Preaching equal Money for all while sitting on your Couch? – 25 Nov 15

Some time ago, we had a guest at the Ashram with very strong ideas that everyone should be equal. While we at our Ashram believe in equality, he explained us a few of his ideas and ideals which I and we could not really agree with. One of them was his belief that everyone should have the exact same salary according to the time he works. And everyone should only work what they like to do. Mixed with the fact that he himself was rather lazy, this did not actually convince me!

I get the basic idea and can definitely agree with it to some points: on one hand, there are people on this earth who earn so much for a minimum of invested time that they cannot spend that money ever in their lives. On the other hand there are people who work hard the whole day long, without holidays at all and they barely manage to make ends meet. There should be more equality and nobody should starve due to lack of money.

I don’t see the solution to this problem in the same idea that our guest had though! He told me a doctor, a scientist, a construction worker and cleaning staff, they all should get the same salary. At the same time, we should all reduce our needs and live with as little as possible. In this way, everyone would get what they needed.

It sounds perfect in theory but it cannot work in practical life! Of course, everyone’s work is important, no matter what they are doing because we need floor tiles to be fitted and then cleaned before we can walk on them and do scientific research on them! A doctor however has invested years of his life in studying and his work saves lives. He could as well wash dishes – but it won’t work the other way round, would it?

At the same time, we all are different people! One person may complete one task in much less time than another one might. If that happens repeatedly, the first one is simply much more efficient – and it wouldn’t be surprising if he got more money for that wouldn’t it?

Now if you say no, the individual abilities should not matter, we should all get paid evenly according to the time we have invested, I have another question: what about those who are lazy? And who are you to tell others to cut down their needs? Maybe their feeling of a necessity is different to yours?

And that’s why I had to laugh about the whole theory of this man: while he was sitting in his AC room, taking warm showers and eating good meals, he was not really interested in the work that he was supposed to be doing.

So while I really believe we should help the poor and that most of us could cut down a bit, the ones who hold the biggest lectures are usually the ones who sit very comfortably in their own space, not following what they are talking.

What to do when things are not according to your ideals – 24 Nov 15

Some time ago I wrote about a certain idealism which goes way too far and makes you very unhappy in your daily life. I believe having certain ideals and a clear concept of what is good and what is not is generally beneficial for everyone and a good thing. We need to accept however that the world is not ideal – and that we can do only our own best to make a change.

And there are a lot of possibilities do to that! Just take your job: you may not be able to change everything surrounding it but you can, for example, try to find a job that supports your ideals or at least does not go against them! As a vegetarian, you won’t work at a butcher. Not even in the office – because it is against your ideals. It might be difficult however to find a job that supports each and every of your ideals!

Let me give you an example. So you work in a company which in basic supports your ideals and it is the perfect place for you to work at. Let's say a shop that sells organic food and fair trade items. It is fully according to your ideals – except for one section of the shop: there is a corner with esoteric items as well. Tarot cards, crystal balls and all supplies for modern witches, psychics and healers. You don’t agree with this, believe it creates and supports superstition – but you have to sell that, too!

It is not ideal – but you cannot create a perfect world! On this world everything exists and if you are too idealistic, you will have problems with a great deal of what happens on earth! So instead of getting stuck with the things which are not perfect, find a way to get as close to your ideals as possible – and accept the rest!

You can go further than you think in many ways. Try to do it. You may get to know, for example, that your bank uses the money you have saved there on supporting weapons which are used in wars you don't support. Or other projects that are strongly against your ideals. If that disturbs you, do some research and find a banks that supports the environment or sustainable projects instead – they do exist!

There may even be some of those red flags for you which you cannot change at the moment. In that case, just accept that it is like this for now. That not everything is ideal in this world. That we can work in future against certain things, change mindsets over time for example. Don’t get all upset about such a thing. Don’t get cold – that’s not what I am suggesting. You can feel strongly that it is wrong and you can try to make a change whenever possible. But don’t waste energy on raging or crying about things that you cannot influence at the moment!

There is always a possibility to make it better, even if it exists on the long run or by creating a better example yourself. You have your honesty and you can look after it. You don't have to be dishonest. If it forces you to – change. But otherwise see the beauty, the good and be happy.

I love Sex, Money, Material as well as my Wife and I don’t feel guilty about it! – 19 Nov 15

Some time ago we had a guest at the Ashram who had some very fixed world views. Yesterday I told you that there are people who always want to make you feel bad about whatever you say or do. This man was one of them – and I just would like to give you one example of such behavior.

This man had communist ideas, called himself an atheist and was always interested in a conversation – which often turned out to be an attempt to put others down. In this way, when we were once walking in the Ashram and having a talk when he asked me about my clothes. It is definitely not the first time that I got asked about them. In fact, it happens all the time. This time however, there was a certain tone of accusation along with it: if I call myself an atheist, why do I wear such clothes which give another impression?

I have already explained in my blog that with my clothes, I am not making a statement. I just love my clothes the way they are and I don’t feel like wearing anything else.

The answer to this was another attack: what? You love your clothes? This means you love material?

Oh yes, I do! I do love material and I like making money. I love my work and my wife and child as well! I am not fixed to any kind of religious dogma or to any sort of philosophy that tells me what I should love and what I should not! I won’t let any other person’s idea dictate my feelings!

There are a lot of people who believe detachment from material is the right way. There are also a lot of people who believe in celibacy and detachment in emotional way as well. In India, those are mostly religious sadhus. In the west, these are people in the esoteric scene. They may be unreligious but they still have a certain ideology as well as an idea what you should strive for.

All these people believe that we should not love our clothes, we should not love money and we should not get attached to the people around you. They can believe what they want but I want to enjoy my life! I believe it is wrong not to and that’s how I love my clothes and also my work. I enjoy making money in the same way that I enjoy helping poor children! I love my daughter and my wife, I love sex and I love comfort. I love making holidays, as I am doing right now in Germany, with lots of time for friends and family!

I love enjoying life. I love life and I believe we all should enjoy it as much as possible. If you think differently, please do – but don’t try to make me feel bad about my own ideas. You won’t succeed and will only waste my and your time. I won’t try to convince you. I can only suggest: try enjoying and loving life like I do just for once. It is well worth it!

The Trap of spiritual Seekers: an endless Search for an Illusion – 30 Jul 14

Yesterday I already hinted on my point of view that gurus and religion are responsible for making people seekers. I believe it is done intentionally – so that they have more power!

I told you how it happens: someone is not really happy in life. His family, his work, his finances or his love life, something is just not working out. He has the feeling he misses something but cannot really point out what. He turns to searching and seeking. What he finds, is an overwhelming offer of help from spiritual masters, gurus and even religions.

This person now calls himself a ‘seeker’ and is confirmed in the thought that he has lost something. He is made believe that he can follow someone who knows what he is missing. Who can show him the way. But he doesn’t realize that this search will never end!

Masters, gurus, religions, they all show you that there is something mysterious that you don’t understand, cannot grasp and that you can only find through them. You now have the task to go to searching but you can never solve this riddle, can never exit this maze.

Only with you, the person who believes he is a seeker, their business can run. They are successful only by having more and more people like you. By fooling them into believing that they can give them something. That they can lead them to a happier place. In reality, they don’t want you to find what you are looking for. Which is why you will always be running after an illusion. A projection of something unreal, invented. An ecstasy that is not real happiness.

Your unhappiness does not come from missing god. You won’t ever be satisfied by the imaginary things they can provide you. Because you were unhappy with something in your material life. You were missing love or appreciation, missing money or success, missing a friend or emotional support.

It is a lack of worldly things – and I count love into that as well – which made you start this search. And again I can only repeat: stop searching and you will find it. Don’t get trapped by someone whose business it is to offer illusionary solutions to seekers!

Stop searching and you will find it – 29 Jul 14

Yesterday I told you about a man who had come to me for an individual session, asking about the purpose of life. I have heard many people ask me about such philosophies and they nearly always tell me ‘I am a seeker’. Whatever they ask after this information is the second step but first of all, I would like to tell you that I believe already this approach is wrong!

People tell me that they are searching for something. They say it as if it was a description for them, a categorization for who they are. But tell me, what are you searching for? God?

If you search, it means something has got lost. Something is incomplete, you are missing something and have lost that which you are now searching for. If you have the feeling you are searching for god, the higher power, the omnipotent energy being that you imagine him to be, I have to ask you something: did god get lost? If he can get lost, can you really call him the highest power? He cannot even take care that he doesn’t get lost! No, this cannot be.

As an answer, people tell me that they got lost themselves, not god.

Another turn, another thought. Now YOU are the one who didn’t take care and got lost. Doesn’t it feel appealing now to follow a master, a guru or even an institution like religion so that you can find back on your way? How nicely you have been put in this situation!

If you search like this, you will be searching your whole life long and you will never find what you are looking for! You will remain a follower and seeker.

I have never heard anybody say ‘I was a seeker and then in found what I was looking for!’

You have to stop searching. Otherwise your whole life will consist of this search. You are unsatisfied in your life, this is the reason why you have the feeling you need to go on this search! Once you have realized this, return to your normal life and see what you have. Find out which part of life it is that you are not happy with. What exactly are you missing? It is not god or some mysterious power, I can assure you.

You have to find fulfilment in real life, not in an imaginary, unreal, fantasy world! Imagination offers you doubts – your real life offers you real happiness!

Enjoy the world around you. Yes, enjoy the material world, no matter how strange this may sound to your spiritual ears. Enjoying the material world means that you dive into life and taste its flavours! If you are happy and satisfied with life, you don’t have the thought of searching, finding or achieving something. You will realize that it is just there, that you already have it.

Love, happiness, satisfaction.

Stop searching and you will find it.

Only unsatisfied People ask for the Purpose of Life – 28 Jul 14

I recently had a session with a man who had some very typical questions. Obviously, when I have such a conversation with someone, I think of my blog and you readers, sure that you would enjoy sitting with us there, participating in the talk. As this obviously cannot be, I am writing our words down in this blog entry for you.

The man who came to me for an individual session told me that he was, all in all, actually quite content with his life. He was retired, had family and some hobbies he really enjoyed. Yoga was one of them. He added, however, that in his yoga class, there were many people who considered themselves seekers and who asked him whether he was not looking for answers to the ‘essential questions of life’: why am I on this earth? What is my purpose?

He added that now he had the feeling he needed to find an answer, too, or at least search for it. He had already considered different possibilities, among them the idea that this is just one of his many incarnations and he should live as well as possible so that he can reach nirvana one day, complete liberation. He asked me what I thought about this.

I replied that I believed all these questions were actually unimportant. You live here and now. As long as you are sitting here on this earth and have everything you could think of, why do you worry about this? You are healthy, you have food, you have a family and friends. You even tell me that you are really happy right now! So why does it even matter?

These questions are for those and of those who are unhappy. Who are not satisfied with what they have in their lives. You are here, now! Instead of concentrating on this, instead of making sure that you get what you are missing, you think of the time after this life!

Nobody knows what will come and what will be after we have taken our last breath. But I think it doesn’t actually matter. Really, it is not relevant at all for this very moment.

I think it is only religion and people who take benefit of the spiritual confusion of others who like to support such questions, make them bigger and bigger and thus present them as important which they are not at all.

Just be happy in the here and now. You are? Then don’t start searching for something that is missing or get confused about questions that don’t really have an answer anyway. Don’t let others bring you to this confusion! Be happy with who you are and what you have – you don’t need to start searching!

My Friend who teaches Religion but doesn’t believe in it – 17 Jul 14

I have a friend in Germany whom I meet each time when we are here and who is a religion teacher. In Germany, religion is a subject at school with the option to take either catholic or protestant Christian education or the non-religious subject ‘ethics’ instead, if you don’t want your child to learn either. As I knew that my friend was not really a religious person, I asked him this time: ‘Do you only teach religion or do you also believe in it?’

His answer: ‘Oh, I only teach, I don’t believe!’

I found his explanation of this fact quite interesting and thought you might do so as well. The main point was, he said, that he didn’t see the bible as a holy book but as a collection of old, religious texts. According to him it is not, as some people believe, literal notes of the words of god but rather a compilation of stories, written down by different people, even at different times with the intention of conveying a message by examples and symbols.

That’s what you have to realize when you look at the bible. It is all full of symbols and metaphors, as people in older times needed that to understand and really get the message. You cannot take this literal, you have to find out what they wanted to say. And you have to discover whether that message fits into today’s time or not.

The interesting thing, according to him, however is more scientific: in today’s culture and life, you can see the influence of religion, of those texts and the values that they conveyed already thousands of years ago. They are historic documents that show us the development of our societies! The values, behavior, language and lifestyle of Europeans is influenced by Christianity!

There are other religion teachers, even at my friend’s school, he told, who really do take the bible literal! They believe in and teach those old texts word by word! It is obviously ridiculous and students know that, too – but there are all kinds of people and that is why, in my opinion, you should not have something like religion class: the chance that a crazy Christian sect leader tries to lure in your children is just too big! This field is just too full of claims you cannot prove and possibilities of fanaticism that only a pure scientific approach makes sense to me.

I thus understood it when my friend said ‘I am a scientist, not a cleric. We both studied theology but that is a fully different way!’

Liberate yourself from Religion and be happy instead of waiting for Liberation after your Death! – 16 Jul 14

Do you know people who always seem to be negative and miserable about their lives? I recently remembered a religious reason that at least Hindu people have. A justification for being miserable: according to Hinduism, you start your life in sin.

The Hindu religion believes, as you probably know, in reincarnation. According to the philosophy of their scriptures, they also believe however that whenever a human is born, it is the fall of a soul.

When a good person dies, Hindus believe that he has good Karma left. Due to this, he is allowed to go to a temporary heaven. When he has ‘used up’ his good Karma there, he has to go back to earth because he has unfinished business there. He is not liberated yet, otherwise he would not have come to heaven in the first place – his soul would just have been free and united with the big creating soul. The whole religious effort of a Hindu is thus to achieve liberation and not come back to life anymore! He doesn’t want to be reborn, doesn’t want to be reincarnated anymore!

The concept is thus that your reincarnation is something bad. You always have a wish: if you were not reborn, if you were not in this universe anymore, if you were just liberated! Practically you are saying: if I was just not born! So now you do every effort you can imagine to get rid of this curse of reincarnation. You pray every day several times, you do pooja, worship of deities, you go to the Ganges to take a dip in the holy waters and you make pilgrimages every year.

You are a sinner from the beginning of your life. How could you ever expect to be happy?

I have heard the same theory exists in Christianity, too! I don’t know it very much in detail but they believe that we all are only on this world and not in paradise because Eve, the mother of all humans, didn’t obey God’s rules and ate an apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. For your whole life you now have to try and be a good person, love God and pray to Jesus so that Jesus – who died for the sins of all men – will save you.

Religion wants to keep you in a feeling of guilt! Guilt for a kind of sin that you don’t even know about, that you have not committed yourself! You were born because of this sin and cannot change this fact!

So you should live your life in this feeling, do everything for receiving grace from an imaginary god. How would you ever be happy in your life if this is what you believe in?

Religion tells you how you can be liberated after your death – but if you really want to be happy, you have to liberate yourself during lifetime!

Why do you want a Guru to take charge over your Life? – 22 Jul 13

Today is Guru Purnima, Master’s Day in India. It is a day on which every disciple honours his guru. Even if he doesn’t think of him the whole year long, he will come on this day, wash his guru’s feet, show his devotion and give a present and some money. Even if he is far away, he will call him to greet. I have played the role of a guru myself and know this scene very well. I have changed and I changed so much that today I completely refuse exactly that what I was recommending years ago. With it the principles of guruism.

I was believing and preaching what was written in the scriptures: without a guru, you cannot reach liberation. Liberation is what everybody should strive for – so everyone should find a guru who can lead him to liberation.

Today I feel that this kind of condition is the reason why there is so much corruption in this field. Innocent, gullible people come and you teach them three things:

1. You can only find liberation if you have a guru.

2. You can only have one guru, just as you can only have one father.

3. You have to devote everything you have and do to your guru. He will take your responsibility and in turn you have to do what he says.

From the moment you take your guru’s initiation, you devote all your rituals to him. You follow his advice and do your prayers with him on your mind. You willingly and happily become a puppet of this master with his promise that he will take you out of this world of illusion. Obviously these gurus like this power and everything that comes with it. This is why they say it is a must and necessary to take the initiation with a guru. In order to keep their followers with them, they promote the rule that every disciple can only have one guru.

This complete system is in my opinion made for the abuse that has been happening in the past decades and centuries. These gurus get lots of power over the minds of those people and they knowingly misuse it in order to gain wealth and satisfy not only their physical needs but also their sexual fantasies, which are not rarely crossing the borders of what you would call ‘normal’. It is wrong what is happening there.

In my opinion a guru is just a teacher, in the basic sense of the word. If you want to learn something, you need a guru. When I went to school, our whole class called our teacher ‘Guruji’ to show respect. It doesn’t matter who that person is, anybody with whom you are learning, whether that person is older or younger than you can be your guru. And it doesn’t matter how many gurus you have, whoever teaches you is your guru.

Don’t become a puppet of someone else. Whomever you learn from, you can give him the respect of a guru but don’t become fully dependable on one person. Let your relation be teacher and student – there is no need to put that aspect of divinity in that.

People may argue that you will need a spiritual, religious guru, if you want to learn about the scriptures and religious philosophy. I have spent a big part of my life studying exactly that. Today however I would ask you: why would you need to learn this philosophy at all? In my opinion it is completely useless. You want to live an honest and happy life. Why do you need the Vedas, the Quran or the Bible for this? Studying them will only limit your horizon, narrow your path and make you confused. So if you don’t need this philosophy, why do you need a guru?

Be your own guru. Let your own love, modesty and morality be your guru. It will guide you well, if you just let it.

If I am God, you are God and we all are God, whom are you preaching to? – 21 Jun 13

I am sure you have at some point heard of the Vedanta philosophy, the philosophy that says ‘I am God, you are also God, everyone is God’. This philosophy teaches that everything that is around you is God. There was a time when I was very attracted by this philosophy but today I would like to tell you about some thoughts I had about this philosophy once I stopped believing in religion and even God.

If everything and everyone is God, whom are you actually trying to teach this? You are God – so how come you started preaching about God? If you are God you should be above such things as trying to convince others. Either you should be able to make them believe in you because you are omnipotent or you should not mind that they don’t believe in you because you know that you truly exist.

Wait a moment, though, if everyone around you is God, too, then the question is not only why you are preaching but also to whom are you preaching? If the other one is also God, he should know exactly that everyone is God, just like you know it. So how come it is necessary to teach them about God?

It thus means that you either don’t truly believe you are God or you don’t really believe that the other, the one who is listening to you, is God. That means that you are actually not believing in what you just said! Your philosophy sounds nice to anybody who hears it, those words look nice to anybody who reads them but there is nothing more behind it!

You cannot comfort someone who is in pain with these words and you cannot raise your voice against any wrong, any kind of exploitation, dictatorship or tyranny. Why not? Because the one who is doing the wrong, the exploiter, the tyrant, the dictator, yes, every criminal, murderer and rapist is God, too!

You cannot even love someone! Why, you ask, if there is a lovely person and you think it is like God, you can surely love him or her! But don’t you see, for loving someone, you need at least two? But you are all one!

No, theoretically it sounds very nice but practically this theory does not make a lot of sense to me anymore. It just shows me once more how religion used a fictional character, God, this time not in a form but ‘in everything’ to fool people. There is just so much contradiction within all those scriptures that it first takes you ages to understand one idea and then you can forget it all to understand another philosophy. But you won’t ever get to use any of them! So just throw away all your big, fat scripture books and leave religion with its complicated philosophies which mess up your mind!

After all, to just live in love and with honesty you won’t need any scripture, any God or any philosophy!