Why do you think Sex is something bad? – 11 Feb 16

In the last days, I have been telling you of Ashrams where sex is forbidden, of disciples that have sex in those Ashrams although it is forbidden and of course about gurus who have sex but won’t admit it, again because it is forbidden. Forbidden by themselves. Due to the stupid idea that sex could somehow be bad.

I stick with this: it is stupid to believe sex in itself could be bad. Or, on the reverse, that it could be good to force yourself to a life in celibacy! Sex, the physical action, is the result of a natural physical need: the urge to reproduce. Additionally, it is often combined with the need for human closeness, both physically and mentally.

Obviously, rape is bad. Obviously, using sex as a way of manipulating someone else is bad. Obviously, getting addicted to sex in your mind is bad as well.

Sex in itself, however, is not.

It is the beautiful union of two people. It is an exchange of touch, of physical love as well as emotional one, of giving and receiving, exploring each other deeply within, trusting with the most intimate desires and wishes and an expression of love.

A person’s natural urges however have a big power and by controlling them, people in the past have always tried to take control over others. The urge for sex has been a very popular one to be controlled and religions across the globe have toyed with it! For thousands of years, priests of many religions and others of high posts in churches, temples and similar places were required to remain celibate. To suppress their natural urge.

The result is however not a bigger energy for other matters or a clearer mind, as it is sometimes described. That person also doesn’t have any greater powers just because he or she suppressed his or her desire! No, the result is abuse as we have seen it in all religions across the world! Priests molesting young children in their care, gurus abusing their disciples and so much more!

Of course religions won’t abandon thousands of years of this tradition. You however, the sensible, reasonable person reading these lines can make a conscious decision: you don’t need to follow any guru, priest or leader and especially not those who are preaching celibacy. A lot of them are not sticking to this themselves either and even if they do – why would you?

The sad Role of the unacknowledged Girlfriend of a celibate Guru – 10 Feb 16

Yesterday I told you about a couple that had forbidden sex in the Ashram of their yoga guru where men and women were strictly separated. What I could tell them however was that this guru himself had a girlfriend! Yes, and he is by far not the only guru who preaches celibacy but lives in a relationship!

There are truly a lot of these gurus, preachers, high spiritual personalities with thousands of followers and often one very special companion: their girlfriend, life partner, the one whom they actually love. But they cannot show it publicly. Isn’t that sad?

See, right now I am not focusing on those gurus who seduce their female disciples, luring them into their bed with the promise of enlightenment or by telling them it is the wish of god. There are a lot of these, too, who just play with hundreds of their followers, cheating them all, often leaving them in a state of depression and mental trouble.

No, today I would like to write about those who have one steady person by their side. Only one devotee who seems so devoted she is spending her whole life, every day and every minute with her guru. One about whom everybody actually already knows that she is more than just a regular devotee. That she is the one he confides in, the one whose bed he shares every night, the one to whom he might even be faithfully devoted. His beloved – but only in private!

Even though everyone knows, from students, devotees and disciples to the general public, they insist that their relationship is a student-teacher relationship, nothing more than a guru and a close disciple. They can share a kiss only in hidden. They cannot hug in public or even lean on each other’s shoulders. When they are not in their home, they have to sneak around to have sex because officially they cannot stay together in one room.

Apart from it being completely hypocrite, I find it sad that they are never able to show their affection out in the open. It is not Indian culture anyway to be very affectionate where others can see you. In between couples you can however see that they behave in a loving way with each other. A certain touch, a look, some words are enough to show their love for each other. These gurus and their partners cannot even show that!

They have to hide their love and affection. Why? Because they believe a guru could somehow be better if he was celibate than if he had a partner. Because sex is impure in their eyes. Because they are afraid of what others would say.

What a huge nonsense! I pity them and I pity their partners who will never have this open and free recognition of their relationship that a normal woman can have standing next to her husband!

What is Sex in my Opinion? – 18 Jun 14

I yesterday started telling you about the first lecture that I had on Gran Canaria. After my lecture, there were a lot of questions in the public to which I gave answers and I believe a few of them could be interesting for you as well.

One man asked ‘What actually is sex?’ and wanted to know how I defined this word. He added that sex, at least in his eyes, could already be in a kiss. But how was it defined in India?

I explained him that my view is in most cases – and especially when it comes to the topic of sex – different from the general Indian opinion. In India, sex is too much of a taboo and I will never agree to all the suppression that happens there! I am only talking about what I personally believe and think.

And I believe the same: sex is not limited to having intercourse! Sex is not equal to penetration! It is not only physical but includes the heart as well! Sex can even take place without the body! A beautiful evening with coffee can give two people the same feeling! A kiss, a touch, a beautiful time can be like having sex as well.

In the lecture, I had talked about celibacy before. I had told that I thought it to be the most unnatural concept of all – and now I just had to ask the audience to see celibacy with this definition of sex. If sex can be just a touch, who can vow to remain celibate? If sex is a wonderful evening with someone you love, how can you say you will never have that?

No, with this definition of sex – and I strongly believe that sex is more than just penetration – there is no question of celibacy at all! And if you think of the idea that celibacy could transcend any energy, that you save energy if you don’t have sex or that staying celibate could give you enlightenment – just try avoiding all kinds of activities that I described above as sex and see what will happen: it will make you sick!

Why don’t you just stop thinking about it and just enjoy it? Be in love, enjoy your time with those around you, enjoy having sex in whatever way you like – sleeping with each other, kissing, hugging or just sitting next to each other and being with each other!

When I told a celibate Woman about my first Sex – 6 Oct 13

When I was travelling in Australia in 2005, there was another place which I remember the people of but not really the city name. Especially some conversations stayed in my mind.

My organizer was a man of maybe 65 or 70 years. He was a yoga teacher, taught at his own place and also at other people’s studios. He introduced me to his students who came for workshops and lectures and also his friends, whom I then also sometimes met at his home.

One day, three of us were sitting together: my organizer, a woman who I believe was a friend of his and I. They told me that they both were disciples of an Indian guru whom I happened to know. With natural curiosity, this woman asked whether I had ever had sex in my life or if I was celibate and had been since my birth.

I had already had some strange experiences on this trip when it came to the subject of sex but I am a very open person – I have always been open and was not going to let any such event change that. So I told her that I was not celibate and that I had indeed had sex several times in my life. I went on to tell her the story of my first time, how it came to the point that I slept with a woman in Germany when I was thirty years old.

She listened with much interest – as everyone does to such stories I guess – but her reaction was a bit different than you might expect. The woman looked at me as though she felt pity and the next moment she also expressed something similar: ‘Oh, imagine how great it would be, had you not had sex with this woman!’ There was so much regret in her eyes for this action which, as I now understood, seemed to her as though something very precious had been stolen from me in that night! Something that I had kept for thirty years! An irretrievable treasure that I had lost to the sins of flesh. It was incomprehensible for her how I could not feel sorry and sad about it.

That’s how she felt because she was the disciple of an Indian sanyasi, a guru who preached celibacy as one of the highest virtues and something you should strive to achieve. I intentionally neglected to tell her that her guru himself was definitely not what you would call a virgin and not a celibate in the sense of the word’s definition. In fact, I happened to know that he had several women among his disciples who thought they had received the highest blessing that can exist on this earth – an intimate session with their guru. One of these ladies was living close-by to our Ashram.

I had never been interested in celibacy and believed already then that it was a ridiculous, unnatural concept but I did not feel the need to express this view to the woman in front of me. She left, probably still pitying me – and I sat there, unaware that I would now have a conversation with my host, also a disciple of that guru, which would make me feel slightly uncomfortable around his wife for the rest of my stay there. But that is a story that I will tell you about next Sunday.

Can you measure someone’s Level of Consciousness by the Length of his Meditation? – 4 Apr 13

We recently had a guest at the Ashram with whom I had a small conversation that I wanted to share with you. It was a short talk about meditation, my idea of meditation and the regular, commonly spread idea of meditation in contrast to each other.

I sat down next to our guest and after a little bit of small talk, this man asked me ‘Tell me, how many hours of meditation do you do in a day?’ He was looking curiously at me and I could tell that he was waiting for an impressive answer. He was sure that I would be doing more than the hour of sitting and meditation that he himself managed to do before going to work every day.

I smiled at him and told him that since our little daughter Apra was with us, I meditated by spending time with her. All my meditation is being with her, making her laugh, playing with her, watching her how she is running behind a ball or towards a lizard at the wall.

I could see that the man was shocked. He tried but hardly managed to hide his disappointment about my honest answer. I know the thoughts that were probably on his mind as I have heard people actually voice such things already – that I have lost my discipline or that I have come down from the high level of spirituality where I was to a much lower level. They think I don’t care anymore about my mental state, I have lost the right path.

Obviously some people like to blame my marriage or my wife for that – the western woman who spoilt this spiritual man and keeps him from doing his sadhana, his spiritual practice. Those who do, don’t know that I had always had slightly different views on meditation than the mainstream meditator. Traditional people may see it as an example that a spiritual person should never get married or have children.

This all however only applies if you think of meditation as a competition. Whoever can sit in meditation the longest is the winner! That person is closer to enlightenment than all others or has even already reached enlightenment! Those who cannot sit still for even half an hour are beginners, losers, materialists and very non-spiritual people!

I believe in meditation in a very different way. I don’t think that you have to sit down with crossed legs, close your eyes and breathe deeply in order to meditate. Meditation means to be completely present, to be fully aware of what you are doing in that very moment without your thoughts racing around in past or future.

That is exactly what I do when I am with Apra. You have hardly any chance not to be in meditation when you are with her as she captures your full attention at the present moment. You have to watch her and you feel what she is feeling, you just look in her face and you can practically see what she is thinking. Play with her, talk to her, make her follow your thoughts and show her your world. This all has the wonderful effect of meditation on me: it makes me calm and happy.

If I had to sit isolated in a room for several hours a day, just to show the world what a great practitioner of meditation I am, she would miss me and I would miss her. Being with my daughter is my meditation and I am happy that I can spend my time in this way, making both of us happy.

Yoga Teachers and Lovers: Does Yoga make you sexually abusive, a Nymphomaniac or a Philanderer? – 28 Feb 12

I read an article of the New York Times online today. The title is ‘Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here’ by William J. Broad. In this article, the author describes present and past sex scandals of yoga teachers and gurus and basically says that yoga itself is the logical reason for those scandals as yoga is all about sex. Apart from this main argument, there are many points in this article that I don’t agree with and I thought to share my views with you.

The author starts off saying that people are surprised about their yoga teachers’ sexual relations, as it is the case in the recent revelation of John Friend’s sexual relations. Students are shocked about the founder of Anusara Yoga having cheated on various girlfriends. According to Broad however, they should not have been surprised, because he believes yoga began as a sex cult.

Yes, that is right. He states that Hatha Yoga, the physical postures, were a part of Tantra practice. In his opinion Tantra was used for reaching sexual bliss and Hatha Yoga used for speeding that up a bit.

The picture that is presented here is very, very wrong! I know that Tantra has this bad name in the west for being just all about sex but I cannot say enough times that this is absolutely not the truth about Tantra. Tantra is about life. Sex is obviously a part of it but Tantra is not all about sex! In the west, Indian philosophers presented Tantra as a sexual practice because in this way they could attract people and money. Everybody is fascinated about sex, so when they took an old philosophy like tantra and told about it as sex parties, people liked the idea and that is how its bad name spread. Stories about white, red and black Tantra were added but Tantra is not all about sex.

And Yoga was never a part of Tantra! Now you mixed Hatha Yoga into Tantra although they are in no way connected! And your conclusion is that because of that, there have been so many yoga teachers and gurus with sex scandals – because yoga stimulates the sexual organs! I have a big objection to the line ‘Why does yoga produce so many philanderers?’

There is obviously a great number of famous yoga gurus who have been accused of sexual impropriety and he mentions several of them: Swami Muktananda, Swami Satchidananda and Swami Rama. The list does not end there though. I have written about TM founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose students tell about having sex with him, Nithyananda, whose sexual activities were exposed through a video secretly filmed in his bedroom and we read about Swami Maheshwarananda, the founder of Yoga in Daily Life and ex-followers report of his sexual activities, too. There are many more to be added to this list.

All those people he mentioned as gurus in his text and those whom I added are sanyasis according to Hindu religion. A sanyasi is celibate, just like monks and priests in Catholic Church. They are not supposed to have sex and that is why it is such a shock when their followers find out in the end that they actually have lots of sex. Many of them preach celibacy themselves while enjoying sexual pleasures with many.

This is where the problem starts. Celibacy, not Hatha Yoga, brings the problem. They stop the natural flow of human emotions. They teach yoga and tell people to resist sexual pleasures but in the end surrender themselves – of course secretly. And now people come and blame yoga instead of blaming celibacy and the wrong teaching that a person of high consciousness or religiousness has to be celibate. What would you say about the sexual offenders in Catholic Church? They were not doing yoga! They had the same problem – celibacy.

The author of that article however is convinced that yoga is the reason for people having lots of sex. He says ‘the arousal, sweating, heavy breathing and states of undress that characterize yoga classes have led to predictable results’. How are those the characteristics of yoga? When does yoga tell you to undress? When we were in America, we were once invited to a nude yoga class – we refused – but that is not usual and definitely not required in yoga classes! About every sport includes ‘sweating, heavy breathing’ and, if you prefer doing that sport with less clothes, a ‘state of undress’! You can play football at the beach just in your bathing clothes or even naked but that is not how you normally play it! This does not mean that it is a characteristic for football!

Now I come to the most important point which is the essence of this complete article. The author says that yoga is so arousing that those gurus could obviously not control themselves. He gives scientific proof that yoga stimulates your sexual organs and increases testosterone in the body. Well, any sport that moves the body gives you energy and it is proven that physically active people have more sex. It is obvious, as yoga is for the complete body, that it also has an effect on your sexual organs and even some sexual problems can be healed through yoga. It does not mean however that everybody who practices yoga likes to have orgies!

Wouldn’t this mean that all Hatha Yoga teachers are dreaming of having sex with their students all the time and they cannot help it? Does this mean that every yoga student is aroused after a yoga class? Does that mean that after an hour of yoga practice you have so much sexual power that you have to cheat on your partner? I don’t think so!

That article is actually very disrespectful for many great yogis, people who have devoted their lives to yoga and every single person in this world today who loves yoga. There are millions of people on this earth who enjoy yoga as a part of their lives and who know what Hatha Yoga does not teach them to sleep with hundreds of different people! Yoga teachers and yoga students, raise your voice against such ideas and such nonsense! That is insulting you directly! You are not in a cult and you are not practicing the rituals of any cult! Have you experienced that yoga gave your sex life a boost? Great, but it does not make you a nymphomaniac or philanderer, does it?

If you are a yoga teacher or a yoga lover, please tell me whether this is the result of yoga in your life! Is that what yoga gave you? I don’t think so! Ask your yoga teachers and your yoga students, too. I believe you will rather get answers about how much richer, peaceful and balanced yoga has made their lives, how much joy and power it brought to them. Maybe also to their love lives – but in a loving and healthy way.

Sects going to Extremes – Either lots of Sex or no Sex at all – 12 Aug 11

A few days ago I wrote about polygamy after hearing of a sect leader in the US who had several wives who were not even adult. Of course I thought a bit more about the connections of sex and religion and the concept of polygamy. I noticed that there seems to be always extremes about this topic.

Look at all those religions or religious groups that advocate polygamy. It is usually the women who are subordinate to the husbands. You can find the marriage of several women to one man in cultures and societies where men are dominating. They were the ones who made the rules, they were the ones to write the scriptures and thus they were the ones who decided that women are the weak gender and need to obey men. Islam is again and again criticized for the fact that women are not treated equally to men, that they are suppressed and mistreated. Also in Hinduism there are many points where you can see this male dominance.

In many religions, sects and groups with certain belief, this view on women leads to extremes. Either sex becomes very important and they try to have as much as possible, mostly with as many people as possible, or they fully neglect it, stop having sex and don’t even think about getting in touch with women.

I have met a lot of people who formerly have been in sects and many who were still. Look at ISKCON, the International Society of Krishna Consciousness with its headquarters in Vrindavan. They believe sex is a sin. They can marry but even then they are only allowed to have sex for one purpose: for having a child. Not at any other time. If you have sex merely for pleasure, it is a sin. There are others, like the Brahma Kumaris sect, who also say any sexual action or even thought is a sin. It is dirty, it is sinful and obviously against God’s wish. The Sadhus in Hinduism and the Catholic priests, the monks of different religions, so many have announced that they go in celibacy for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand there are movements where sex is the main topic and everything is about sex! In some, or maybe most, it is allowed only for men to have sex with several women and not for women to have several men. There are some philosophies though, like what is now called Tantra in the west, in which people live their whole lives around sex. When such ideas are spread, additionally with a religious thought behind them and an organization above, the groups turn to sects and the way is open to abuse again.

It is usually either a lot of sex or no sex at all. They go into extremes, sometimes because they believe women are dirty, sinful and not God-like and other times because they believe women are divine and a lot of sex gives them a lasting divine experience. Why don’t we just get into balance? Why is it one extreme or the other? See sex as a natural part of life, don’t make it bigger than it is and don’t neglect it. It won’t work. Women and men are equally made by God and sometimes drawn towards each other. It is normal and natural. Don’t use God or religion to deny nature.

My first sexual Experience after 30 Years of natural Celibacy – 19 Jun 11

One day my German friend took me to a woman who was his friend. She had a guest in that time, another woman, and when my friend invited them to come to visit us the next day for dinner, they both accepted.

So on that day, we were all sitting together, had dinner and were talking. It got late and my friend’s wife said she would go to bed. My friend was the next one to go to bed and finally one of the women said, she would leave, too. Her friend, the woman whom I had only met the day before, said she would stay a little bit longer. And so we were sitting there, on the couch, next to each other and she while talking, she moved a bit closer to me.

I pretended to be cool and experienced even though I was not at all. I was so excited in that situation and was thinking tonight, in this November night in 2001, that would happen which had not happened in the last 30 years. I was showing as if I am used to sitting with women like this, as if I daily did it but the truth was this it was the first time.

I remembered the talk of my Indian friend who had been my first host here in Germany. Once he told me that people were much more open towards sex here than in India. If you got to know a girl and started a friendship with her, you could at some point also ask her to have sex with you. She would not mind it and in most cases would be ready for it. That’s what he knew, the Indian man who was living and working here for a bit more than six months. That was his impression in this new culture. When I asked him if he had had such an encounter in those six months, he said very innocently ‘No’ and I knew he was not lying.

I was much newer to this country and culture than my friend and there was this woman, who was friend of my friend’s friend, sitting next to me on the sofa. I didn’t really know her, my English was still not good enough to have a big conversation and I did not have the courage to touch her even though I was very curious and wanted to. Thank God she started and took my hand to hold it in hers. I still pretended to be cool and experienced and thought it would be best to do what she did. I reacted on the same level to her action and held her hand. Anyway, what else could happen, after a while we hugged and were soon lying on the sofa, our clothes lying around us, and I had my first experience.

I had not told her that it was my first time before we started and when I told her afterwards, she was surprised and said that I seemed very experienced to her. I was happy and proud that I had played a good role. I smiled and answered ‘You know, I come from the land of Kama Sutra and have studied that’. She smiled back and replied ‘Yes, I knew you are a Tantra Master!’ It was not the right situation to say something but by myself I thought ‘What does this have to do with Tantra?’ I had not yet understood that people in the west think Tantra means sex.

I was not sad to lose my virginity but on the contrary I was happy for not being celibate any more. Celibacy came to my life naturally, not because I was following any tradition of celibacy. My parents were obviously not celibate, they gave life to me and three siblings. I was not following any other tradition than my family tradition and they wanted me to get married already when I turned 18. This was however not my interest. Instead I wanted to travel and preach. Later I went into the cave, so I just did not have any opportunity to lose my virginity.

We fell asleep on the sofa and woke up in the morning, when my German friend came down to make coffee. He waved and smiled at me and I smiled back, saying Good Morning.

Blind Followers – Ideal Followers for every Guru – 31 May 11

Blind Followers

Of all types of followers, I believe this is the most common one and the one that fits best into the picture of followers behaving like sheep. Why? Because they simply follow, it doesn’t matter where their guru is going.

Blind followers don’t have any interest in a certain philosophy or any certain way. It doesn’t matter who the master is and what he does, they just want to follow him. Once they decided to follow him, there is little that one can do about it. They are determined to follow and this is what they do. A guru can be happy if he has many blind followers because he does not have to do much for them. They don’t ask much about him, they don’t go deep into the philosophy he teaches and they do whatever he asks them to do.

They don’t try to find out any details about their guru. This is good for a lot of gurus who hide secret activities that are not actually morally right. Blind followers don’t try to see whether their guru does something wrong. And worse, if they see him doing anything wrong, they close their eyes and look away. They become blind, pretending not to see anything. By this they become the ideal followers for any guru. Gurus love and wish to have blind followers. They see for example that he sleeps with a different woman every night but as blind followers, they tell everyone who asks that their master is celibate, just as he publicly states. They understand that something is wrong but they don’t want to consciously realize it. They stay in their illusion.

Even if you talk to them and tell them what their guru does wrong, that he lies or is fake, they simply deny everything, turn away and don’t want to talk about such topics. I have met many followers of the late guru Sathya Sai Baba. They have seen videos in which it is clearly visible that he used simple tricks and does not actually materialize gold or ashes. They have seen full proof that he cheated people but still they stay with him, tell others he could do miracles and believe in those miracles themselves.

In this way blind followers simply try to get rid of their responsibility. They look for someone to tell them what to do and don’t ask any questions. It doesn’t matter what it is that they are told, they do it and feel good about it. They are actually afraid of life. They are afraid of what could happen if they decide for themselves. They don’t have self-confidence and so they search someone else to put their confidence in. The condition is that the other person has to tell them what to do. They will follow.

Their whole life is then about following their guru. They eat and sleep having their guru and their role in the mind. If they get physically close to the master, it makes them happy. If he wants to be very close to them and calls them to his bedroom, they get even happier and do as they are told. They get happy even if other people would experience the same action as sexual abuse.

The conclusion is that it doesn’t matter what the guru does and how much anybody tells them about their guru, blind followers will remain followers. I don’t believe they read my blog but even if, they would become blind and just believe what I am writing is not about them or their gurus. They are truly blind followers.

Tomorrow I will write about another type of followers: intellectual followers.

Denial of Sexual Relation by Gurus, their Wives and Followers – 11 Mar 11

In the last week – because of the news of Prakashananda – I once again wrote about fake gurus and their sexual behavior which is often abusive. There are many gurus who have faced such charges, just like Nithyananda and not rarely this kind of incident comes to light because there are several women involved. There are however also a lot of big gurus who are more steady and actually have one woman by their side who is like a girlfriend or wife. This woman however is never recognized as a partner.

Usually each guru has a group of close disciples who are always with him. They are higher in their ‘hierarchy’ and have more responsibilities and rights. And on top of them all is often a woman. She has the right to come to the guru’s bedroom each night. They are always together, in public she sits by his feet and she is the one to bring the guru the most important things that he needs.

Everybody sees that. Everybody knows that the guru is sleeping with her, shares meals with her and lives with her. But she will never be called his wife. She will never be called his girlfriend. He will never accept her in this role in public and none of his disciples would like to hear this.

What would happen if these gurus accepted their women in their lives? Why don’t they? Well, they would not be able anymore to call themselves Sanyasi. They would lose their guru status because that is based on the assumption that they are celibate, that they have no bodily needs and basically, clearly speaking, that they don’t have sex. So their special status would vanish and along with it many disciples.

I want to ask these gurus, why don’t you accept this woman openly in your life? You are not doing anything wrong! You are not having sex parties, raping women, molesting children and teenagers or abusing anyone, you are only having a relationship! If you hide this relationship, then you are doing something wrong. You are not honest!

In reality however all those disciples know about those women! What about you, the disciples? You give your guru the status that he has although you know exactly that he does what you believe is wrong. If you anyway know that he has a girlfriend or wife, why would you be angry if he accepted her? You keep on calling her a close disciple and not girlfriend or wife although they are intimate with each other and sleep with each other. Are you not a hypocrite yourself?

I actually pity that woman who is always hidden and never accepted as who she really is! I also see Indian Swamis and Gurus who have found their partner for life in the west. They have a white woman always by their side, their ‘very close disciple’. When I see this, I wonder very much. You, a woman from the west accept this role? Indian women should not hide their relationship either, but I know that they grew up in this culture. You however grew up in a culture where relationships are open, where you would not hide even merely sexual relationships, so why do you accept this game as it is? Why don’t you stand up and say to your guru-partner ‘Hey, accept it as it is and accept that we have a sexual relation, that we love each other and that we are a couple!’ You are not doing anything wrong, only hiding your relationship is wrong.

I don’t have to name any specific person here because there is a long list and there are many people I know who are in this situation. I have seen this all with my own eyes. Every guru, every follower and anybody who has ever seen this kind of couple will know who I am talking about. They may never tell it but everybody sees it very clearly.

It is funny but at the same time it makes me sad for these people. What kind of dishonest life they must be living, always afraid that someone will speak publicly about their relationship! How horrible this must be for a person’s mental situation? They live in an illusion, not in real life. They know they are together but do they believe everyone else is blind? They must realize that everyone sees it, too. How, I really ask myself, how can they find peace of mind with this knowledge?