Come out of your System, Sect or Religion to see what is wrong with it – 21 Sep 11

Yesterday I wrote that the caste system comes from Hinduism and that there are sects like ISKCON in which people also support this system, inadvertently or not, by their actions. It is wrong to do this, it is wrong to support a wrong system. I think everyone who reads my lines understands this. I do not say however that all people who follow a certain system, a religion or even a sect are bad people.

There are really a lot of nice people who follow gurus or masters who are cheaters and even criminals. They themselves are not bad though. I have met many beautiful people who are followers of ISKCON, of Osho and of other gurus or sects. I have had nice talks with many of them.

Many of them were manipulated by others or have the feeling that they need the group dynamics to achieve something in life. They enjoy the spirit of doing something together and in common and often they think it is for a good cause or the health of the world. One cannot approve of a system or a rule just because the mass is following it but you cannot condemn the whole mass and everybody who belongs into that system either. You have to understand that many of them don’t know anything else, have grown up in this system or were drawn into it.

I have met even more people who left sects, their gurus or also religion behind. After this step they can see clearly. Not before that. When someone is involved in a religion or a system, he often cannot properly understand the negative aspects because of the group dynamics and unfortunately often because of manipulation of the mind.

I grew up in Hindu religion and in my childhood and teenage, everything was normal to me. I maybe have already been thinking a little bit different than the mass but all those traditions and ceremonies were normal to me as a guru. My time in the cave changed that and when I came out, I left the guru role that I had and with time I came out of religion, too. Only then I realized many things that were wrong. You need to come out of it, just as I did, to realize you are doing wrong.

I believe we can help people to get out of wrong religious traditions, habits or a wrong system. Obviously, sects often have a strong grip on people but as a good friend or relative there is also a chance to talk to a member and maybe slowly and bit by bit make him or her understand. Be an example, make clear what you see is wrong and look at your system, too. We can make a difference.