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New chapter in life, challenges and lessons

I am also one of them who left India 7 years back. Used to do business there and used to pay tax. Although I used to work and earn abroad for the last 23 years, but I invested in India only. I used to run a free school for poor children in India by bringing donations from abroad. I was qualified, and if I wanted, I could have settled in Germany, Australia, America or England sixteen years ago, but I did not. Because I loved my family in India. And my family have cheated me. I suffered lot with broken trust and heart.

There is saying that no one learns anything without stumbling, 6 years ago when I also stumbled, only then wisdom came and left not only India but also the citizenship of India. Property worth crores was created in India by bringing money from abroad, but when I left India I had nothing with me. There was neither any money nor any gold and silver nearby, after losing everything there again started life from zero.

I started working as a laborer here, which I had never done while living in India. Yes, you read it right, labor means physical (not intellectual). I still do today.

Yes, it has to be accepted that in this country the price of manual labor is good. In many cases, even better than intellectual wages. By the way, I had some experience, so the work went well. Now there is a lot of work, but the body does not have that much capacity, so it has become necessary to hire more people.

In the last 6 years, I worked very hard. I have reached to this point on my own that I can say that I got a lot of sorrow from my own people, suffered a lot and got hurt, but I was never that much happy as I am today. And yes, not only happy but also financially, I was never as prosperous as I am today. After losing everything and being hurt by loved ones, I realized that having money and having it in your pocket is very important.

Last year itself, to expand our business, we took a bigger place and also hired some people. Human resources always have to be managed, so the need and search for capable and qualified people always goes on.

I had an little accident a month and a half ago and left knee ligament ruptured again and surgery had to be done. Still walking with the help of crutches. I am not able to work myself but the work is going on with the help of the employees. I think how good it is that I did not fall while working alone, otherwise work would have stopped for two months. I am getting better day by day and hope to start working in two to three weeks.

Recently, when I wrote about the betrayal by my father and brothers in some of my posts, many people were surprised and many friends asked what, why and how happened and what I am going to do now.? Some people also asked why I am writing all this here?

I have tried several times in the last five years to reconcile with my father and brothers in various ways but failed. By misusing my name, they misused the money donated in the name of children’s charity in their luxuries and illegally made my and my daughter’s share of property in their name by making fake papers.

I tried a lot, you can’t imagine how much I cried and how many times I told my pain to them in the last five years but I got nothing but abuse and humiliation. I always got to hear that go, do what you want to do!

The last time too, about two-three months ago when I called my brother in India, he told me, “Don’t talk nonsense, go, do whatever you want, send all three of us to jail!” (All three means my father and both younger brothers)

This is the brother whom I brought up. I have recorded his talk. Whenever my motivation is low, I listen to his words “Go, do whatever you want” and I feel alive again!

I don’t have anyone in India to whom I can share my heart! For the past few years, I have been choking. I have decided that, I will not only go to the court of law but also to the court of the people here in Germany and in India. It doesn’t even matter to me now whether I get anything or not! The concern is not about winning or losing. But I will definitely fight for the rights of myself and my daughter. I will definitely expose them. This will be also my victory if ever there is a realization in their heart that they did not do good by betraying my love and trust.

There are some reasons why I am writing down this all.

I want to express what I am carrying in my heart.

This is the document of my life!

This is the story of family misconduct, corruption, lies and deceit is a common thing in India!

This story is very long, I will write everything step by step. It is my fault that I kept a lot hidden for the sake of the false honor of the suffocating family. But whenever you wake up that is the morning! Sometime you wakes up only after stumbling!

I will also write because many people will get some inspiration from this, they will get a lesson.

I will write to lighten my heart.

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