Are Humans on Earth more attractive Sex Partners for Aliens? – 3 Jun 13

I recently stumbled upon a video online which made me laugh and wonder about the big variety of people we have here on this earth! It is an interview with a lady who believes in aliens that come to the earth and also have sex with people. She actually believes that she often has sex with one of them, an ‘octopus man’ from another solar system!

It sounds ridiculous but this woman is serious about it. She calls herself a psychic who is in touch with all kinds of unearthly species: cat people, octopus people, ‘the greys’ – who look most like the stereotype image of an alien – and more. She and ‘her group’ go out in the night, when she is asleep. She explains that it is not a dream but that her spirit is actually travelling with those aliens in a UFO, exploring places within our solar system and even further than that!

When asked about the sex, which she apparently even had at a bus stop, she tells that she has a kind of boyfriend, or how she calls it, a ‘spirit friend’, who has sex with her. All those extraterrestrials indulge in sex but especially the cat people are sexually highly charged. I am passing this information on to you, just in case you ever meet one of them… It’s nice to know that before, I think…

In this way this lady is different from those whose alien-reports you usually hear. People tell they were abducted, they have been raped, forced to have sex with those horrible creatures from outer space who then made their experiments on them! She is enjoying the experience, as the second guest of the show, a scientist, points out. He is of the opinion that there is an explanation for all of what is happening, including her physical orgasms: it is all in her mind, her fantasy created these beings and it was so vivid that she could have orgasms with the imagination only.

I agree with the man who states that this is all just a creation of the mind. The anchor asks the alleged psychic why these aliens don’t show themselves, then we would all know that they are there. Unfortunately however they are not into ‘showing off’, she explains, adding that we all have our individual guides who only show themselves to us. A nice explanation for the inexplicable.

Finally, she is asked to give a proof, to show that they are really there, by telling the anchor what is in his briefcase back in the dressing room. After a very embarrassing attempt to guess the colour of the briefcase she tells that this does not always work when you want it to and that the beings don’t want to show it to her in that moment.

Well, I guess we have to still wait for the proof that there are octopus-like beings that have sex with us while we dream!

Explaining someone that supernatural Materialization is Nonsense – and a surprising Reaction – 31 Mar 13

I already told you that I got to know a lot of people in 2005 and from that a lot of friendships emerged, too. Today I want to tell you of a man whose eyes I had to open for him to see the reality of the guru he was following.

This man came for an individual session with me first, asking for help with some personal, emotional issues. We thus talked the complete time, he told me of his problems and I explained him my point of view. As he liked it, we did not only do this session but he came back and also for meditations until he one day invited me to his home. We had got closer and I was always happy to go to a new place to do some program, so I accepted the invitation.

When I entered his home, he and his wife did everything to make me feel comfortable and I did. I could not but notice however that they had some pictures of an Indian man whom I recognized as a quite popular guru who travelled in the west and made followers there. My friend kind of introduced me, too, and when we were sitting together later, he reached inside his shirt and took out a pendant, showing me the picture of this guru on it with the words: ‘He materialized this pendant for me!’

Oh, that was a difficult situation now. I liked my new friend very much and had now got to know that he was being cheated by an Indian guru in whom he obviously believed. What should I say? Just nod and pretend as though I believed in such supernatural nonsense, too? I knew that these people use lots of tricks, just cheap magic tricks, in order to attract people and make them follow them.

To make it short, I carefully started telling my friend that he had been fooled. At first he could not believe what I was saying but I could give him many nice examples of how popular fraudulent gurus had already been exposed on camera when they pulled out similar pendants from their sleeves, crushed ash tablets to ‘materialize’ ashes and even ‘regurgitate’ golden eggs which they had in their handkerchief the whole time.

I was trying to be soft because I knew how hard such revelations could hit home. Some people were really very devoted and are devastated when they learn that their gurus are just simple cheaters. My friend, too, had had a strong fascination and the fact that he was by nature a little bit naïve or willing to trust someone easily, only increased the problem. I thus voiced my opinion carefully but very clearly, too, making clear what I thought of such charlatanry.

The reaction was surprisingly quick and painless. My friend took off the pendant he was wearing and put away the picture of this man who had been a holy person for him. He had been disillusioned and in the coming visits that I paid to his home, I did not see this man’s picture or the pendant anymore. We laughed about such magic tricks a lot later.

There was however always a little thought on my mind: was that change not a bit too quick? He did not know me very well and after just a few sentences, he threw away a man whom he had believed to be holy? I decided to mostly ignore this thought as it would not have done any good in deepening our friendship. Later on however I realized that this was the first sign that my new friend’s mind was not very stable and could change within a few minutes.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar quickly removes Story about having Mobile-Charging-Powers – 19 Feb 13

So, here we are on a new day, with a new diary entry and facing the aftermath of yesterday’s diary entry about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Yesterday I reported about a story which I had read on the official website of his foundation ‘Art of Living’, in which he claims that his devotees are able to charge their mobile phones in front of his picture. Today my browser automatically opened this page again – not by magic but because I have set it on opening the previous session – and shows me that they have taken the page with that story down! It now shows ‘You are not authorized to access this page.’

We do have a screenshot however for those of you who were not quick enough with reading it! Click on the following link – it will open in a new window for you to read and see for yourself:

Once something is out on the internet, it is difficult to make it vanish again, especially if the attention of thousands of people has been drawn towards it! I posted my diary entry yesterday afternoon and, as I always do, shared it on my facebook page. From there it spread like wildfire across the internet – and obviously reached Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, too. As quickly as possible they removed the text from their website, thinking that they can remove the evidence of what I am saying. Well, again, modern media is able to give proof of what happened online and you can see it above.

I had actually not expected to find such a superstitious article on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s website because I had until had the impression that he wanted to present himself in another light. It had seemed to me that he was very careful not to publicly show that he is just the same kind of guru like all the other fake ones, trying to attract devotees by showing magic tricks and claiming to be ‘omnipresent and all knowing’. The fact that he and his team decided to take the article down after I wrote about it shows only that they know that it is wrong! They know that this is not possible, that it is just fiction, an invented story to impress those who are listening.

He says himself that it is a story of a rural Indian area, a place where people are very superstitious, where people don’t know much about scientific reasons why this cannot be true and where people are gullible and religious enough to blindly follow a fake guru if he just tells them enough fantasy stories about his power. By saying that they are more powerful than he himself, he actually made them greedy on top of fooling them! They, too, want to have such powers!

The sad thing is how many people have been cheated and lured into believing that this man has true powers! Before I receive more comments telling me of all the benefits people had through his techniques, let me tell you that I don’t doubt the benefit of yoga, meditation or breathing techniques! I don’t believe however that there is any benefit in having a fake guru teaching them, telling you invented stories of his powers or the powers you could have if you joined him!

I just want to send out another appeal to everyone who happens to stumble over this article: you see yourself in this example that Gurus like this man can take their words back in a second, writing one thing today and another tomorrow. They are not honest, they don’t have any superpowers and they are not enlightened beings. They don’t want to help you, they want you to depend on them, they want your money and they want to manipulate you. Don’t get caught in their traps, take responsibility for your life yourself and be happy without depending on any guru’s fake powers!

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar suggests charging Mobile Phones in front of his Picture – 18 Feb 13

I recently came across an article online which prompted me to write today’s diary entry. It is a kind of question-answer interview with one of India’s most popular gurus: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder and head of the Art of Living Foundation. I am sure most of my readers have heard about him and if not, just google him, you will find a lot of information. He basically got famous by teaching a breathing technique which he calls ‘Sudarshana Kriya’ and his foundation offers yoga and meditation courses. They have centers all over the world and he remains the worshipped guru of all those people who come to him.

The article that I read on his own website started with a question of a follower which in itself made me cringe:

”From many stories I understand you are omnipresent and all knowing. This sometimes makes me feel a little fearful that you know all about the mistakes I make. What is your attitude towards the mistakes? Are you angry when you see me making these mistakes over and over again? “

This question itself is the kind of thing that you hear blind followers of any sect or cult asking their guru. Fear of the all-knowing guru – it is already clearly expressed. And what does the guru do? He would be crazy to tell them that he is not ‘omnipresent and all knowing’ – after all this fear and awe that they have for his fake and pretended abilities gives him power and keeps them in a situation in which they depend on him for everything they do. Better to keep them in the illusion that the guru knows everything and can do everything. Even better, increase this fear by adding another invented story full of magical guru power! That is exactly what Sri Sri Ravi Shankar does.

He says that he doesn’t mind the mistakes of his devotees and says they are even more powerful than the guru himself. Once he was about to go to a program in a village where he had never been. He somehow had felt that there were three people who had lost their mobile phones. When he asked in his program who had lost their mobile phones, exactly three people got up and he distributed three mobile phones to them which he, in his endless wisdom, had brought with him. He even knew that one lady had been crying in front of his picture the night before.

One boy stood up and told Sri Sri Ravi Shankar his story. He had lost his mobile phone charger one and a half years ago and he had placed his phone with the empty battery in front of the guru’s picture – and it was magically charged over night! The story goes on, saying:

“This boy showed me his phone and said, ‘Look, for one and a half years I have thrown away my charger, and now I only keep my phone in front of your picture and it gets charged.’
He threw his charger away!
I said, 'This is really something. Even I need a charger for my phone, and my devotee charges his phone by keeping it in front of my picture.'
See how powerful devotees can be.”

That power of his devotee even surprised the all-knowing guru!

If Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was not making fun of his disciples in this story – and it doesn’t sound like it – he is just cleverly trying to make them feel powerful while the power over them remains fully in his hands. He himself needs a charger while they can use his picture instead! Magical powers!

Now tell me in which way this man is any different from all the other fake gurus cheating people by pretending to have magical powers? Nirmal Baba who promises blessings if you eat enough Samosas, Sathya Sai Baba who used to materialize golden eggs and of course Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s own guru who told people they could fly by meditating in the way he told them to. They all perform the same magic tricks to fool the public. Interestingly Sri Sri Ravi Shankar never tells that he is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s disciple – he doesn’t seem very keen on being associated with the magical flying meditation of his own guru.

To all who may ever have thought differently: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is no different than any other guru – people get fooled by his talks, by the convincing stories of other brainwashed devotees and by his big organization and success.

If you don’t believe me, please try it – print out his picture and put a mobile phone in front of it. Does it get charged?


We don’t want to link to this fake guru’s website but whoever would like to read the story himself can copy the following URL and paste it in his browser:

UPDATE: After this diary entry, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his organization removed their article from the URL above but we do have a screenshot for those of you who were not quick enough with reading it! Click on the following link – it will open in a new window for you to read and see for yourself:

Scriptures and Religion install Fear of Magic and Ghosts in Children and Adults – 17 Jan 13

Some days ago I was talking to a religious believer, a Hindu. We had a discussion – how could it be different – about religion, god and different beliefs. In this conversation he said something that caused a flood of thoughts, which is why I want to write to you about it. His statement was ‘If you believe in God, you also believe in ghosts and magic’.

It is really funny what kind of different reactions this kind of phrase can have! If you are living in the west and are not very deeply involved in the spiritual or esoteric scene, you may think that this should be something that a non-believer says when he wants to make fun of believers. In the west, the idea of believing in ghosts and magic is in general rather ridiculous. Ghosts belong into ghost stories, magic into fairy tales or modern fantasy novels. Say the word ‘magic’ in front of a young person in the west and the first thing that comes into his or her mind will be ‘Harry Potter’. A book, fiction, a movie, something unreal, something that is made for entertainment and created by fantasy.

In India, things are a bit different. Of course magic is and stays fiction, that is a fact, but here religion has created such a big belief in superstition that people actually believe in magic! They believe in ghosts and they believe in supernatural powers. They don’t think it is fiction! If you believe in god, you believe in magic and ghosts – of course, all the stories in scriptures tell you that those things do exist! Scriptures are full of magic and once, when I told Ramona one story of a scripture, she was laughing, saying that it sounds just like Harry Potter! In the west, people know that this is fantasy but here, it is presented as though it is history, as though it truly happened and if you reach a certain kind of consciousness, it can happen again!

It is thus not only children who believe in ghosts and magic, it is also adults. Consequently, it is not only children who are afraid – adults, grown men are afraid, too. As usual, religion has instilled this fear because it helps them control and manipulate people. There are the stories of ghosts and then there is religious advice what to do against such dangers – rituals, ceremonies and more.

Unfortunately adults teach this fear to their children! Children get afraid of such stories in every country but in the west, parents start teaching them already early that this all is just fantasy and unreal. In India however, the parents will hang something in front of the door so that the bad magic cannot enter or show their child that there is a knife under their pillow which the ghosts are afraid of.

By telling your child what you do against the ghost, you encourage your child to believe that the ghost is real. You create fear, a fearful young person who will always check whether all superstitious measures against evil are taken before doing anything. You make your son or daughter dependent on ceremonies and rituals, on priests and people who tell them more about magic, ghosts, demons and evil energies.

The fact that makes this even worse is that even highly educated people are caught in such illusions and in this fear. They teach their children about science and medicine but they also teach them fear. They use ghosts as threats, saying ‘Don’t do this, a ghost will come!’ They tell their children there is a ghost in the storeroom and if the child does not behave, they say ‘Be good or we will lock you into the storeroom!’ They even invent a scary name for that ghost with which they will always frighten their children. My father just yesterday said that he and my mother never made us afraid. They never used such threats – and that is why we were never afraid of ghosts or magic and never even feared darkness.

It is a pity that people still believe in such utter nonsense and teach it to their children. You are creating another generation full of unnecessary fear, trapped in their hesitation, handicapped by ancient fantasy stories.

‘Believing in the Impossible is stupid’ and why this is not a stupid Statement – 10 Oct 12

I thought I had made myself and my opinion about hope, belief, reality and magic quite clear in yesterday’s diary. There was however a sentence, or maybe just one word, that upset at least one of my readers: “Believing that the impossible will happen is either closing the eyes in front of reality or just stupid.” And as it is again about a sensitive topic and seems to some a rather harsh way to say things, I think another diary entry should be dedicated to this topic.

Today I just want to write about this one sentence because I already made it clear yesterday that I do encourage hope and that unexpected things happen. I still believe however that the impossible does not and cannot happen. What exactly is ‘the impossible’ that people believe in and that I am talking about though?

First and foremost it is those ‘miracles’ that religions, sects and gurus promise. As it is especially common practice among fake gurus, here are some examples of their claims: they let statues bleed, they materialize gold, they can exactly predict the future of anybody, walk over water, levitate in the air, be at two different places at the same time, make the blind see and the lame walk. I have stated this before and I do it again: everyone who claims to be able to do these impossible things simply lies or uses some kind of trick to achieve it. And then it is just cheating or fooling people.

For other people it is however not a guru, not an earthly, human person who can do this but God. But if this is why you believe in religion or God, if this is the meaning of religion, I will refuse it even more than I am already doing! I was once a believer both in religion and God but I think I was never in this dark area of belief where people use occult rituals and even offerings of blood to get God to do miracles for them!

One could think that nobody would like to be made a fool or get involved in such dark practices. Nevertheless however there are millions of people who follow such movements, religions and gurus! It does not even matter how educated they are – even westerners with master degrees and of the highest societies are seen running behind fake gurus with the hope of witnessing miracles or learning how to do those miracles themselves!

Having described ‘the impossible’, I now want to explain my use of the word ‘stupid’. I would never say in general that everybody who is religious or believes in God is stupid. Such a statement would be stupid, even if I think that some of the belief that I had when I was religious was stupid, too. Jokes aside, it is often understandable that people believe in religion: they grow up with it for example and know nothing else. Or they have a deep longing for security or love which they search in the outside instead of finding it in themselves. Others are really uneducated and cannot find explanations for what they experience – and that is why they follow people who promise miracles to save them.

What I believe is stupid however is if you know that you are getting cheated, if you know that something is impossible and that there is a reasonable, scientific explication but you still believe! Yes, then I would say you either want to close your eyes from reality or you are stupid. You will be the one disappointed in the end because your miracle will never happen! Or you will stay in your illusion, well knowing that it is an illusion, cheating yourself and your mind and maybe others around you, too.

The main thing is that you are free to believe what you like. But turning your eyes away from reality will be bad for you in the end, not for me.

Believing in Miracles or being realistic? – 9 Oct 12

Yesterday I said that I didn’t believe your visualizations could make your cancer shrink or a positive attitude could prevent a car accident. I have received some feedback of people who seemed to think I discourage them from making others hope and asking whether I only believed in what scientists and doctors say. Would that mean there are no miracles at all? I thought that such comments and questions were well worth another diary entry.

I first of all want to address the question whether I only believe in the opinions of scientists and doctors. In general, I really do believe in science and medicine. Where would we be without them? Millions of lives have been saved because of medical progress. Scientific research has found explanations for all sorts of phenomena and with those explanations we were then able to build machines, create and store energy, use electricity, fertilize gardens, build railways and fly around the earth.

So I do believe in science and when someone describes a ‘miracle’, I usually believe that there is a scientific explanation for it. Here in India you can go in any village and you will find people who tell you of miracles for which you have an easy explanation. They are illiterate and just don’t know! They might say that someone’s recovery is a miracle although a doctor could explain the reasons. So when someone sees ‘a miracle’ and describes it, I really normally assume that he or we may not know the scientific reason for what has happened.

By the way I find it worth mentioning that anybody who has this kind of attitude will not fall prey to fake gurus who perform their own miracles by doing magic tricks! They want you to believe in them but if you want to find out the way this miracle works, you will find they have been cheating – and you won’t believe them anymore. In the history of religion, priests and religious people have opposed science for the same reason – they wanted people to believe in miracles so that they remain in power!

If you ask me about hope however, I believe you have to always have hope! I believe in medicine but I know that doctors are only humans, too. They also do mistakes and cannot know everything. Again and again there are stories about patients who were told that they would only have two months to live and then they live another ten years! The prognosis of a doctor is an educated guess, sometimes more sure, sometimes less, depending on many circumstances. Call it a miracle or believe that something happened that the doctor had not been able to diagnose – it is a reason to hope.

I believe we need hope to go on living in bad situations and there is always reason to hope. But I don’t believe in creating illusions. I don’t want to give anybody false hope and then let him fall into disappointment which will be even worse! Giving someone hope by using an illusion can shatter their dreams very suddenly. In such a situation I prefer being realistic. Hope is always good and it is part of having a positive attitude. Believing that the impossible will happen is either closing the eyes in front of reality or just stupid.

Give hope to others, help them, make them feel good but don’t create illusions. Be realistic but positive.

The consciously cheating Guru fooling People for their Money – 31 Aug 12

Yesterday I described that type of guru whose only task it is to give blessings. He is practically doing nothing. Today I will describe one type of guru who does something – and you probably read before that I don’t approve of what exactly this guru does.

5. The consciously cheating Guru

He is this kind of guru who claims to have magic powers, who tells people he has Siddhis, who attracts them by showing miracles or telling of miracles he allegedly performed. He is the kind of guru who flies, makes statues bleed, materializes ashes, materializes silver and gold, reads other people’s minds, knows the future, heals cancer and AIDS, makes the blind see and the lame walk.

I may have forgotten some other great abilities that such gurus claim but I think you already got a pretty good idea of what I mean. This type of guru claims anything that could bring him more followers and in the end more money.

Small miracles are performed for people with little money, rich people get to see bigger ones. These gurus have no knowledge about scriptures and in general nothing great to tell any of their disciples. If they had, it would not be necessary for them to show magic tricks to impress others. They take their ‘wisdom’ from books of others, mix it together a bit and present it, if they ever want to present something. Mostly however they just make a big show and try to impress people.

These gurus know exactly that they cheat their audience. Of course, you know that you only make others believe that you materialized gold – in reality you were hiding it in your handkerchief the whole time! How would you not know you are fooling others?

Such gurus play with the greed of religious people who want to believe in superstition. They lure them in, show them their ‘siddhis’ to make them more and more greedy for success, for money, for whatever they want and actually suck their money out of them. Look at those gurus and you will see that most of them are big. Their show works best when they are big and they even hire people to show that they already have a mass following. And in this way they themselves get rich, accumulate tons of gold and just make ridiculous amounts of money.

The list of these gurus is long. Sathya Sai Baba was probably the biggest name among them but there are many more. Vishwananada, Nithyananda, Kaleshwar and many many more.

This type of guru is the one who can be clearly and easily identified as a fake guru and I think they have the lowest morals of all. Instead of using the trust and faith that people have in them to teach them how to take responsibility for their own lives, they keep them in the dark, make them dependent on them and keep them like blind sheep who can only follow what they are told.

No, this type of guru is not one whom you should ever follow. He has low morals himself because he cheats his followers. Consciously and with full intention. Only to enrich himself.

Unfortunately there are still too many of these gurus and too many people who enjoy following such men and women.

After Import in the West, Tantra became red, white, black and sexy! – 6 May 12

In January 2004, after the shocking email which told me that my summer program for Germany had been cancelled, I immediately tried to reach the woman who had been arranging my programs to understand this better.

She repeated what she had explained in the email, that the owner of the yoga organization with which the programs were planned thought I smoked drugs and I did red ‘Tantra’. At this point I asked her ‘What exactly does he mean with that, red Tantra?’ and she seemed unbelieving that I had never heard of this before.

I heard an explanation that I got to hear many times more in the following years: there are supposed to be three kinds of Tantra, white, black and red Tantra.

White Tantra is, in short, the good kind of Tantra. It is peaceful and poojas and ceremonies would be a part of white Tantra.

Black Tantra is equal to black magic. It is every ritual that you do to harm someone, everything dark and obscure, evil and bad.

Red Tantra is what many people today associate with the word Tantra – it has to do with sex.

When I heard this explanation, I had to laugh despite my situation. Red, black and white Tantra? I told her that this was complete nonsense. Tantra has no colours. None of the Hindu scriptures in which the word Tantra is mentioned specifies anything about colours or these three categories. When Tantra was imported into the west, it got colour and much more sexy! It obviously seemed intelligent and wise for people to categorize Tantra and those colours fit very well. Later I realized that nearly everyone in the west who has heard about Tantra also believes in this colour theory and believes that this is what ancient scriptures say – just because someone started this theory which is not at all based on any scripture. In that time though, I just had to laugh.

My conversational partner did not find this as funny as I did though. She replied ‘I know that you don’t do red Tantra but it really exists. He is a very intelligent person and knows about these things’. Well, I don’t blame her, she really believed in this. She had obviously heard the founder of that yoga organization speak about this several times and as she had learned from him, too, she believed him. That did not change the fact however that it was nonsense.

I told her so but we did not argue about that further. My situation could not be changed by this discussion anyway. It did not matter whether there was something like red Tantra or not and it also did not matter that all those accusations were lies that had just been made on the grounds that another person was jealous. My programs with that yoga organization had been cancelled.

Although I was everything else but pleased about this, I decided to go to Germany anyway. The woman who had organized before and to whom I was talking could not do anything anymore – her contacts were only in that yoga organization. I told her that I had been to Germany before I had known her, too, and that I would go there now as well.

I had a few connections outside of the yoga organization whom I anyway wanted to visit and where I could do some work. I would just start again to connect to others, spontaneously and with free time on hand.

Businessman of Blessings – Fraud Guru Nirmal Baba exposed – 16 Apr 12

Read this article in Hindi

In the last days there has been a new guru in the media quite often. His name is Nirmal Baba and you may have seen his advertisement somewhere already. I actually had not known his name until my father came home from a meeting with a friend one day and told me that his friend’s son was ill. His friend had asked him ‘There is a guru who gives his blessing and who is getting famous because he has helped so many people. His name is Nirmal Baba. Should I go to him and ask him to bless my son so that he will get better?’ My father obviously replied that he should not do any such thing but consult a doctor. That is how I already thought that it is another guru who fools people.

I got to know more about him in the last weeks and there has also been more and more media coverage about this man whose birth name is Nirmaljeet Singh Narula. I read that he was trying several businesses but was not successful selling garments nor bricks and neither as a contractor. This is how he came into the guru business and finally got really lots of success. His facebook page, called Nirmalbaba, currently has over 345000 fans, more than 42500 people follow him on Twitter and he definitely earned quite a lot of money already.

On TV he himself said that he has a yearly turnover of 238 crore Rupees, which is more than 46 Million Dollar. You can imagine how much he has earned before that or on other accounts! Now let me finally tell you where this money comes from and how this man got so popular.

On 35 TV channels in India and abroad, he has bought time slots of half hours or full hours for his advertisement. I have told before that agents of spiritual channels have contacted me for this before, too, but that I denied. He gives a lecture on TV and then shows video excerpts from his programs, giving testimonies of people who were allegedly helped by his blessing. They report that all their problems were solved, that illnesses were cured and that business got better again just with his blessings. Everyone who would also like to attend such programs is given an account number and has to deposit 2000 Rupees there in advance. Nirmal Baba’s program, called ‘The third Eye of Nirmal Baba’, is booked out months in advance.

There are many people with a lot of different problems and then there is this man who claims to have supernatural powers which heal even problems like cancer or AIDS! Imagine how people run to him! I have never seen any of his programs but saw on that TV show and read about the method how he gives his ‘blessing’. People from the crowd get up and tell their problem like ‘I have constant pain in my belly’ and the reply of Nirmal Baba is ‘Give Idali and Dosa to your neighbours, you will get blessed’. He gives other ridiculous advice like ‘Put a 10 Rupee note into your purse and you will get blessed’. I saw in that small TV clip how he asked the audience ‘Open your eyes and purse’ and he would send blessings for money into the purse. He claims that he reads people’s minds, has the power of the third eye and can even bless you through TV. In this way he claims that things that one could not achieve in years will be done quickly after receiving his blessing.

If you want to have an even greater or more permanent blessing, he encourages people to give 10% of their income to him. He even creates fear: if you don’t give these 10% to him, you will experience financial loss!


Nidhi – The actress who first revealed that questions from the audience are faked

What happens now, after he has become so successful, is that people finally get up and say that he is fraud. People come out and tell that they have paid money, got ridiculous advice and then nothing happened. I read that a junior artist, a young actress called Nidhi, told that she got 10000 Rupees per day to just be in the audience and ask a question or tell how much she was blessed. Other people tell that there are his own people in the crowd at the front and he only points at them to talk for testimonials and questions. It seems as though people now get aware that they were being cheated with funny advice.

The TV channel on which I was watching that show also shows his advertisement but stated clearly that this was a sold slot and that they are not responsible for the content nor do they approve of it. I just wonder why they then show his program at all? The answer is just greed and this, paired with superstition, is what this Nirmal Baba promotes.

There are still many superstitious people in India and many people who are educated but still believe in such nonsense. In this country there are even today cases in which women are burnt alive for the accusation of being witches and cases in which children are sacrificed in rituals performed to get supernatural powers. In newspapers here you can still see advertisement for penis enlargement pills, oils and devices! There are people who do this business and who obviously have the money to advertise in newspapers. They don’t have that much to buy a slot on TV but if they did, they would sell more. There are people who buy that! In the same way there are people who go to Nirmal Baba’s program although you can read now everywhere that he is just fraud!

I am happy that the media shows program against him now but I also think they should have been more responsible in the first place. You know that it is fake, that AIDS and cancer cannot be healed by a blessing, be that in person or through TV, so why do you show this at all, even if you get money for it? Where was the Ministry of India for Information and Broadcasting? They control TV channels but they did not take notice of this high level fraud business! This man is fooling the public, so it is of public interest not to show those things which create superstition and greed in people! If media had not supported him, he would not even have reached where he is now. Now they are thinking to stop his advertisement. Now they are showing programs against him but who brought him there? If they had felt responsible before and had refused to show such program, not so many people would have got cheated. It is only money, they were more greedy than feeling responsible. But where will this take India? A country that prefers money and superstition to education and responsible behavior?

I read that people started going to the police to report that they were cheated. I would like to encourage those people who have been to Nirmal Baba to stand up, follow their example and tell that you have been cheated. I know it is for many not easy to admit that. If someone bought a device for penis enlargement, he would never admit that it did not work because he would look funny. Just like that, people who have paid 2000 Rupees to Nirmal Baba say that they were so blessed because they cannot admit that they were just fooled and nothing happened. If thousands of people come out though, it will have an impact!

I believe it already had an impact that so many people are now writing about him – he was on a TV interview, in which he tried to defend himself. In reality however he looked insecure and could not even properly answer the questions of the journalist. He avoided directly answering and instead claimed again that he has supernatural powers. With those powers however he obviously could not keep people from speaking out against him.

When the first articles against him came out online, the legal team of his organization was obviously quick to go to court. I read that they removed an article on the website ‘hubpages’ which was not written in favour of Nirmal Baba but allegedly called him fraud. Another website however, an Indian website, stated that hubpages simply had no lawyer in India and did not care about the removal very much. They, also having been asked to remove their article about Nirmal Baba, refused and mentioned that they would fight in court for the right to write with freedom. I want to thank them for their courage.

I have had this kind of situations before, too. I have written about Kumar Swami before and we were sent threats of legal action in many different ways but until now nobody came and actually sued me. Why? Because I simply wrote the truth. Kumar Swami’s business is also still going on. He recently gave advertisement in newspapers again – in the same style as before, claiming he can heal everything. He is just another Nirmal Baba.

There are so many fraud people like Kumar Swami and Nirmal Baba who suck money from people due to their belief. They claim whatever they can, whether that is true or not and people run to them in the hope to get help. Don’t fall for any such scam. Use your head and intelligence and accept that you have to take responsibility for your life. You can make a change, nobody else can do that for you.