The Trap of spiritual Seekers: an endless Search for an Illusion – 30 Jul 14

Yesterday I already hinted on my point of view that gurus and religion are responsible for making people seekers. I believe it is done intentionally – so that they have more power!

I told you how it happens: someone is not really happy in life. His family, his work, his finances or his love life, something is just not working out. He has the feeling he misses something but cannot really point out what. He turns to searching and seeking. What he finds, is an overwhelming offer of help from spiritual masters, gurus and even religions.

This person now calls himself a ‘seeker’ and is confirmed in the thought that he has lost something. He is made believe that he can follow someone who knows what he is missing. Who can show him the way. But he doesn’t realize that this search will never end!

Masters, gurus, religions, they all show you that there is something mysterious that you don’t understand, cannot grasp and that you can only find through them. You now have the task to go to searching but you can never solve this riddle, can never exit this maze.

Only with you, the person who believes he is a seeker, their business can run. They are successful only by having more and more people like you. By fooling them into believing that they can give them something. That they can lead them to a happier place. In reality, they don’t want you to find what you are looking for. Which is why you will always be running after an illusion. A projection of something unreal, invented. An ecstasy that is not real happiness.

Your unhappiness does not come from missing god. You won’t ever be satisfied by the imaginary things they can provide you. Because you were unhappy with something in your material life. You were missing love or appreciation, missing money or success, missing a friend or emotional support.

It is a lack of worldly things – and I count love into that as well – which made you start this search. And again I can only repeat: stop searching and you will find it. Don’t get trapped by someone whose business it is to offer illusionary solutions to seekers!

Stop searching and you will find it – 29 Jul 14

Yesterday I told you about a man who had come to me for an individual session, asking about the purpose of life. I have heard many people ask me about such philosophies and they nearly always tell me ‘I am a seeker’. Whatever they ask after this information is the second step but first of all, I would like to tell you that I believe already this approach is wrong!

People tell me that they are searching for something. They say it as if it was a description for them, a categorization for who they are. But tell me, what are you searching for? God?

If you search, it means something has got lost. Something is incomplete, you are missing something and have lost that which you are now searching for. If you have the feeling you are searching for god, the higher power, the omnipotent energy being that you imagine him to be, I have to ask you something: did god get lost? If he can get lost, can you really call him the highest power? He cannot even take care that he doesn’t get lost! No, this cannot be.

As an answer, people tell me that they got lost themselves, not god.

Another turn, another thought. Now YOU are the one who didn’t take care and got lost. Doesn’t it feel appealing now to follow a master, a guru or even an institution like religion so that you can find back on your way? How nicely you have been put in this situation!

If you search like this, you will be searching your whole life long and you will never find what you are looking for! You will remain a follower and seeker.

I have never heard anybody say ‘I was a seeker and then in found what I was looking for!’

You have to stop searching. Otherwise your whole life will consist of this search. You are unsatisfied in your life, this is the reason why you have the feeling you need to go on this search! Once you have realized this, return to your normal life and see what you have. Find out which part of life it is that you are not happy with. What exactly are you missing? It is not god or some mysterious power, I can assure you.

You have to find fulfilment in real life, not in an imaginary, unreal, fantasy world! Imagination offers you doubts – your real life offers you real happiness!

Enjoy the world around you. Yes, enjoy the material world, no matter how strange this may sound to your spiritual ears. Enjoying the material world means that you dive into life and taste its flavours! If you are happy and satisfied with life, you don’t have the thought of searching, finding or achieving something. You will realize that it is just there, that you already have it.

Love, happiness, satisfaction.

Stop searching and you will find it.

Only unsatisfied People ask for the Purpose of Life – 28 Jul 14

I recently had a session with a man who had some very typical questions. Obviously, when I have such a conversation with someone, I think of my blog and you readers, sure that you would enjoy sitting with us there, participating in the talk. As this obviously cannot be, I am writing our words down in this blog entry for you.

The man who came to me for an individual session told me that he was, all in all, actually quite content with his life. He was retired, had family and some hobbies he really enjoyed. Yoga was one of them. He added, however, that in his yoga class, there were many people who considered themselves seekers and who asked him whether he was not looking for answers to the ‘essential questions of life’: why am I on this earth? What is my purpose?

He added that now he had the feeling he needed to find an answer, too, or at least search for it. He had already considered different possibilities, among them the idea that this is just one of his many incarnations and he should live as well as possible so that he can reach nirvana one day, complete liberation. He asked me what I thought about this.

I replied that I believed all these questions were actually unimportant. You live here and now. As long as you are sitting here on this earth and have everything you could think of, why do you worry about this? You are healthy, you have food, you have a family and friends. You even tell me that you are really happy right now! So why does it even matter?

These questions are for those and of those who are unhappy. Who are not satisfied with what they have in their lives. You are here, now! Instead of concentrating on this, instead of making sure that you get what you are missing, you think of the time after this life!

Nobody knows what will come and what will be after we have taken our last breath. But I think it doesn’t actually matter. Really, it is not relevant at all for this very moment.

I think it is only religion and people who take benefit of the spiritual confusion of others who like to support such questions, make them bigger and bigger and thus present them as important which they are not at all.

Just be happy in the here and now. You are? Then don’t start searching for something that is missing or get confused about questions that don’t really have an answer anyway. Don’t let others bring you to this confusion! Be happy with who you are and what you have – you don’t need to start searching!

Enlightenment – an Idea created for cheating spiritual Seekers – 19 Aug 11

Yesterday I wrote about inner changes and said that every change takes time. People want everything to be quick and fast nowadays. Many others have realized that they can make money with this fast culture. I don’t say there is anything wrong about such a business concept as long as it is honest. I don’t really think that it is real yoga if you change your postures so quickly that it looks as though you are in a hurry to finish but for some people this seems beneficial. Maybe it can be a way to start and then later start meditation and understanding the philosophy, too. I do not approve of it though, if the idea of selling something in a faster way becomes a means of cheating people.

I mentioned yesterday that people want ‘instant enlightenment’. They have heard about the long way that it takes a person to reach to this state and they hope to find a shortcut to get there. I don’t want to talk about my idea of the word ‘enlightenment’ but just let me tell you that I don’t believe in it the way that most people do these days. I don’t think that there is a moment in life in which a light is switched on, like a bulb, and from then on you are an enlightened being that can give enlightenment to others, switching on their inner light bulbs with just a little trick.

It sounds ridiculous even just writing it like this but there are many people who sell enlightenment in exactly this way! They call themselves living enlightened masters and promise to have you take part in this enlightenment if you pay them a certain amount of money. You will immediately experience bliss, complete peace, unconditional love and more.

It sounds good, doesn’t it? A shortcut to complete happiness. I want to warn people, if you see such offers, posters or newspaper advertisements, be aware! Don’t let yourself get tricked into such a thing! Those masters and gurus are not honest and usually don’t have any interest in liberating your soul! They cheat people who have hope and are maybe greedy to reach this goal of liberation quickly. Who however can check whether their promise was fulfilled? What is the proof that a person is enlightened? Who will tell whether they had success and a person was not reincarnated anymore after this life because he had met this guru?

They give a guarantee to be liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth. You get certain instructions and shaktipat, an initiation. This means that they transfer the power to you. With this power you are enlightened and won’t have to come back to this world anymore. I tell you, you will be shocked in your next life when you wake up as a mouse or monkey and realize that this guru really cheated you!

Such gurus openly advertise their own state of enlightenment. I don’t know if you ever heard of the saying ‘Those who have it don’t say it, those who say it don’t know it’. Why would a person who has achieved this state of consciousness really travel from city to city and country to country, with thousands of people and their own merchandise and make advertisement with enlightenment? Couldn’t he sit in one place and do his good deeds from there? If this person is in some way magic and has supernatural powers, why does he have to go through the trouble of organizing this all and finding people around the globe willing to do a lot of effort for their program?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say anything about a proper business, where people share their knowledge in lectures and workshops and get money for that and I surely don’t say anything against asking people to donate for a good cause. The point is that people get cheated. They are made believe that this one person is holy and this is why it costs to see him and listen to him. Not because of his experience and knowledge or wisdom but because of his holiness and because he achieved enlightenment. That is also why whatever you buy from this person’s shop is three times more expensive than the same thing in another shop – it is holy merchandise, used by the holy master and now holy in itself. You pay for the holiness, not for the product. In reality however there is no difference. If you want to believe that something is holy, it will be holy for you. Then you can buy holiness, too. It is a bit expensive, but you can buy it. If you want to believe that he can bring you enlightenment, you may at some point feel as though you had achieved it.

What will you do then, if you spent enough time in company of this guru after your initiation and one day the guru tells you that you are enlightened, too? Will you go around and start the same business, enlightening others? We have seen many gurus selling this idea in the past and you can see them in present, too. In the past they found many buyers and in present, too, you see that they fill their tents with people and their pockets with money. It is a business that will surely not die out any time soon. Each and every of those enlightened gurus has a story about how he got enlightened. Whether it was on a mountain in solitude or that a tree started talking to him or he could suddenly see the whole world at once and hear everybody’s thoughts, the stories are colourful and made to enchant those who are listening.

I believe today’s idea of enlightenment has developed through this business and the supposition that you could give enlightenment to another person. If you see enlightenment as full happiness, an inner balance of love and peace and a pure state of consciousness, I am sure that you cannot buy it. It is nothing sellable or transmittable from one person to another. This inner state – and I refuse to call it enlightenment – can only be achieved through constant work on yourself. You can have a guide, a teacher in that but don’t expect that someone can do this for you. You are the one who has to do it and it is your effort that can bring you there. No instant enlightenment, no liberation by paying for it. Connecting with your love and peace inside yourself.

I tried my best to look enlightened on the picture above. What do you think?

Guru admits: Materialization is a Trick – 23 June 10

Yesterday I already said that you sometimes see educated and intelligent people who fall for cheap tricks of gurus. It is especially the materializing trick that attracts people again and again although or maybe even because it is impossible in the law of physics to create something out of nothing. And it has often been proved by video recordings that a guru pulled a golden chain out of his pocket instead of materializing it or that he had the piece of jewelry hidden in his hand. What do these gurus say when you confront them with these videos and proof of their fraud?

Of course some of them are not approachable for just a normal person. They have a group of devotees who protect them from critics like you and me. You cannot reach them. Another way of gurus to dismiss criticism and this kind of evidence as faked and conspiracies against them by dark and evil forces.

Then there is another, a third way, which I have experienced and even read about on the website of one of those gurus. He gives a statement saying that yes, he does those tricks to attract people. It is the first step to make them come to him. He adds that then, once contact is established, people get to know his real wisdom and greatness. Once they get in touch with his divine light and progress on their path of following him, they realize that the magic tricks of materializing gold and ashes are for those who are still at the beginning of the path.

So he openly says that he cheats those seekers! And those whom he tells about it find it okay because they have the ego of ‘being more conscious’ about it. They defend him for it whenever someone criticizes him. What a lovely way: one cheats and those who were cheated love him for it and encourage him to cheat more and more people! The starting point of the relation with this guru is a lie. Where will it reach? What hope has a person who was attracted by this? And he will tell it to another one who will come, too, that is the sense. How much hope you are creating and then destroying? You are cheating innocent people! Unfortunately you see that many people go to these gurus, follow them and make them rich.

Searching for Truth – 16 Dec 09

Yesterday I said you need to have a stable opinion. I was yesterday mainly talking about having your own opinion which doesn’t change with everyone you meet. But it is also a very common thing in the ‘spiritual scene’ that people change very quickly and are not at all stable in their opinion. This, too, is the effect of it that they are not sure, there are always so many doubts.

And of course they are searching. They are searching for the truth. They go to someone or something, an organization or a master or guru, someone who knows the truth and who leads them towards it.

I like it when you are looking for the truth but I would like to say: the truth is nowhere outside. This is why you always got disappointed and couldn’t find it anywhere. Your truth is inside you. Search in your love and in your honesty, there you will find truth.

Spiritual Seekers Divided into Four Categories – 11 May 08

Yesterday you could read about four different kinds of questioners. With my work I really meet many spiritual people and these too, you could divide into four different types:

Type number one are the seekers. I also call them spiritually confused people. They are searching God everywhere and go from one seminar to another, from one healer to the other and never get what they want. They will never be satisfied. All the spiritual input that is on the market they absorb but are never satisfied.

People of the second type are good disciples. They are followers and if you read the last weeks of my diary you know that I like to think of these people as sheep. They need someone to tell them what to do and where to go.

Then there is the third type, the intellectuals. Always hungry for knowledge they are reading one book after the other and like to discuss and argue about the content. They make spirituality a mind game.

Number four are devotees. And I am talking about those who are devoted to love or God, not to a master or guru. They surrender themselves to love, they surrender their ego. In their heart there is so much love and compassion which they want to spread.

From all four types of people the last type I would call the real spirituals. You cannot find God if you are searching in the outside like the seekers do. You will not find love it you are in the mind like the intellectuals. Knowledge is not that important as knowing yourself. And followers are blind and missing the originality because they are hiding behind others. No, only the fourth type feels God inside and feels the love in the heart. They are in the feelings, not in the mind or the outside, They are not copying anyone. Only with this compassion and love, when you see God in yourself, in others and in love, then you are really spiritual.

Today Garrett from Ireland was here for a healing session. He visits me nearly each time when I am in Lüneburg and takes two or three healing sessions. When I met him the first time he had been suffering many years from depression and the healing sessions helped him a lot. He is fully fine now but he loves to come for the healing energy. I like his Irish humor. He asked me if people have Alzheimer’s in India too or if it was a western problem because of the culture and because everybody here seems to be living in the mind. After a long time the mind is tired. I said that there, too, there are cases of Alzheimer’s but I heard that here it is very frequent. And Garrett told that in the 80’s people said that smoking can prevent you from getting Alzheimer’s. However the only reason for this would be that you die of lung cancer before you get old. We laughed. I love this kind of humor.