Stop loving your Illness more than your Health! – 5 May 14

Today is my appointment at the hospital to get the stitches taken out of my knees. I am already feeling quite good but I am also happy I have another ten days to prepare myself for the flight to Germany. While being in the state that I am in right now, I had to think of the difference that your mind can make when you are injured or ill: you can either enjoy being ill and suffering in this illness or you can decide to just be as healthy as you can.

I have got to know many people in my career of counselling others who just enjoy being ill. They often started off with getting ill once. It was not too bad and when they talked about it to others, they got sympathy – which they liked. Slowly, maybe with their next illness or when their problem continued over a longer period of time, they realized that it was a very comfortable excuse for all kinds of things. Mostly a way to say no without being rude.

Instead of being self-confident and telling others that they didn’t want to do certain things, they told them they couldn’t, due to their illness. Even if that was not completely true, it was easy to say and others had to believe it. They didn’t have to gather the courage and strength to tell the truth, which was that they just didn’t want.

So they just continued being ill. Although they could be fully healthy and normal or maybe just live with a tiny problem, they insist that they are ill. Much more ill than is reality. They are not necessarily fully aware of what they are doing. The subconscious mind is quite powerful in covering up the truth in a way that you like it. You practically make yourself believe that you are ill. The consequence is that you also act accordingly.

Once someone is in that track, he just starts loving his illness so much that he won’t get out of it anymore. He won’t see that people see through his drama. They understand that he is playing a bit more than necessary and they may just play along. Maybe, some will also confront him sometime. That may hurt though and that is the point when people sometimes come for counselling to me.

I generally recommend them to see the joy in healthy living. I don’t say they are not ill at all – who am I to judge upon that in the short time I see them? No, but even if you are ill, just try to act as healthy as possible! Don’t act ill. Keep a regular lifestyle, work around the discomforts that your problem gives you and lead a normal life. Instead of hiding behind your illness and avoiding to stand up for yourself, practice saying ‘no’. Be yourself but enjoy your life!

In the past days I was not only lying around in bed: I was doing my physiotherapy exercises, played with Apra, talked on phone and worked on the computer. Practically, I had normal days just with limited mobility. I did what I normally would do – just while sitting in bed. I don’t like being ill or sitting around in bed and that’s how I simply don’t give importance to it. I do as much as I can – and I think it is helping me to get better more quickly.

Let’s see what the doctor will say today – but I think I will be fit for our flight to Germany in ten days!

Giving Healing Sessions in Mainz – 19 Feb 12

In the restaurant, many people were of course curious when they saw me eating there and approached me. Additionally my flyers were lying there so even when I was not sitting in the restaurant, people could get to know that I was there and that I gave healing sessions and counseling.

One of the regular customers of the restaurant had seen my flyers. She was a young woman and had much interest in spiritual things and India. So she took the flyer and moved towards the counter in order to ask there for some more details. Next to counter she saw the man whose picture was printed on the flyer – I was just done eating, too. So she approached me and asked me some questions about the healing session and whether I could help her. I said that I could try and so we fixed a time for an appointment.

She came to the session and when we talked, I got to know that she had had cysts in her ovary which had been removed by surgery. The cysts were gone but she still had pain, for example when riding a bicycle. Additionally, and this grieved her very much, doctors had said it would be difficult for her to get children. She had a boyfriend, also from Indian origin, and they would like to have a child. I gave my healing session and as she was interested in yoga, I also told her some exercises that would help her with her pain.

She left after the session but came back after a few days to tell me that the pain had reduced. She said she would like to stay in touch and of course I said I would be happy to. There are many such stories but I remember especially this one because it was the beginning of a friendship that should continue for many years.

I was actually really at the very right place to get in touch with more people. Obviously, it was people who had interest in India who liked Indian food and came to eat at the Indian restaurant. Many of them came and had healing sessions, some people even several. There was a woman who came again and again, enjoying it very much each time.

When I was in Mainz, Frankfurt was not very far and so the woman who had organized my lectures in Frankfurt also came by when I told her where I was. She came to visit me, we talked and she told me that the yoga organization where I had given lectures before, also had a center in Mainz and if I wanted to, she could inform them that I was there. I obviously agreed and this is how I got in touch with the yoga community of Mainz. I did a lecture at the center and even a pooja ceremony for their luck and success.

I was happy to see that I got to know more and more people and I really made several nice friendships in that time.

No Supernatural Powers and not a Member of the Esoteric Scene – 14 Apr 10

It is great to have positive experiences with the new way of healing but I also noticed that there are some people who always used to come to see me for healing when I was here but when they got to know about the change of healing method, they were not interested to come anymore. I knew them personally, too, because of all the years that I have been coming here and this is how I can imagine why some of them don’t want to come anymore: they are deeply in the esoteric scene and actually would like me to believe in the same way in miracles, materialization and similar things.

I was never in that scene which people call esoteric and of course, if someone comes to me, I always try to bring that person more into reality and into the love, to bring him or her down to earth. Until now, I was trying this but I believe that many were thinking I was doing exactly what they expected me to, that I have some kind of supernatural powers. They thought for me in a different way and actually this was one of the reasons for my change. People should not see me in the wrong way and see someone who I am not. I need to make clearer what I believe. Now they have no reason anymore to see me in this light, in the light of a guru and miracle healer, because I openly say that I don’t want that. Maybe they say now that I don’t have any power or energy anymore to give them because I changed.

I welcome this, too, and I knew that it could happen with this change. It is good that people are filtering, that those, who do not fit at all and who can never accept what I am talking about, do not even come to me. When I talked with Sonja about it, we realized that another group of people is needed if those who were there before cannot make this change. I don’t want people to come to me and expect magic, because they will be disappointed. They will either imagine things which are not real or they will hear that I don’t believe in it and leave with a bad feeling or disappointment. It is nothing new, when people come to my lectures they come with a certain expectation and sometimes people also left again because I am just not that. I want to spare them their disappointment; they do not need to come. I want to be here for people who are serious, who want to work with their life and heart and who are ready to change their thinking.

Supernatural Healing Powers or just Nature – 22 Feb 10

Yesterday I talked about physical problems, about illnesses with which people went to healers for getting them cured. It is not only diseases but also psychological problems which then sometimes got healed like a miracle. As I said, it was usually not any miracle but just the natural strength of the body but the full credit went to the healer. It is nowadays unfortunately also still like that when people go to ‘modern healers’. And then the healer pretends that it was him who could heal.

I always say that it is dangerous to have this ego and think that you have this supernatural power. People might now say that I have done the same thing, that I was also in the guru business, in a kind of fake world. And I can say yes, I was doing the same thing but I changed.

Everybody has the right and also the task to change, to constantly work on improving himself, to develop the mind further and to get closer to truth. I changed and I do not believe anymore in the way that I did healing sessions and healed people before. Nowadays I have a very different approach, I like to be there for people to talk to, I like to sit in meditation with them or just be in silence. And a person who was in this drama can tell you best about it.

I was in the middle of this religious drama but today I feel that the real healing power is in each of you yourself. The right time, the right company, a loving touch, a hug and sharing words and emotions with the right person can help your healing process, that is true! But after this I would never take the ego of saying ‘I cured this, I did it, I healed.’ We are all a big family and if we are together and help each other, we can overcome a lot of problems, just with love.

Today was our friend Juergen's birthday and he sponsored food for the children and their sisters and brothers.

What to do against Tinnitus – 21 Jul 09

Today a man came for a healing session who told me that he is a certified accountant, owning a company with more than 20 employees. His problem which he was asking healing for was a tinnitus in both ears which he has since more than 15 years. He told that he has been to many doctors and they have tried many things to help him but nothing worked. And this is how he thought maybe this healing could help him.

And before I could say anything he told me that he has a lot of stress at work. He loves his work but he said he is getting older and he doesn’t have that much energy anymore to do everything. I replied him that this is the main reason for tinnitus. The healing energy has helped many people with this already but the main thing is actually that it is not so much a physical problem, it is more psychological. And I can only help a bit but everybody has to find the way himself how he can live without stress.

And there is a way. Maybe you have tons of work but at some point you need to say stop, put it all away and go home and eat with your wife or husband or children. And don’t bring your work into your bedroom. We also have enough work to fill more than 24 hours but each day there is a point where we just leave everything and start cooking.

Do one Thing at a Time – it will Succeed better – 20 Jul 09

Today there was a woman here for her second healing session. When she came the first time some days ago, she told that she was often very much in stress. She had many things to do but that was not the problem. What gave her all this stress was her negative thinking. And she told me how much tension she had because of this.

When she came today she told me: ‘I feel happiness inside me! It is wonderful!’ And she told one more thing: ‘I am a person who is usually doing five or six things at the same time but since this first healing session I have the peace inside myself to concentrate on one thing at a time.’

It is great to do this. You can only do something with your full heart, if you do not have five other things to do at the same time.

She said ‘Through this loving energy I feel that I can do one thing after the other and if I don’t manage to do everything because I get tired, it is also okay. I don’t have to be perfect and do everything at once.’

And I believe in it that things turn out most nicely if you do just one thing at a time. I cannot do even two things at once. I always want to put my full concentration on one thing. And only like this I feel that I can do everything with love.

Magic Healing, Writing with Ghosts and more Cheating – 12 Jun 09

I heard from somebody that some people even claim that they can make statues bleed. I said ‘why do they only make them bleed, can they make the pee, too?’ It is so funny that people go to them. How come people believe in these fake things? Because they are looking for a miracle. They want to change their lives like magic. And this is why they always expect magic.

I know that people also turned away from me when they got to know that I do not believe in this kind of wonder. I believe in wonderful love. I do not appreciate it when people claim to do this kind of miracles or wonders.

I have seen healers who always have a group of people with them like a theatre group. Wherever they go, the members of the group go, too. Depending on the status of the healer, the size of the group is between 10 to 1500 people. They have a full setup. These group members go to a program in wheelchairs and on crutches, sit in the audience at different places and when the healer comes to them and ‘heals’ them, a miracle happens and they start leaving their wheelchair and their crutches and walk through the room, displaying the greatest amazement and wonder about this miracle. It is impressive for the rest of the audience and later on the whole group will move on to another place, just like a circus.

I was on a fair and especially on these occasions you meet so many people like this. You also hear from some who say that spirits are working for them. On the name of this spirit they do everything and it is very easy: you are not responsible and have a good excuse for everything. I even heard people claim that a spirit wrote a book through them. And this is very good, the spirit has done the work and the profit of selling it goes to them. I know what I am talking about. Some people come from India, some are from here and they create doubts and confusion in other people’s minds. I know also that they don’t like me and don’t wish me well. But I will say what I feel. For people, for honesty and for love.

Removing Soul Parts and other Ways of Telling that you are not Responsible – 11 Jun 09

Once I have been told about some certain traditions in which there are also healers. And people go to them with a problem like they are not successful and don’t know why or their life is going in a wrong way and they feel it or something similar, in short, they feel something is wrong and want to ask this healer what the reason is. And the answer is something like ‘I can see there are fifteen souls in your aura, they are sucking your energy and that is why you are in this situation. I will remove them one by one. You can come next week, and then we remove the first soul.’

The problem of most of the people who like to go there is that they do not want to take responsibility for their life. They are looking for someone to blame that they are not successful or that things are not going the way they want. And when they are told that it is not their fault, they feel good.

Someone told me that many people do this work in the name of certain traditions. I am actually not at all against these traditions because I know that they talk about love among people. But I am against of it, if people tell me these stories about the aura and eighteen souls in it which have to be taken out one by one. After all these seminars and sessions then people feel, it is anyway not their responsibility what happens in their life.

I don’t like this kind of manipulation. In this way it is the same thing like what we were talking about in the last days. Creating fear as business. You need to take responsibility for your life. And don’t afraid. You are taken care of, life is beautiful. The most important thing is this: you should be honest with your heart and with your life. Then everything will be fine.

Storytelling of Past Lives – Something nobody can Prove – 10 Jun 09

Yesterday I wrote once again about people who make business by ‘healing past lives’. And I cannot say often enough, that I am just and simply not in favour of making people afraid. I said it in today’s Darshan again. I believe in past lives and reincarnation but I also believe in your power to change your life in the presence, right now. I just hear so often that people are told about bad things that probably happened in their past life and they get afraid or feel guilty. And it doesn’t matter who it is, there will always be a big story in a past life including one or several of the following: rape, abuse, crime, sudden or violent death, a tragic family story or a heavy disease. And this creates fear! But don’t worry, you have influence on your life, you do not need to think of what happened in any of your past lives. You anyway cannot do anything about what happened and you are definitely not responsible for that.

I do not like this work because people, who are vulnerable, come and want to get help for now, something that they can do to change their situation but what do they get? Stories of what happened in some other time, creating fear, confusion and more insecurity. I want to say you that you yourself have the possibility to make a change for yourself. Now. It is your life! Believe in love, believe in God and be honest. God is not punishing, he loves you. Be happy.

Healing Past Lives – a Good Business – 9 Jun 09

Yesterday we were sitting and talking with Sonja and her husband. Sonja told that many people are very confused about energy work and we talked about how many people use this confusion to make business. We were thinking also about those who go to them and we came again to the topic that some people say they are doing work with past lives.

When someone goes to them they say ‘I will heal your past life. You have a problem in this life because of your past life. You were this in your past life and you did that to another person and that person did this to you!’ We started laughing about it that they can say anything because there is no proof for this kind of thing. When they don’t know any solution for a problem and cannot find the reason, they find a reason in past life. And you cannot argue about it because there is no proof that it was not like this.

But instead of looking into the present life, still many people then believe when they are told ‘For this problem you need to come for a session, I will heal your past life.’ So many people are still going there. They are told ‘I am a medium, a channel’. That is how they can say anything, there is no proof. You will always hear very fascinating stories from these people.

Then Sonja said ‘I think that many people don’t make a difference in between this work and your work. They come and think that you also heal past lives and things like that.’ I said to her that when these people get to know me they usually go away because they see that we cannot go along with each other. Yes, it happened, people came in this way but then they are disappointed that I do not play this theatre. And this is how they go away from me.