Guru admits: Materialization is a Trick – 23 June 10

Yesterday I already said that you sometimes see educated and intelligent people who fall for cheap tricks of gurus. It is especially the materializing trick that attracts people again and again although or maybe even because it is impossible in the law of physics to create something out of nothing. And it has often been proved by video recordings that a guru pulled a golden chain out of his pocket instead of materializing it or that he had the piece of jewelry hidden in his hand. What do these gurus say when you confront them with these videos and proof of their fraud?

Of course some of them are not approachable for just a normal person. They have a group of devotees who protect them from critics like you and me. You cannot reach them. Another way of gurus to dismiss criticism and this kind of evidence as faked and conspiracies against them by dark and evil forces.

Then there is another, a third way, which I have experienced and even read about on the website of one of those gurus. He gives a statement saying that yes, he does those tricks to attract people. It is the first step to make them come to him. He adds that then, once contact is established, people get to know his real wisdom and greatness. Once they get in touch with his divine light and progress on their path of following him, they realize that the magic tricks of materializing gold and ashes are for those who are still at the beginning of the path.

So he openly says that he cheats those seekers! And those whom he tells about it find it okay because they have the ego of ‘being more conscious’ about it. They defend him for it whenever someone criticizes him. What a lovely way: one cheats and those who were cheated love him for it and encourage him to cheat more and more people! The starting point of the relation with this guru is a lie. Where will it reach? What hope has a person who was attracted by this? And he will tell it to another one who will come, too, that is the sense. How much hope you are creating and then destroying? You are cheating innocent people! Unfortunately you see that many people go to these gurus, follow them and make them rich.

You Cheated on Me, I Cheat on You – 2 May 10

I have heard many explanations why people cheated but one of the most senseless one was: She/He also cheated on me! For me, this is the worst reason that you can mention for anything. If another person is dishonest, why do you become dishonest, too? Just because another person steals or murders, you don’t have to become criminal. Then you are not a tiny bit different, then you cheat just in the same way.

Did it hurt you when you found out that she or he cheated on you? If so, why do you want to do the same thing? Do you think it will give your partner the same pain? Then it is nothing but revenge which is never good. And then also, why would your partner feel hurt like you, if he or she was the first one to be untrue?

And if both of you accept that you are cheating on each other, why do you call yourselves a couple? As I said already, then you are cheating yourself. Then you can go your own ways. Otherwise from that your dishonesty can grow, if you for example try to hide your cheating by lying and if you made one lie you have to cover it with 100 more lies.

Dishonesty and Lies bring Stress and Pressure – 6 Apr 10

Honesty is also a very important factor for true healing. There it is especially the honesty with yourself. Of course, because you always are at first dishonest with yourself and then with the other one. It is a decision to lie, not to tell or to hide the truth. You first take the decision and this is the point where you are already dishonest. And when you say the lie you are already one step further.

There are many problems that we actually generate simply by not being honest. Dishonest people cannot sit quiet. They are restless. They always need something to do because sitting quiet would mean for them that they have to think about their lies and everything that they need to take care about. It is actually not difficult to be honest, it is more difficult to be dishonest because you always have to think about what you are saying to whom, what you told them before and how you presented yourself before. If you were dishonest once and you don’t want to look dishonest, you need to keep up the lies and pretending. And if you then sit down and just want to relax, all things will come into your mind that might go wrong, where you maybe said something else than before, where the other one could maybe feel that you were dishonest before.

Dishonesty brings restlessness and much stress and pressure. This stress can result in different mental, emotional and even physical problems. This is why I say you first of all have to be honest. When you achieve this, you will realize how stress and pressure is reduced and you will feel how healing takes place. I believe in living honestly and I have nothing to hide. I think this is the easiest way to live because I don’t have any worry that someone will find out about any secrets or lies. I can say whatever I feel, just freely.

We had a wonderful dinner with many great people again! I love eating with many people and enjoying these great moments of eating together.

Honesty is from Birth – Dishonesty is Taught Later – 5 Apr 10

I again and again have to think how many of these gurus who have even millions of disciples are not even honest. Many are cheating and just tricking people into giving money. I have written a lot about this and my thoughts often come back to the question of honesty. Honesty is something natural, something that is there from the very beginning. There is a saying that children are always honest and it is true! Whenever you catch the little Suraj doing something wrong and you ask him afterwards, he will admit without hesitation that he did it. He will not lie about it, his first reaction will be to answer honestly.

It is only with time that we learn to be dishonest. It is not like this that there are honest people and dishonest people by birth. You don’t need to learn honesty and some people forget how it is to be honest. If you bitterly scold Suraj about his mistake, he will learn that he should not tell the truth. You asked him if he did wrong, he said yes and then you shouted at him. Next time he will definitely not say ‘yes’ anymore, his answer will be ‘no’, a lie. This is why we explain him the reason why it was wrong. He can understand and do it in another way. He should not learn to be dishonest.

We become dishonest with time, with the lessons of life that we learn in the wrong way, when we think that a lie will bring us more advantages than honesty. I believe that it is right to go through life with full honesty and I believe that we can teach this to our children by acting as an example. If you lie to your son, why wouldn’t he lie to you as soon as he is old enough to discover your lies? If you always live in honesty, your children know, whenever they come to you, they will receive an honest answer. Isn’t it great if someone can trust on you in this way?

Our lovely friend Sabine was here for dinner today and we enjoyed a great dinner with mangoes and ice-cream as dessert.

Sex Swamis Lie about Being Brahmachari – 5 Mar 10

The topic of the sex scandal of the South Indian guru Nithyananda is still hot. On TV they could not show the whole tape of this scandal as India’s restrictions for TV are high but as you know the internet nowadays is very quick and open and this is how everybody can now see the whole and uncut video online. Many of his devotees and followers are very disappointed and angry and even started riots.

Here in India it is a general belief that a Swami, a Guru, who walks around in saffron coloured clothes, should be living in celibacy. This is why people are angry.  If you see that original video, you see how disrespectful he actually is towards the woman who is with him. While she is caressing him, he is watching TV, not even paying attention on the sexual activities going on. There is no love at all, he even disrespects the sexual act. You can see that this is nothing special for him, a daily event that someone takes care of his sexual desires and satisfies him orally. This is not a one-time event! But his followers believed in him.

Last year, when we were travelling in America, it was his followers who misbehaved with me and who got angry when I talked against this guru-ship and this fake Swami Nithyananda. I also wrote in my diary about this, about the wealth that is being displayed and the enlightenment that is being sold. I openly wrote and said how I did not appreciate this and his followers turned against me very quickly. You can read more about this on this and the following pages:

 I do not have any connection with this group anymore but I am sure that his followers throughout the world are busy working on defending him if they haven’t turned away from him. As I said yesterday, it would have been good for him to come into public and give an honest statement, it would have spared many people’s feelings.

Low Self-Esteem and Saying the Truth – 14 Dec 09

Trusting yourself is important and I know that if you have long years of habit of looking at other people’s face first before answering, it will not be an easy change! You have to get used to your own opinion, to your own feelings and what comes up from inside then.

I said that people often lie because they don’t know their feelings. And I don’t blame them for this, it is the way how you grow up. Always carefully looking at what others think of you, trying to please everyone while never being able to achieve that. So it is no wonder that people start lying. It is however bad that they are not even aware of it.

Of course they don’t lie because they want to harm someone but of course they lie to hide the truth. To hide their thoughts, to hide their feelings, shortly to hide themselves. And there we go again with one of the greatest problems that a person can have: low self-esteem.

Why do you believe your opinion is worth less than any other person’s opinion? Many will answer ‘I don’t believe this!’ but look at how you act, how you react and how you interact with others. Realize at what times or with whom you are making yourself small. And as soon as you realize it, do something different! You will see, people around you will be surprised! Yes, it might be that some people with whom you always agreed before won’t like it if you say your own opinion for a change but those who respect honesty and those who love you will love it!