Eat consciously and know what you are eating – 4 Feb 16

I yesterday mentioned how important it is to take time when you are eating so that you consciously eat and know what you are eating. When I mentioned that you should not see your body as a trash bin however, I don’t only refer to whether you are sitting or standing for your meal – but also exactly what you are giving your body to digest and work with – because there can be big differences!

Once you start considering what is actually going into your belly, there is certain information that reaches you and makes you decide on changes in your diet!

One of the first decisions that a lot of people take once they become aware about healthy eating is to become vegetarian. There is a point when starting to think about your food that you wonder where it comes from. Going down the supply chain of meat, you come across a lot of violence, use of chemicals and hormones, inhuman and cruel living conditions – and most people lose all appetite for meat! Why would you add to the pain of animals just to eat them if you can do without? Why would you like to eat the hormones which those cows get injected for growth?

Obviously, the origin of your food has an effect on its quality, too! Having reached the point where you think about what the animals whose meat lands on your table have eaten before their death, it is not far away from thinking about what is in the vegetables that you are eating! You get across harmful fertilizers and growth-supporting chemicals, genetically modified plants, preserving agents, chemical colours and so much more that you start wondering whether you can actually still eat that!

That’s how a lot of people start extending their hand towards the organic product at the supermarket compared to the non-organic one. They start buying locally again when thinking about those huge companies destroying the market for smaller, local shops. Completely organic shops are not only surviving but striving due to this raise of awareness which has happened in the past years. There is a growing amount of people who stick to organic ingredients now whenever they are able to!

Obviously, starting to think about your food, you eat more consciously and bring a change to how often you eat, how much you eat and simply your entire diet! You think about how your body feels after eating certain kinds of food and realize that an excess of fat or sugar makes you feel bad and you avoid it. Certain items are skipped which you know are too processed to contain any more than chemicals and at some point you feel that you don’t even want to eat or drink any of that anymore!

That’s how the process of beginning to eat consciously usually goes. You don’t need anybody to tell you what to do. Nowadays, there is so much information available in so many different forms that you don’t need to rely on one person to know what is good for you. The only one who will really be able to know that is you because you are the one that feels your body.

So start getting more sensitive towards it, get information and input wherever needed and get onto your way to feeling better, fitter, healthier and happier!

A small Action can change your Life forever – live consciously! – 11 Dec 14

I wanted to share a thought with you. Basically, the thought is just how precious life is – and how we can change it and even finish it completely with just an action of a second. Always remember!

When you are in the middle of life, when you are following your daily routine and are just immersed into events, happenings and actions, you sometimes forget to see the bigger picture. You do five things at the same time and while you do them, you are already at the next step. You get upset, your emotions are flowing up and while you do one thing, you are fighting inside. Fighting against yourself and others around, imaginary struggles that don’t bring you anywhere. That just keep you inside, letting your hands move without your mind.

You move through life without being consciously alive. Without even paying attention to what you are doing.

You forget that one little action can change your life forever. A moment of negligence at home. A candle knocked over. A gas oven that was not turned off properly. Abstraction in traffic. An oversight while driving. One step to the wrong side without looking first.

It can end your life. It can leave you changed forever – physically, mentally, emotionally.

Remember this and start living consciously. Be in the moment – not in order to make a step further on your spiritual path. No, to live properly and so that you never have to regret one inattentive moment’s work.

Inspired by the events of yesterday, about which I will write to you next week.

Meditation is not a Mystery – but you cannot sell what is available to all! – 13 Nov 13

I have the feeling I may have confused a few people with yesterday’s and day before yesterday’s blog posts. You may have got the impression that I have first left my life as a guru, then I left religion, lost my faith in God and now I am starting to write against meditation! Let me tell you that this is absolutely not the case! I am against the way in which meditation is propagated these days, presenting it as a practice for the elite of spiritual people, but I love meditation and will always suggest everyone to meditate – I may however have a completely different definition of meditation for myself! I have written quite a few blogs about the question what meditation is for me. Today one more will follow.

First of all, I will try to give you a one-line definition: Meditation, or ‘dhyan; in Hindi and Sanskrit, is when you are completely in presence, 100% aware of what you are doing.

I never say that the goal of meditation is thoughtlessness. I believe that you don’t even need any special position, breathing technique or anything else for doing meditation. You can meditate while you are working, talking, painting, playing or even – or maybe most importantly – while having sex! You just need to be there in that very moment, not in the future and not in the past. Just there – that is meditation for me.

The main point here is that literally everybody can do it! You don’t need to be special! It is possible for everyone and at any time. Meditation doesn’t require years of practice nor do you need to have any artistic talent for it! It is not complicated and you don’t need to be able to pull a lorry with your teeth or bend a rod with your bare hands! You, yes you can do it!

Now would it feel better if you could and your neighbour couldn’t? Would it be more interesting if there was a secret or mystery behind it? This is the idea that gurus and businessmen love and earn their money with! They want to make you feel not only special but better than anybody in your surrounding – so they present meditation as something complicated!

This attitude seems rather a way to boost your ego than to reduce it! So in the fifteen minutes per day that you meditate, you are in a higher consciousness? So you first have to get there and then you can only reach there when you sit in the right position and with the right atmosphere, limiting it to maximum one hour a day? Where is your consciousness in the remaining 23 hours of the day – down on the boring, un-elevated ground level like the rest of us? So you feel special within yourself during this short time, feeling in peace and one with the world – but why can’t you be in this state of happiness at all times?

Yes, you should be able to do your job, play, read, work and do everything in a 24-hour day while being in meditation. You should live in constant bliss without sitting at one spot and thinking nothing!

Of course, no guru would like to tell you this biggest secret, it would ruin the admiration that they get as well as their business but the truth is: YOU can do it. Just by being aware!

You are special because of who you are – not because of what you do! – 14 Aug 13

After yesterday’s speech for minorities who feel pressurized by society, I would like to add some words for those people who absolutely don’t feel like a minority, those who feel that they feel like most other people do, those who are genuinely a part of ‘the majority’. Why? Because there is a lot of ‘majority-bashing’ going on, especially in the spiritual scene, but there are a lot of people who honestly feel the way they do and they have a right to be themselves, too – even if this means that they are ‘mainstream’. If you are one of them, you don’t need to feel guilty about it!

It may sound funny to you that I think this should be said but let me explain why I believe that there are a lot of people who have such feelings. For many years now, people have been ‘waking up’, realizing that they don’t want to continue their lives in the normal trot, that they want to get out of the pressure of their daily routine and do something that makes their hearts happy. There have been several movements which you can call the ‘spiritual scene’ if you are looking for one word. They all emphasize that you have to do what makes you happy and I fully support this basic idea. There are different approaches but most of them tell the interested people one thing: you are special!

While again, I agree with the basic idea that we all are unique, there is another implication of this message that I don’t really agree with completely: you are special because you are doing something different. You are special because all those people around you, the ‘majority’, the ‘great mass’ of people are not as conscious as you. You are special because they all do the same old thing and you don’t like it anymore. You are special because you don’t like what they all like. You may find a few people who like approximately the same things that you like but in the end you will go alone on your way to enlightenment because you are so special.

Well, I am just not in favour of the idea that all of these people are ‘the chosen ones’. I don’t think it is a good idea to tell a whole lot of people that you have to be so different from others that you don’t fit in. Yes, I myself tell people that you don’t HAVE TO fit in but it is a completely different story if you tell people that they SHOULD NOT fit in! That they are not special if they feel well around their normal friends. That they are supposed to feel bad when they are in their regular surroundings. That they have to find new friends and a minority that they can join. Or that they have to be lone wolves.

Once you get more conscious of your body, your food, your mind, your levels of stress or relaxation and your actions as whole, you may feel that you are a bit different. You may realize that you don’t enjoy certain activities, maybe like evenings where everyone gets drunk in a bar or barbecues because you are now vegetarian. You may not enjoy talking about most of the topics that you were previously talking about. But even if you still enjoy going to the movies, if you still enjoy dancing in a disco, if you still enjoy going out to a soccer match with your friends, you are still special and unique! You are still an individual being and there is nobody like you!

The message is: you are unique just as you are. Because of who you are, not because of what you do or don’t. Even if you are part of a majority, you are still special!

Are you meditating or just giving a fake Demonstration? – 5 Apr 13

Ah, when writing yesterday’s diary I was not aware that I would start such a question-answer game about the topic of meditation! It is nice, most people agreed with me that playing with Apra is a very useful way of spending my time but they asked me many questions about the fact that I called that meditation. How could I be in presence when I had to worry about her falling and getting hurt or while being so obviously engaged in something active, running behind my little one instead of sitting and giving my body rest so that my mind can get peace? I thought it is about time to explain you my idea of meditation in detail again.

Let’s start with the classical imagination of a meditating person. Someone sits with the legs crossed, preferably in the lotus pose, the back straight and the hands on the knees with the fingers in the Gyan Mudra, the tip of the thumb joining the tip of the index finger. If you ask any child who has ever heard of meditation to show you how to meditate, they will do a nice display of this, on top of it probably saying a loud ‘Oooommm’. That is the standard idea that normal people have of meditation.

What you should do while meditating is a similarly stereotype idea. Let all your thoughts go, clear your mind, don’t think anything. That is the basics and the reason why most people think it is impossible for them to meditate. ‘Don’t think anything’ is what scares some off and offers a challenge for others.

I actually believe that anybody who has seriously tried to meditate any time in his life has already noticed that this is not the magic formula to meditation. Your legs and back start hurting after short time if you don’t have much practice sitting in this pose and your mind anyway does what it wants instead of following the order to empty itself. You shift around, if you are in company you are trying to be as silent as possible while doing this and you may even get into an awkward situation when you finally think you relaxed and with the tension some gas left your body – clearly audible to those around you.

I think we can agree that this is not the ultimate best way to meditate. I actually believe that while this image has become the ideal advertising image of meditation and inner peace, it is in most cases just a fake demonstration of the same. There are people who have the physical and mental ability to actually meditate in this way also over longer periods of time but most people, if they are really interested to reach this state of inner peace, would choose another method, if they knew about it.

As to the other methods, there are many. One example is sound meditation, which our friend Thomas so nicely practices and offers, a relaxation with music that guides your mind and gives it a focus that helps you let go of unnecessary thoughts. Another option is walking in nature, something that I am sure the participants of our Himalaya Journey will tell us tonight when they are back at the Ashram after their trip. A walk under the stars or in a forest can be a wonderful meditation as long as you concentrate on being in the present moment. Exercise can be meditation, too, as well as art, a painting in which you get lost while creating it. Cooking a dish and feeling the spices intuitively while adding them into your pot. Planting a tree, reading a book or even doing your work, yes, also in front of a computer, while being aware of what you are doing.

As I said, as long as you are fully aware of what you are doing in the moment, I call it meditation. And when I am playing with our little one, when she is running somewhere and I am behind her or whatever she is doing, I am completely in that moment. You have to be with a little child like Apra – the moment you are distracted, she can do any nonsense! So you have to be aware – and it is the best meditation I ever had!

Can you measure someone’s Level of Consciousness by the Length of his Meditation? – 4 Apr 13

We recently had a guest at the Ashram with whom I had a small conversation that I wanted to share with you. It was a short talk about meditation, my idea of meditation and the regular, commonly spread idea of meditation in contrast to each other.

I sat down next to our guest and after a little bit of small talk, this man asked me ‘Tell me, how many hours of meditation do you do in a day?’ He was looking curiously at me and I could tell that he was waiting for an impressive answer. He was sure that I would be doing more than the hour of sitting and meditation that he himself managed to do before going to work every day.

I smiled at him and told him that since our little daughter Apra was with us, I meditated by spending time with her. All my meditation is being with her, making her laugh, playing with her, watching her how she is running behind a ball or towards a lizard at the wall.

I could see that the man was shocked. He tried but hardly managed to hide his disappointment about my honest answer. I know the thoughts that were probably on his mind as I have heard people actually voice such things already – that I have lost my discipline or that I have come down from the high level of spirituality where I was to a much lower level. They think I don’t care anymore about my mental state, I have lost the right path.

Obviously some people like to blame my marriage or my wife for that – the western woman who spoilt this spiritual man and keeps him from doing his sadhana, his spiritual practice. Those who do, don’t know that I had always had slightly different views on meditation than the mainstream meditator. Traditional people may see it as an example that a spiritual person should never get married or have children.

This all however only applies if you think of meditation as a competition. Whoever can sit in meditation the longest is the winner! That person is closer to enlightenment than all others or has even already reached enlightenment! Those who cannot sit still for even half an hour are beginners, losers, materialists and very non-spiritual people!

I believe in meditation in a very different way. I don’t think that you have to sit down with crossed legs, close your eyes and breathe deeply in order to meditate. Meditation means to be completely present, to be fully aware of what you are doing in that very moment without your thoughts racing around in past or future.

That is exactly what I do when I am with Apra. You have hardly any chance not to be in meditation when you are with her as she captures your full attention at the present moment. You have to watch her and you feel what she is feeling, you just look in her face and you can practically see what she is thinking. Play with her, talk to her, make her follow your thoughts and show her your world. This all has the wonderful effect of meditation on me: it makes me calm and happy.

If I had to sit isolated in a room for several hours a day, just to show the world what a great practitioner of meditation I am, she would miss me and I would miss her. Being with my daughter is my meditation and I am happy that I can spend my time in this way, making both of us happy.

Doomsday is cancelled – new Business for modern Gurus – 21 Dec 12

Are you ready for the end of this world? Today is finally the 21st December 2012, 21.12.2012. Some people started telling others that today was the day of the apocalypse because the calendar of the Mayans allegedly ends on this day. Others have protested that it is not the end of the Mayan calendar but just a change of a certain period of time. Whatever made the Mayans stop their calculation on this day, it made a lot of people go crazy about this date. Some extreme people have prepared for catastrophes to happen today and the extinction of the human race or the destruction of the planet. Another popular point of view is that it is a day of ‘shifting consciousness’. Let me tell you in some lines here, what I think of these both ideas.

It is easy to dismiss the idea that the world could actually physically end today. There have been no tsunamis predicted, until now I have not heard of any devastating earthquakes, no epidemics have spread until now and scientists have not discovered any comets that could crash into the planet to finish it once and for all. No, it does not really seem as though we are all going to die today.

Maybe it was just too crazy for most people to really think all life on this planet is going to end but what to do with that Mayan calendar then? People in the spiritual scene highly value old cultures and their customs and traditions – which is in general a good thing – but they also attribute nearly magical powers to them. You cannot just ignore their calendar now after telling everyone about the accuracy of their prophecies for such a long time! So what to do?

Let’s just call it a change then! Or maybe that does not sound good enough yet… ascension! Yes, that’s it, let’s tell people it will be an ascension to another dimension, a shift of global consciousness. It is like Doomsday, just better! We don’t need to store as much rice or water as possible, we just need to do what we are doing anyway and spread this message. That is nice, then we can blame the end of this dimension for whatever is going wrong in our lives.

You know, you can call me cynical if you like but I think I am just being realistic if I say that this whole story of dimensions and transformations is just a piece of imagination created by people who want to make money with it. They create fear by saying you need to do this process or it will be hard for you, you could fall in depression because you did not learn how to accept change and change will happen and it will happen fast because of the ascension! While saying this however – which is actually just normal, life always means change – they also say you should not be afraid. They can tell you how not to be afraid. Just take their services, pay for them and calm your own mind and their financial worries.

I believe it is wrong to make people believe such things for which you just randomly select pieces of old cultures as proof and tell ‘channeled’ messages of angels, beings in the spirit world and other imaginary friends or masters who are supposed to guide you. I believe that after today, all those fake gurus, healers, life coaches, esoteric clairvoyants, channels and modern prophets will start a new business: how to heal all of those imaginary problems that resulted from that difficult shift of dimensions today. They need something to do and have to earn money, so they will find some other way of creating fear.

If we are not going to survive this day or if I am going to be sitting here, left alone in the fourth dimension because of my negative thoughts on this topic, you have proven me wrong. But I guess you won’t celebrate that victory – your higher consciousness won’t allow that. Please don’t try to save me though, I am a hopeless case!

Is India the right Place to search for inner Peace? – 20 Nov 12

Some time ago I had a counseling session with a woman who had come to India because she was searching for something. That is at least what she answered to the question how she had had the idea to travel. What she was searching for? Herself, inner peace, spirituality and everything that goes along with all these things. And where is the place where most people would search for that? India, the country of spirituality, of yogis, philosophers, saints and sadhus. She asked me if I thought she would find what she was looking for.

Well, that is a question that is not as easily answered, partly because it depends very much on the individual situation. There are a few aspects however that are true for everybody.

The very first one is that you should inform yourself about India before going there. Don’t come to this country with the illusion of a perfect country, where everyone does yoga every day, where nobody acts in any other way than out of love and where everyone is in peace with himself and the world. If you believe this – and I know that this is a common misconception especially among people who are deeply involved in the ‘spiritual scene’ – you will be disappointed. India is a very religious country, yes, and many people, rich and poor, act with much love. It is however just a normal country and not the seventh heaven! Read some books or newspaper articles, watch a documentary or two, there are a lot of issues in this society that could disturb any piece of peace that you may have found until that point.

The next question that I think you need to ask yourself is where exactly you are looking for your inner peace. Where are you searching for spirituality and where do you think you can find yourself? Are you going to a guru, a master or any religious leader and want this person to tell you who you are? If this is the case, I tell you that you won’t be very successful. On the contrary, you will run the risk of ending up in a manipulating sect or a brainwashing religion.

I believe the only way that you can find anything that could satisfy your need, your wish and this gap that you want to fill, is if you don’t go searching in the outside. You need to look inside yourself for finding your inner peace. You will not find yourself only by going to India, you will find yourself inside yourself.

This does not mean that I discourage everyone from travelling to India and I also don’t believe that nobody can find himself here and everyone should stay at home. No, on the contrary, I think it can be very helpful to take a time out from your daily routine at home and instead relax and concentrate on yourself, listen to your inner voice and find out who you are yourself. Do some yoga and take a retreat. Cleansing and detoxifying your body with Ayurveda helps to clean out first physically and through the relaxation mentally and emotionally, too. This all can help you to find yourself. You will have some distance and see things from another point of view.

So please come to India, travel, relax and enjoy. But take time for yourself and focus on your inside. This is in my opinion the best and maybe even the only way to find any of these things you are looking for!

Enlightenment – an Idea created for cheating spiritual Seekers – 19 Aug 11

Yesterday I wrote about inner changes and said that every change takes time. People want everything to be quick and fast nowadays. Many others have realized that they can make money with this fast culture. I don’t say there is anything wrong about such a business concept as long as it is honest. I don’t really think that it is real yoga if you change your postures so quickly that it looks as though you are in a hurry to finish but for some people this seems beneficial. Maybe it can be a way to start and then later start meditation and understanding the philosophy, too. I do not approve of it though, if the idea of selling something in a faster way becomes a means of cheating people.

I mentioned yesterday that people want ‘instant enlightenment’. They have heard about the long way that it takes a person to reach to this state and they hope to find a shortcut to get there. I don’t want to talk about my idea of the word ‘enlightenment’ but just let me tell you that I don’t believe in it the way that most people do these days. I don’t think that there is a moment in life in which a light is switched on, like a bulb, and from then on you are an enlightened being that can give enlightenment to others, switching on their inner light bulbs with just a little trick.

It sounds ridiculous even just writing it like this but there are many people who sell enlightenment in exactly this way! They call themselves living enlightened masters and promise to have you take part in this enlightenment if you pay them a certain amount of money. You will immediately experience bliss, complete peace, unconditional love and more.

It sounds good, doesn’t it? A shortcut to complete happiness. I want to warn people, if you see such offers, posters or newspaper advertisements, be aware! Don’t let yourself get tricked into such a thing! Those masters and gurus are not honest and usually don’t have any interest in liberating your soul! They cheat people who have hope and are maybe greedy to reach this goal of liberation quickly. Who however can check whether their promise was fulfilled? What is the proof that a person is enlightened? Who will tell whether they had success and a person was not reincarnated anymore after this life because he had met this guru?

They give a guarantee to be liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth. You get certain instructions and shaktipat, an initiation. This means that they transfer the power to you. With this power you are enlightened and won’t have to come back to this world anymore. I tell you, you will be shocked in your next life when you wake up as a mouse or monkey and realize that this guru really cheated you!

Such gurus openly advertise their own state of enlightenment. I don’t know if you ever heard of the saying ‘Those who have it don’t say it, those who say it don’t know it’. Why would a person who has achieved this state of consciousness really travel from city to city and country to country, with thousands of people and their own merchandise and make advertisement with enlightenment? Couldn’t he sit in one place and do his good deeds from there? If this person is in some way magic and has supernatural powers, why does he have to go through the trouble of organizing this all and finding people around the globe willing to do a lot of effort for their program?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say anything about a proper business, where people share their knowledge in lectures and workshops and get money for that and I surely don’t say anything against asking people to donate for a good cause. The point is that people get cheated. They are made believe that this one person is holy and this is why it costs to see him and listen to him. Not because of his experience and knowledge or wisdom but because of his holiness and because he achieved enlightenment. That is also why whatever you buy from this person’s shop is three times more expensive than the same thing in another shop – it is holy merchandise, used by the holy master and now holy in itself. You pay for the holiness, not for the product. In reality however there is no difference. If you want to believe that something is holy, it will be holy for you. Then you can buy holiness, too. It is a bit expensive, but you can buy it. If you want to believe that he can bring you enlightenment, you may at some point feel as though you had achieved it.

What will you do then, if you spent enough time in company of this guru after your initiation and one day the guru tells you that you are enlightened, too? Will you go around and start the same business, enlightening others? We have seen many gurus selling this idea in the past and you can see them in present, too. In the past they found many buyers and in present, too, you see that they fill their tents with people and their pockets with money. It is a business that will surely not die out any time soon. Each and every of those enlightened gurus has a story about how he got enlightened. Whether it was on a mountain in solitude or that a tree started talking to him or he could suddenly see the whole world at once and hear everybody’s thoughts, the stories are colourful and made to enchant those who are listening.

I believe today’s idea of enlightenment has developed through this business and the supposition that you could give enlightenment to another person. If you see enlightenment as full happiness, an inner balance of love and peace and a pure state of consciousness, I am sure that you cannot buy it. It is nothing sellable or transmittable from one person to another. This inner state – and I refuse to call it enlightenment – can only be achieved through constant work on yourself. You can have a guide, a teacher in that but don’t expect that someone can do this for you. You are the one who has to do it and it is your effort that can bring you there. No instant enlightenment, no liberation by paying for it. Connecting with your love and peace inside yourself.

I tried my best to look enlightened on the picture above. What do you think?

Inner Changes need Time, even in a Fast Food Culture – 18 Aug 11

When people get to know that I have spent three years and 108 days in a cave, not in touch with anybody and fully away from the normal world, they are often astonished about the long time. They ask me how it was to be with myself for such a long and sometimes also if it was really necessary to go for that long. Hearing these questions I often have to smile and think that people nowadays don’t have patience. They want everything instantly, right now. But most things need time!

It is not really very surprising that people have such questions and thoughts. Look at today’s society, especially here in the West. Do people really have time for anything? They are in stress, they have thousands of things on their mind which they try to do at the same time or as quickly as possible and they rarely take time even for eating in peace or being with their family. There is a scheduled time which they spend on their body, maybe a few hours in the gym every week. Why would anybody really spend a longer time period doing something for their mind and soul?

You can read this accuse for today’s society everywhere: it is a fast food culture. Whatever it is you have to give, give it to me quickly. I don’t have time, my time is precious, just hand it over, now! This is not how spirituality, inner peace and a balance in body, mind and soul works. It cannot. People want everything instant. Instant relaxation, instant enlightenment, instant Samadhi. What they don’t realize is that everything takes time. Real inner peace is a process and does not come to you by pressing one button, like switching on the light or by taking a pill, like a pain killer. It is a process and you have to spend some time for it.

When I went into the cave, it took me three or four months to get used to being in the cave, to get tuned with the atmosphere, with the new rhythm of my life. The feeling of time and the memories of the time outside slowly faded and vanished with time while I repeated my mantras. The same process had to take place when I came out of the cave. Another change, again slowly and in a process that took months until my whole being was out of the cave again. I had spent a lot of time with myself and my God and of course I had gained a lot but now I had to put this into real life, adjust my life again to match what was going on outside.

It took me several months to make this big change into complete solitude without anything that distracted me. What you want is to make a change in the middle of distraction. You want to come into peace while the world around you is stressing you as always. You have pressure and want to come out of it with as little change as possible. Let me tell you, you will need to make a change and it will take time. Inner changes usually don’t happen overnight. If you consciously want to make a change, you need to actively work on it. It doesn’t work instantly. There is no button, no pill, no magic spell. If you want to bring more love into your life, you need to remind yourself in each conversation that you have and with each thought or feeling that you have to fill it with love. If you want to have less stress in your life, you need to teach your body and mind to calm down and take things easy. Relaxing has to be learned, too!

Whatever you do, take your time to do it properly. It doesn’t matter if you feel at first as though you did not succeed. You did not fail and progress will show if you keep on working on it. Think positively and realize that you have enough time for anything you wish to do. Do it in peace and with patience.