Thank you, Europe, for taking care of Refugees – 1 Sep 15

I have yesterday started writing about this topic which is very important and touches me in the heart: the situation of refugees in Europe who have make terrible experiences on their way and sometimes even face bad situations once they reach a country where they are registered and brought to a temporary home. There is however a different side to this situation as well: the thousands and even millions of people who are helping! I want to say a big thank you and at the same time encourage my friends and readers in Europe to keep up – or start – this great support for people who are in need!

Of course, there are haters, xenophobes, neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists. We can see their faces in the news. At least in the German news however, we can see much more clearly, much more often and in much greater numbers people who do the opposite: they welcome the refugees and support them selflessly in every way they can. And they are not only in Germany – all over Europe there are these wonderful people full of love in their hearts!

There are people who stand at the train stations when trains with refugees arrive. They wave with flowers and hold up ‘welcome’ signs when a bus reaches their town with exhausted young and old men and women who are nervous and at least a little bit afraid as well.

There are countless helpers in cities, towns and villages across Europe who offer their free time, their hands, minds and legs to charitable organizations. They help serving food, organizing temporary accommodation and distributing clothes, toys and more.

There are those who want to help but don’t find time, send old clothes, supplies, anything that is needed and what they have in spare.

There are families, couples and single persons who take refugees in their homes, offering a place to live for free and offering them the best chance to integration they could ever have.

There are volunteers who organize classes in the language of the country they are now in, who teach them skills they may need, who take them to the doctor or to various offices they have to visit to get settled.

And there are those beautiful people who organize special events for refugees – celebrations to welcome them, parties to introduce them to the volunteers who can help, trips with the children to playgrounds or a nearby lake and so on.

You already see that it is a long list of many things that are done for refugees, a long list of great deeds wonderful people are helping with. It is just amazing to see.

Although I never was a refugee, never had such a situation of emergency and need, this is the Germany and Europe that I have always experienced. Open and friendly, welcoming and loving. Seeing this gives me a warm feeling in the heart. It makes me believe that those who are spreading hatred are far outnumbered by those who spread love.

Thanks to Family and Friends who stood by me on this Journey of Changes – 19 Dec 13

Obviously the diary entries from the past days are a reflection of the thoughts that are going on in my mind. When I think about the many changes that I have made in my life, I realize that there are many people who have either changed with me as well or whom I can still accept – and who accept me – even after having completely different opinions. I am very happy about each and every of these persons.

If I take a look at my family, I cannot help but feel an immense pride that they have come along with me on this way of big changes! They have made so many changes in their own lives, away from religion, away from ceremonies, away from scriptures. My parents, even my grandmother, for whom religion has always been a big part of their lives, have left so many of their habits and convictions behind that it seems incredible just looking back. If there were points that they did not agree upon, they accepted my thinking and respected my decision to go another way.

About my brothers I can say that I have always felt them by my side throughout the whole process of change. I did not ask anybody to change their thinking with me. I was always open about what happened within me and they were first-hand witnesses of the experiences I made and which moved my heart. Feeling along, thinking along, their own thinking and emotions changed as well.

Finally, my wife Ramona. When we met, we both were different people. Very different from who we were now and I can say proudly that while I was a reason for her changing in many ways, she gave reason for me to change in equal measure, if not more. She is the one where I pour out my heart and I listen to the pouring of hers.

Also among my friends however, I have witnessed changes. Of course, they changed in their way while I changed in mine but the beautiful thing is that I have friends who are not only accepting but also supporting these changes.

My dear Michael, my first German friend, with whom I have spent hours talking about everything, including god. When I told him that I don’t actually believe in god anymore, a wonderful conversation was sparked during which he told me that the neuroscience, a field in which he as a psychologist is very interested in, doesn’t care about the question whether there is a god or not.

My dear Thomas and Iris, together with whom we have performed countless ceremonies in the past and who have themselves made their share of experiences in the field of fake gurus. Sharing all our emotions along the way, we have developed further, away from the past and into a future with new priorities in life. Throughout all the years, connected deeply by love.

There are several more of such friends, spread around the world, who have welcomed me again and again in their homes, who have stayed in touch over thousands of kilometers and thus shared my journey.

Others however are less close due to my changes and many have left my life completely as well. I feel happy about the fact that I can accept all of that and just love those around me from deep within my heart!

How difficult a stubborn Indian Mentality can become in the West – 21 Apr 13

As I already told you, I was travelling with a flute player in 2005 who gave my programs a special musical touch which was always very nice and appreciated by all participants. It was a good idea to take a live musician along, as I had lots of program and his flute music created a beautiful atmosphere many times. After spending some time together with this musician however, I got to know that this man’s character and mentality were not really right for doing this kind of journeys and work. It became very clear when Yashendu had a conversation with him about our hosts.

We were three people now and obviously not each of my organizers had enough space to accommodate all of us, so we split up whenever it was not possible. There were always other friends or hospitable people who were happy to have one or two guests for a week. In one town I had a friend of quite some time where I always stayed. My brother Yashendu and our musician were invited by new friends, a very nice couple who had also helped preparing the visa for our musician.

When I stay anywhere, I am usually the one who does the cooking and in this way I like to give back a little bit to my hosts and give them the joy of eating Indian food while having guests from India in their home. Yashendu did the same and it was a kind of habit that those who did not cook did the dishes afterwards. Throughout our travels however, and at this place, too, our musician had no inclination to help – neither in cooking nor in washing the dishes. Washing the dishes is anyway something that many people in India see as ‘lower work’. When we told him that it was normal to help and that he should do the dishes from time to time, too, he replied ‘I am a higher caste person, I will not wash anybody else’s dishes!’ Even though Yashendu answered ‘You are not in India, this wrong thinking doesn’t work here! You are in Germany, everybody is equal here!’ He listened and started washing his own plate – but nothing else.

Well, that was only a small aspect that we got upset about but the real problem with his attitude arose shortly before he was going to leave Germany again. He had his ticket and told Yashendu about the timing of his train. He said ‘So our hosts will drop me off at ten o’clock and then…’. Yashendu interrupted him ‘No, wait, they won’t be able to take you, that is office time, they will be at work. So you will take the taxi.’ Hearing this, our flute player got very upset and started a strange discussion with Yashendu.

‘What do you mean, they won’t even drop me off? What kind of hosts are they? Really, they are not treating their guests right at all! You have to work in their home, have to get to the train on your own… if any of them came to India and in my home, I would show them what hospitality really means!’ He wanted to go on with some more examples but Yashendu again interrupted him, this time already slightly angry and most of all shocked about his thanklessness. ‘Come on, these people are doing everything for you! They sent you an invitation so that you could come to Germany at all! They give you their home, they feed you, they are your friends and come to your program!’

Obviously their conversation went on a bit further but I can spare you the time, you already know what kind of mentality our musician was displaying there! It was incredible and when my brother told me about it, I knew I would never take this man along on my travels again! Unfortunately I have seen a similar, unthankful attitude with other Indians many times on my travels. I guess it is a problem of how they were raised that they have expectations of getting things for free and taking for granted whatever others do for them.

I was happy that our friends did not get to hear all of this and knew that I would always take care to show my thankfulness by being a good friend.

Finding the Purpose of your Life brings Happiness – 19 May 11

Yesterday and today I realized once more how happy I am and how thankful I am to be living the life that I am living. I am just happy with my life.

If I look at my work, I am just happy. I see how we can help people here with Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mantras and counseling. It is work that makes them calm and relax, helps them to come out of stress and tension and at the same time does not really exhaust or stress me.

Even if we don’t have workshops or private sessions, we have always lots of work to do online and at the computer and I am happy about that, too. We reply emails, we are in touch with people, we update our website to let more people know about it and we write this blog to let you all know what we are experiencing, what is going on in our lives and thoughts. And although we work very hard and many hours a day, I am not writing this to get pity from anyone. We love our work, we love to do all this and we additionally love what we are working for.

This is another thing that I love: the purpose of my work is to help those who come to me but also children in India. It has become the purpose of my life. We see how they grow with the years and it just makes us happy that they can learn at our school, eat at our Ashram and grow into a future that is bright because of education. Seeing these children and even thinking of them makes me happy, too.

Traveling all over the world is part of my work for these children. And obviously I love it. I always happily agree to go on new adventures, to go to places that I have never been to before and to meet new people. And lucky as we are, they are usually lovely and nice people, interested in positive thinking, spirituality, a healthy and beautiful life full of happiness and love.

These people often become our friends and so I find myself often staying with wonderful friends, who support us and our projects and most of all who love us. I am happy and just feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends all around the world. I am surrounded by people who love me and whom I love.

Two of these people, Ramona and Yashendu, are nearly always around me, 24 hours. At the Ashram there are even more, Purnendu, my parents and my grandmother. All people whom I love, all around me. The Ashram, the school, our employees, who are also like our family, and of course the children living there. This all contributes to the fact that I truly and happily love my life.

New School Year in India – 23 Jul 10

Since the 1st July the schools in India are open again and also our students are sitting in their benches again, enjoying reading, writing, calculating and learning more about their own and other countries. There are however still families who come now for admitting their children, nearly one month after the beginning of the school year. We took a lot of new children but yesterday Purnendu told me that he cannot admit any more, there is simply not enough space for more of them.

Actually, this year was even a bit more than the usual amount of new children. In our neighbourhood there was another primary school. It had started some years ago and the idea of the owner and principal was to give education for free while the children buy books, pencils, uniforms and everything else themselves. There was also an admission fee for them.

Unfortunately neither the school nor the parents were able to afford that. The parents could not buy all books, notebooks and other supplies and the school had difficulties raising funds for the salary of the teachers. This is how only 20 children were left at his school this year and the principal came to us to ask if we wouldn’t let those children come to our school where they would not have to pay any fees at all.

We knew that those children were from poor families, too, and we were thinking about what would happen to them if we did not admit them in our school. Now, in the middle of July and without money the parents will hardly find a place for them.

And this is how we have approximately 150 children again in our school. They enjoy, play, learn and eat together. We now have to make two rounds of food, so that all children can eat. I want to thank all our Indian sponsors who contributed so that we could buy books and notebooks, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and more for our children.

Of course there are now new children and many expenses that come with another year and we would love to have your support! You can sponsor a day’s food for the children at our school or you can sponsor a child and help us in this way.

We are looking forward to helping these children, to spend another year with them and give them the basis for a good future.

Goodbye to Tucson – 25 Aug 09

Today was our very last day in Tucson and soon we will start our way to Phoenix to take a plane from there to New York. We definitely had a lovely time here and met many wonderful people. I want to thank the Seva Center and the people there who opened their hearts and welcomed us in their home before my words and a misunderstanding triggered anger.

It is okay that this anger was there and I always encourage people to express their emotions, no matter what kind of emotion it is. But in the end, we know it is all about love and we have to overcome emotions of anger and hatred and we have to come back to love and peace. We are all connected through our souls and should not live in this negative energy. I have nothing bad for them in my heart but I am sending love and blessings for them, their family and their center. They opened their hearts and home and I have been guest in their homes and would like to invite them to come to my home some time and be a guest there. I have received many long emails, too, and I am sorry I cannot reply each one personally, so here I am writing to you all: Thank you for your love and taking your time to write to me. I am sending you lots of love deeply from my heart. And of course I also want to thank Gigi, who opened her home for us in the rest of the time.

Apart from our beautiful friends Victor and Jhan whom we already got to know when they came to our Ashram in India, we met many more people here who welcomed us full of love. With the Global Chant group we met a group which is just open and spreading love, not only through their words but also through their actions. We also want to thank Doug and Deborah who are going to be here soon to take us to the airport.

This is how we leave Tucson with our hearts full of love and we want to invite you all to come to India so that we can hug you there just as we hugged you here. We know that some are already making plans to come and to visit the children and us and we hope we will see many of you there!

Real Gurus and Worship of fake Gurus – 20 Aug 09

First of all I want to thank all friends and people around the globe who sent their best wishes and love. We are fine and in the right place. Many people want to come and connect and appreciated my statements in the last days about gurus and enlightenment. But I also want to add something to this topic. I am not against gurus. I also have gurus and had many gurus. What is the meaning of ‘guru’? If you simply translate it, it means teacher. When we were in primary school, we called all our teachers ‘Guruji’. From whomever you learn anything, that person can be your guru, even if it is a child.

In the scriptures there is a story about Dattatreya who had 24 Gurus: earth, air, sky or ether, water, fire, sun, moon, python, pigeons, the sea, moth, bee, bull, elephant, bear, deer, fish, osprey, a child, a maiden, a courtesan, a blacksmith, serpent and spider. I still remember with whom I learned Sanskrit in my childhood. He is no more in this world, he passed away, but whenever I think of him, my heart lights up with much love and respect. I am also not against having photos of great spiritual divine souls. I respect and love many who were in the past and those whom I have met and I know that there are also today many.

What I do not appreciate is, when somebody announces himself as a great siddha or enlightened and pretends to be God, is too much attached with material, interested in increasing the number of followers and wealth and sell enlightenment, when someone materializes gold and silver and makes their followers believe they are God and when their followers worship them not as a teacher but as a God by wearing their pendants and even greet each other with their guru’s name instead of the name of God. But unfortunately there is not only one, there are many people who act like this. My statement is not against any particular person but against this kind of system or pattern. And this opinion I will always keep and I will always speak out my truth with my honesty. But I have much respect for those who gave and are still giving the message of love and show people the path of love.

We had a beautiful Darshan with chanting again with the Global Chanting Group and of course I was talking about the same topic.

Being kicked out because I do not Approve Human Worshipping – 19 Aug 09

Today I had a very strange day like never before in my life. The readers of my diary know that in the last days I was writing a lot about gurus and masters who claim that they are enlightened and show their wealth by sitting on a throne or wearing golden necklaces. I was saying about their followers who wear their pendants, greet with their name as if it was God and who put their pictures in Godly poses on their altars for worshipping. I always simply say that I don’t like human worshipping.

In yesterday’s diary I said that love should be the master. Please be guided and inspired by love. Because of yesterday’s diary I was attacked by these followers verbally and with much anger. At one point I felt threatened and was not sure if it would be a physical attack, too.

What I wrote in the diary and said in yesterday’s video was nothing new. I have had this opinion for a long time and from time to time and in different ways I spoke about these topics. And actually I am not the only one. I saw the same kind of reaction from other people on YouTube.

With these followers with whom I was staying, I was very honest about my opinion and thinking from the first day. The gathered people liked and enjoyed it. The interesting thing was that after listening to my philosophy which was against human worshipping, these followers and my host came to me and told me that they thought I was right and I saw their altar: all the pictures of the gurus were no longer there. It was not only me, many other people also witnessed this. For three days these pictures were not there but on the fourth day, when people from their community were supposed to come, the photos were again on the altar. I could only laugh about this instability. I had anyway nothing to do with this altar or photos. I never said to take them down or anything like that, I just ignored it.

This was already three days ago. Yesterday somebody had posted a link and I watched a video clip on YouTube from Nithyananda from South India, a guru whom I didn’t know about until I came here to Tucson, maybe he is popular here in the US and I am the first time here. Just from my natural spontaneous reaction I recorded my opinion about gurus, enlightenment, Paramahansa and thrones and posted it. Because of that, without informing me, the organizer and host personally phoned people and cancelled appointments for healing and other things. I got to know that I was being kicked out from there when I received emails from these people. I was shocked but later on I was informed directly from the host that I should move.

Yesterday my friend Victor, who was guessing that something was going wrong, had come to me and offered me that he would arrange a new accommodation place for me. I said to him ‘Thank you, but I would not like to move from here because this would not give a good message for our hosts and organizers that I left their place to stay somewhere else.’ I said to him with much love that it was only a couple of days more and I would stay there, everything would be fine, I did not want to make a bad image or impression for them, because everybody would ask why I moved from their place. I was so naïve and never expected that just the next day I would be kicked out.

After knowing that I needed to move, I phoned Victor and asked him for help. He told me not to worry, he would need some time and do his best. He was busy in arranging a new accommodation but for me, it had already become very difficult to be in a place in which I was no longer welcome and was facing so much anger. In short, in the end we faced even the situation that wireless internet was switched off so that we could not go on internet to find the address to go to where we are going to meet Victor. When we asked our host for the address we were refused even that.

Yashendu went out onto the street to get a taxi and we packed all our things into the car. Ramona had a little idea about the address and we were driving around in the taxi asking several people for more exact directions. Finally we found it. There was the Global Chanting Group where I have also been once. They all were so welcoming with open heart and wanted to take us to their homes. I want to say all these people thank you from my heart to offer their home in this kind of situation. They were feeling very sorry that I needed to face this all in their town.

A very nice couple took us in their car to their home and another person put all our luggage into the car and brought us here to this nice house. I am so thankful to all these people who opened their hearts and homes for us and welcomed us. I am also very thankful to all my dear friends around the globe who know me personally or even don’t know me in person, who supported us after seeing this post. I am getting feedback from all over the world and people ask us to continue to create awareness in the society.

I am also very thankful to those who kicked me out or are now talking bad about me for giving me this great lesson of life. I wanted to give them love and I got this in return. I was also mailed from one of the followers who took part in organizing. In this mail I was told the necessity of masters and why you need to have masters, trying to prove from the scriptures and trying to teach me as if I have never read anything from my own culture. What can I say about them? They are real followers, only this. I wish also them and their gurus all the best and send my love to them.

But this is for sure: by cancelling my programs and kicking me out you cannot keep me from saying truth. I will continue my path of honesty and will pray for them. Don’t be that much instable and please be honest in whatever you do. Maybe many other followers will be angry and offended but I will still say the truth.

Depending on Each Others Support – 27 Jun 09

We had our first day here in Copenhagen. Actually the day is not over yet, we will put the diary online a little bit early today because we will have a big Chakra Dance Party tonight and it will be late when we come home. It was nice yesterday to meet old friends. In friendships it is nice that you support each other. You give support and whenever you need it you can get support.

I have already written sometimes that there are two things which can really create problems in a friendship: ego and expectations. Now you could say that you expect from your friends that they support you for which I said that it is nice and good. I would not say that this expectation is bad. If you don’t have this expectation even with your friends, then with whom can you have this expectation? But there should not be comparison. If you have this expectation to get support you should keep your heart open to support someone else, too. Do not count how much support you gave and how much you got. There should be no comparison, nobody should be big or small. In whatever way you support and are supported, be thankful for other people’s support and generous with your own.

In this society independency is very much highlighted. Everybody wants to be independent but the society is like a piece of cloth knit together, every string is interwoven with many others. You should not see support as dependency. Everybody needs the others, so either you see it all as dependency or nothing at all. It is an exchange, please keep your heart open for it.

Purnendu at Work at the Ashram in India – 25 Jun 09

Yesterday I wrote that people might not know that we are actually working a lot. And I think the same about Purnendu, my brother, who is running the Ashram in India when we are not there. No, actually he also runs it when we are there because in that time I see how he is always busy.

There are so many people who come and want to talk to him at the Ashram. Some want to sell something, some need work, some are working there and ask him about the next things to do or come for their salary. Others, like the teachers, tell him about the school and the children and parents want to ask him about their children and the school. And when he is not busy with anyone at the Ashram, you can be sure that he is on phone, talking with shops, workers, insurance, accountant, bank, internet and telephone companies or some other important person.

Ramona always laughs about it that after one week she cannot get his ringtone out of her head because his mobile is ringing all the time. But often I also see, he just puts it into silent mode and for some time it is just lying next to him and he doesn’t care who is calling. He has to do this, otherwise he won’t get peace even for this much time.

It is great, I could not do his work. In this way I am really so thankful and happy about my whole family, how everybody has his work and his fields where he is good at and what he likes to do. In this way we all work together. And we don’t get stressed although there is always enough work to keep us busy.

It is our last evening here in Tornesch and really, time passes so quickly when you have a good time, you don’t notice how fast one week is over! We enjoyed it and tomorrow we will start our journey to Copenhagen for the weekend.