A Sadhu says there is Gold – the Indian Government starts digging – 4 Nov 13

I am going to tell you a story now which may be hard to believe. But although it seems incredible, it is something that really happened in India. And yes, maybe India is the only place in the world where it is possible that such an idiocy can happen.

Some weeks ago, a Sadhu called Shoban Sarkar told the people around him that he had dreamed of a treasure. It was a treasure not very far away from where he was, in the Unnao district of our state Uttar Pradesh. The place for the treasure was supposed to be an abandoned fort of the 19th century. He claimed that this was not just a dream, according to him, there were really 1000 tons of gold and silver buried in that fort and if you just dug there, you would find it! But there was a catch: if you didn’t dig properly, all of the gold would turn into mud!

India is a country with a whole lot of believers. Believers are not limited to the general public however, there are also politicians and ministers who believe all kinds of things. Somehow the dream of this Sadhu reached a minister of the central government and with his help the ASI, the Archaeological Survey of India, was convinced that this story might be true. The ASI is a government body that takes care of memorials, the maintenance of historical sites and also the kind of digging that now started in said fort on government order.

The news was all over the media. It was sensational and of course there were also critical voices to be heard. A whole lot of money was going to be spent on a digging only because a so-called seer had a dream of a treasure? There were skeptical people like me who made fun or criticized the government for this decision. Others came out to claim a part of the treasure: the former king’s relatives wanted to have their share if something was found on their forefathers’ land!

TV channels arrived and placed their big vans and equipment next to the fort and did live telecasting from there! The prognosis was that if this treasure was found, India would be leading the world economy, as it was the biggest treasure that was ever found on earth! Suddenly that village was full of life, people had come from everywhere and with that crowd, there had to be more security! There was lots of policemen and security forces at all times. The villagers were not slow in taking their chance to earn something with their sudden popularity. They started selling samosas, chai, pakori and more snacks and food in little stalls and even just at the side of the road.

They were digging and digging for days! When they had not found anything for three or four days, attention slowly started to decrease. The first reporters started to leave and some people returned to their homes. The sadhu kept on encouraging people not to give up though. When after six or seven days they had still not found anything, the involved government officials were obviously getting worried about losing their faces. Searching for something to say, a government officer told that the ASI was not digging because of some man’s dream but because a metal detector had actually indicated that there was something! Another person asserted that even if they did not find any gold, it would be like a treasure for them, if they even found some old statues! Nevertheless, people started getting discouraged after a few days and when they left, the food stands slowly disappeared as well. On the 12th or 13th day of digging, they finally decided to close the project. They did not find the treasure.

Isn’t it incredible? How much money was wasted on this claim of some old man who obviously just wanted to have his fifteen minutes of fame? The Sadhu’s opinion is obvious: you didn’t dig properly. If you just committed to it properly, you would find the treasure for sure! What a country are we living in!?

Are Humans on Earth more attractive Sex Partners for Aliens? – 3 Jun 13

I recently stumbled upon a video online which made me laugh and wonder about the big variety of people we have here on this earth! It is an interview with a lady who believes in aliens that come to the earth and also have sex with people. She actually believes that she often has sex with one of them, an ‘octopus man’ from another solar system!

It sounds ridiculous but this woman is serious about it. She calls herself a psychic who is in touch with all kinds of unearthly species: cat people, octopus people, ‘the greys’ – who look most like the stereotype image of an alien – and more. She and ‘her group’ go out in the night, when she is asleep. She explains that it is not a dream but that her spirit is actually travelling with those aliens in a UFO, exploring places within our solar system and even further than that!

When asked about the sex, which she apparently even had at a bus stop, she tells that she has a kind of boyfriend, or how she calls it, a ‘spirit friend’, who has sex with her. All those extraterrestrials indulge in sex but especially the cat people are sexually highly charged. I am passing this information on to you, just in case you ever meet one of them… It’s nice to know that before, I think…

In this way this lady is different from those whose alien-reports you usually hear. People tell they were abducted, they have been raped, forced to have sex with those horrible creatures from outer space who then made their experiments on them! She is enjoying the experience, as the second guest of the show, a scientist, points out. He is of the opinion that there is an explanation for all of what is happening, including her physical orgasms: it is all in her mind, her fantasy created these beings and it was so vivid that she could have orgasms with the imagination only.

I agree with the man who states that this is all just a creation of the mind. The anchor asks the alleged psychic why these aliens don’t show themselves, then we would all know that they are there. Unfortunately however they are not into ‘showing off’, she explains, adding that we all have our individual guides who only show themselves to us. A nice explanation for the inexplicable.

Finally, she is asked to give a proof, to show that they are really there, by telling the anchor what is in his briefcase back in the dressing room. After a very embarrassing attempt to guess the colour of the briefcase she tells that this does not always work when you want it to and that the beings don’t want to show it to her in that moment.

Well, I guess we have to still wait for the proof that there are octopus-like beings that have sex with us while we dream!

My past Lives retold – the King, the Pharaoh and the Medicine Man – 3 Feb 13

I told you that I got to know more about the esoteric scene and western guruism on my travels in 2005. It was in the same year that I got upset about people’s fascination with past lives which was and is still quite popular there.

In that time, I myself still believed in reincarnation. It was a belief I had grown up with. It was part of the religion that I had been preaching as a guru my whole life long. Leaving my role as a guru did not mean that I left all the things I believed in – and thus I still believed that people would be reborn after their death. In India, it is very normal that people believe this but they don’t make it very important. They don’t usually think or fantasize about their previous lives, accepting that there may have been several lives but also accepting that they won’t know exactly what happened in that incarnation.

When this philosophy came to the west however and was spread in the esoteric scene, there were lots of ‘clairvoyants’ who happily embraced this idea. They anyway claimed that they could see the past and the future, so why not add that to their list of offers, too? Discover your past life! Heal your past life! Get answers to today’s problems by looking at your previous incarnations! In India, I have not met anybody who does this business but I have met too many people in the west. When I first got in closer touch with a businesswoman using past lives to attract customers, though, it was not a very pleasant experience.

I was very busy at a place where a lot of people came to see me, to have individual sessions and to come to workshops. As usual, my organizer welcomed the people who came in, asked them to wait if I was still busy with someone else and obviously had small conversations with all of them. I soon got to know that she did not only talk with them and asked them about their problems but even gave them insights to what she thought was the reason for their problems: their past lives. She created fantasy stories and presented them as visions of their past lives.

Funnily enough, I appeared in nearly all of these stories, too. She created stories of how they had been in ancient Rome, where I was a rich and influential townsperson who helped them out of a miserable situation. She fantasized about pharaohs in Egypt and kings and queens in England, about druids and medicine men. It would have been hilarious to hear all of these stories how we all were allegedly in connection in past lives if she had not been dead serious about it. Obviously people started wondering whether I, too, believed in all of this.

More than that, this woman was obviously jealous of other organizers or friends with whom I was close. In her stories about them, it was not all about peace, love and harmony. On the contrary, for one of my organizers, the story was quite violent, with us all being Native Americans. She even went as far as to say that I had been killed in that incarnation by my organizer which is why she now needed to resolve this Karma by helping me. I could not believe my ears!

It was a similar case of jealousy when she told a story to one of my close friends, who had a small baby. Her baby girl was learning to crawl and looked funny in the effort – she moved one leg more than the other, so that one leg was always just pulled along. It is just natural, the way how children learn using their bodies properly. This ‘clairvoyant’ however said that this girl was handicapped in her past life! Which mother would like to hear this? It is cruel to say such a thing and obviously, she was pretty upset.

My relation to this organizer did not go for long and in the aftermath I heard a lot of stories that people had been told about their past lives and my past lives. A lot of imagination and fantasy goes into such stories – but unfortunately there are people who choose to believe such stories – and those who like to fool and scare others with them.

Doomsday is cancelled – new Business for modern Gurus – 21 Dec 12

Are you ready for the end of this world? Today is finally the 21st December 2012, 21.12.2012. Some people started telling others that today was the day of the apocalypse because the calendar of the Mayans allegedly ends on this day. Others have protested that it is not the end of the Mayan calendar but just a change of a certain period of time. Whatever made the Mayans stop their calculation on this day, it made a lot of people go crazy about this date. Some extreme people have prepared for catastrophes to happen today and the extinction of the human race or the destruction of the planet. Another popular point of view is that it is a day of ‘shifting consciousness’. Let me tell you in some lines here, what I think of these both ideas.

It is easy to dismiss the idea that the world could actually physically end today. There have been no tsunamis predicted, until now I have not heard of any devastating earthquakes, no epidemics have spread until now and scientists have not discovered any comets that could crash into the planet to finish it once and for all. No, it does not really seem as though we are all going to die today.

Maybe it was just too crazy for most people to really think all life on this planet is going to end but what to do with that Mayan calendar then? People in the spiritual scene highly value old cultures and their customs and traditions – which is in general a good thing – but they also attribute nearly magical powers to them. You cannot just ignore their calendar now after telling everyone about the accuracy of their prophecies for such a long time! So what to do?

Let’s just call it a change then! Or maybe that does not sound good enough yet… ascension! Yes, that’s it, let’s tell people it will be an ascension to another dimension, a shift of global consciousness. It is like Doomsday, just better! We don’t need to store as much rice or water as possible, we just need to do what we are doing anyway and spread this message. That is nice, then we can blame the end of this dimension for whatever is going wrong in our lives.

You know, you can call me cynical if you like but I think I am just being realistic if I say that this whole story of dimensions and transformations is just a piece of imagination created by people who want to make money with it. They create fear by saying you need to do this process or it will be hard for you, you could fall in depression because you did not learn how to accept change and change will happen and it will happen fast because of the ascension! While saying this however – which is actually just normal, life always means change – they also say you should not be afraid. They can tell you how not to be afraid. Just take their services, pay for them and calm your own mind and their financial worries.

I believe it is wrong to make people believe such things for which you just randomly select pieces of old cultures as proof and tell ‘channeled’ messages of angels, beings in the spirit world and other imaginary friends or masters who are supposed to guide you. I believe that after today, all those fake gurus, healers, life coaches, esoteric clairvoyants, channels and modern prophets will start a new business: how to heal all of those imaginary problems that resulted from that difficult shift of dimensions today. They need something to do and have to earn money, so they will find some other way of creating fear.

If we are not going to survive this day or if I am going to be sitting here, left alone in the fourth dimension because of my negative thoughts on this topic, you have proven me wrong. But I guess you won’t celebrate that victory – your higher consciousness won’t allow that. Please don’t try to save me though, I am a hopeless case!

The great Nonsense of Buddhist Religion: Choosing the Rebirth of a Lama – 30 Jul 12

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post about the question whether Buddhism is a religion or, as their followers use to say, a philosophy, a way of life. I am of the opinion that it is a religion, even if they don’t believe in God and I would like to write today about another element of Buddhism that shows how structured and organized this religion really is. At the same time it also shows, how it is crazy like every other religion: their system of Lamas, high religious priests, and their rebirth.

Similar to the Pope in Christianity, you can see the Dalai Lama as the head of the religion Buddhism. He and other, high-ranked Lamas are called ‘Tulku’ which indicates that they should have a very special ability: They are supposedly able to choose where they will be reborn! While your next incarnation is a miracle to everyone, Buddhists believe that their highest monks can choose.

This is why those monks normally reveal some information before they die about where they will be reborn. Strangely enough however that information seems rather vague – so that the high Lamas who are searching for the reincarnation have to consult an oracle, have to wait for dreams and meditate for getting visions. When a dead Lama is cremated, they look in which direction the smoke blows – is it going to the west, his incarnation has to be searched for in that direction. If one of the Lamas has a vision of a house with a green roof, they will go west and search a house with a green roof. You can imagine the wide range of possibilities such prophecies and visions bring – hundreds of young boys, born after the death of the previous Lama, could be the ones!

So the monks make lists and then wait for signs, more visions and advice from above to help them find the right one. Once they have selected a few boys, they show them several items some of which belonged to the previous Lama. If a boy recognizes those items, they believe it must be the reincarnation.

Should there still be any confusion about which boy it is, they kind of take the easy way out: they write their names on papers, put them in an urn and draw one out who will be the chosen one. Nice, isn’t it?

How can anybody, after reading about this selection process, still say that Buddhism is not a religion? Honestly, you believe that some people of special lineages are holy manifestations who can predict where they will be reborn but then they are not able to tell the names of their future parents? Or their exact birth date and place? If they are that much aware of their reincarnation, why can’t they make sure that their fellow Lamas don’t make a mistake later and choose the wrong one?

To me it looks like a fully random decision how they choose a boy. I actually feel bad about the way how they then take this boy away from his family and put him in a monastery, making him study and meditate, preparing him for his later tasks as a high-ranking priest and monk. In my eyes you destroy a young boy’s childhood.

I would like to end this article with the words that a historian noted as an excerpt of the fifth Dalai Lama’s autobiography where he confirms that his own selection as a Dalai Lama was a decision by a man and not any holy sign:

The official Tsawa Kachu of the Ganden Palace showed me statues and rosaries (that belonged to the Fourth Dalai Lama and other lamas), but I was unable to distinguish between them! When he left the room I heard him tell the people outside that I had successfully passed the tests. Later, when he became my tutor, he would often admonish me and say: "You must work hard, since you were unable to recognize the objects!"

Nobody can predict the Future – no Astrologer and no Clairvoyant! – 3 Jan 12

Yesterday I wrote about New Year’s resolutions and described it as a good idea to have a plan for the future. Around the change of the year newspapers, magazines and other media channels are full of predictions of what is going to happen in the New Year. There are astrological predictions for each of the twelve zodiac signs, often describing very much in detail what will happen to those who were born in that zodiac signs.

I really wonder how it is possible to categorize the seven Billion people of this world into twelve groups. How can it be that whatever they predict for the twelve different groups really applies to each and every individual? It is not possible. For the media this is of course just another popular way to fill their pages with entertainment around New Year. I have even read stories of the editors sitting together and randomly choosing predictions for the different zodiac signs.

While these general predictions are clearly too general to be true, there are also individual predictions based on one person’s horoscope with his exact time of birth and the exact birth place. I actually don’t believe in this kind of predictions anymore, either.

What these astrologers do is to take what they read and learned in astrological scriptures and with their formulas about the situation of planets, mix that with what they see in the person and what he or she tells them and then give a their prediction. Depending on their skills, this usually fits the person sitting opposite them quite well because they have practice in making a rather accurate psychological analysis according to the other one’s appearance and behavior.

I don’t say that these people are cheaters who consciously tell people something that they themselves don’t believe in. No, they have faith in astrology, in the planetary constellations and in those things that they have read about in their scriptures. They believe it is a science and according to that they give their predictions. It is not however a science, it has no proof. There is no way to prove that the location of Mars, Saturn and other planets combined really means you would be lucky, healthy or successful.

If you read this and don’t know much about me, you may think that you read the words of someone who grew up in an environment that taught him not to believe in such things. You might think my parents taught me to be skeptical and critical and never believe anything without proof. It is however not like this. On the contrary, my brothers and I studied astrology, I believed in it and in the past we even had an astrological department. I grew up with this belief. In that time I had no doubt that this all was true. There was however one turning point in my life and that is the death of my younger sister. I had studied her birth horoscope and there was no sign that she would leave this world at the age of 29 in a car accident. This and other events in the course of time made me change my mind.

If you have an open mind and are ready to accept change in life, you are able to realize and see things in other ways, too. You can find that you believed in something that was wrong. Now I believe it is very unscientific – even though it is presented as a complex but accurate science. How could it be? If there were two children born at the same place, with the same longitude and latitude and at the same time, will they have exactly the same fate?

Astrologers are not the only ones, clairvoyants also like this time of the year. Everybody who in any way says that he predicts the future, likes to give predictions especially at the turn of years.

For me everyone who claims to know the future or the past is a liar. It is just impossible and I challenge everyone to tell me my or someone else’s past without knowing about it before. I can give you the exact birth time and place and I can tell you that nobody will be able to tell me about my past. It is difficult to prove someone to be wrong with future predictions – there is always the chance of a lucky guess – but I know my past and can tell you whether that person tells the truth.

Again there is the question, if someone knew the future, why could they not predict nature catastrophes and wars? In the past year we have faced tsunamis, earthquakes and more, how come the eastern and western astrologers as well as clairvoyants all over the world were not able to predict this all? Afterwards they all explain that it was logical with the constellation of these or those planets but nobody warned people before.

Some people, who have lost faith in accurate predictions, say that it is not an indicator of fixed events but can show you a tendency. It can help you a little bit with decisions and the general trend of your life. The reality is however that you already know it is not true. If it cannot predict certain events, why would it be able to show you even a vague direction?

I recently read in an article that media now has to show advertisements of clairvoyants and astrologers clearly marked as ‘entertainment only’ and not as real facts. They want to limit the bad effects of such predictions – people get addicted to them! I have seen people who did no step in life without consulting an astrologer or clairvoyant. It is however only a guess – because nobody can ever know what will happen in future.

This is however exactly the beauty of life: nobody, except you, knows what happened in your past and nobody, including you, knows what will happen in the future. See the beauty of this mystery! If we knew what would happen tomorrow, the whole mystery, the adventure, the surprise and the beauty of life would be gone! So why would you want to get to know this? You would miss the beauty of not knowing!

Is there a bigger Plan? – Our Need for Security – 24 Jun 11

In a counseling session some weeks ago, a woman said to me ‘I believe there is a plan for everything that is going on now and for what will happen in future. What do you think?’ I told her that I had a very different idea. Let me explain you my thoughts on this topic.

Who do you think has a plan? Usually religious people will answer this with God and people who are less religious will say the universe, the higher energy or something similar. It is thus not an idea that is depending on religion. There may be some religions that tell us God has made a plan but also people without religion believe it.

Where does this idea come from? I think it comes from people’s basic need for security. People want to know that whatever happens is in someone’s plan. They want to have rules. If I do this, something good will happen, if I do that, something bad will happen. The concept of heaven and hell provides security because it means that someone is there who has a plan. Religions were made because people saw that there was a need for this security. They provided it and people came.

Astrology and horoscopes were also made because of this need for security. People want to get to know what will happen tomorrow. They have trust that the stars will tell it and that the bigger plan is written in the stars. Others believe in the clairvoyant power of an individual, someone who reads the cards, someone who predicts the future out of a crystal ball or someone who says he has contact with angels who know about the bigger plan. The problem is that with such predictions depend often on how much money you can give to the one who makes the prediction. The more you give, the more successful you will be in future.

I actually believe that there is no plan and that nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. We can take our decisions and have to take our responsibility for the consequences. Nobody knows before what will happen if you go one way or the other. I believe that everything happens for good, which means that even something that in this moment does not seem like a good thing to you, has some aspect that is positive. But you don’t know about this before and it is not ‘planned’ that this happens. Every event is the result of previous decisions or events. There is no plan.

If nobody can know anyway what will happen on the next day, why should we worry about it? There will never be an answer! We will see what will happen and we will deal with whatever comes. The past is past and tomorrow will come. Live in the presence, today, now!

Do Not Cheat Yourself – 30 Jan 09

I like to work. In India many people nowadays become preachers or Swamis in a very fast way. They don’t really want to learn or study anything, they want to make money. This is how they look for a shortcut and they find it by just learning some hours of talk by heart which they have heard on a cassette a dozen of times. When they know this text by heart they just go and give this speech. They get their money although nobody of them can answer any question about what they just said.

Somehow I see this also in the west where people, who want to make a living in a quick and easy way, become healer, psychic and clairvoyant. Everybody has to do something in his life to survive, to earn money and to live, I understand that. I don’t understand however why people cheat themselves.

If all the people who do predictions and say that they have extraordinary powers are that much blessed with these powers, then why can’t they help our society in a more creative way? I could have been really very happy if someone could have predicted what happened in Haiti. Then we could have saved so many people and would have saved so many more from much grief and sadness. No, I don’t think it is possible and unfortunately there are still so many people who are cheating others and also themselves in this way.

Fortune Telling on TV – 9 Dec 09

I am happy to write about these topics like ghosts and more. Of course, everybody who meets me after hearing only what we do has some expectations and many people simply assume that I believe in whatever they believe in.

However this is sometimes very far from what I believe because nowadays things like card reading, clairvoyance, other ways of fortune telling and generally a lot of ‘spiritual business’ is getting more and more popular in the west.

Unfortunately I see there and also here in India how this is supported even by the media. There are programs in which this kind of belief is taken advantage of. Someone is sitting in front of the camera, dressed like a good old-fashioned witch how you can read about in fairy-tales and in front of her a crystal ball, a set of cards, stones with runes or a chart with different colours and signs. At the bottom of the screen you see a number scrolling from right to left inviting you to dial for getting to know more about your future.

Suddenly a ringing tone sounds and the lady asks with a soft and somehow mysterious voice what the caller’s question is. No matter what the question is, there will be an answer, advice, a prediction and finally a warning of the future before the next caller is served.

I think media should become more responsible to reduce this kind of belief instead of making people more confused. The person who decides to run this show, does he really believe in it or does he only want to make money?

The media should make aware and educate people. I would like to ask everybody who watches or even calls at this kind of programs: what do you think how this works? Did you have to answer questions before you could talk with the fortune teller? Don’t you think that this could be the reason for the precise answers? Or think about the answers: couldn’t anybody make a vague guess towards the future after your question? Why would that woman be able to take a decision for you?

It is sad to see but it is easy to cheat people. I always tell people to listen inside themselves, to find out what their wish really is and to follow the heart. Please trust on yourself and believe me when I say that only God knows what the future will be.

Fake Business of Healing Past Lives – 14 Feb 09

A woman came to me for a healing session and said “Oh, Swami ji, I feel that when I see your photo or I see you, we have met in a past life. Do you also believe this?” I answered her, I believe in past lives and reincarnation and maybe we met but it is not important for me what happened in the past because I want to live in the presence. For me it is more important that we are meeting today and now. I want to see the moment now.

Then we were talking and I told her many people do this business with the announcement “Heal your past life”. I do not approve of their work. They are very good story tellers and will pick up some information from you and will try to create a story that suits and from that would like to tell you what was wrong and where it is wrong. They will try to create fear and then heal your past life. Actually this is their business and they earn money from that.

People who are confused and do not trust themselves, who don’t have confidence in themselves, they go to these people. They want someone to tell them a reason for everything. They go to storytellers of past lives and to clairvoyants who tell the future in the name of a spirit. But please be aware of those people who create fear of the past and those who make promises for the future. Nobody in the world can tell the future.

This was also a topic today in our ‘Law of Healing’ seminar. Michael, Yashendu, Ramona and I went to the seminar room in the morning and we had a wonderful day with the Law of Healing. We finished at six o’clock and at eight o’clock we started the Valentine’s Day Chakra Dance Party. We had a great atmosphere and after this long day and the dance in the night, we are very tired. I will also go to bed now because tomorrow we will start the second day of the seminar in the morning.