Why you should think twice before cheering for the Rio Olympics – 7 Aug 16

So the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil have started. A huge sport event each time, wherever on the world it takes place and people show their excitement by waving flags, posting on social media and of course watching TV to see how well their country’s athletes perform. Whenever I see such a batch on facebook however, I wonder whether the person posting knows at all what has been going on there before the start. I doubt it – otherwise there would be at least mixed feelings and not this enthusiasm that is for sure!

Obviously, a country applies for becoming host of the Olympics because they get a certain amount of benefits. The biggest of these is that a lot of tourists coming to the country bring business to the country. Another one is that infrastructure is improved for the games – and of course exists for the people of the country after the games, too! Towns are cleaned and made beautiful and some more bigger and smaller advantages compared to regular life.

In Brazil, things went a big different. One reason for this may be the big amount of corruption in that country which, similarly to India, blocks some very good initiatives and spoils the effect.

There were, for example, plans to clean the waters where boating and swimming competition will take place – because they were full of sewage water when the plans of the Olympics in Rio started. Unfortunately however pictures, reports and water tests today show that nothing much happened. Athletes are advised not to open their mouth to avoid diseases – ugh!

Coming to the point of infrastructure, you can see from the mere fact that stadiums were not ready until two days before the opening that things didn’t really go as planned in regards to infrastructure either! Cycle tracks had been built and broken down, transportation systems had not been extended as planned and more. Additionally there have been reports of workers being kept at slavery-like conditions!

Everyone going to Rio for the Olympics faces another issue which is not of small importance: life is not secure at all! There are already reports of athletes and visitors getting robbed at gunpoint – not something you would like to experience when going to this kind of event, is it?

It is no wonder that the people of the country itself are protesting! Protesting against the government and the games. Against corruption, neglect and everything that causes problems in their daily life. Because while the Olympic Games will be in town for a bit more than two weeks and Rio will do its best to shine, they will stay living with all these dangers and disadvantages which athletes and tourists will only keep as a negative memory! People work long hours for getting nothing in return, slums are growing with crime spreading like wildfire, children have little to no chance for education, malnutrition is too common and child labour normal for those families who simply need the money for survival! Corruption and violence come from police and government alike, making people disillusioned about any help they could get. It is a dire situation.

We cannot close our eyes to all of these facts and just see the glitter and glamour that the hosts and organizers want us to see! We have to see the whole picture and realize that at least there is one benefit: this event shows us what is happening in Brazil and that things are not all rosy there at all! If we want to support our athletes and enjoy the games, we should also see the background of the venue and the situation of people there. If there is any way we can help, we should. And be it just by telling people about the situation and raising awareness in this way.

Loving your Body does not mean accepting Overweight but also not starving yourself! – 20 Aug 15

In a world where everything is about what you see instead of what you feel, our appearance, our physical body has become so very important. That’s how there has been a huge fitness-boom recently and lots of people use sometimes crazy diets and very strict workout schedules to get into shape. In the spiritual scene however, people preach practically the opposite: love yourself and your body as you are. I would like to write a little bit about these two ideas and where I believe it is best to stand.

The point where we start this conversation is that you are not happy with your body as it is right now, most probably because it doesn’t fit into a beauty ideal propagated to you by common public media. You want to change this and you have two possible ways:

First, you can get your body to the size and shape that you are admiring on others. For that, you will need to change or regulate your diet and do physical exercise.

If you choose this way, I want to recommend you, as I have done before, too, that you focus on being healthy. This means that you should not, in any case, go on a diet that harms your body! The same goes for any kind of pills or shakes that are supposed to make you lose weight. They often contain chemical ingredients that have side-effects you cannot even think of. When it comes to physical exercise, please take the help of a professional for finding out how to exercise properly without hurting yourself.

And I want to warn you about two things: for once, it is impossible to actually reach the figure of the bikini models on public posters – because Photoshop played a big role in making them look like this! Secondly, you may not gain happiness and satisfaction in this way. You may never be really happy with how your body looks like and just keep on trying different diets or workouts to achieve something that may not be possible for you – simply because you are another body type or it is an unrealistic ideal you are having!

So we get to the other possibility: learning to accept and love your body however it is. You will probably assume that I would vote for this option. I don’t. At least not completely.

Yes, you should love your body, yes, you should accept yourself. At the same time however, I think you should also be healthy! If you are overweight and you will just work on accepting yourself, you may go further and accept your unwillingness to move and your urges to eat more than your body actually needs! You may even accept any unknown health problem that causes your weight to skyrocket! You will accept knee problems and back pain because you accepted your weight. You will just try to accept things as they are and will thus avoid any change that could come out of it.

So no, I don’t agree with this concept either. I believe we should focus on being healthy and feel good. You cannot tell me that you feel good if your knees hurt when walking for ten minutes. Don’t try to convince me that you feel good when your body is craving more than the apple you have eaten the whole day long.

The common beauty ideals are contorted and wrong, as we all are different and cannot fit in one frame. You don’t need to starve yourself to a certain weight if you feel good with pants that are one or two sizes bigger. But please take care that while you accept and love your body, you love it enough to keep it healthy. Eat good food, not junk food. Stay fit and enjoy moving.

Make it right for you!

Superstitious People – Type 4: The popular Cricketer and Sportsperson – 14 Mar 13

For all my Indian readers I decided to add one more type of superstitious people of whom they hear often and who are generally an example especially for our youth – which is the biggest reason why they should actually not be superstitious!

The superstitious Cricketer

When writing about the superstitious businessman, I said that he doesn’t believe in his own talent and work, instead giving full credit to some mysterious force. The same is true for a lot of sportspeople and as cricket is India’s most popular sport, I have found a lot of examples for superstition among the popular players. They are rich, they have lots of money, they hold many records and they still believe that it is not their talent, workout and practice that made them successful.

Some of the cricket players of India’s National Team play with their birthdate as a number on their back, thinking it will bring them luck. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for example plays on number 7, as his birthday is on July 7. Yuvraj Singh, whose birthday is December 12, plays with the number 12 on his back.

Many cricketers are known for keeping their handkerchiefs only in the left pocket, some swearing it has to be a handkerchief of red colour while others believe it has to be yellow. If you keep the wrong colour of handkerchief or keep it in the wrong pocket, you are not going to win. Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli don’t believe in handkerchiefs – but black wristbands that protect them from evil energies.

Sachin Tendulkar – India’s most successful cricket player of all times – always puts on the left leg pad first and then the right one, making sure not to change as it may have a bad effect on his play. That is no surprise though, as his guru is the late magician Sathya Sai Baba, one of the biggest fake gurus of all times, who cheated his followers by making them believe he can materialize gold. What else could you expect of Sachin, the holder of records?

I read that the big players have their lucky seats in the team bus and believe it is bad luck if they don’t get to sit on their seats – which is why there are then no changes in the sitting order in the bus! Sreesanth, another one of India’s national players, insists however to always leave the bus last and maybe thinks it could help him get out of the game last, too.

The most common superstition is probably that of ‘lucky items’. If you won or played very well with a certain cap, handkerchief, glove, shoe or any other item with you, you carry that thing around with you the next time, too, thinking it brings you luck. This funny idea has gone so far that even the official cricket organization that runs all the matches in India, the BCCI, asked the Indian National Team in September 2012 not to wear their newly designed jerseys which had been ready and already showed to the public. Instead they should stick to the old ones with which they had won the World Cup the year before!

Sports, and maybe especially cricket, is full of superstition! It is complete nonsense though and a psychological illusion which the players create for themselves. They like making themselves dependent on things like their handkerchiefs instead of believing in their abilities. It is the right seat in the bus due to which they win, not their talent. It is the lucky glove which had them catch the ball, not their good eyes and training to stand at the right spot!

It is the gurus, religious scriptures and other superstitious people who are right, not the scientists and non-believers who could explain you the world. These are the people whom our youth looks up to. They should be better ideals and stop believing in such nonsense!

Yoga and Meditation help you lose Weight – 14 Dec 11

Yesterday I wrote about eating as a habit, which many overweight people have. Obviously this is one of the most common reasons for being overweight and stopping this constant intake of food is the first step to lose weight but another very important factor is regular exercise.

I always recommend people to find something that you enjoy. In my eyes it is not good to force yourself to go to a gym, there to step on one of those running machines, run for half an hour and hate each and every second of it, wishing you would be at home, sitting in front of the TV with your favourite show. In this way you may have short-term success but if you once lose your discipline and don’t go there, you will notice how quickly you have forgotten every plan of doing workout. No, you need to find something that you love doing. It may cost you some effort to start but then you will go on, because you love it! That can be a team sport, jogging in the park, swimming or also the treadmill in the gym! The important part is that you like it and you will notice that quickening your heartbeat several times a week during workout makes you even happier than the extra sweets in the evening!

I actually always recommend doing yoga. By doing yoga I don’t only mean the physical exercise, the Hatha Yoga. When I say yoga can help you losing weight or maintaining a certain weight with which you are happy, I include Pranayama, the breathing exercises, as well as meditation, which is training for your mind, too.

Yoga is good for your complete body. You can do it in order to get your heartbeat going but then there are exercises and postures for each single part of your body, too. You can tone your legs, your belly, your thighs, hips and arms. You do something beneficial for your joints, you stretch your back out of the position that you keep it in for hours and you simply move your body as in hardly any other way of exercise.

The breathing techniques are obviously good for your lungs and respiratory system and they help you to take in much more oxygen than you usually do. Pranayama is also helpful to reach the state of meditation. Meditation can go long ways in giving you mental discipline. This discipline helps you to stop the habit of eating and realize what you can do to feel good in your body.

Whenever we have the Ayurveda Yoga Holiday at the Ashram, losing weight is a topic that comes up or is important for one or several of the participants. With the right diet, the yoga practice and the Ayurvedic massages and treatments, we help them here in the Ashram to lose weight and, more importantly, understand the right way to do it themselves.

Never give up and never lose hope. You can always make a change. If you feel you are overweight and you are unhappy with it, do something against it! Don’t accept the state as it is and ‘learn to live with it’. You are the one who has control over your mind and who can shape your body. Take your responsibility and start. Remember to love your body and to be happy. If you take care of your food, if you exercise and feel movement in your body, you can love it as it is!

Millions spent for Formula 1 Car Race in India where Millions don’t get proper Food – 31 Oct 11

It is Monday morning after a weekend on which India’s media had only one focus: the first Formula 1 car race in India on the newly built Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, close to Delhi. It was very big in newspapers and TV channels. The media was full with news about the opening of the track, the race, the international drivers and celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar or Michael Schumacher and the concert of Lady Gaga at the after-party. While Bollywood stars were busy advertising this big event, I and many others were wondering.

It is a big question to me why India agreed on hosting this event. They spent 400 million Dollars on building this race track, the first one in India. They have extended the roads to the track they have made a nice and neat area around it so that drivers, international media and visitors feel good during their stay in India and can get to see greenery, clean roads and a working infrastructure. At the same time however there are people struggling to survive only a few kilometers away. Poverty and a display of luxury and wealth just next to each other. I am not the only one who criticized that. International media wrote about it, Ramona saw it on German TV news online and a friend from Luneburg wrote me that his local newspaper also published articles about this topic. So even though the German driver Sebastian Vettel won the race, German media is not very happy with the race taking place in the middle of India’s poverty.

Now tell me honestly, why did we need to have a race track here in India, in our state Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest states in India? Do we really need to have a circular road on which race cars drive up to 330 kilometers per hour while you cannot even drive 100 on most Indian roads because they are in such a poor state? Do we need such an expensive race track in a country in which 65% of people don’t have a toilet? Do we have to spend billions of Dollars for some days of entertainment for the rich while every minute five poor Indians die of hunger? About half of Indian’s children below five are malnourished. What will this event give them, those who are hungry and in need?

They don’t get anything. On the contrary, farmers of the area, who were forced to sell their land so that the race track could get built, now complain that they were cheated about the price! They got a minimal amount so that rich people could have fun on this weekend.

It is of course something for the rich! The average Indian would not spend the 2500 Rupees, approximately 50 Dollars, for the cheapest ticket to watch cars drive around in circles and pollute the air and in their whole life they won’t earn the $200000 which are being asked and paid for the corporate boxes. I wrote my opinion about car races already some time ago in my diary. Apart from the pollution, there are more reasons to question the sense of such a race in India. Indian people have no connection to this car race. The Indian team called ‘Force India’ has no Indian driver and no Indian mechanic! And those Indians who went to see the race were mostly there because in their circle it is a status symbol to go to such events!

The media, the celebrities, they all express their pride about this event in India, saying that it is a great achievement and that we are now on international level and it would boost the economy. In reality however it only increases the gap in between the rich and the poor. The rich will get richer while the poor don’t have anything from the income that is made.

If you object now and say that our state government will earn with taxes, I have to reply that I doubt the common population will see anything of that money. The chief minister of our state, Mayawati, even granted an exemption of the entertainment tax to the organizers. This exemption was now questioned by the Supreme Court. The Central Government refused an exemption for another 1 Billion Rupees, about 20.5 Million Dollars. The sports minister said he knew he would not get an invitation after this refusal.

Even if they get a bigger amount of money due to taxes however, the money will not help those who are needy. Just recently the U.P. government built a huge park, spending 8 Billion Rupees, about 164.5 Million Dollars. Of course a park is a nice place for picnics and hanging out in beautiful greenery but shouldn’t we first take care of the basic needs of our population? What will this park help those who are hungry? They will stand around the park, begging for someone to help them!

When asked about the controversies of Indian’s poverty and the expenses for the race, the co-owner of the Indian team and billionaire Vijay Mallya answered: “The government is doing all it can to address the need of the poor or the underprivileged people, but India must move on.” Brilliant, don’t you think?

In interviews the international drivers already told how appalled they were from the contrast. Stepping out of their hotel they only had to look 100 meters to the left or to the right to see the poverty of India. They told they had never seen such a contrast of rich and poor.

We all can be sure however that there was none of those poor people at the after-party. I don’t know what the entry to that cost but they published the price for Lady Gaga’s concert. The number of entry tickets was limited to 1000 and each of these 1000 people paid 40000 Rupees, about 800 Dollars.

Everybody enjoys entertainment and wants to have fun. It is fully fine and everybody should enjoy his life. There is however a limit when the amount of money spent for this entertainment looks outrageous next to the hungry and poor lying on the street. Fun is over when you see money wasted while there are no schools, sanitary facilities or hospitals. The billionaires involved in this event should rather think about how they can improve the life of the needy. I would expect them to think of the sake of the children of their own country.


India's inaugural F1 race: speeding past the poor
Formula 1 galas and Lady Gaga: against a backdrop of poverty

Image: Red Bull Racing

Enjoying Cricket Matches – The Second Religion of India – 10 Mar 11

Yesterday Yashendu, Purnendu, Ramona, our friends Wenke from Germany and Vanessa from England and I went to Delhi to have a fun day out. We had tickets for the Cricket World Cup Match India vs. Netherlands. In India, cricket is like a second religion. Many people follow each match live, be it through TV or radio. These days the cricket fever is especially high because the world cup is going on and it is taking place in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The Indian cricket team is one of the favoured candidates for winning the cup in this year.

I like cricket and like to keep track of what is going on but I don’t get crazy about it. For me this was the second time in my life to go to a stadium and see a match live and from close-by. The first time was in 1988, now 23 years ago, when I went to see a match in between India and West Indies in Chennai. In that time, too, India won the match.

On the way to the stadium we were talking about the match and were actually all very sure that India would win. They are a strong team and in international competition the Dutch team cannot keep up with them. Just in case the Dutch team would really win, Ramona and Wenke, who are from Germany, said, they would be also happy for their neighbour country. So we were prepared for whatever might happen.

When we reached the stadium, there were big crowds of people even outside the stadium, selling, buying, hoping for a chance to get a ticket or walking towards the entrance, excited to see the match. We joined the last group of people, passed security controls and went in where thousands of people were already cheering, singing and simply having fun.

It was a match of the country’s own team, so you can imagine the madness in that stadium, how excited everybody was, how they were waving their flags and waiting for their team to make more runs. Well, not everybody was only waiting for them to succeed. The people in the row behind us were commenting on every move the players made and had interesting suggestions on how they should go on playing. It was as if they were their personal coaches, advising them how to do it! We really had lots of fun listening how they advised the players and sometimes talked to them as if they were their buddies, their close friends and could hear what they were saying.

Whenever something happened in the game, everybody jumped up and cheered and we all were laughing, cheering, singing, making the wave with our arms and dancing along with the crowd throughout the game which India won very easily. It was really nice to see and feel how people connected with each other just for those hours and because of this sports event. We had a great time and now have many memories to enjoy the whole day again!

Formula One Car Race – Fun in Dying, Injuring and Polluting Environment – 11 Feb 11

This week I by chance saw some news on the internet the subject of which usually is not at all a topic that I think about a lot. Today however, I talked with Ramona about it and we agreed that it may be interesting to know the opinions of our diary readers, too.
A driver of the Formula One, Robert Kubica, some days ago had a horrible accident. He was actually not driving a formula 1 car but was participating in a rally.

Nevertheless, he was driving a very fast car in a race and on a wet piece of road lost the control over the skidding car, which crashed into the safety fence that then pierced the car. In the end the car crashed against the wall of a church.

Miraculously the co-pilot had no injuries but the pilot’s complete right side of the body has been injured badly. He was bleeding internally, his leg and arm were broken in several places and his right hand was like smashed. He was immediately brought to a hospital where doctors and surgeons managed to stop the internal bleeding and made every effort to place the bones of his leg, arm and hand again into the right places. For some time they thought they might have to amputate his right hand but then managed to place the bones and muscles together again. They are still not sure whether he will be able to use his hand again with its full functionality. He will however most probably never again drive in a formula 1 car.

Well, why am I writing this? Each time when I hear about motorsports I wonder very much why it is called sports and why such a thing even exists.

First of all, what is the sport in this? Are they physically very active in this? Of course, people say the drivers need to stay fit and are training every day before these races but actually during the race, what is the sport? Is it only the competition? I don’t understand why people have fun in watching that. Are they actually waiting for an accident to happen, is it just the craving for sensations that makes them watch?
It is dangerous to drive with speed of 300 kilometers per hour or more, even if you are trained and even if you have driven on that racetrack many times before. There can always be some kind of mistake in your car, something on the road, an unpredictable move of another car and your car starts sliding and you lose control. People have broken all bones of their body, have carried away permanent injuries and disabilities and people have even died.

You may now say that the drivers are well aware of these risks and everybody working near the racetrack knows that he can get injured or even die if an accident happens. Another point, a very important one, however is that they are not only harming themselves, they are harming every single one of us through the pollution they create. I really don’t understand, with all the measurements that are taken against global warming all over the world, why have motorsports not been banned yet? With each race they use that fuel which is getting rarer in this world and thus more expensive everywhere. We hear everywhere that oil is getting less and less but here they just blow it out for fun and in this way create pollution, simply for driving in circles for several hours. This sport is harming nature, harming our environment and contributing in our deaths in the long run! They pollute the air and millions of people sit in front of their TVs watching them and cheering for them.

If humankind really wants to change something, this kind of ‘sports’ have to stop! You have to stop destroying our planet just for that short-sighted kind of fun. It costs lives, not only those of the drivers.

Commonwealth Love Games – Play Safe with Condoms – 7 Oct 10

A few days ago the much-discussed Commonwealth Games of 2010 started in Delhi and the capital of India is busy with running, throwing, swimming and playing. There are many new records but one, a very special record, has caught everybody’s attention this week: The highest amount of condoms sold in three days!

On Tuesday the city government of Delhi, the Central Government of India and the Health department got a surprise: the condom vending machine installed in the ‘Games Village’, the premises where the international players of the Commonwealth Games live, was empty!

It is a high capacity machine installed by the NACO, the national aids control organization. It can keep more condoms than any of the 108 machines that have been installed in hotels and other locations in the vicinity. All over Delhi, there are 3000 condom vending machines but this one now broke all records. In only three days, from 3rd to 5th October 2010, it sold all of its 6000 condoms!

The funny thing is that the only people living in this village are the sportsmen, sportswomen, their coaches and the officers. And they have not brought their families…

Of course, the ‘Hindustan Latex Limited Family Planning Promotion Trust’, who are in charge of refilling the condom machines in whole Delhi, immediately arranged more condoms and refilled the vending machine. They report an immense increase of consumption around the Games village and they keep refilling the machines continuously.

NACO mentioned on the side that they had given a proposal to install more vending machines but the organization committee of the Commonwealth Games were of the opinion that one machine for all players and participants would be enough. After all, they were there to do sports, not to have sex! The organization committee obviously forgot that they are world class players and brought lots of energy into these common love games.

Well, these are big games and obviously players, coaches and officers see it as their duty to further enhance international understanding and to work closely together with the local population in a loving and safe environment. I have criticized the Commonwealth Games before in my diary but now I see that everybody is enjoying it very much. They have community feeling and they play the game of love, safely and sometimes even with different flavours! Isn’t it great?

Commonwealth Games Inauguration – Prince Charles or President Patil? – 29 Sep 10

The Commonwealth Games 2010 are planned to start in Delhi on the 3rd October, in only three days, and will go until the 14th October. I already told you about India’s preparation problems and how difficult it seems to be to organize these games in all this corruption. Many top sports people will not participate but the ‘CWG 2010’ will take place in Delhi.

There was another question that the organizers had to solve: who should do the inauguration of the games at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi? The Indian government wanted the Indian President, Mrs. Pratibha Patil Singh, to do the inauguration and officially start the Commonwealth Games. Tradition is however that a member of the British Royal Family travels to the hosting country in order to do the inauguration and read a message of the Queen for the success of the sports event. Britain thus of course wanted to keep this tradition and wanted Prince Charles for the inauguration.

There was a big discussion about who should do the inauguration and finally they have now reached a conclusion. They will do a compromise and do a joint inauguration with Prince Charles and President Patil together. He will read the Queen’s message and together they will declare the beginning of the games.

I still want to ask why? India is a democratic country and the whole world is going towards democracy. All these former colonies, Britain’s slave countries, are now democracies but they still keep the tradition of playing these games with traditions that symbolize the rule of the royal family! Even in Britain, a constitutional monarchy, the parliament has more actual power than the royal family.

India decided to be a democracy, free from Britain’s rule. They fought for it for hundreds of years! Why does the Indian government have to compromise? I think they should be proud of the freedom that so many freedom fighters have achieved! So many people have sacrificed their lives, thousands were tortured, defamed and killed. Many lives have been lost in the fight for this democracy. If these freedom fighters could see this decision today, they would be crying. They have fought so that we, our generation, those who are now sitting in parliament, can now live and enjoy freedom in our own country. Where is the respect for their fight for equality and their success to free this country?

Why does India’s President have to stand there with a member of the Royal Family? I think, if the governments of all participating countries sent their well-wishing messages and read them out at the inauguration, it would be fine and Prince Charles could be one of them. Of course all sports people would be happy to receive the Queen’s wishes but not as a person superior to all of them in order to remind the representatives of all these countries that they once were colonies with the royal family ruling over everybody.

Anyway, in the end it is all drama, the whole setup of these games. Again I would say, there has been so much money spent on this which could have been spent for those who really need it. Today again, we will go out to distribute food to the flood victims. We have ordered bread to distribute in the schools and at other places to support people and give them something that lasts for a while and fills their stomachs. They don’t care much about the big sports event in Delhi. They care about what they have in their hands, mouths and bellies and we care about them and want them to have full bellies. I will write you tomorrow in detail about today’s distribution but there is already good news: the water levels have gone down about three feet!

Commonwealth Games and Jat Caste Reservations – What is the Connection? – 24 Sep 10

Yesterday I told you about the Commonwealth Games that are supposed to take place in Delhi in October and I said that people protest because India has had its independency for so many years now and it is a sign of British rule to participate in these games. There is however also another group of protesters and they have another aim. They are activists of a caste called ‘Jat’ and they have been threatening for quite a while that they would prevent the Commonwealth Games from being a success.

Why do they do this? They want to have reservations for jobs! I wrote about reservations of jobs for lower castes and explained that there is a certain quota of posts and university seats reserved for people who come from lower castes. The Jat caste however was never recognized as a lower caste and this is how they do not get any reservations. Now Jat activists want the government to officially declare them as a lower caste, too, so that they also can get the benefits that lower castes get.

Their threat is very clear: If you do not give us lower caste status, we will not let the Commonwealth Games happen. They claim that they would stop trains and cars from going in and out of Delhi, stop all supply of vegetables and dairy from outside the city through strikes and blockades and thus make the situation that much difficult that the government has to grant them their wish.

Of course it is another question if they would actually succeed in making their threats reality but the mere fact that the government faces this problem now shows that these reservations only bring more and more problems. Again, why do you make reservations according to caste? If you made it according to people’s financial situation and gave jobs and university seats to poor people, you would not face this problem now! If the government gives in to their demand, there is one more caste considered as lower caste. Maybe next year or a year after that another caste will have the idea to do the same thing and ask for becoming lower caste members, too. Who will remain ‘not lower caste’ in the end?

This just increases the hate and anger in between the castes. I really would love to see more help for those who need it, those who are poor, and less and less of these politics depending on caste. We need to set an example for others and show them that your caste is not of any importance. We are all humans on this earth.

Newspaper article to this topic

Yesterday we made a tour through Vrindavan and below you will see the video of different places of the town and the situation of the Yamuna flood. Of course, your support and contribution for the flood victims is always appreciated!