Make-up – Another Form of hiding Identity – 14 Jul 10

Yesterday I wrote already about my idea that people should have other ways of communicating with each other than only words. We are actually doing that already. Sometimes it is a touch, sometimes it is a look in the other person’s eyes that tells you his or her feelings. This however works only if you show your true self!

If you keep on hiding yourself, a look from behind your curtain or mask cannot express your real identity either. And sometimes I feel that make-up is also one of these masks used by women for putting on another identity. You can use make-up to really give another impression of yourself. However if you ask women why they use make-up, you will generally hear that they want to look more beautiful.

I know that I have written many times about this topic and everybody who has read more of my diary knows that I always emphasize one point: accept yourself as you are! You are beautiful as you are! It is another way of hiding for me and that for no reason! We all are unique, there is nobody beautiful or ugly! Don’t use make-up trying to fit into a ‘mainstream’ ideal of beauty. The parameters of beauty are different for every pair of eyes. You can just be you!

If a woman has a lot of make-up on, I feel that she wants to hide a piece of her identity. She doesn’t want to show me who she really is. But of course, you always can see the real person behind all make-up, you can see the eyes through the mask and realize that the mask is not the truth. You realize it is not real and that will make you think why the other one wants to fool you.

Be yourself! I can only repeat this again and again. If you are not, the others will notice anyway. So there is no reason to try fooling them with any of your masks.

Today we said good-bye to Annick, Hans-Christian and their three children with whom we spent a great time and who will come and visit us in India soon. Another family who is already planning their trip is Regina, Jens and Celina, with whom we will spend the next days.

Effect of Beauty-Illusion of TV on Young Girls – 12 Sep 09

Yesterday I wrote about the illusion that TV and media create for our children. And it is true, everything that they see of the ‘rich and the famous’ is how they smile and laugh in shining, glittering dresses. Especially young girls look at women in movies and in magazines and many of them develop feelings of inferiority by this. How these women in the movies look gorgeous even when they are crying!

A girl who looks at herself in a mirror and compares her own body and outer appearance with a movie star won’t see that many factors like make-up, lights and computer editing helped to make the star look like that. They don’t necessarily see that their admired stars wear lose shirts and not very good-looking worn-out pants when they are at home and just want to be comfortable there. Instead they believe that they, too, should learn walking in shoes that hurt when walking and which damages knees, hips and back.

They think they need to wear make-up every day, style their hair and wear fake nails. And with time they start believing that they are ugly if they don’t. They lose all their naturalness believing that it is ugly and needs to be hidden behind a mask of lipstick and mascara.

Why? Because they never see their idol without this mask. Please teach your children that TV and media is creating an illusion. Show them that they are beautiful, just as they are, that there is nothing wrong if you get wrinkles when you get older and that grey hair doesn’t take any of your beauty. Teach them to love themselves. Help them feel good in their body. Just as it is.

Today Su arrived back in New York, bringing lots of wonderful things from the Ashram including home-made parathas, bread, made by my mother. So we really enjoyed our dinner very much with Su, Jeremy and delicious reminders of our home.

Saturday is Cleaning-Day? You are free to Decide – 6 Jul 09

Several times I have already talked about how people have different faces in their lives. I thought about it and saw that sometimes our patterns, habits and the rules that we set for our behavior help to create these different faces. We have for example different clothes. There are casual clothes, work clothes and party clothes. And when you wear certain clothes it creates a certain mood and energy. You will be in the suiting mood and energy. This creates different faces.

We even have a mindset with different days. Many times we are used to do certain things on certain days, for example Saturday which is a popular day for cleaning the house and doing garden work. So you already create the energy for this before the day is there. Often people fix their mind about their eating habits for religious reasons. Some people have the rule not to eat meat on Fridays and many people eat a great lunch on Sunday.

This all helps us to fix ourselves into a certain frame and our emotions and mood is getting very much dependent on certain days, certain clothes etc. Then we cannot feel free but it becomes a rule: if I wear these clothes, I have this mood. I have to have this feeling now because it is this weekday.

I am not really against it if something makes you feel good and happy. It is great if you feel good when it is there. But on the other hand, if these conditions are not given, you have difficulties being happy. You need certain things to feel happy. But to be happy and to free the consciousness from all these rules, regulations and dependencies we need to develop more and to grow our consciousness more. We won’t depend on time anymore. I can make Sunday today. Material, time, clothes, food, places, anything should not matter. We are the creator and can create anytime, anyplace.

Many Faces that you show the World – 2 Jan 09

Today we had the first Darshan of the year in Mindelheim. I told the concept of this meditation and that I want to give the participants training for their minds to live in a natural way. You need to accept yourself and your personality, your emotions and feelings just as they are without being ashamed. Let the feelings flow.

I told how confusing it is if you are one person at home and become a fully different person when you go to work. Often we can see how many different faces a person has: one when you are at work, one when you are shopping, one at home when friends are there, another one when you are at home fully alone. This can only create problems for you and for others. It will be difficult for you to understand yourself. And if other people do not understand you it is really no wonder. How can you complain about this? You have created so much confusion in your energy that there is no transparency, no clear information about who you are.

I said that there is no technique, method or specific discipline in this meditation other than going inside yourself and being honest. Bring out whatever you have and accept yourself as you are. Respect your feelings and emotions. Then you can grow love for yourself and the universe.

The donation box of the vegetarian Indian restaurant Zimt and Koriander in Wiesbaden was again full before my friends Thomas and Iris came to India so they brought the donation of the guests and today’s food of the children at the Ashram was sponsored by them again.

Be Who You Are – Do not Follow Expectations of Others – 10 Dec 08

Today I had a couple of healing sessions and then I cooked Pulao, which is rice with vegetables, Tofu with mushrooms and Dal, Lentils, which was very tasty! Then after dinner we went to have a Darshan.

Today I said that most of the time of our life we are living for other people. We are trying to make others happy. We want to be how our friends want to see us, our family, our neighbours and our colleagues. We want to be what we are not. We do not accept ourselves as we are but we want to wear a mask of what we are not. It is what others expect from us. We are trying to make others happy but we forget the principle: you cannot make everyone happy. We have had this experience hundreds of times but still we do the same again and again.

And in this way we do not respect our emotions, our feelings, our inner voice, our soul, our God, our heart. We are struggling and fighting with ourselves. The more we fight the more difficult it will get. Accept yourself and you will see how easy life will be. I said this is my way of meditation which gives this training to the mind to accept your feelings. Accept yourself, respect yourself and love yourself. We had a wonderful meditation and energy together.

Feel Beautiful without Make-up! – 8 Dec 08

I talked about make-up yesterday and I wanted to add something. Often women say ‘I do make up for myself, not to show it to anybody. I want to feel beautiful and be happy because of this feeling.’ As I said yesterday, it is good, this can give a little push for a good mood as many people have a good mood when they are just wearing clothes that they bought new and in which they feel beautiful. But I want to emphasize that you need to feel beautiful also if you are not wearing these clothes and if you are not wearing makeup. You do not need to wear this mask and costume to feel beautiful. Otherwise you will not feel beautiful anymore when you wash your face in the evening and change clothes?

Beauty depends on perception. If you love someone, is it your partner, a friend, or a family member, you will see beauty in that person because his or her soul is beautiful to you. When someone comes for a healing session I recommend not wearing make-up. I like to see the real face, not the mask. I give make-up for the soul, so there is no need to wear make-up for the body. I believe that each soul has its beauty.

It was a wonderful stay in Lüneburg and now we will start our journey to Cologne. I will be back here in February for the Law of Healing seminar. 

Beauty Shines from within – not through Make-up – 7 Dec 08

I want to talk a bit more about the idea and perception of beauty. As I said yesterday, a model or an actress normally looks different in real life than how she is presented in the media. And of course, it is their profession to be in a certain role, to act like another person or character. That is why they get a certain make-up, their hair done and get dressed in a way that fits to their role. An actress does that for her role but many women do that each morning. Someone told me she needs at least fifteen minutes each day to do her make-up.

When I see some women, I sometimes get the impression that they wear make-up like a mask on their face. It hides their originality and shows something else to the world. They do not want to show who they really are. Maybe they are trying to entertain others, who like it and then say it is beautiful in these colours. Or maybe they want to entertain themselves by being someone else for one day. But how long can you entertain yourself in this way?

A woman who was there for a healing session told me that she would not dare to go out of the house without make-up because she feels ugly when she doesn’t put it on. Maybe this outer appearance can strengthen your confidence for a few moments but you yourself know exactly who you are inside. You have to learn to face your originality. You have to accept yourself. And most importantly you have to see that you are beautiful just as you are. Real beauty comes from inside and beauty is always in the eyes of the one who sees.

I am not really against make-up. I do not really care and many women put only a little bit of make-up on their faces. It is just my opinion that naturalness is always most beautiful. Your beauty is shining from within.

It was our last evening here in Lüneburg and tomorrow we will travel to Cologne. As a early Christmas-gift I gave a partner healing session to Michael and Andrea which they always enjoy. After the healing Michael said: “This healing is good to see the inner child in your emotions. In the end I felt like a baby.” 

Real Life is better than the TV Illusion! – 6 Dec 08

Yesterday I wrote about the idea of beauty which young girls get when they watch TV or just see magazines and advertisement everywhere. And I also said yesterday that they create the wish to be beautiful like the model that they see on the poster or the actress in the movie. They believe in this illusion which is created by media. This illusion has become part of the daily life. Of course everybody knows that the model does not look like this in real life. We know that there are a lot of tricks like light, makeup and also editing in the computer. But still the illusion that the media creates has a big influence. And not only young people are influenced.

TV series and movies create a whole new world of illusion. It is made for entertaining people and could be very far from reality. For some time of entertaining it is fine but what actually happens is that we get drawn into this fake world with its excitement, the perfect moments and the perfect story. We get the feeling that we are missing something in our lives. This message is somehow delivered and I believe that it is wanted because the consequence is that many people try to imitate what they see. They want to wear the clothes that they see, they want to have the same things and they want to experience the same. So they go and buy and maybe at some point they realize that it doesn’t help. At some point the illusionary world shatters and you come back into real life.

In real life a tragic incident hurts more than the actress showed in the movie. In real life the perfect moment is maybe not accompanied by romantic music. But you know, in real life you have real feelings! You do not have to pretend anything, you do not have to act. If you are yourself and live your own life you are wonderful and beautiful and most important of all, you go deeper in your feelings. When the perfect moment comes in real life your body is like an instrument and your heart creates the most beautiful music which only you are experiencing.