‘Believing in the Impossible is stupid’ and why this is not a stupid Statement – 10 Oct 12

I thought I had made myself and my opinion about hope, belief, reality and magic quite clear in yesterday’s diary. There was however a sentence, or maybe just one word, that upset at least one of my readers: “Believing that the impossible will happen is either closing the eyes in front of reality or just stupid.” And as it is again about a sensitive topic and seems to some a rather harsh way to say things, I think another diary entry should be dedicated to this topic.

Today I just want to write about this one sentence because I already made it clear yesterday that I do encourage hope and that unexpected things happen. I still believe however that the impossible does not and cannot happen. What exactly is ‘the impossible’ that people believe in and that I am talking about though?

First and foremost it is those ‘miracles’ that religions, sects and gurus promise. As it is especially common practice among fake gurus, here are some examples of their claims: they let statues bleed, they materialize gold, they can exactly predict the future of anybody, walk over water, levitate in the air, be at two different places at the same time, make the blind see and the lame walk. I have stated this before and I do it again: everyone who claims to be able to do these impossible things simply lies or uses some kind of trick to achieve it. And then it is just cheating or fooling people.

For other people it is however not a guru, not an earthly, human person who can do this but God. But if this is why you believe in religion or God, if this is the meaning of religion, I will refuse it even more than I am already doing! I was once a believer both in religion and God but I think I was never in this dark area of belief where people use occult rituals and even offerings of blood to get God to do miracles for them!

One could think that nobody would like to be made a fool or get involved in such dark practices. Nevertheless however there are millions of people who follow such movements, religions and gurus! It does not even matter how educated they are – even westerners with master degrees and of the highest societies are seen running behind fake gurus with the hope of witnessing miracles or learning how to do those miracles themselves!

Having described ‘the impossible’, I now want to explain my use of the word ‘stupid’. I would never say in general that everybody who is religious or believes in God is stupid. Such a statement would be stupid, even if I think that some of the belief that I had when I was religious was stupid, too. Jokes aside, it is often understandable that people believe in religion: they grow up with it for example and know nothing else. Or they have a deep longing for security or love which they search in the outside instead of finding it in themselves. Others are really uneducated and cannot find explanations for what they experience – and that is why they follow people who promise miracles to save them.

What I believe is stupid however is if you know that you are getting cheated, if you know that something is impossible and that there is a reasonable, scientific explication but you still believe! Yes, then I would say you either want to close your eyes from reality or you are stupid. You will be the one disappointed in the end because your miracle will never happen! Or you will stay in your illusion, well knowing that it is an illusion, cheating yourself and your mind and maybe others around you, too.

The main thing is that you are free to believe what you like. But turning your eyes away from reality will be bad for you in the end, not for me.

Believing in Miracles or being realistic? – 9 Oct 12

Yesterday I said that I didn’t believe your visualizations could make your cancer shrink or a positive attitude could prevent a car accident. I have received some feedback of people who seemed to think I discourage them from making others hope and asking whether I only believed in what scientists and doctors say. Would that mean there are no miracles at all? I thought that such comments and questions were well worth another diary entry.

I first of all want to address the question whether I only believe in the opinions of scientists and doctors. In general, I really do believe in science and medicine. Where would we be without them? Millions of lives have been saved because of medical progress. Scientific research has found explanations for all sorts of phenomena and with those explanations we were then able to build machines, create and store energy, use electricity, fertilize gardens, build railways and fly around the earth.

So I do believe in science and when someone describes a ‘miracle’, I usually believe that there is a scientific explanation for it. Here in India you can go in any village and you will find people who tell you of miracles for which you have an easy explanation. They are illiterate and just don’t know! They might say that someone’s recovery is a miracle although a doctor could explain the reasons. So when someone sees ‘a miracle’ and describes it, I really normally assume that he or we may not know the scientific reason for what has happened.

By the way I find it worth mentioning that anybody who has this kind of attitude will not fall prey to fake gurus who perform their own miracles by doing magic tricks! They want you to believe in them but if you want to find out the way this miracle works, you will find they have been cheating – and you won’t believe them anymore. In the history of religion, priests and religious people have opposed science for the same reason – they wanted people to believe in miracles so that they remain in power!

If you ask me about hope however, I believe you have to always have hope! I believe in medicine but I know that doctors are only humans, too. They also do mistakes and cannot know everything. Again and again there are stories about patients who were told that they would only have two months to live and then they live another ten years! The prognosis of a doctor is an educated guess, sometimes more sure, sometimes less, depending on many circumstances. Call it a miracle or believe that something happened that the doctor had not been able to diagnose – it is a reason to hope.

I believe we need hope to go on living in bad situations and there is always reason to hope. But I don’t believe in creating illusions. I don’t want to give anybody false hope and then let him fall into disappointment which will be even worse! Giving someone hope by using an illusion can shatter their dreams very suddenly. In such a situation I prefer being realistic. Hope is always good and it is part of having a positive attitude. Believing that the impossible will happen is either closing the eyes in front of reality or just stupid.

Give hope to others, help them, make them feel good but don’t create illusions. Be realistic but positive.

No Supernatural Powers and not a Member of the Esoteric Scene – 14 Apr 10

It is great to have positive experiences with the new way of healing but I also noticed that there are some people who always used to come to see me for healing when I was here but when they got to know about the change of healing method, they were not interested to come anymore. I knew them personally, too, because of all the years that I have been coming here and this is how I can imagine why some of them don’t want to come anymore: they are deeply in the esoteric scene and actually would like me to believe in the same way in miracles, materialization and similar things.

I was never in that scene which people call esoteric and of course, if someone comes to me, I always try to bring that person more into reality and into the love, to bring him or her down to earth. Until now, I was trying this but I believe that many were thinking I was doing exactly what they expected me to, that I have some kind of supernatural powers. They thought for me in a different way and actually this was one of the reasons for my change. People should not see me in the wrong way and see someone who I am not. I need to make clearer what I believe. Now they have no reason anymore to see me in this light, in the light of a guru and miracle healer, because I openly say that I don’t want that. Maybe they say now that I don’t have any power or energy anymore to give them because I changed.

I welcome this, too, and I knew that it could happen with this change. It is good that people are filtering, that those, who do not fit at all and who can never accept what I am talking about, do not even come to me. When I talked with Sonja about it, we realized that another group of people is needed if those who were there before cannot make this change. I don’t want people to come to me and expect magic, because they will be disappointed. They will either imagine things which are not real or they will hear that I don’t believe in it and leave with a bad feeling or disappointment. It is nothing new, when people come to my lectures they come with a certain expectation and sometimes people also left again because I am just not that. I want to spare them their disappointment; they do not need to come. I want to be here for people who are serious, who want to work with their life and heart and who are ready to change their thinking.

Supernatural Healing Powers or just Nature – 22 Feb 10

Yesterday I talked about physical problems, about illnesses with which people went to healers for getting them cured. It is not only diseases but also psychological problems which then sometimes got healed like a miracle. As I said, it was usually not any miracle but just the natural strength of the body but the full credit went to the healer. It is nowadays unfortunately also still like that when people go to ‘modern healers’. And then the healer pretends that it was him who could heal.

I always say that it is dangerous to have this ego and think that you have this supernatural power. People might now say that I have done the same thing, that I was also in the guru business, in a kind of fake world. And I can say yes, I was doing the same thing but I changed.

Everybody has the right and also the task to change, to constantly work on improving himself, to develop the mind further and to get closer to truth. I changed and I do not believe anymore in the way that I did healing sessions and healed people before. Nowadays I have a very different approach, I like to be there for people to talk to, I like to sit in meditation with them or just be in silence. And a person who was in this drama can tell you best about it.

I was in the middle of this religious drama but today I feel that the real healing power is in each of you yourself. The right time, the right company, a loving touch, a hug and sharing words and emotions with the right person can help your healing process, that is true! But after this I would never take the ego of saying ‘I cured this, I did it, I healed.’ We are all a big family and if we are together and help each other, we can overcome a lot of problems, just with love.

Today was our friend Juergen's birthday and he sponsored food for the children and their sisters and brothers.

Magic Healing, Writing with Ghosts and more Cheating – 12 Jun 09

I heard from somebody that some people even claim that they can make statues bleed. I said ‘why do they only make them bleed, can they make the pee, too?’ It is so funny that people go to them. How come people believe in these fake things? Because they are looking for a miracle. They want to change their lives like magic. And this is why they always expect magic.

I know that people also turned away from me when they got to know that I do not believe in this kind of wonder. I believe in wonderful love. I do not appreciate it when people claim to do this kind of miracles or wonders.

I have seen healers who always have a group of people with them like a theatre group. Wherever they go, the members of the group go, too. Depending on the status of the healer, the size of the group is between 10 to 1500 people. They have a full setup. These group members go to a program in wheelchairs and on crutches, sit in the audience at different places and when the healer comes to them and ‘heals’ them, a miracle happens and they start leaving their wheelchair and their crutches and walk through the room, displaying the greatest amazement and wonder about this miracle. It is impressive for the rest of the audience and later on the whole group will move on to another place, just like a circus.

I was on a fair and especially on these occasions you meet so many people like this. You also hear from some who say that spirits are working for them. On the name of this spirit they do everything and it is very easy: you are not responsible and have a good excuse for everything. I even heard people claim that a spirit wrote a book through them. And this is very good, the spirit has done the work and the profit of selling it goes to them. I know what I am talking about. Some people come from India, some are from here and they create doubts and confusion in other people’s minds. I know also that they don’t like me and don’t wish me well. But I will say what I feel. For people, for honesty and for love.

How Thinking Can Turn from Positive to Negative – 3 Dec 08

We are talking about negativity and I would like to give one example about how people can spread negative thoughts. It even happened with me, it is my own personal experience. I once was at one place where the organizer of my program was involved in that kind of so-called spiritual work which I do not approve of. It was related to miracles, past lives, channeling and inviting souls and creating confusion in people’s minds by giving predictions.

Interesting was that I was not aware and informed about their work until I arrived there and spent one day. I anyway only stayed for the weekend and during that work many people came to me who were related with the organizer. In this way I got to know also the work of that organizer. I am also sure that the organizer was not aware or well informed about my philosophy, my work and my belief. Maybe they did not know before that I do not believe in any miracles like materializing gold, healing past lives and speaking through a medium. It creates confusion in other people’s minds.

I gave a Darshan there, too, and talked normally about love and prayers as I always do. That is my way of healing. I invited people to be more with both feet on the ground because I felt that this bunch of people was so superficial and flying in the air. All of the people were very grateful to have a Darshan and also a healing session. They felt great and were very thankful about the whole program. After that the organizer and others, too, came to other places several months later to participate in another program and to enjoy the healing energy.

And then, after some time, I got to know from someone that these people suddenly started talking bad about the program and everything that was good before, was seen as bad. And the wonder is that nothing new had happened. I had not been there again and had not heard of them since quite a while. But suddenly I heard this. I am quite sure that they got to know me more and more and the organizer has definitely read this diary. Maybe they read my comments about this kind of work that they are doing. That is how my work there was very good in that time but suddenly got bad. The whole perception has changed after getting to know about my attitude.

When I got to know about this, I said to Ramona that right in the beginning I had said to her that I knew it would happen like this. So when I got the news I was not amazed. I knew it would happen like this. I am not the right person for this kind of people but what I wanted to tell was how people spread negativity. I have had this kind of incident before, that was nothing new but I am like I am and I will not be afraid from this kind of negativity that people spread about me. It is okay. I let them do their work and I stay in my world, the love and peace.
It was snowing today.

Nidhivan – Garden of Love – 9 Sep 08

Yesterday I told you about the great devotee Swami Haridas who sung this song and Krishna appeared. The place where he was is called Nidivan, a famous garden in Vrindavan. If you go there, you can imagine how Vrindavan looked like 500 years ago. This is the only place which is left and kept in the same natural way. They did not build any buildings inside or cut down the trees. Outside a lot of development is going on but they kept this place in this way.

Nidhivan is a center of love and the pilgrims who come there have the belief that Krishna still appears there in the night. The saying is, that not any human being is allowed to go into this garden in the night. They say thousands of monkeys live in this garden but in the night they also leave the garden and find another place to sleep. The plants and trees which you see in the garden are the Gopis who love Krishna and in daytime they are in the form of trees but in the night they become the Gopis and dance with Krishna the Ras, the dance of love.

I remember one incident. When I was a child, maybe eleven or twelve years old, I went to primary school and one day we went to school in the morning but after one hour they sent all children home and closed the school for the day. Everywhere in the town there was the rumour that someone had stayed in Nidhivan overnight. Everybody wanted to see this man and gathered there. He was a young Sadhu, probably 35 years old. He had crossed the fence in the evening or night and in the morning, when the priest opened the gate, this man was lying behind it. The priest was shocked. I also went there and saw that the man was lying there, sometimes opened his eyes but did not talk to anyone. Most of the times he just lay there with closed eyes and tears running down his cheeks. People called doctors who came and checked everything but he was physically fully fine, his blood pressure and heartbeat fully normal. He just did not talk with anyone, did not drink or eat anything, and did not really look at anybody. Three days he survived like this, somebody brought him to the Ashram where he lived, but after three days he died.

You know I do not believe in miracles and I do not want to make any conclusion which would encourage you to believe and trust blindly in this kind of stories. But I have seen this and I only want to say that whatever he has experienced in there, whatever he has seen, I believe today that the man was so much in love with Krishna that he did not want any other influence in his life, just wanted to live in this energy and devotion which is why he decided to leave his body. Still nobody stays in there in the night but when you go there in daytime, it is an amazingly beautiful and peaceful atmosphere in which you can feel the love and peace of this place. Whenever someone comes to Vrindavan to visit, I encourage them to see this garden. But be careful with the monkeys, they like to steal glasses.

Why Do Gurus Materialize Gold and not Food for the Poor – 31 Mar 08

Yesterday I said that it is not good to waste something in rituals that can be used to feed hungry children. And there are so many hungry children and adults in this country. With our charity projects I am helping some of them but I would love to just have lots of food that I can give to everybody.

Many times people have shown me that someone has materialized a gold pendant and given it to them. Then they ask me if I believe in this and I will say I only believe in materializing love, not gold. Those who claim that they can do this, like Sathya Sai Baba from South India, why don't they buy food from this gold for those who are starving? Why are there so many cases in which a father killed his family and finally commits suicide because he could not afford feeding them? Why can't those people who materialize gold also make this world wealthy and give food to everyone? It is not only in our country that people die of hunger and thirst; in the whole world this miracle would be needed. Why can't they help the poor?

When I ask this kind of question I sometimes get an answer that is very strange for me. I am told that this is the Karma of the poor. What does that mean now? That materialized gold is only for rich people because they have the Karma to be rich? They think that the poor people do not deserve help because they did something wrong in their past life? No, this is not my logic, not my idea of helping someone.

I remember my school-time and that I was very interested in all kinds of magic tricks. I was even doing shows of up to two hours of magic tricks in which I practiced materializing things. It is only your hands that have to be quick. Oh, I did so many tricks, I also burned money and then materialized it again. This kind of show I can do and everybody can do it if he just trains his hands to be quick.

I do not believe in making gold from nothing and I think those who do, are like the sheep that I was talking about the other day. These materializations are then called miracles. I do not make miracles, I feel that this life is a miracle on its own. When a flower is blooming, this is a real miracle!

While I was talking this Ramona said I should be careful, maybe many people will turn away from you if you talk like this. But I replied that this is okay because I do not want to have sheep anyway. If people leave because of this I feel this is a kind of filtering. Those will stay who think on their own and realize that love is the way and materializing love should be our aim.