When your Mother-in-Law maintains your Period Calendar after your Wedding – 11 Jan 16

For Apra's birthday, many friends had come by and it was really nice to have some talks with open and like-minded people again! When we sat together, a friend who had got married about a year ago told me how much pressure she was facing not only from her family and her in-laws but from society in general. For what? For finally getting pregnant!

Yes, in India it is quite normal that some months after the wedding – which was of course arranged – everybody gets the good news: a baby is on the way! This is how it works, this is how it should be and this is the whole purpose of your marriage. You are supposed to bear children, preferably boys, secure the continuation of the family name and create heirs for the family business! This is your main purpose of life right after marriage: get children as fast as possible!

This friend told that she as well as her husband were quite content with not making a child right away but instead spending some time on just getting to know each other and intensifying their relationship. That is a very unusual idea in India where people generally say that the child would be like a glue or magnet for the parents to get closer together! While they were happy in this way however, their families were not! She was unhappy about the pressure everyone was creating!

Another friend, whose three-year-old daughter was playing with Apra in that moment, remembered the same situation after her own wedding. Her mother-in-law started calling her every month, asking whether she had had her period already. She even started marking the days of her daughter-in-law’s menstruation in her calendar and started calling exactly on those days, becoming very disappointed whenever she heard that she was actually bleeding, so not pregnant!

Can you imagine the kind of feeling this gives to a woman? You are practically only there as a breeding station, nothing else! It doesn't matter what you want or don't want – your complete surrounding thinks you must want a baby. They all are eagerly waiting for news.

If news don't come for some months or even a year, rumors start: they must be having problems conceiving! Who of the two is infertile? Have they taken treatment? Or is he maybe not interested in sex, maybe gay?

Oh, gossip-loving neighborhoods are eager to have such topics to talk about and they sense scandals when there is nothing else but Mother Nature at work!

It is ridiculous that we tell women and also men how their life should look like and at what point of life they should be thinking or desiring what! It is not healthy for society in total and for the individual women either. Because what happens if they really cannot become pregnant? More about this scenario tomorrow.

Dear western Women: be careful before you fall in Love with an Indian Man online – 15 Jun 15

I would like to start writing about a topic which I believe is very important. No, I know it is because we often have women coming to the Ashram or writing to us about this issue: they fell in love with an Indian man over the internet and now want to meet him in India. Many times, they return to their country horribly disappointed.

Before starting, I want you to know that what I will write today and probably in the next days are thoughts and opinions based on experiences. There can of course be completely different cases and it is each time a question of the individual person, their attitude and behavior.

The most common case that we have seen however is a western woman in between 35 and 50 years old who got to know an Indian man, mostly younger than she herself, over the internet, in a chatroom or over social media. Over a longer time of talking to each other, she feels that they could be more than just acquaintances or friends. There seems to be a connection deeper than that and he keeps on inviting her to India. So why not go and find out, trust and go deeper?

I would like to tell every woman in this situation: be careful and don’t put too much of your heart into this right away! You think that this will be something serious and that you have a chance to finally find the partner of your life. Never stop dreaming – but stay realistic and know that it can very well be that this person is not as serious as you are!

On the contrary, a lot of times we have seen that women come to India and don’t even meet that man in real life. The number one thing is that you don’t even know whether the person you are talking to is real. On the internet, one can lie and place fake pictures without any fear of someone discovering the truth!

So now that you have decided to book your flight to India: make sure that you have a backup plan! Look at hotels beforehand and arrange a pickup by the hotel so that you know who will come to pick you up. Don’t just trust that this man will come to pick you up – and do you really want to be with this man the first night that you are in this foreign and so completely different country? You will be not only overwhelmed by the different culture, time zone and climate but also your emotions that are getting involved!

You can arrange a meeting point but here, too, I would advise you to be careful. Make plans just in case he doesn’t turn up, there is no such address as he gave you or all of a sudden that phone over which you always talked is switched off.

I tell you, we have seen this all. Women have come to India, had a meeting point, an address and a phone number, they travelled hundreds of kilometres by train and car only to stand in a town they didn’t know, all alone. The address was wrong, the phone number now unreachable. Nobody there to pick them up. Facebook messages and emails remain unanswered or, if the guy has at least a little bit of guilty feelings, you read an excuse about him having been suddenly transferred or the sudden death of a relative at the other side of the country where he urgently had to travel to.

Other women met the man whom they had been talking to. They spent a nice holiday together, paying the young man’s travelling fare and hotel, hoping that this will be only the first month of many years together. At the end of the time however, when they try to talk about the future, there are vague promises and they finally understand: he only wanted to have fun!

Sometimes these women end up at our Ashram after such a disappointing experience. Sometimes they were clever and careful enough to first come to us and make sure they have a safe place to return to, should it not work out. Some even took our car to drive and find this man. Most of the times, we were just happy that we could give them a place to relax and consider what happened so that they could leave India with a good experience as well, not only with disappointment.

I will write more about the emotional aspects of such situations tomorrow.

Disappointment and Helplessness for our poor Children and us – 12 May 15

I told you yesterday that we are, from the next school year on, discontinuing the 6th and 7th class of our school and have dropped the idea of extending the classes of our school until the 8th. We knew that although we won't be teaching the children at our school anymore, we would keep on supporting their education. Finding a way however proved to be more difficult than thought!

There are a lot of schools in our town and of course news of one or the other somehow usually reaches the other ones. That’s why we were soon contacted and approached by a school which is not really far from ours. They knew about our school and the fact that we support poor children, providing everything for free. We invited them to come to the Ashram for a talk.

When the owner of the school came, together with the principle, I personally had a talk with him. He basically offered to take our children in his school. I was very straightforward and asked these people how much it would cost. I know that they are not, by any means, running a charity school. Their school is their business and the money which is paid at admission time and then every month as school fees is what makes their income. So I told them that not the parents would be the ones paying the fees – as they don’t have money anyway – but it would be us. So we wanted to ask for a great discount, as they already knew our situation.

The answer was very Indian. Which means that I didn’t get an exact figure – but instead I got a very generous answer: ‘Oh, don’t worry, we know how much you are doing for the good of society! You can give us whatever you want to give!’ You can imagine that I was very happy! We would be able to afford sending our children to this private school!

We called all 35 children two days later to our school. Our school’s principal walked over with these children to the other school in order to fill their admission forms and make it official. Unfortunately we were in for a nasty surprise: once they reached there, the administrative personnel named a sum they had to pay as admission fees and another one for monthly fees which were both far above our budget. On top of that there would be uniforms, books and stationary to be bought!

The principal called us, we called the owner of the school and the answer was: that is already a discounted price, we cannot do any more for you!

We were incredibly disappointed! All children came back, wondering what had happened. It was that which made us most upset! Had we known that we couldn’t send them to that school, we would never have told them about the possibility and given them this emotional rollercoaster! Why could that man not have been clear when he was sitting in my home and talking to me? Could he not have spared us and our children this disappointment?

Well, to make it short, we tried to find another school with a lower amount of fees but found that all private schools had approximately the same fee structure or higher. We found ourselves in the shoes of the parents of our school’s children – just that we were trying to find a school for 35 children!

Finally, we went to the government school where my brothers and I have learned at as well. We decided to admit our children there. Obviously, the standard of education is not as high as we would wish for them – but as the cost is minimal, we will be able to afford private coaching classes for our children and will thus support their education further!

This chapter has been the cause for a lot of discussions and thoughts in our home and heads. In the next days I will keep on writing about all these ideas, feelings and facts!

The Father of Asaram’s Victim: Bribed, Threatened but still standing strong – 9 Sep 13

In the past week I reported about Asaram and his case of alleged sexual harassment for which he was arrested. While there are more and more details emerging, I would like to take a look on the feelings of the particular people involved, especially as this kind of case is nothing unique. It happens all the time, with many different gurus and their followers, when the latter understand that their worshipped master is not as holy and pure as they had always thought. Let’s first of all have a look at the feelings and situation of that betrayed follower.

In Asaram’s case that is the father of the 16-year-old victim. For years he has devoted his life, his love, his time, his worship and lots of money to his guru. He sent his children to his school, thinking that they would get the best education possible – and it was not cheap either! But he did it happily as he knew that the money would support his beloved guru.

And then this! His trust betrayed and broken in the worst way a father can ever think of! Can you imagine the feeling of being completely lost? Of having wasted years of devotion and all that comes with that to a man who, according to your own daughter, tried to have sex with her and even threatened her with murder? Completely disillusioned, heartbroken and at the same time angry like never before!

He did the best thing that he could do: he reported the crime to the police. Unfortunately, the police or Indian politics decided to play even further with his feelings by treating Asaram as a VIP suspect, not arresting him for nearly two weeks!

In the meantime, he received threats by followers of Asaram until he had his phones placed on police surveillance. Others tried offering him bribes and to buy him if he could stop his accusations. A woman who is close to Asaram and is considered his daughter as well as other family members came personally to beg him pardon, lying at his feet and crying that he should forgive Asaram.

He however stayed strong – and obviously so! He explained that he had given Asaram so much money but his former guru had taken something that nobody could give back! What could he offer him to pay for his crime? And why should he be afraid when he had already faced such a big hit?

No, he did not waver. On the contrary, when it looked like the police was not taking action even after the deadline of Asaram’s summon was over, he went into a hunger strike, saying he wouldn’t eat until they had arrested him, as they should do by law.

I believe he did exactly the right thing: by making the case public, unlike maybe other fathers of victims before him, he may save many more girls and maybe some more formerly blind eyes were opened!

And that is what I would suggest him to think of whenever he has that feeling of having been betrayed and having spent time, money, energy and love for a man who didn’t deserve it. You took action once you could see what is wrong and many others won’t have to face such a disappointment because you did what you did.

Don’t regret, accept what happened and take it along with you for a better future! Help others, let them come to you and tell again and again of your story so that many more may not have to face such problems!

If I have Sex with several People, it is Romance – if you do the same, it is cheating! – 28 Feb 13

Yesterday I wrote about gender equality and double standards for men and women. A lot of men told me in response that they did feel this way and although there were some women who denied that such a thought could ever enter their minds, there were several who admitted that I was right. Today I will write about an issue that will be even more difficult for people to accept: a lot of people, if not most of them, keep one standard for others and a fully different one when it comes to them and their own actions, thoughts and feelings!

The clearest and nicest examples for different morals and values can be found again in the most intimate areas of life, when people’s sexual behavior is concerned. Let me give you an example.

Let’s assume you are a participant in a seminar and next to you there is a man with whom you start a conversation. You get to know that you both stay in the same hotel and that you both are alone at the seminar. None of you is married, you are both singles. It suggests itself that you spend the evening together, too, so you go and have dinner together, a drink at the hotel bar and finally you sleep in the same room, in the same bed, having sex and really enjoying your weekend seminar.

It is fine for you, it is fine for him, both of you know that you will probably not see each other again. Once the seminar is over, you both leave and go back to your home towns, back to your normal life. There is also someone whom you are attracted to, a friend of a friend and you think that he might be Mr. Right for you. You both try, spend a few weeks together but then decide that it won’t work out and break up.

This is only the back-story. It gets interesting the moment when you go to another seminar in the same town, just a few months later. You don’t meet that man again but the woman, who was in the same work group as both of you. Obviously you get together in the evening and remember that seminar, the evening and talk of this one man. You tell your new friend about the wild night you had with him – she looks at you in complete astonishment and tells you that she, too, has had sex with this man, about three or four weeks after you.

This woman starts laughing and enjoys the situation but you are fuming inside! You are angry and you feel cheated, you feel used and disappointed. Your memory of that night, which was kind of special for you, is spoiled.

If you have followed this scenario with your feelings and have tried to put yourself in this position, I want to ask you to take one step back now and become the observer of your own feelings. What just happened there? Why are you so angry? Your thought is: ‘So I am not special at all! He has sex with whoever he can get, whomever he meets at those seminars!’ and that is why you are angry with this man.

Reconsider though: don’t you think that you are being unfair? You, too, had sex after your encounter with this man, so he could feel the same if he found out, couldn’t he? You both had a one-night-stand, you did not want a relationship then and you were aware of it that he did not want it either!

You have created a movie on your own mind with your imagination and fantasy. It is fiction and not reality! Of course you are disappointed when that fictional story was crashed by the lady showing you an alternative ending – and telling you that this is reality!

Now get back to reality, swallow down whatever anger or disappointment you had, tell your ego and pride that it will be fine and just go on. Once you have overcome the bitter realization that you were dreaming, you should be able to laugh about this! After all, you did the same thing.

Again, just to make it clear, any recommendations made here are for both, men and women equally! This is something that happens to persons of both genders and above you can just read an example that makes it easier to imagine the situation.

Don’t set the moral standards for another person higher than for yourself! If you think people should have only sex when they are going for a long-term relationship, then act like it and just don’t have sex with someone who is clear that he won’t marry you or have children with you. It is not fair to blame that person afterwards.

Don’t stop expecting – but learn from Disappointments! – 25 Feb 13

We all have the wish to be happy. Unfortunately many people don’t seem to reach this goal often in their daily lives. When the question comes up why that is, the answers will obviously depend on the individual situation of each person. One standard answer however which you can hear often and which will be right for nearly everybody is that they have too many or too high expectations. I, too, have spoken and written about expectations and disappointments that unavoidably follow. But what exactly does this really mean for your life?

Many people understand that their expectations are too high but when they try to address this problem in order to avoid further disappointment, they go into the complete opposite extreme. They then believe that they should not have any expectation at all. They stop aiming for anything, they stop setting their goals high. When they realize that they have a wish for something, they immediately tell themselves to stop dreaming, remove the wish from their mind and return to their normal day’s work.

The result: they are more miserable and unhappy than before! It didn’t help, on the contrary, they now ask themselves what they actually live for. What should I do in life if there is no wish to reach anywhere? What should I do if there is no goal to strive for?

I believe that the right way lies somewhere in between. You cannot lead a normal life without expectations. You may be able to retreat completely from normal life’s activities and go in meditation. If you can detach yourself from your friends, family and social life, if you can stop working and just meditate, yes, maybe you can get close to that state but in a normal life, with friends, family and work it is not possible. Even if you spend your time with meditation, you could have the expectation of getting into a deep state of meditation which may just not happen sometimes and again you are disappointed and unhappy. We have expectations and we face disappointment, it will definitely happen.

Don’t let the fear of disappointment restrain you though. Don’t let it keep you from setting your goals high! If you do that, you will block your own development! You won’t grow and you won’t have any hopes of reaching anywhere!

No, instead of reducing your expectations to zero, you have to learn how to deal with them in a proper way. Of course you can check from time to time whether your expectations are justified but if they are, if it is a dream and there is even the slightest chance that you could make it, go for it! Put your effort in! And if you do get disappointed, see small disappointments in a positive way – they make you stronger and help you grow.

Once you have made your experience – even if you failed – you can make another attempt and this one will be more precise and more confident, simply because you have already had a try. It is only in this way that you can get any further on your way. If you do honest effort in any field, something will happen. You will make a step forward – maybe not as far as you dreamed, but you do go forward and you get another experience.

If you don’t have hopes, dreams and expectations, there will be no movement. Your life will stagnate, you will not get anywhere and, most of all, you won’t be happy. No, don’t do this to your life! Dream, hope, let your imagination fly and simultaneously use your brain, hands and feet in order to make your dreams become reality!

When 50 Years of Friendship are less important than religious Customs – 27 Dec 12

We had not told many people about the passing of our mother and rather allowed the news to spread on its own. Each of us had, however, naturally called his best friend and Babbaji had called two or three more people who had been close to Ammaji or him. It was the reactions of some of them which made me very upset with religious traditions – because they hurt my father!

On Tuesday morning, the day after Ammaji had left, we saw one of Babbaji’s friends walk in through our gate. Our pain was still very fresh and we were again and again looking after Babbaji to see how he was, now that he was alone. So when we saw this old friend, who had stayed at the Ashram for months at a time before, too, we were very happy and thankful. We thought what could be better than having an old friend there with whom Babbaji could talk about old times, share stories about Ammaji and just sit in company, alleviating the pain a bit!

Purnendu, who was outside, greeted him before he called Babbaji. We were all busy in reorganizing the tasks that Ammaji had always looked after, so we, the children, did not sit down with them. Just a few minutes later, Babbaji came to us in the office where we were just discussing something. He told us that we should see whether we had a room free upstairs where his friend could stay and asked us to prepare it so that he could send him there.

When he left the office however, his friend had gone. He had simply left! He had denied drinking water or tea, he did not stay, he had not even said goodbye to anybody! Everyone was just surprised and a bit shocked. And of course, my father’s feelings were visibly hurt! Why had he come at all, all the way from Delhi, just to take off again within ten minutes? He had nothing to do in Delhi either, so why could he not have stayed? And how come he just left without a word to anybody?

In the afternoon, this friend called and when my father clearly told him that he did not like such behavior. He answered that this was what they did in his family, his tradition and belief. ‘We go to meet but we don’t stay there, we don’t eat or drink but just come back!’ He continued that he would come on the 13th day after Ammaji’s death, when we would be clean again but my father told him not to – we would not be doing any rituals or a feast which religious people expect on that day.

When a common friend of Babbaji and this man called, Babbaji told him the whole story and said how much it had hurt him and the whole family. He told this man not to come at all, because he would do the same thing and it would cause even more grief.

We talked with my father about this incident and we all agreed that we did not need such people around in our time of grief. Our father obviously was suffering from loneliness after his wife’s death and even though we are around as much and Yashendu even slept in his room, it would have been great to have someone of his age here, someone to remember the past times when they all were younger. Instead of this support he gets insulted by religious superstition. 50 years of friendship is not as important to them as their religious customs.

Babbaji remembered how people had come in the time after my sister’s death, too, giving their advice on what we should be doing, which rituals had to be done, asking whether we did it this or the other way, trying to make us perform ceremonies we did not want to do.

So we decided to tell anybody who even asked such things on the phone not to come. We don’t need their unnecessary religious advice, we don’t need their insults – even if they are not caused by ill wishes but by stupid religious customs. What we could use would be their love, compassion and support. But if you cannot give that, you don’t need to come at all.

Believing in Miracles or being realistic? – 9 Oct 12

Yesterday I said that I didn’t believe your visualizations could make your cancer shrink or a positive attitude could prevent a car accident. I have received some feedback of people who seemed to think I discourage them from making others hope and asking whether I only believed in what scientists and doctors say. Would that mean there are no miracles at all? I thought that such comments and questions were well worth another diary entry.

I first of all want to address the question whether I only believe in the opinions of scientists and doctors. In general, I really do believe in science and medicine. Where would we be without them? Millions of lives have been saved because of medical progress. Scientific research has found explanations for all sorts of phenomena and with those explanations we were then able to build machines, create and store energy, use electricity, fertilize gardens, build railways and fly around the earth.

So I do believe in science and when someone describes a ‘miracle’, I usually believe that there is a scientific explanation for it. Here in India you can go in any village and you will find people who tell you of miracles for which you have an easy explanation. They are illiterate and just don’t know! They might say that someone’s recovery is a miracle although a doctor could explain the reasons. So when someone sees ‘a miracle’ and describes it, I really normally assume that he or we may not know the scientific reason for what has happened.

By the way I find it worth mentioning that anybody who has this kind of attitude will not fall prey to fake gurus who perform their own miracles by doing magic tricks! They want you to believe in them but if you want to find out the way this miracle works, you will find they have been cheating – and you won’t believe them anymore. In the history of religion, priests and religious people have opposed science for the same reason – they wanted people to believe in miracles so that they remain in power!

If you ask me about hope however, I believe you have to always have hope! I believe in medicine but I know that doctors are only humans, too. They also do mistakes and cannot know everything. Again and again there are stories about patients who were told that they would only have two months to live and then they live another ten years! The prognosis of a doctor is an educated guess, sometimes more sure, sometimes less, depending on many circumstances. Call it a miracle or believe that something happened that the doctor had not been able to diagnose – it is a reason to hope.

I believe we need hope to go on living in bad situations and there is always reason to hope. But I don’t believe in creating illusions. I don’t want to give anybody false hope and then let him fall into disappointment which will be even worse! Giving someone hope by using an illusion can shatter their dreams very suddenly. In such a situation I prefer being realistic. Hope is always good and it is part of having a positive attitude. Believing that the impossible will happen is either closing the eyes in front of reality or just stupid.

Give hope to others, help them, make them feel good but don’t create illusions. Be realistic but positive.

Expectations make the Difference in between Customers and Friends – 18 May 12

In the last days I was writing much about beliefs and I also told that when I changed my belief and let people know that I thought different about things, the group and type of people around me changed. I told you that it would not make you an outsider if you tell the truth about what you think but of course, there are a lot of people who may not be interested in being with you anymore. The reality is however that these people are not your friends anyway.

It is true, I have experienced it a lot that people came into my life and left it again. There is however a reason why they leave and the most obvious reason is that there is no love but unfulfilled expectations. You may have changed and now you don’t fulfill their expectations anymore. Friends stay because they are only interested in you, not in what you do for them or give them.

You can compare with owning a shop. Suppose you have a shop and sell lots of different sweets. A person who likes sweets walks by, sees your shop and decides to come in. This person starts loving your shop and becomes a regular customer, buying your sweets, having a chat each time, taking interest and telling of his or her own life. Then there comes the day when you decide to change your product. You realized that you would rather like to sell vegetables because they are better for people’s health. Obviously, customers who like sweets will now not be able to get them with you anymore and will not come anymore.

There will be however a few of those regular customers who are now interested in you and they won’t leave just because you are now selling something else. If they need vegetables, they will now buy them from you and their sweets somewhere else but the main thing is that they come because of you!

In the same way there are always some people who are with you because they believe you can fulfill their expectations. When you cannot to this anymore, they are gone. Real friends don’t do this. Nevertheless, you should not be angry or very sad about it. They gave you an experience and you can learn from it. Accept that they will go somewhere else where their need is fulfilled. With you there will be those who really are genuinely interested in you.

For me this meant that I left behind a lot of followers who wanted me to remain their guru. When I did not want to embody this role anymore, many were disappointed and left. Then there is the spiritual or esoteric group of people who also have expectations, in all different forms, which I don’t fulfill. So they also don’t stay in my surrounding for too long because I just don’t believe in that.

There is a difference in between friends and customers. Customers want something from you. Friends want you. You can change your business ten times and your customers will change every time. Your friends won’t, they will stay.

Anna Hazare’s Drama is over – Indian Public fooled again – 29 Dec 11

In the last days we witnessed a big drama in parliament about the Lokpal bill, the new law against corruption. The ruling party gave suggestions and drafts which the opposition party strongly opposed, as it is their role in this government. In the end they passed a very weak Lokpal bill. It is like a handicapped law that is not able to do anything. People are disappointed.

Everybody watching the scenes in parliament could see that it was only drama, a theater show staged for media and public. With this outcome however everybody knows that the politicians were only doing effort to save themselves. All these politicians who have decided about this law are corrupt. They know that they are the ones to go to jail if the law that they pass is strong and effective.

It doesn’t matter whether they are in the ruling party or in the opposition or even in one of the many small parties, they will go to jail. Members of the ruling party may take the risk of losing in the next elections because they brought a useless law but they will not risk going to jail. So they all created a law that will save them but will not help our country. In front of the camera politicians of the opposition put on a big fight but in reality they all know that they are all in the same boat. The majority of the politicians of our parliament is corrupt. There is no hope that something could change through our government.

And what about the big hope of this country, Anna Hazare? Today he seems to be just another cunning politician, nothing else.

Hazare and his team had a big plan for these days: they wanted to do another fast for three days, starting on the 27th December and ending on 29th December 2011. After that they wanted to make a big campaign, filling the prisons of India with the support of the people. They called the Indian population to go to offices of ministers and to enter in buildings of official work where they are usually not allowed to go. They should remain peaceful and have themselves arrested. Anna Hazare himself was planning to go to the head of the ruling party, Sonia Gandhi’s home. Obviously there is a lot of security in that place and trespassing would lead to being arrested. They had asked the Indian public to voluntarily go to jail in order to fight against corruption.

Yesterday however, on the second day of the fast, the 28th December, they cancelled the whole campaign. The fast was cancelled as well as their plan to go to jail. Their reason? The government is cheating with this weak law and we think it is best to oppose them in the next elections. Obviously you will oppose them, that we knew before but why did you cancel the current campaign?

Some people ask whether the team Anna got money from the government and were bought. The most popular idea and what I believe is however that they did just not see enough people when they started their fast in Mumbai. About two thirds of the grounds where they were fasting were empty. This does not mean that there was nobody but it was not the overwhelming response they had expected. So they cancelled.

But why were the grounds empty? Because the Indian public had already understood that they were not really interested in fighting against corruption but in their own politics and their own benefit. They got a confirmation by this cancellation: Anna Hazare and his team want popularity and are not interested to fight against corruption if there are not millions of people visibly with them.

The media previously reported about every little step that Anna Hazare did. They greatly contributed in the success of the campaign before and I believe they did an important contribution in making his fight public. Now however I think it would be best if they just left Anna Hazare alone and ignored him and his team. We should not give further importance to him – we feel cheated and see that he did his politics for his own ambitions. It is unfortunate to see that with this amazing success in August, which was actually due to people's anger against corruption, he could not manage to keep people's faith and love for him because of his ego.

In June Baba Ramdev ran away from the fight, now Anna Hazare gave up. The innocent public of India feels fooled by so-called social activists like Anna Hazare and his team. They wasted time, money and energy and got nothing.

What will happen to our country now? Corrupt politicians will keep on sucking money out of people who have already got used to giving extra money on every corner in order to get their work done.