Criticizing a Guru while sitting below his Picture in his Follower’s Home – 9 Nov 14

On my journey through Europe in 2006, I arrived in Belgium as well, where I had been invited for program. Although the program went largely as usual with some workshops, individual sessions and lectures, I will remember that time, mainly due to one certain lecture.

When Yashendu, our musician and I came to the home of our organizers, we were welcomed heartily. We had nice talk and got to know them better. When we entered their living room, we saw a big photo hanging on the wall, of a man and a woman. I didn’t know who they were, why their image was on the wall and what they did in real life. They looked like an Indian guru and maybe his wife or another, female guru but I didn’t ask our organizers. If they wanted to have a guru, it was their thing and just because I had left that idea behind I wouldn’t try to convince them of anything.

When it was time for my lecture, I started talking. I don’t remember anymore which topic had been asked to talk about but I know that I somehow came to talk about enlightenment. In Sweden, where I had been in summer, someone had told me of a ‘Deeksha movement’, in which a guru was selling courses to reach enlightenment. I joked about the idea that you could have a money-back guarantee that nobody would claim – after he had paid a lot for becoming enlightened, who would admit he was not?

I made fun of this idea and such courses and explained how the word ‘Deeksha’ was taken to a fully different meaning in order to create income for gurus. Those gurus who were leading the movement.

Little did I know that behind me on the wall there were the faces of exactly those gurus who had started it! They are called Kalki Bhagavan and his wife, Amma Bhagavan but in that time, I didn’t know their names nor had I seen their faces!

It was pure coincidence and I am still wondering today whether a big part of my audience didn’t know that, just like me, or they were patient enough to listen to me nevertheless. In any way, after the lecture, a woman came to me and told me ‘You know, this deeksha movement you were talking of, it is led by these two!’ and she pointed at the photo.

It was such a funny coincidence but it didn’t bring any strange feelings in between my organizers and me. It was an example for the fact that people can have fully different opinions but still go along without problems, without fighting and with full respect for each other.

The Yoga and Meditation Guru – Salesman for Health Products and Offers – 29 Aug 12

Yesterday I wrote about those gurus who are the priests for people’s rituals and who thus take care of everything they believe their souls need. Today I will write about that type of guru who very practically also takes care of body and mind:

3. The Yoga and Meditation Guru

This type of guru is actually further spread than most people imagine. He looks like a yoga and meditation teacher, a provider for solutions for your health, for ways to relax and to find a balance for your body or your mind. But then there is a little bit more to this man.

Surrounding him you will find religious-minded or spiritual people who think it is great not only to have a guru but to have a practical benefit, too. Physical fitness or mental relaxation is what they are looking for as ways to bring peace to their souls, too.

Not only spiritual people, though, even corporate business owners and managers feel attracted to them. They take meditations to relax from their busy days and yoga classes for some physical movement that they otherwise don’t get with all their mental stress. That mixes up the crowd of people around the guru and makes you wonder: what makes this man a guru and thus more than what he basically looks like, a regular yoga teacher?

Only his behavior. These gurus act different than your common yoga teacher who is like you, who could be your friend. They talk as though they know more, they give themselves a holy atmosphere and they make whatever practice they sell a big mystery so that you keep on buying from them and believe them to be the only masters of it.

Not rarely you can see that they mix two common practices and call it their own, put a patent on it and then sell it. I don’t doubt that they have done their own physical practice! They have put effort to learn the Kriyas for example or other ancient techniques. And thus they sell something that is actually there, not only blessings.

They want to be a guru though and not only a simple yoga teacher or meditation instructor. There is more benefit in it!

You can charge your entry fees for the workshops – but at the same time they are gurus and people can give them money just because they love them as disciples and want to see them prosper. And even if the guru part, the whole deal about the holiness and divinity should not work anymore one day, they can still sell yoga and meditation – because the effects of these are clear and not only for religious followers!

Look at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or his guru Mahesh Yogi, who are both examples of being successful in this type of Guru business. Think of the late Osho or even Ramdev! They have a huge following and the people who use their techniques or practices are all over the world. If you see their wealth and assets, the numbers go into billions! There are smaller gurus of this type, too. You may actually know one not too far away from you! Many yoga teachers have the secret wish to be a guru and start acting as though they are the only way to reach inner peace, calmness or even enlightenment.

This much about the popular yoga and meditation gurus. Tomorrow I will get to describe you a type of guru who sells much less tangible goods.

Enlightenment online, Blessings by Webcam – an Era of digital Spirituality – 31 Jul 12

Yesterday I described how Buddhists find their reborn Lamas and when researching I found out that the search was in earlier times limited to Tibet but that now there are even western Lamas. Buddhism seems to go with time, accept globalization and try to make more sense – after all, why would you be again and again reincarnated in the same country? What about other countries? Don’t the souls of the Lamas get passports and visas to travel? So I had the thought maybe they will in future find the reincarnated Lamas through the internet.

Yes, why not? Maybe there will be a website that develops a reincarnation-search-program. Or an application for the iPhone that tells you the exact directions where to search for the next incarnation.

Spirituality is anyway going more and more digital in this modern time. I have seen websites that offer ‘digital bhakti’, blessings through the internet. There are anyway already masters that have meetings with their worldwide followers in web conferences. They don’t need to go anywhere, they see their disciples, their disciples see them and they pass on their blessings through the world wide web.

Maybe you have heard of Sai Baba of Shirdi who is still today worshipped widely across India and Hindus across the world. I have seen a page advertising on facebook: “Share with one click to get Sai Baba blessings.” How easy has social media made everything! Devotion and love is only one click away. Devotion and love is easy and cheap! I don’t know what Sai Baba would have thought about it but now people are competing about donating tons of gold and silver to Sai Baba over the internet, to a man who spent his life like a Sadhu, who was not attached with anything. They have a turnover of billions in the place where he lived. They do proper online marketing, going with the time.

In many temples you can now see web-cameras that broadcast the holy Darshan online so that people can have live temple experiences and don’t even need to go until there. There are already websites on which you can do online poojas and online aarti, a typical fire ceremony. From time to time we get newsletters that say that you can get nirvana online. Isn’t it an era of digital spirituality?

There was a great time, approximate from the 14th to the 17th century, when poets and authors like Kabir and Tulsi lived, and we call it ‘Bhakti Kal’. Maybe this time, which we are experiencing now, will later be called ‘Digital Bhakti Kal’, a time of devotion through digital media.

Application developers will be known like the writers of scriptures because their work, what they put in the codes of programs and software, will be what others will read, learn, take in and pass on.

These applications and programs will not anymore be just like scriptures that you read. They will be so advanced that they will be interactive and they will judge your spiritual progress. There may be levels and you will reach ranks depending on how many marks you reached. Obviously there will be an option to buy a ‘quick version’, too. You pay some money and you will get access to the higher levels and ranks straight away. It will be expensive but those who have the money can get online enlightenment from one second to the other simply via credit card.

Sexually abused by their Guru – Women in Confusion – 22 Sep 11

Yesterday I said that one can only see clearly about a religion or even a sect if one has some distance from it. It is usually only then that the faults and mistakes get clear and understandable. Then you realize that you have been manipulated or that there are traditions or rules that you cannot support with clear conscience. I have met many people who had been members of sects and left. Several of the women who had left sects also told that they had been abused within their sects, mostly by their gurus.

Now you may wonder how someone can stay in a sect for many years, experience such abuse and still remain there. They often don’t tell of full intercourse. Not each of these women was really raped by the guru. It is mostly inappropriate touching or kissing. These women have to face the question: Why didn’t you quit when he kissed you the first time? Why didn’t you slap him when he touched your behind the first time? Didn’t you realize you are being harassed?

In this way women often get accused that they were actually enjoying their time and just after coming out of the sect, after some jealousy among female sect members for example, complain about that physical closeness. People even think they were waiting for the guru to have sex with them and when they realized he wouldn’t go that far they got disappointed and angry and left.

I cannot say that this is never the case. Maybe there are women who are in that situation, who were eager to sleep with the guru and enjoyed the caresses and kissed when they got them. I have however made the experience that the women who tell those stories, who say that they feel abused by the touch and kisses, were actually very confused. They believed their guru to be God. It was what they were made to believe and what everyone around them believed. You do what God says and whatever God says is right and has a deeper meaning. So if God asks you to touch his genitals or if he kisses you, you think there will be a reason. Some gurus even told their favourite female disciples that they were the chosen ones who will receive enlightenment the fastest.

After all, nobody physically hurt them. Had someone slapped them in the face, it would have been a physical assault and they might have reacted much quicker. It is easier to realize that a physical assault is bad than to realize an assault to your dignity.

Many of those women finally realized such assaults though and left the sect. A lot of them and other former male disciples now run campaigns against those gurus and sects and openly speak about their experiences. They try to make others understand this situation and help those who are still facing such behavior from their guru. I can imagine how much hate they have to face now from followers and disciples who are not at all happy about the stories they spread.

I would like to encourage everyone again to tell the truth. Let everybody else know about what has happened to you and help others to get out of those situations. Don’t feel guilty about what happened, you are doing a great job. Don’t care what others say, as long as you are honest, you can feel good about yourself.

Enlightenment – an Idea created for cheating spiritual Seekers – 19 Aug 11

Yesterday I wrote about inner changes and said that every change takes time. People want everything to be quick and fast nowadays. Many others have realized that they can make money with this fast culture. I don’t say there is anything wrong about such a business concept as long as it is honest. I don’t really think that it is real yoga if you change your postures so quickly that it looks as though you are in a hurry to finish but for some people this seems beneficial. Maybe it can be a way to start and then later start meditation and understanding the philosophy, too. I do not approve of it though, if the idea of selling something in a faster way becomes a means of cheating people.

I mentioned yesterday that people want ‘instant enlightenment’. They have heard about the long way that it takes a person to reach to this state and they hope to find a shortcut to get there. I don’t want to talk about my idea of the word ‘enlightenment’ but just let me tell you that I don’t believe in it the way that most people do these days. I don’t think that there is a moment in life in which a light is switched on, like a bulb, and from then on you are an enlightened being that can give enlightenment to others, switching on their inner light bulbs with just a little trick.

It sounds ridiculous even just writing it like this but there are many people who sell enlightenment in exactly this way! They call themselves living enlightened masters and promise to have you take part in this enlightenment if you pay them a certain amount of money. You will immediately experience bliss, complete peace, unconditional love and more.

It sounds good, doesn’t it? A shortcut to complete happiness. I want to warn people, if you see such offers, posters or newspaper advertisements, be aware! Don’t let yourself get tricked into such a thing! Those masters and gurus are not honest and usually don’t have any interest in liberating your soul! They cheat people who have hope and are maybe greedy to reach this goal of liberation quickly. Who however can check whether their promise was fulfilled? What is the proof that a person is enlightened? Who will tell whether they had success and a person was not reincarnated anymore after this life because he had met this guru?

They give a guarantee to be liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth. You get certain instructions and shaktipat, an initiation. This means that they transfer the power to you. With this power you are enlightened and won’t have to come back to this world anymore. I tell you, you will be shocked in your next life when you wake up as a mouse or monkey and realize that this guru really cheated you!

Such gurus openly advertise their own state of enlightenment. I don’t know if you ever heard of the saying ‘Those who have it don’t say it, those who say it don’t know it’. Why would a person who has achieved this state of consciousness really travel from city to city and country to country, with thousands of people and their own merchandise and make advertisement with enlightenment? Couldn’t he sit in one place and do his good deeds from there? If this person is in some way magic and has supernatural powers, why does he have to go through the trouble of organizing this all and finding people around the globe willing to do a lot of effort for their program?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say anything about a proper business, where people share their knowledge in lectures and workshops and get money for that and I surely don’t say anything against asking people to donate for a good cause. The point is that people get cheated. They are made believe that this one person is holy and this is why it costs to see him and listen to him. Not because of his experience and knowledge or wisdom but because of his holiness and because he achieved enlightenment. That is also why whatever you buy from this person’s shop is three times more expensive than the same thing in another shop – it is holy merchandise, used by the holy master and now holy in itself. You pay for the holiness, not for the product. In reality however there is no difference. If you want to believe that something is holy, it will be holy for you. Then you can buy holiness, too. It is a bit expensive, but you can buy it. If you want to believe that he can bring you enlightenment, you may at some point feel as though you had achieved it.

What will you do then, if you spent enough time in company of this guru after your initiation and one day the guru tells you that you are enlightened, too? Will you go around and start the same business, enlightening others? We have seen many gurus selling this idea in the past and you can see them in present, too. In the past they found many buyers and in present, too, you see that they fill their tents with people and their pockets with money. It is a business that will surely not die out any time soon. Each and every of those enlightened gurus has a story about how he got enlightened. Whether it was on a mountain in solitude or that a tree started talking to him or he could suddenly see the whole world at once and hear everybody’s thoughts, the stories are colourful and made to enchant those who are listening.

I believe today’s idea of enlightenment has developed through this business and the supposition that you could give enlightenment to another person. If you see enlightenment as full happiness, an inner balance of love and peace and a pure state of consciousness, I am sure that you cannot buy it. It is nothing sellable or transmittable from one person to another. This inner state – and I refuse to call it enlightenment – can only be achieved through constant work on yourself. You can have a guide, a teacher in that but don’t expect that someone can do this for you. You are the one who has to do it and it is your effort that can bring you there. No instant enlightenment, no liberation by paying for it. Connecting with your love and peace inside yourself.

I tried my best to look enlightened on the picture above. What do you think?

Flexible Followers of Multiple Gurus – Confused Sociable Salesmen – 10 Jun 11

Flexible followers of many gurus at once

The opposite of strict followers, who I described yesterday, are flexible followers who don’t mind having several gurus, no, who love having as many gurus as possible. They actually follow whomever they can find. They have hundred pictures of different masters on their altar and they buy every book of every guru.

Flexible followers have a clear advantage here: they can take the positive parts of every guru’s message and just forget what does not fit to them. They can pick the good lessons only and don’t need to go too deep into the dubious rests of every philosophy.

It is easy for them to mingle with all kinds of followers. It doesn’t matter whom the others are following, flexible followers have something positive to say about every guru. The other person obviously likes that and so they keep every other follower happy, too.

Sometimes people who do business in the esoteric scene are this kind of followers. It has many advantages for their business because they can sell their stuff to anybody, irrespective of whom they are following.

One disadvantage is however, that they easily get confused. Each and every of those masters uses different words, sees things in another way and tells his followers different things. If you read a hundred books about enlightenment, you can find a hundred different ways to get there and mixing them up does not always help.

While strict followers of one guru sometimes have problems of intolerance and narrow-mindedness, flexible followers have problems of too much choice, a variety of possibilities that is just too big. They find it hard to find a common factor with all those gurus and cannot really decide which way they should go. They try everything a little bit and unfortunately often get very confused in the effort to follow everyone at once.

Brahmrishi Kumar Swami wants 1 Trillion Dollar for Temple in Vrindavan – 22 Feb 11

Read this article in Hindi

In the last week I was writing much about literacy in India and mentioned that there are more temples than schools in India. Unfortunately there are still people who like to take advantage of the religiosity of Indian people and who build more and more temples. Some weeks ago there was a big advertisement in our newspaper which attracted my attention because it had something to do with this topic and I saved it to show it to you.

It is a full page with advertisement printed on the front and on the back. It is obviously in Hindi, so I will point out the most important parts for you.

It is a two-page invitation to an event with the man in the middle, ‘Brahmrishi Kumar Swami’. The text starts by reading ’31 crore (310 Million) people are proved to have got rid of their sorrows and pain.’ And the article goes on with testimonials of different people with their pictures printed beside them.

‘I got great results in my studies’ a girl tells while another student writes ‘I was finally admitted to the institute I always wanted to go to’. ‘I was cured from cancer’ and ‘My father was very ill and was healed’ are only examples for the long list of diseases that were allegedly cured by the Swami: prostate cancer, bleeding problems of women, acne, depression, diabetes, swelling of legs, cancer that doctors had diagnosed as incurable and more, with the climax being a brain tumor that was fixed by a Mantra just before the woman died and a person who was blind and was finally healed after 4 futile surgeries.
Brahmrishi Kumar Swami claims to have healed all of them with one of his Mantras and his blessing.

On one side of the paper there are Indian people telling how he helped them, on the other side there are people of Indian origin who live overseas. With these people they printed another short article which praises his accomplishments abroad. There they say that he was even honoured by the Canadian as well as American government for his work. The American Senate and the General Assembly allegedly handed him an official certificate to honour him which was signed by the speaker of that occasion and the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Obama’s representative is mentioned to have given him the certificate in New Jersey.

In that certificate, which they have printed a very small picture of, it is said to be written that he is the world’s most respectable Saint, the leader of the most popular spiritual organization of the world. Billions of people got together, got healed from pain and sorrow, established a brotherhood in between them and got success in life.

Further the clipping tells that the Canadian Parliament, seeing his growing popularity all over the world, invited him to a meeting with parliament members, journalists and intellectuals. The chairman of the economic cell of Canadian government gave a certificate of honour as a representative of the Canadian government, similar to the American one he already had. They organized a special event for him and said the Canadian government felt proud to honour him for giving guidance and enlightenment to people all over the world.

Now I have been searching all over the internet to find something about all those official honours by the US and Canada government and parliament but could not find anything. Don’t you think that should be mentioned somewhere? I know there are many readers of this diary who live in America and Canada. If you have ever heard anything about this happening in your assembly or if you got to know that he gave a lecture in your senate, please let me know. I really believe the General Assembly and the Parliaments of Canada and the US have more important things to do than honouring an Indian preacher that most people of the country never heard nor cared about.

There are more pictures on that paper of different Indian politicians who take his blessings and TV artists and actors of TV series that were broadcast in the late 80s here. All these people have at some point performed in religious movies, about 15 years ago and were supposed to come to the event they invited for. I happen to know that Hema Malini, a former Bollywood heroine, now 62 years old and announced for the program brings a big group of artists and with all the setup and everything it will cost millions of rupees to invite her and other artists.

Of course people here know all those actors and they also know Kumar Swami, even if you have never heard of him. He has been on Indian TV, making his advertisement by paying spiritual TV channels to broadcast his programs. This is his and the TV channels’ way of selling spirituality.

1 Trillion Dollars for a Temple on 108 Acres

You will be asking yourself what this all advertisement is for. They invite people to come and meet him and at this occasion donate for a temple he wants to build. On 108 acres land, he wants to create a ‘Radha Krishna Golden Temple’, a big temple out of gold which will cost 50 Trillion Rupees, about 1 Trillion US-Dollar.

I already wrote about Kripalu who has actually built a big temple in Vrindavan and has spent millions of Rupees for that. Now Kumar Swami is planning to build another temple and we read in the local newspaper that some people of Vrindavan are protesting against this plan. They don’t want another such temple to be built.

Anyway, they tell that they plan to build this temple and write an enourmous figure as a cost. Who knows if they will get all this money together anytime to build a temple like this? This advertisement however is directed especially towards poor people who don’t even know how many zeros are in this figure. People, who don’t have much and don’t know much but who have a wish for themselves. They may be ill and not have money to go to hospital but they go there, pray and give a donation with the hope to get better. Others read how famous this man is, with even Obama honouring him, and they want to see him, meet him and get his blessings. They go and give a donation.

In short, this advertisement is for collecting donations. They may never actually build the temple but they can do this all over the country and get richer and richer! How they make a fool out of poor people! From the little money that they can give, they make their business and all of this by saying that they will build a temple! If this money could be given and used for education, for building schools and paying teachers, how many children could learn and change their lives?

Do not sell Sex in the Name of Tantra – 29 Dec 10

Some time ago, I saw an advertisement on facebook which attracted my attention. I made a screenshot of the ad for our readers before I clicked on the link:


Clicking on this advertisement you reach a US website, offering services in Washington DC. The first thing that you see on that website is a picture of a busty woman in an inviting position. All around that picture there are links and text about Tantra Massages, Tantra Yoga, spiritual sex, energy work, reiki, Karma practice, and workshops for couples as well as singles. They used every possible esoteric or spiritual word that they could find from deep relaxation, chakras and meditation over liberation and Tantric energy up to Shamanism. Scrolling down you find pictures of a typical spiritual Indian man with a white beard, of a woman nearly naked, of Buddha and Hindu goddesses. Additionally you can right away see that they are a non-profit charity organization to whom you can give tax-deductible donations. You can even use your credit card. There is an option to contact them and you can find more texts about their ‘spiritual work’ in the inside pages.

The whole advertisement and website seem to be an open invitation for getting a sexual experience. This is the oldest profession of the world and of course it always works. Nobody can ever stop that. I only would like to ask one thing: why do you need to use the words Tantra, Yoga, meditation or spiritual for it? Why do you cover it up with spirituality and Tantra? Who would go to them? A real spiritual seeker who is looking for the truth or God or men who are looking for fun with women in a different environment, with the flair of spirituality? It will be people who are curious and trying to find spirituality in sex or sex in spirituality.

Sex is anyway spiritual but please don’t do this business on the name of spirituality. This creates a very wrong image, many misunderstandings and strange impressions about religions, about scriptures and people in any way involved in spirituality.

Everybody who hears Tantra anyway already thinks of sex and if you keep on advertising like this, it will happen to Yoga, meditation, massages and all those other words, too. Sex is just a normal part of life. It is spiritual. It is energy. You don’t need to go for a course to do it or call it Tantra Yoga or enlightenment through sex. It is just sex.

Do You and the Philosophy of Your Guru Fit into the Ashram? – 9 Dec 10

Not very long ago I wrote in a diary entry that people maybe don’t realize that I am talking about their guru if I don’t mention his name. I can write fifteen times about a certain guru who materializes gold and ashes and even spits out golden eggs and some Sathya Sai Baba devotees will still think I am writing about someone else, surely not their guru. In the same way, people who are in a sect just never want to realize that they are. Friends and family often fail to make their loved one understand that he or she is being brainwashed. This shows how powerful this process of brainwashing actually is. You don’t even believe those who were once the closest to you.

Well, to make it short, I decided, after some very interesting experiences at the Ashram, that we should be very clear with what we want. I already started by giving a list of people we would like to welcome at the Ashram and a list of people whom we don’t welcome. There I wrote that we don’t welcome members of sects and disciples of gurus who want to spread their belief or the message of their master. Due to the reasons mentioned above, I want to help you to find out whether you are one of these people or not.

Please ask yourself the following questions:

– Does my guru materialize gold, silver, jewelry, ashes or anything else? (there is not only Sathya Sai Baba but many gurus who imitate him and impress their followers with magic tricks)

– Does my guru make statues and idols bleed?

– Does my guru resurrect the dead?

– Am I asked to do anything that higher ranked disciples or group members order me without thinking about it or inquiring further?

– Do I have to pay thousands of Dollars again and again in order to remain in the group, stay a follower, to get enlightened or to receive a special blessing by the Guru?

– Do I have to take drugs in order to reach community feeling, enlightenment, Samadhi, realization, liberation or any other form of reward?

– Am I asked to participate in orgies on the name of Tantra and to have sex with different people or the master in order to attain moksha or liberation?

– Am I ordered to cut any bonds to my friends and family?

– Am I threatened if I don’t obey any of the orders mentioned above?

Did you say ‘yes’ to one or several of the questions above? If you realized just now that you are following a fake guru or are in a sect and if you want to leave them, simply do it. You always have a choice. Depending on how long you have been in that circle of people, it can be a bit difficult but you can make it! And you are welcome at any time at the Ashram to get to know how it feels to freely live spirituality.

If any of these points lies in your past and you have already left a guru or a sect, you are of course very welcome. Additionally you are welcome to report of your experiences on the Fake Guru Forum.

If you however answered ‘yes’ to one or several questions, if you still believe in all this and maybe even want to spread this belief, please don’t come to the Ashram. It would not be a nice time for you nor would it be for us.

I had the feeling that I needed to write this diary and make these points clear again because we are frequently approached by people who could say ‘yes’ to at least 80% of the questions above. These are simply criteria of people with whom we will not enjoy their time at the Ashram and who themselves will not feel good in our home and company. So in order to avoid any such conflicts, please read this entry and decide yourself. If you decide that your answer is ‘no’ everywhere, I will be very happy to welcome you with open arms in my home.

Rape Charges Filed against Nithyananda – 29 Nov 10

Yesterday I wrote about Sathya Sai Baba and how he succeeded to save himself from accusations and even court charges through high political connections. Another fraudulent guru from South India, also trying to make political bonds to save himself, was not that much successful with this strategy. The world got to know about Nithyananda when his sex scandal came out in March this year. A video tape was published by his former driver that showed him in bed with different women. Only a bit later he was searched for and finally arrested. After approximately two months he came out of jail on bail and today finally the charge sheets for his case were filed by the CID.

Nithyananda and four of his associates are charged with rape, unnatural sex, cheating, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy. One of the four is accused of destroying evidence. This evidence consisted of hundreds of contracts that Nithyananda and his organization asked people to sign. In these contracts participants agreed that programs will contain nudity, sexual activity and practice of tantric secrets. In short, it was an agreement that the master can ask the participants to have sex with him. They actually signed that they would not mind anything of that and would surely never file a case against Nithyananda because of these sexual activities.

I think in a case like this it is very hard for the victims to have the courage to go into public. Maybe hundreds of people have signed his contract and had ‘tantra time’ with him. Because of restrictions of society and worries for their reputation however, only very few women will be courageous enough to actually stand up against him. Even though the investigating parties always announced that it would be confidential, it was difficult to do this step for many and this is how it has taken so long to get 101 witnesses from India and abroad to back up the charges.

I actually got to know about Nithyananda last year when I was in America and staying with some of his followers. I felt weird about him and his message and published a video in my diary expressing my feelings. This was even long before his scandal. When his sex video came out, I wrote again in my blog and just advised him to be honest. He could have accepted that he was in love with that girl, he could have just said that he was never living in celibate and he could just have left his dirty guru business. He, the great master however, had to make drama and tried to find a way out of it in a dishonest way. Hiding, lying and posting video messages online, he tried all he could to keep up the illusion of the holy man. He did not understand that this was actually his problem and his biggest problem. This is why I believe that he should get punished for what he did even if it is difficult to find witnesses or proof. He needs to understand that he has to stop cheating people on the name of religion. He sells enlightenment for money and the path to liberation goes through his bedroom. Money and sex, a big name and some fame, that’s all it was about and if there is no will to change, he needs to learn it in this way.

I would like to make another request to government and police or to the people everywhere: please forgive him if he feels sorry for what he did, promises to close his enlightenment shop and shut down his fake Guru business. Maybe he can find another job to survive with honesty and learn to live without golden thrones.

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