Why Porn is not the Reason for Rape – 2 Jun 15

I yesterday mentioned someone telling me how porn, in his opinion, increased the number of rape cases in India. I already told you that I think of lust as a very beautiful emotion. Today I want to get to the false reasoning that porn could increase rape incidents because of creating lust.

Simply said, this conclusion is wrong. Porn is not the reason for rape. Men don’t watch porn, get lustful and then, with no other way to get satisfaction, go out to search for a woman to rape. Watching porn does not mean that you start raping people!

By the way – women also watch porn! To some people this may come as a surprise but it is a fact. So how come they don’t get crazy and rape men all around? Don’t laugh about the idea – there is rape by women with men as victims, it just doesn’t happen as often and is very often just suppressed as a crime as well. But the fact remains: women watch porn, too, so what happens with their lust?

When there were no porn movies, there was other art and literature, as I already mentioned yesterday. It is ages old, nothing new! Just think of the erotic temple sculptures in Khajuraho! According to your theory, everyone looking at this porn – which it is, just not as technically advanced – would soon feel the urge to go and rape someone because of all his lust! Imagine tourists paying to see the Kamsutra temples, getting an urge while looking at them and then grabbing the tourist next to them! What a dangerous world heritage site!

Jokes aside, I tell you that neither porn nor lust is the reason for rape.

There are people who say women’s clothing is the reason for rape. Others say it is the westernization of Indian society. Some ridiculous people – who really have others believing them – say it is the fault of mobiles or western food! You think it is porn movies. You can keep your thought but I don’t agree. In my eyes, the reason is the suppression of lust and in some cases the instrumentalisation of sex to suppress women.

You can imagine where I am going: in societies which are more open towards sex and in which gender equality is further advanced, there is not as much sexual crime as in countries in which women are suppressed and sex is a big taboo! Where there is suppression and where you hide everything related to sex, it breaks out as a result.

For men who believe in dominating the other gender, rape is a tool to show a woman her place. An action to destroy her willpower and to prove to her that she is weak. No lust is required, no enjoyment is had. I believe that even the rapist does not get real satisfaction!

And as I have already pointed out, the base of suppression, both of the other gender and of the natural sexual instinct and need, is religion. Religion, traditions and culture have turned out sexual desire unnaturally into a monster in the minds of people. You are not allowed to have sex, think of sex or enjoy sex! If you do, you are dirty, have committed a sin and will be punished for it! It is this suppression that makes it blow up at some point!

If you have a healthy love life, you obviously never get stuck with pent-up lust inside you. Why would anybody rape when he is sexually satisfied? If you don’t have anybody near you to enjoy your lust with, it’s a different matter. Also in this case however, rape is not the logical consequence! Everyone knows that there is a solution as well: you can help yourself! Yes, men and women both have all physical possibilities to relieve themselves. Unfortunately, also this is restricted: religion has told everyone that you could get blind, that you are wasting life energy and again, that you are committing a sin! I will dedicate another blog entry on masturbation and the problem that many people feel guilty about this act on one of the next days.

At the end, we just remain with one conclusion: porn is not the reason for rape. Suppression of lust is – and the result is what we see in India.

Rape within Marriage doesn’t exist in India because of the Institution’s Divinity – 6 May 15

I would like to write about an issue which is an evergreen in our society here in general and also on my blog: women in India. The reason to write about these problems today again is the statement of a government minister who recently said that the concept of rape within a marriage just didn’t exist in Indian culture. Isn’t that great?

Let me explain how we came to this ridiculous statement: a female Member of Parliament quoted the UN Population Fund which had found that 75% of married women in India get raped by their husbands. The MP asked the government what they were planning on doing about that.

The reply by a minister of the ruling party was that this was an idea which came from the west and didn’t exist in India. Something which is ‘not good for our country’! As in India, according to him, a marriage is a divine and auspicious connection and because of the religious beliefs and culture of India, this just doesn’t happen in India.

Are you shocked about such a statement? I tell you, we can hardly expect anything better from a pro-religion government that focuses on preserving ancient culture and traditions! Nevertheless, as an Indian, I just sit there and wonder about the lack of thought or even intelligence in such voiced statements!

According to our old religious culture, there is also no concept of divorce! Divorces started in India only when India got its freedom and our constitution was written. In the Hindu Code Bills, the provision for divorce and rights for women were made. Only from that time on, it was illegal to marry a second wife. There were big protests in that time, with the argument that it is not in Hindu culture to leave your husband because according to Hindu religion, a couple gets married for the next seven lives. Protesters said such laws would finish the auspicious religious culture.

I guess this minister also forgets that it once was a tradition in this great culture to burn the widow together with her husband once he died because she will be born again as his wife then. Rajaram Mohan Roy made a law to finish this tradition – but nevertheless there were people who carried on for a long time and believed it would destroy their culture if they didn’t!

In that time, Hindus were still allowed to have many wives and in temples, priests and religious leaders had religious prostitutes, called devdasi, to fulfill their sexual desires!

This all was once our culture. You can see the situation of our society, of this country’s traditions and of people’s beliefs in history! And throughout the history, Hindu religion considers women as second-grade citizens. They are only items, there for using and bearing children.

The UN can say that 75% of married women get raped and it should be considered a crime. Our nationalist, religious government however doesn’t agree because it is ‘against religion and culture’! Yes, in this country, men use rape to show women their place, to show that they are the ‘weaker gender’! And if any woman complains about being raped, it was her fault – she forced the man to rape her by wearing the wrong clothes or acting in the wrong way! If you are a bit more generous, rape is a ‘mistake of young boys’ – as our state’s chief minister’s father Mulayam Singh Yadav once said.

In traditional Indian culture, a woman is her husband’s property. He has all rights on his wife. Women get to know this early. A man won’t allow his daughter to look at unknown boys or talk with them. She is donated to a stranger on her wedding day and forced to sleep with someone she doesn’t know. Is forced arranged marriage anything less than rape?

But no, rape within marriage doesn’t happen in our country. The UN must be wrong. Every woman complaining must be wrong.

When Gods rape – Effect of Hindu Mythology on today’s Society – 3 Nov 14

Today is a holiday here and a big pilgrimage day in Vrindavan. In Hindu mythology, this day is when the gods awoke after a four-month-sleep. It is also the wedding day of Vishnu and Tulsi, marking the start of the wedding season here in India. I would like to take a closer look at the religious stories and its effect in today’s blog entry.

I will start with a short summary of the mythos:

There once was an evil demon called Jalandhar. He had the power to change his shape and thus could incorporate anybody he wanted. He used this power to meet women, disguised as their husband and thus cheating them into having sex with him! When the men found out and came to fight with him, nobody could ever kill him – he had such big power due to the fact that his wife Vrinda was very loyal. Yes, the loyalty of his wife saved him from the revenge of his rape victims’ husbands.

The husbands turned to Vishnu, the highest of gods, and asked him for help. Vishnu decided to use Jalandhar’s own methods to defeat him: he assumed Jalandhar’s shape and seduced the demon’s wife. Her loyalty was thus broken and her husband lost all power connected to it. Vishnu could finally kill him.

Vrinda, angry at Vishnu for cheating her this way, cursed Vishnu and turned him into a stone before jumping into the burning cremation fire of her husband, killing herself.

She was reborn as Tulsi, a holy plant, and finally the bush Tulsi and the stone Vishnu, which is called Shaligram, married.

This is the mythological story everybody knows. Let me just point out the four consequences that this fiction had on today’s culture in India which is very obviously shaped with the big influence of religion:

1. If someone rapes a woman, you can rape his wife. Your God did the same.

There are such events of people taking revenge by raping a rapist’s family members.

2. Women should be loyal and pure in order to prolong the life of their disloyal, rapist husband.

In today’s society in India, it is common that a woman should always have the image of a pure virgin while a man can be a gigolo and flirting with every girl he sees.

3. After the death of her husband, a woman should commit suicide.

This was common until about 200 years ago in India. The tradition was called Sati and it was a subject of pride to commit suicide like this, as it showed your loyalty. Raja Ram Mohan Rai ended this practice with a law but in my teenage time, we could still read about such cases in newspapers. Still today there are temples in Rajasthan where women who died in this way are worshipped.

4. A Rape Victim should marry her Rapist.

In the village courts in rural India such decisions are not uncommon even today. Both families usually agree that this is a logical consequence.

You can clearly see the situation of a woman in this culture. She has to bear rape for rape, has to do effort for her husband’s long life and protection, she even had to kill herself for her husband and finally has to marry her rapist, serving him until the end of his life.

And in the hypocrite religion of this country, they say that a woman here gets the respect of a Goddess. How can you expect me to respect this kind of religion and culture?

P.S.: To anybody having the urge to abuse me for my words here: read your scriptures first and insult those who wrote them, not me. I am just pointing out the consequences…

Men who want their Daughters to cover up are most keen on seeing others’ Daughters naked – 5 Aug 14

I already yesterday hinted a bit on the topic that I would like to address today: the big hypocrisy of men in India – and also other countries where this happens – who want their wives and daughters to cover up. I really think that they are torn in between emotions, thus becoming hypocrite, and the driving force behind this is once more religion.

If you listen to such people’s conversation with their wives and daughters, you will always hear them give orders and even warnings to their female relatives, telling them to dress chastely, modestly, demurely. Not to show other men much skin. These teachings in themselves tell women that it is their own fault if they get raped or sexually harassed! They have to cover their knees, shoulders and head so that men don’t get seduced. This is what their father and husband teaches them.

If you watch the online behavior of their father though or see which images he shares with his friends on Whats App and Facebook, you will be surprised: he spends a good part of his day looking at pictures of half-naked women! He is following pages called ‘Hot Indian Girls’, has subscribed to newsletters that send ‘The hottest pics of the web’ per mail every week and in his favourites you can find supermodels in underwear and bikinis. Most of them probably don’t dare searching for and watching real porn – but if they were sure that it was hidden, safe and fully private, they would surely do.

How much more hypocrite can one be? You think it is wrong if a woman shows her skin, you don’t even look at your wife naked but you are eager to see other women – other men’s wives and daughters – with nearly no or really no clothing!

You also have a natural urge, this is why you like it! You are curious, you want to see and feel all of the sensations that you have in yourself. It is just natural! Then, however, you feel horribly guilty when you realize what you are really doing there! And then you judge these women! You call them names that you would hate anybody to say about your daughters! But you do enjoy seeing them, don’t you?

This is all very twisted, it is wrong and it is horrible that the result is rape. Rape and abuse by men who have suppressed their urge and then cannot hold onto it anymore. The biggest hypocrites of all. And religion made them. Religion made sex a taboo. Religion installed guilt in people’s minds for enjoying having sex and feeling horny. Religion told women they should cover up. Religion says it is women who make men rape them.

Hypocrisy, religion, guilt and rape. Connected in a horrible way.

Small Girl, please cover up, otherwise Uncle can’t control himself! – 4 Aug 14

Online, I came across a photo which disturbed me. It showed a little Indian girl of about six years, holding a banner, a big paper sheet saying: ‘Uncle… Plz tell ur DAUGHTER to wear full cloths. Dress is made to cover our body, not to Expose’.

An Indian person from my friend list shared it and I saw there were thousands of shares more. I was shaken by the fact that so many people shared this stupid message! I hope they realized that it was manipulated, that the text was photoshopped onto the girl’s paper. With just a little bit of searching, I found the original. It is saying ‘Save my dignity. I am your daughter’

The first thing that I object to is the fact that you just take someone’s picture and use this little child’s image, putting words on her sign that may be the truth for you but not for her or her parents! You are using her for a wrong purpose!

And then you give such a sick message to people who see it! I had to think about how sick not only the person is who manipulated the photo but every single one who shared it! It is the act of religious people who claim they want to save Indian or Hindu culture.

You practically say that this girl wants men – for all of whom the word uncle stands here – to force their daughters to cover up in order to avoid getting raped!

At the same time it is these people who enjoy looking at half-naked women online, on social media pages which were only made for posting pictures of women in their underwear and even without so that men can get horny with them. These, too, are somebody’s daughters – why do you want to see them naked but have a problem when people see only the shoulders or knees of your own daughter?

I just had to reply with a comment:

‘Otherwise dear uncle, if you see a 6-year-old girl naked, you will be aroused and will be ready to rape… This is just normal in our religion and culture and has been going on for thousands of years. Fathers and uncles raping their daughters. Actually, little daughters need to take care of their clothes and body because uncles can't control themselves and their lust. They can't take care of their pants – it can fall down when seeing a female body, no matter it is a 6- or 60-year-old!’

It is the truth, I am quite sure that the daughters and nieces of the people who agree with those sentences are not safe of harassment and even more sexual assaults! According to surveys, 93% of rape happens by people who are close and even related to the victim – fathers, uncles, other family members and close friends!

I have written so much about the horrible influence of culture and religion on today’s safety of women. It has helped increasing sexual crimes and sometimes I just wonder how little children are supposed to protect themselves in their own homes. It is impossible. If someone makes a woman’s clothing responsible for her getting raped and thus suggests a veil, covered arms and legs and maybe even head and face, he cannot control himself when he sees a naked body. Enough religious scriptures have told us such stories and preach that we should worship the rapists.

Everywhere on the world, rape is committed by criminals. Only in India, it is so much a clear result of the culture and thinking, that it is already in the eyes of a normal man.

The amount of shares this picture got on social media proves this to me.

And I just wonder how sick this society really is.

Do Women ask for getting raped by not wearing a Burka? – 5 Feb 14

For nearly three weeks now I have been writing my blog posts about sexual harassment and rape, of course focusing on India but including some general points as well. Even though I already wrote a full post about how clothes are never the reason for rape, there were surprisingly many people who still said that women make it difficult for men to control themselves by dressing in a revealing way. Today I want to give you a counter-example for this theory: rape also happens to women who wear a burka!

Yes, this is a fact. The religion of Islam has followed the stupid thought that it could be the victim’s fault that she got raped in the first place and they imposed this horrible piece of clothing on their women. Muslim women are not allowed to show most or any of their body parts, depending on how strict – or fanatic – their family is in their religious views. Showing their hair, their regular clothing, their hands or even their face and eyes could arouse a man and get him to rape them. This curtain-like, unshaped thing is thus presented as a form of protection.

When we were in Lucknow, a city with a relatively high Muslim population, I saw a girl of maybe ten years wearing a burka. To me it seemed inhuman, as if they have put this child in prison. It is an expression of a sick society and culture, in my eyes. The basic thought behind the burka suggests that men cannot control their sexual desire when seeing a woman. Also when seeing a ten-year old? Are men really so unable to control themselves? I cannot help my feeling, even though I know that this girl won’t feel like this and neither would her mother or sister. I know that her community won’t go that deep with their thoughts in daily life but to me it looks hard and it makes me question religion in general and particularly this one once again.

It lacks complete logic, in my eyes, to first make women wear a burka, telling them it will protect them of men and then making them responsible for getting raped. Some people argue that there are very few rape cases in Muslim communities and countries. Well, in countries that follow the Sharia law of Islam, a woman still needs to prove that she was raped by providing four male witnesses that confirm they have seen her getting raped without it being her fault! Why would a woman report a rape? Families, men and women alike, want to hide rape when it happened – shame, dishonor and then even punishment are the consequences for a woman who was violated in one of the worst possible ways.

No, your clothes cannot be the reason for getting raped and covering a woman from head to toe in a black cloth does not protect her, it makes it worse.

Yes, I know that many Muslim women say their burka makes them feel safe. The question is however why do these women feel unsafe without it? The reason is simple: it is your fault, the fault of those sick-minded religious men who openly state that they cannot control a sexual urge even if the female being in front of you is a minor, a child, a six-year old girl!

Call me intolerant towards religious customs if you like but as long as things are like this, I will remain on my point: if a religion asks women to cover themselves in order to avoid sexual harassment and rape, it is wrong, it stays wrong and that religion will always be wrong.

Indian Men: What you need to change if you don’t want to be seen as a possible Rapist! – 28 Jan 14

I have spent the past week describing the dangers of sexual harassment in India for western women, explaining that Indian women face the same but in every day’s life, making my point that clothing has nothing to do with rape or sexual harassment and finally looking at the root of the problem: the taboo that sex presents in Indian society. Today I want to write an appeal to all Indian men, because we have to make a change!

Yes, you, too, are responsible for this change!

When I write about rape in India, there are always some reactions that say ‘But only criminals are rapists, the common man doesn’t think in this way!’ I agree, you have to have a criminal mindset to go that far but nearly every Indian woman you ask has experienced sexual harassment in her life at least once. So what does this tell us? There are either a whole lot of criminals or that a big part of the male population in this country has the basic inclination towards such disrespectful behavior. Sexual harassment is based in our society, in the way we treat women in daily life.

And I tell you one thing: as long as there is so much sexual harassment on India’s roads, you, the common Indian man, will be seen as a potential threat by every woman passing by, Indian or non-Indian.

I believe you, reading my blog, would never go as far as raping someone. I even hope that you are not one of those who touch women, who pass inappropriate comments when they walk by or even stare at them in a way that makes them comfortable. But what about your thoughts? How do you talk to your friends about women? How about your actions towards women in your family and surrounding? How do you feel for women in general? How do you treat your wife? What do you teach your son? Do you treat your daughter different than your son?

In the general Indian culture, mindset and mentality, Indian men lack respect towards women. They are presented as a Goddess in temples but come last in home, are suppressed and not valued for who they are: individuals with equal rights, with dignity. Do something against that by making a change in your daily life.

Please teach your sons to respect women, to see them and treat them as equal. Show them this behavior yourself and be an example for your friends. Give your wives, daughters, sisters and female friends exactly this respect. Most of all, teach them to love and respect themselves. Don’t tell them what they should wear or not. If they have the wish to study and work, encourage them to realize their dreams. Let your daughter choose a man on her own, someone she really can love. Give them strength and support.

Enjoy your sex life to the fullest. Don’t suppress sexuality but talk with your wife about your and her wishes and fantasies. Realize as many of them as you can. Take time for the two of you, to pamper her and to surprise her. Make your relationship an example of love and respect for your children and friends, showing them what it means to really respect a woman.

Sexual harassment on India’s roads is not something that you can brush off as an act of criminals. It is bad for you. Yes, for you, not only for the reputation of the country and not only for the tourism industry because female foreign travelers choose other destinations. No, it is bad for you because you are seen as a possible rapist by these women, no matter whether you are or not. Do you want to be seen like this?

You are the possible threat until we manage to change our society inside out.

So act towards this change!

Rapist Judges – when Rape is not a Crime but used as Punishment for falling in Love – 27 Jan 14

While I was writing about problems of sexual harassment and rape in India in the past week, another terrible incident happened. A brutal gang-rape in a village in West-Bengal, 180 kilometers from Kolkata. This time, it was no a random victim though. It was not a normal rape. It was a punishment, ordered by the village court. The judges were among the rapists.

The woman was 20 years old and had fallen in love with a man. In the eyes of her community, it was the wrong man, from a neighbouring village – something that the community of the village did not approve of. They found them together and dragged them together in front of a quickly called-in village court.

The girl’s family was asked to pay a fine of 50000 INR – a very big amount which they already knew the family would never be able to pay. When the family told that they could not, they decided on a horrible punishment: the girl would be raped by several men of the village.

She herself could not count anymore how many there really were but it was at least thirteen men. Of these men, there were several whom she called her uncles and brothers, who were close to her like family. The young woman’s family was even prohibited from taking her to the hospital for hours after the assault, although she was deeply injured and bleeding. When they finally made it there, they also filed the police complaint.

The police have arrested thirteen men, including the judges who had given the order for this ‘punishment’, this crime. They still resisted the arrest however and police had to call reinforcements to get the suspects.

It is one of the most shocking crimes of that kind we have read about, not because others were less horrible but because this was not a spontaneous decision of a criminal mind. These rapists thought what they were doing was justice, that this was what they should be doing!

West Bengal is the Indian state with highest number of crimes against women. Village courts, courts of elders make their own laws in remote villages and from such instances you can see what they think of women. What place women have in their society and how powerful men are.

Shock, disgust and more is what you can feel and it makes you wonder how there can still be people who say rape is a victim’s fault and not the fault of a sick mindset of men!

Quick, hidden Sex and how this Taboo is at the Root of sexual Harassment and Rape in India – 23 Jan 14

On Monday I started writing about a sensitive topic: the safety of women from abroad in India in the light of recent reports of sexual harassment and rape of foreign travelers. I then told about the daily problems of Indian women with this issue and yesterday replied to a comment suggesting that such crimes happen because of women’s clothing. It is a sensitive but highly important topic and that’s why today I want to shed a light on the root of this problem, honestly and without hesitation, so that people stop covering it up.

Yes, covering it up, suppressing it and just not wanting to look at it. This tendency with the topic sex is actually the main problem. Some weeks ago, I talked with a friend, telling him that I was on that day writing a diary about the question ‘Can we have sex?’ and why we shouldn’t just ask each other for help when we have a sexual need. His answer was a display of the typical Indian mindset: Why do you want to write about sex? That is nothing to talk about! Yes, everyone does it but in hidden, not in public! So why to talk about it?

I know that even in western countries you cannot just ask someone for sex, even though it is indirectly happening in clubs all the time, but here in India even talking about sex, in any form, is a taboo! You just don’t use this word in a talk, often not even among friends. And beware if you had suggested talking with your wife about it! Even if you joke with your friends, share fantasies in an intimate circle of a few trusted people – your life partner is normally not one of them! With your spouse, sex looks different.

Switch off the light, only take off any items of clothing that are absolutely necessary to take off and get it over with as quickly as possible. Don’t make noise, don’t talk, don’t moan, don’t look. Don’t you dare trying something new, having fun or enjoying it! Get rid of the urge when it gets overwhelming and maybe with the purpose of conceiving children. For the rest of the day, the week or even the month, there is no sex in the air, in the talk or in your touch!

Tell me, how can this not create problems? It is really a wonder if men, even when married, have unfulfilled fantasies? That they look at women whom they don’t even know and imagine things that they should actually be doing with their wives? That unmarried men in the age of 25 and more have daydreams while waiting for their parents to arrange their marriage so that they may finally experience what they have only seen in bad-quality movie clips, secretly watched on their mobile phone?

Nobody is allowed to talk about sex, young men and women cannot express their thoughts, they have nobody to ask about their doubts and they really don’t know hardly anything about it even at the point when they get married! And marriages nowadays happen at the age of 25 to 30 years! Until that age, these young people have had every sexual urge one can ever experience in his life but they cannot express it in words, let alone in actions! There is no outlet, mostly even after marriage!

All pride and purity of Indian men and women is around their genitals. But when those men with their suppressed sexuality get the chance and lose control, they turn into rapists. When they cannot control, yes, maybe even have a tendency to violence and crime. Their view of women is contorted by religion, a general lack of respect for the other gender. And when they just get the opportunity, they don’t only treat women as humans of second-grade, they violate them.

It is a sorry state of affairs – and it has to be changed from the root. India has to open up when it comes to sex. This would be work at the root of the problem.

A Woman’s Clothing is not the Reason for Rape and sexual Harassment! – 22 Jan 14

After posting day before yesterday’s blog entry, in which I explained that my western wife and friends get stared at on the street and it makes them uncomfortable, I got a reply that I absolutely had not expected: someone actually said that it was because of their clothing! Now just to get that clear once more: sexual harassment and also rape cases don’t happen because of a woman’s clothing!

This man – obviously it was a man – said, when in India, one should wear Indian clothing. A sari, ‘covering oneself like women’. Then nobody would care but ‘if you go like a westerner, you attract glances!’

On the example of my wife and the glances she gets: she never wears revealing clothing but it doesn’t matter if she goes out in a Punjabi suit, a sari or jeans and t-shirt, her skin is white, she is a woman, Indian men stare. And whatever she wears doesn’t justify in any way that you look at her like this. On a side note – and I am including this on her special request – a sari does not nearly cover as much as her western clothing of jeans and t-shirt would cover! The big portion of belly and back which is revealed in a sari means that she would show a whole lot of skin more in that!

I actually thought we were past the point that people still thought a woman’s clothing to be the reason for her being violated! Obviously not. Obviously there are still people who believe that women are raped merely because they wear a skirt, because they don’t cover their shoulders, because they wear short pants. To make it short, that is just utter nonsense.

Women in all clothing get harassed – and from all nationalities. If clothing was the matter, how come so many Indian women get looks and remarks while walking in their saris? I yesterday already told that it is, in fact, mostly Indian women who have to deal with this!

For all those who still write such nonsense even on social networking pages: have you not seen the video ‘It’s your fault’ which got viral with its sarcastic point of view on blaming victims of sexual harassment? Have you not seen the photos that rape victims posted of themselves in the clothes they were raped in? It is not the clothing, it is not what they were wearing!

It is just NOT the fault of the victim, no matter where she went, what she was wearing, how she looks like and how she was acting! You can never say she was ‘asking for it’! There is no justification for such a crime and this includes touching and looking as well!

Really, why would a woman need to cover up in order not to get raped? Don’t women in burqas get raped, too? Fully covered up for this purpose but still violated? Most of the rapes in India actually happen in rural villages – where women never wear pants or t-shirts but the traditional Indian dress, ‘properly covering up’ their skin, head and hair! Why do children and even babies get raped? How did they wear revealing clothing that ‘asked for it’?

Why would any woman have to worry about sexual harassment because of her clothing? Just because a man cannot control his sexual urge? Because he is the real weak gender who is driven only by his sick mind?

If you give an argument like the one above, you show me clearly what is going on in your mind when a woman walks past you in revealing clothing. Now I have to ask: how far are you from harassing her sexually? How far are you yourself from the rape that you read about in the news?

Not too far, obviously, or you would feel ashamed of saying something like this.