Do you Really Like your Job? – 5 Aug 10

It is as always nice to be at the Ashram. I was sitting outside today and just watched how the children played and how the boys who work here cleaned up after the children’s food. It was two or three of them and they made jokes with each other and were laughing while working. They are having fun during work and this is what I thought about for a while.

Why do so many people complain that they do not like their work? It is really very common that someone comes to me for a healing session or even if we meet someone in another way that they tell me they do not like at all what they do. They do not enjoy going to work, they do not enjoy the atmosphere there and, above all, they do not enjoy the work that they have to do. Some cope with it, others have a bigger problem and try to find another work.

There are people who are policemen but do not want to cope with aggression. There are people who sell meat and want to live vegetarian. There are people who have to travel a lot but would prefer to stay at home and others who would like to travel but feel like in prison in their small office. Just recently I met someone who works with numbers and data at the stock market but all she actually wants to do is dance and teach dancing.

I just wonder why we cannot find a system in which everybody finds a job that they really enjoy? Of course people say ‘You need to survive and for that you need to work!’ but why can we not all earn money from something that we enjoy?