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Many of you who have met me or have been to my home in India knows that how much love and trust I had on my brothers. I was so proud of my family.

Imagine how it would feel to have your own claims proved wrong and your false pride shattered! I too often feel the same way these days.

My mother is no more, but my father and brothers have not only distanced themselves from me, but have also illegally taken away my and my daughter’s rights. Cheated me only for money and property. This became possible because of corruption in India.

As long as there was a need, I was a son and a brother, and when the need was over, I was nothing.

It is good that my mother left before seeing this day, otherwise she would have suffered a lot today.

For the first time in the last eight months, I am writing something here on Facebook.

The family for which I spent forty years of my life. Raised not only my brothers but also my father like children and blindly believed and loved them, they stabbed me in the back as soon as they got a chance. For money and property, father is no more father and brother is no more brother. This is a story of how my dishonest, greedy brothers have blackmailed my pervert father.

I lost everything, I lost the faith I had in my father and brothers, but the love I have for them is still intact. The lust of greed has turned the relations of blood white, but not a single day passes without tears in my eyes remembering them. Whenever I see my family in my dreams, I see the same old days of love and trust. The amazing thing is that no problem is ever seen in the dream, but as soon as the dream breaks and the eyes open, then it is understood that it was a dream, but now the reality has completely changed.

I have never compromised on my principles in my life and will never do so in the future. I will fight for the rights of myself and my daughter till death.

Furthermore, I have resigned from charity organization because money was getting misused, and I do not want to be responsible for the donations which were coming from my friends from all over the world for children charity. Because I had no control over it and was not getting any reports. Instead, some donors friends who visited Ashram in India told me how money was getting misused in Alcohol, gambling and expensive shopping for debauchery.

After living in suffocation for years, I am making all this public to lighten my heart. Along with this, I also want to tell that whether it is real father or brother, never trust anyone on money matters. I was a stupid, emotional, carried away by emotions and lost everything. I have got a lot of love from you, and now I need your moral support.

I had come to India in September last year for three days but would you believe that, I could not go to my home which I had built with my own hands and where I used to invite you all. Since then, I was away from Facebook. Although this family tension is going on for the last five years, but I remained silent. But I never thought that the greed of money would make my father and brothers fall so low.

For my father and brothers, I will say that I regret by handing over everything to you in blind love and trust, but you will repent for betraying me.

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