A Doctor and an Artist – helping a Childhood Friend – 29 Jun 14

I was not only in new places in 2006 but also stayed with those organizers and friends whom I had regularly visited in the past years. One among them was my German friend, the doctor and psychotherapist in Luneburg. When I was with him, I noticed his charitable and generous nature once more and had to appreciate the way how he had integrated this attitude of helping others in his life.

He had a childhood friend, a woman who had grown up in his neighbourhood, with whom he had played as a young boy. While he went to college, studied and became doctor and later psychotherapist, she followed another way: she became artist. A painter, to be specific. Art is, as most people know very well, not as financially rewarding as medicine is and that is how this woman was struggling to make ends meet while my friend was settling in life and did not have to worry about his future.

You know how artists live. They have a passion and while they are happy with what they do, it is always difficult to earn their living with it. Like many others, this woman got some help from the state, monthly money that was however barely enough. She was not successful in selling her paintings – the only ones she ever sold were those two that my friend bought from her!

Whenever I was with him in his clinic for a week, I witnessed one day that she would come by and ask him for money. Yes, but she never begged. She actually always emphasized ‘You can lend me some money and I will give it back to you when I have sold some of my paintings!’

Of course, that day never came. The only reward he ever got were some flowers picked from a tree from the side of the road. Nevertheless my friend told me: ‘I have given her some money about every second week in the past 30 years. I have not counted how much I have given her in total but I have never expected getting even a cent back. I enjoy her laugh and her love.’ And he added that he gave her love in the form of money.

I loved seeing and hearing his attitude. He said he didn’t get poor from helping her but knew she really needed the money. So with getting help from here and there, she can survive while living her dream of painting. Why wouldn’t you help?

This is one of the reasons I always say my friend has a very generous heart. And an example for everyone to see that you can bring charity into your daily life!

Open Hearts and Open Hands – 1 Dec 10

In Hindi we have a proverb which says that rich people are stingy. I talked about this with several friends who told that this proverb exists in other languages, too. I know that this is only a general proverb but as often, proverbs have their base and root in reality and in common patterns of behavior that some wise people have noticed.

I have actually noticed many times that it is true, even if I like to say it the other way around. When dealing with public and being with people in India as well as in other countries I have always experienced what a big heart people with less money have and how much they give to those in need. I don’t want to say ‘poor people’ but I want to make clear that I am talking about people who have enough to live and to survive with their family but not much more than that. They enjoy small things and find their reasons of happiness in every day’s life. I have seen many times that they have open hands for others and unfortunately often much more open than the hands of better-situated people, people who live in a lot of abundance.

You can notice it if you compare the ratio. A person who earns 100 Rupees gives 10 Rupees to charity and is happy that he can give. He knows and says that this is only a small help but that maybe if many people contribute, it can grow to be a big support, too. In comparison a person who earns 100000 Rupees would usually not give 10000 Rupees to charity – which would be the same percentage. It seems a lot to them. Of course it is a lot of money but the person with a smaller income actually gave the same part of his salary! It is only an example but I feel that people with the bigger and fuller purse have more hesitation to give. Maybe I see this in a wrong way and they actually have a bigger purse because they open it so rarely?

Unfortunately this makes them much poorer from the heart. They would have the capacity to support a lot but they don’t do it. Don’t you think, they could actually live with a little less and still have a lot more than others?

I often have this feeling with rich people in India. Everywhere you can hear and really see with your own eyes how much poverty we have in India. Still however in September of this year you could count 69 Indian billionaires. And among the current five richest people of the world two are Indian! Do these 69 people help others surviving?

If people could open their hearts and their treasures, how many children could go to school, how many hungry stomachs could be filled! It is a pity that those who only earn a little so often give whatever they can but those who earn more don’t give in that ratio. If people just had a bigger wish to support each other, how beautiful this world could be.

I also know that there are many rich people who give a lot and with open hearts. Some of them may have been among the billionaires of this world if they did not do that much charity and many lives have actually been saved or improved through their financial support. Of course those 69 Indian billionaires also are employers for thousands of people and thus help them to survive. Everybody needs to see in his own heart how much he can help. If you can, in any way, please do it.


God Does not Need Money or Expensive RItuals – 22 Nov 09

Yesterday I said that our country India is very God-conscious and in the name of religion people become very generous and offer much. This is great to see but I would like to ask a question: why can this generosity not be redirected to practical charity projects? I think then God would be much happier.

Of course some temples have charity projects or support the poor in some way but again I will say that from my point of view there are too many expenses for making a big drama around a statue. Why do you spend money for 17 tons of flowers when God would surely be happy with two flowers, too? The rest could decorate and flourish in its natural environment, on the trees, so that everybody who walks by is refreshed by the aroma and enjoys the beauty of this view.

I am actually not against any particular ritual, ceremony, religion or organization. People can feel free to do what they believe in and what they feel good with but I just want to see the practical side. Why do you need to keep much gold or silver when this all could be used for good causes? What are the diamonds for?

I actually think that God doesn’t want this extraordinary luxury, it is rather religious leaders who enjoy this. This is how you often see Swamis and Gurus in the Hindu religion who have a very strong wish to collect gold, silver, money and jewelry and to show it off. I really wonder why somebody who claims to give liberation of attachment to material is himself so attached to gold and money. Millions of Dollars are saved in their pockets. It is a lot here in India.

Why am I writing this? I don’t say that organizations and people are bad and I am not interested to have a discussion or fight about this topic. My intention is to encourage those who have the possibility to help, to really do it, give your love to children and make the future of your country and of your world better.

Money and Spiritual Work fit together! – 20 Feb 09

As a reaction of yesterday’s diary and our newsletter twelve more days are reserved for food for a day and the sponsors will also receive Mantras. I am very happy and thankful to them. Of these twelve days six are sponsored by one of my friends. We had ten days before and twelve days more now and of course the rest of the year needs to be filled. My friend who generously wishes to sponsor six days’ food every year had the wish not to have his name mentioned on the notice board. He just would like to write ‘Today’s food is sponsored by Love from somewhere in the world’. In short he wrote: ‘I don’t want to receive Mantra as an exchange for money and as a business but from love and for love.’

First of all I want to say many thanks to him for his generous heart and for supporting these children. I would like to clarify for him and maybe for many other people that with all work which I offer I am fully aware that it is energy work. If I do healing sessions which I also do with Mantras or workshops and seminars, talk or meditations or if I give a personal Mantra to someone, everything is energy work. I spent more than three years in the cave working with Mantras energy and I have experienced it as well before as after this retreat, too. It is my soul and life.

I can proudly say that I am not doing prostitution and do not sell my soul and life. If I take donations for all my work, everybody knows and can see themselves for which cause it is. From this all we are running all children charity projects, filling their hungry stomachs and are trying to give them education so that they can stand on their own two feet. I continuously spend time for all this work without having rest. It is fully reasonable that people pay in form of a donation for the time which I am taking from my life to do this.

And of course I also have the right to survive in this world. Last year I have also written about this topic of money, spirituality and energy work. Maybe it will be useful to read my words again: 28th June, 29th June, 30th June , 1st July and 2 July 2008.

I would like to mention that we did a seminar in Lüneburg, Germany with my friend Dr. Michael Kosak last weekend. When we were going back home on Sunday and my friend was driving, we had a short but very good talk about this topic. I want to write some of his words. He said that we need to combine spirituality and money.

I know many people who are very afraid of it and cannot make a balance in this. People feel guilty if they combine money and spirituality. They have a bad feeling about money itself while spirituality is good for them. Since thousands of years religious leaders have announced that money is bad. If you are spiritual and working spiritually you should not think of money. But money is also energy.

Then I said that of course all gurus and spiritual masters like to say ‘Money is bad and you should not keep it. Give it to me.’ And that is how you will see that all these gurus and masters are very rich. From my travelling experience and from meeting many people I can tell you that all really spiritual people become poor. Then we laughed a lot about this.

Michael also said the following: How can money be bad when you feel good after getting it? Everybody feels good when he gets money, it is only afterwards that they say it is bad. How does someone express their thankfulness for the work that we did? In the form of money they show their love and their thankfulness. I said that spiritual people should also have the right to live a life in prosperity and we should invite prosperity. I talked about positive thinking and if you have this thinking why would you have to live in poverty? I would like people to wish and pray for prosperity in their lives so that they can do good things.

I would like to say to my colleagues around the world who also do spiritual work with energy, yoga or healing that they should not feel any guilt if they get paid for their time and work. They should be proud of what they are offering to the universe and that they are helping so many people. They also have the right to live a nice life with their spirituality.

I want to say to those people who need or want to get help in a spiritual and energetic way that they should open their mind and respect and honour the help which they are getting. They should understand the need of survival of this person, too, who is there for them and provides help and guidance. I am fully aware of what I am doing and don’t have any hesitation to accept help from my friends all over the world who would like to support my projects.

Today’s food was sponsored by a very nice friend whom I got to know a few weeks ago in Erkelenz.
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Enjoy your money – it has to flow – 13 Aug 08

Once on a sunny summer’s day my friend Michael was sitting in Hamburg in the sun outside a café together with his family. A beggar came and asked him for money.  Michael took out his wallet which was full of cash money. I know he is generous and has a good sense of humour which lets him enjoy each moment of life. So when this beggar asked him, he gave him his wallet and said: “Okay, take what you want.” The beggar was very surprised and looked at him. He took the wallet, took out fifty Euros and gave it back. He said: “That is what I need now.” Of course he was very happy and Michael told him to enjoy it.

I have told this story often and to many people. I like this generosity and a big heart. It doesn’t mean that he has money to throw away or that he is a very rich man. This is not what I want to tell. I like the attitude. I know people who have much more money but do not have this generosity and the wish to do something good with their money. A millionaire does not necessarily enjoy his money. I say that money has to be moving, going from here to there, only like this it is fun.

Sometimes I meet people who have a completely different and strange attitude towards money. Somehow they love money and collect it but do not enjoy it. You should enjoy your love. These people don’t have fun with their money and I do not see for what they collect it because nobody can take money with them when they go from this world. Earning money is an art. Saving money is a bigger art. Spending money is the biggest art. You cannot enjoy money until you spend it. I feel sorry for these people who cannot be happy themselves and cannot make others happy. You have to let this energy move. When money is in your bank account or in your pocket, it is not moving and you cannot enjoy its energy.

In my thinking I do not see that money makes people rich or poor. Someone who has 1000 Dollars seems rich to someone who only has 100 Dollars whereas he seems poor to a millionaire. Numbers don’t make you rich. I have seen millionaires whom I consider poor and I have seen people who don’t have money but who, to me, are very rich people because of their big heart and generosity. One of our child sponsors earns her money with cleaning other people’s houses and gives donation for three children. I see her as very rich. Your attitude, the way you feel, the way you think. That makes you rich.