Gyan Yoga for Pitta Dosha and Anger – 29 Jul 08

Yesterday I said that the Ayurvedic dosha Pitta, if it is not balanced in the body, can show in anger and aggression. I also said that Gyan Yoga is a good spiritual way to take if you are suffering from too much Pitta and thus from anger. Anger always has a target, a direction. It is directed towards someone or something. Anger is like a fire which doesn’t only burn others but also yourself. Too much Pitta in the body also means that you have too much acidity and it is like a burning in your body. Pitta also creates hyperactivity. So Gyan Yoga is the solution.

Gyan Yogis say that there is no duality. Everything is one and everyone is the same because God is in everybody. So if God is in you, in me and in everyone around, against whom do you want to direct your aggression? Anger can only exist in duality. You make the difference between good and bad and then you get angry against the bad side. But when everything is God, then everything is the same, everyone is love. In duality there is a thinking of possession. This is yours and this is mine. I own this and you own that.

I have a Gyan Yogi attitude in this way. I believe that everything belongs to everyone. So when I stay in someone’s house, I also open the fridge and for example cook with those vegetables without thinking that I did not buy them. On the other hand I do not mind to fill this fridge again, if I will eat what I buy or if someone else eats it because I consider this as everybody’s food. If you are in Gyan Yoga, it doesn’t make a difference. And this is how you can defeat anger and cure problems with Pitta. 

Attention Deficit Disorder – Treat the Roots of the Problem! – 8 Jul 08

Today I was in Munich to give healing sessions. As it was the second time that Carin invited me, I already knew nearly all of my patients, except for one boy. His father had a healing session and wanted his 11-year-old son to experience this, too. The father told that there must be a blockage somewhere because the boy is in a way hyperactive and doctors had diagnosed ADD, attention deficit disorder. It is not very bad and the father trusts that the healing energy helps.

I know this problem because many parents come with their children and tell me about this disorder. Children nowadays often have problems being with only one thing, one game, one exercise or one conversation. They have at least five things in the mind at the same time. If they have to sit quiet like in school they cannot do it. They start moving on their chair, talking with others and doing a lot of different things at the same time. It is not only the school. Also at home they cannot sit still or remain with one thing that they started.

Hyperactivity and this attention deficit disorder are both treated with tranquilizers and other tablets to calm down the mind of the child. However this is only a treatment of the symptoms and many times nobody thinks of the root of this problem. Where does it come from?

We live in a time in which everything has to be fast. There is always something going on, if it is on the road with a lot of traffic, at work or in school with many people or even at home, when the TV or the radio is switched on. We create this atmosphere even at home, where it could be peaceful and quiet. This also is energy which doesn’t allow you to be calm. You want to have something going on all the time.

Another aspect is the activities that children have in the afternoon. What is the main occupation of many children? Playing video games and watching TV. Playing outside in nature or with other children does not seem to be very popular anymore. Even if kids meet they play a video game together or one against the other. These games and the TV give a lot of impressions at the same time which the brain needs to work with. It is busy all the time! It gets used to jump from one scene to another because this is what happens in the TV, this is what the eyes see. And this is what children get used to and what they also do when someone tells them to do one thing at a time: their thoughts jump from one thing to another. It is no wonder that they cannot pay proper attention on one thing.

So please, parents, if your child has ADD, a problem in concentrating or is hyperactive, have a look on what he or she does during day. You can limit the children’s time in front of TV or computer and play with them or let them play with each other instead. They can go out and also play with neighbours. This will also improve their social life, they will make friends and their minds can calm down in a natural way.

Tomorrow I will write the diary from Vilnius in Lithuania. We were invited by my friend Oksana and her boyfriend Greg. This will be my first trip to Lithuania and I am looking forward to it