For whom do you want to make your Breasts look bigger? – 26 Dec 11

You have probably read about the news that I want to mention in my diary today: in France, the government is now ready to pay for the removal of about 30000 silicone breast implants. Why? Because all these implants were made by a company using wrong material, making the implants more prone to rupture and leaking which increases the risk of cancer in the body. Two deaths of women have already been associated with their implants and you can imagine the situation of those women who have implants in their bodies. The producing company, which decided to use silicon usually used in electronic devices for breast implants, has sold their implants to countries all over Europe and South America. Hundreds of thousands of women are affected. My big question with this topic is always why these women actually have breast implants?

There are a few, very few, situations in which I can say that I could actually understand it: for example if a woman had breast cancer and had to have one of her breasts removed. If she can, with the help of medicine, have an implant and keep her outer appearance and with that avoid a lot of mental pain, I believe it is something good.

What I cannot understand or approve of however is reason that 80% of those women had for getting those implants: their beauty.

Is it really beautiful to do this to your body? You know about the possible side effects, you know that these implants can break after a certain amount of years and that there is always a risk that they might leak. Nevertheless you voluntarily go into surgery and have doctors put a foreign material into your body, to one of your most delicate body parts! Is that not abuse of your body? You may be against tattoos, branding and other modern ways of embellishing your body but what exactly is different in this? It is unnatural!

If you think you are not beautiful to men and that a breast augmentation with silicone implants would help you, let me ask a general question first: Do men really like this? I can tell you that most men really don’t! It is not a nice and natural feeling! Maybe a man could like seeing it but not touching it. So for whom do you make your breasts look bigger? For those who look at them, not for the one who gets close and intimate with you and who will actually touch them in the end.

Now these women live with the knowledge that there is something extremely dangerous in their body. They are afraid of doing extensive sports or sleeping on their belly or accidentally rolling around and breaking their implants in any way. They are in incredible mental stress due to this. Tests are being done whether their implants are leaking but there are stories about tests which were negative and doctors who removed the implants nevertheless discovered they had already leaked. So they cannot trust, they have to have them removed.

If you are thinking about a breast implant, a breast augmentation, a liposuction or any other form of plastic surgery, first of all realize that you change your body from being natural to unnatural. This is you! Why can’t you accept who you are? See that you are beautiful! Realize that you are just fine as you are! Don’t abuse yourself, don’t put anything artificial into your body or have something removed artificially. You are you and you are just great as you are.

Expressing without Feeling – 14 June 10

Yesterday I wrote that you can only express a tiny part of what you feel. It is funny, when I said this to my friend he laughed: how many feelings some people must have if you judge from their amount of expressing!

It is true, some people talk and talk and I sometimes get the feeling that these people express much but do not feel anything. They say so many things from so many angles and about so many topics but if you go to the root of what they said, that sentence did not come from the heart. It was just a creation of the moment, something they said to fill the silence with words. There are so often just set phrases which are not felt.

There is a whole lot of set phrases which we use without thinking. ‘Hello – how are you – I am fine, thanks’ and ‘okay, see you next time – thank you for the invitation – have a nice evening – bye!’ are like standard sentences that you can learn by heart and just say whenever you want to welcome someone or tell them goodbye. But where is the feeling?

‘I miss you’ is another one of these words. How often do you use these words without even feeling them? Have you ever felt longing from the heart for a loved one who is not there? Do you really know the meaning of missing? When I hear words like these which feel artificial and unreal, I have to ask why it is like this? Maybe those who say it only learned the word but their heart does not feel it, it doesn’t know it! Their heart never missed anyone, never had the pain of longing for someone. And that is how they can say it without having a meaning.

Processed Food, Fast Food and more – Take Care of your Body! – 31 Jul 09

In the last days I was writing about figure conscious people. I see and I have been told that many people here have overweight problems. But then I see the eating habits of people here and think that they should take more care about their eating habits and about the quality of their food.

Of course there is the problem that they are always on the run in this city. They never take time to sit down and eat but eat while walking. And then people eat a lot of junk food, fast food and processed food. I saw from outside of some shops which are displaying vegetables how they were shining and I said to Yashendu how artificial they look. They look polished and I was even in confusion if it was plastic or real. It was real and looking so beautiful, shining and colourful like showpieces. But they were real vegetables.

My friend Thomas from Germany, who is also in the States at the moment, told us that he was in an organic food store. German people are very conscious about reading ingredients and he told me how funny it was that although he was in an organic food store there was artificial colour and other chemicals in the food. You see, even in a shop in which you think you buy very healthy food, you have to look at what exactly you are buying. But this extra effort is worth it because it is about your health!

Know who you are and act like that – 14 Apr 09

I often see people who do not live their emotions as they are. I have also written a lot about this. Mostly you can see in their body language, their talk and their behavior, that they are in some way artificial. And they are living so much in this artificial behavior that it becomes their permanent way of acting. It seems that they are playing a role in a theatre but their whole life is this theatre. It often seems exaggerated and for me it feels sometimes very formal. But I also see that for them it seems natural what they are doing. They live in this way and this acting has become usual because they do it all the time.

Maybe it is a cultural difference or maybe I am just not used to this. I just want to be how I am and it feels unnatural when I see and observe this kind of behavior. I believe this happens when you play a certain role. It will not happen if you live your own personality. If a sixty years old person plays the role of a twenty years old, or if a twenty years old person plays the role of a sixty years old, it will look unnatural. Of course with twenty years you can have the maturity of a sixty years old and a sixty years old person can be jolly, happy and have fun like a twenty years old. When it comes naturally it is fully fine, just if you intentionally play this role, it surely looks artificial and you can feel that it is not real. I appreciate it if people live in their originality. This also makes their personality more serious and more real. I like to live just naturally with whatever is there.