused in your childhood or in your past life. This healer also told me that she was sexually abused in her childhood by her father. When she also said this about her patients, many of them said ‘No, I do not remember anything of this kind.’ But she said: ‘Maybe you do not remember it but it is like this. Maybe someone has touched you when you were a child. And that needs to be healed.’ She told to one woman that she had been abused by her babysitter but she did not believe it.

This woman’s whole idea was to make people victims. They should believe that they are victims. Then she would feel sorry for them and pity them. Of course these poor people then would need to get her treatments and attend her workshops and seminars to be healed and to receive more pity.

I do not see people like this woman as healers. I see them as confused business people who want to confuse others and want them to be victims. Like this their business can grow.

I am not saying anything about someone who has really suffered from this pain in their childhood. I have all sympathy for them and I understand their pain. Many people come to me and many women talk to me about intimate problems also share their hurt and pain of their childhood. Among all people whom I have met there were also women who told me that they think they were sexually abused. But they are not sure. Then I wonder how and why they have got this idea. Some even say that they do not exactly remember what happened, who did and when it happened but something happened. If it was not sex, then somebody touched me. But I do not remember who, when and how. I feel something was there.

I understand those who know, who suffered and who have their pain still in their memory. But I do not understand why those, who do not remember when, why and who did what, want to be a victim. It is okay, if something happened in your past and you do not remember it clearly, accept it and let it go. Do not go into this role of a victim, there is no need to do that!

I can tell one experience of myself. When I was seven or maybe eight years old the wife of my mother’s cousin, who was in that time maybe 35 years old, was guest in our home for two or three weeks. It was summer and it was very hot. It is usual in India that people lie down and sleep after lunch and daily we all lay down for a nap. This woman always took me in her arms and lay me onto her body. I exactly remember that I felt her body and I know she also touched me. And I know I enjoyed something but I was very innocent and did not know at all what sex is or what happens with the body in that time. In that age we were still playing naked on the streets. She felt my body and I felt her body. Deep inside me I felt that somehow it was not right, something was wrong. But now I can only laugh about this. Why should I become victim? Why do I need to carry this burden of thinking in this way?

I hear many times how people make such a big thing out of this. I clearly want to say that I do make a difference between people who were really victims in their childhood, went through this pain or suffered from being raped and people who have got this idea from some other person who planted this doubt into their minds. Being a victim is not a cure. It can be a tendency of behaviour and you have to be brave to leave it. You need to have the strength to step out of the role of being a victim.

Today’s food was sponsored by the praxis for Physiotherapy Heide Baser in Germany. I thank the team who gave their tips to the children to sponsor their food!

Fake Business of Healing Past Lives – 14 Feb 09

A woman came to me for a healing session and said “Oh, Swami ji, I feel that when I see your photo or I see you, we have met in a past life. Do you also believe this?” I answered her, I believe in past lives and reincarnation and maybe we met but it is not important for me what happened in the past because I want to live in the presence. For me it is more important that we are meeting today and now. I want to see the moment now.

Then we were talking and I told her many people do this business with the announcement “Heal your past life”. I do not approve of their work. They are very good story tellers and will pick up some information from you and will try to create a story that suits and from that would like to tell you what was wrong and where it is wrong. They will try to create fear and then heal your past life. Actually this is their business and they earn money from that.

People who are confused and do not trust themselves, who don’t have confidence in themselves, they go to these people. They want someone to tell them a reason for everything. They go to storytellers of past lives and to clairvoyants who tell the future in the name of a spirit. But please be aware of those people who create fear of the past and those who make promises for the future. Nobody in the world can tell the future.

This was also a topic today in our ‘Law of Healing’ seminar. Michael, Yashendu, Ramona and I went to the seminar room in the morning and we had a wonderful day with the Law of Healing. We finished at six o’clock and at eight o’clock we started the Valentine’s Day Chakra Dance Party. We had a great atmosphere and after this long day and the dance in the night, we are very tired. I will also go to bed now because tomorrow we will start the second day of the seminar in the morning.