Dogs like Vagina only with Chocolate Cream – 11 Aug 14

I have a friend here in Germany who told me a great story which made me laugh like crazy. We have laughed about it for several years already now, sharing it with friends and many people – and of course remembering it and laughing again. The best part of the story is: it is completely true and real!

It was the birthday of my friend’s friend. He himself was not in town but their common friends asked the birthday girl what they would do on her birthday. She was not in the mood to invite people or go out for a party, so she said, she would just have a normal, quiet evening at home. Her friends however wanted to celebrate! So they planned a surprise party. One of them had a key for her flat – perfect!

It was a normal working day and they all knew when she would be back home from work. So eight of her friends – men and women – sneaked into her flat with some party food and drinks. They had even brought something for her small dog that accompanied her nearly everywhere she went!

She lived in a one-bedroom-apartment with a living room that included an open kitchen. All eight friends found places to hide the things they had brought and themselves as well! They were behind the curtains, in her cupboard, under the dining table and behind some plants. She should not be able to notice them when she got in!

And she didn’t! When she turned the key in the hole, everyone stood or sat very still and there was no noise to be heard except the dog’s happy panting. He jumped around her legs when she set down her work bag and started unbuttoning her jacket. The friends had wanted to wait with coming out of their hiding places until she had sat down and relaxed. She took them by surprise though: she didn’t stop with taking off her jacket! After the jacket, she opened her belt and one by one dropped each of her pieces of clothing on the floor until she was completely naked.

Watched by her friends, whom the shock had frozen into place by now, she then walked into the kitchen area. She grabbed a jar of Nutella, a popular chocolate-hazelnut spread, and returned to the sofa. She sat down, opened the jar and used her finger to take out a generous amount. It didn’t go in her mouth though! She straight away placed her hand in between her legs and spread the chocolate cream on her vagina! The dog, who had all the time been wiggling around her legs, now placed his paws on the sofa and started licking the Nutella off her vagina!

Ah, what the friends in their hiding places must have been feeling while watching her receive this treatment with pleasure! We can only imagine at what point they finally decided to awkwardly step out from behind curtains or crawl out from under tables!

The birthday girl actually left not only this flat and that town, but the country and even the continent after this incident. I heard she settled down in Australia – but I don’t know whether she took her dog along!


Violence in India – Loving and hitting your Dogs like your Children – 12 Mar 14

We now regularly go out to the homes of our school children in order to makes videos for every Friday’s introduction of a boy or girl in my blog. Recently one of our friends was at the Ashram and wanted to come along to see herself and in real life how these children live. We never know what we will experience on such days and we told her that. We may see homes which are, although poor, well cleaned and the family makes a happy impression. Or we reach a fully dysfunctional family with the father being drunk, family members fighting and similar situations. What we encountered when we were out with her was something we had not expected though: domestic violence – against the family’s dog.

There are people, also in India, who keep dogs as pets. They love their dog. They love it like their children, just like people in the west love their pets. And they hit their dog, just like their children.

Ramona, Purnendu and our friend came into this home, led by the girl who goes to our school, and a dog came running, barking wildly. The mother shouted ‘No’, and the eight-year-old with whom they had come, picked up a stick, running towards the dog that immediately put his tail in between his back legs and retreated. He stood further in the back. The mother took the stick from her daughter and when the dog dared to bark again, she hit him on the back, forcing him to the side, a small open space where he finally lay down.

Are you shocked? Our friend was, I believe, but that was before she knew that the dog was their pet. When we told her that, she was just confused: if they have an animal and even feed it while not having much on their own, it surely means that they love it! If they love it however, how can they hit the dog, and on top of it with a stick?

It is simple: They love their dogs like their children. Just like you do in the west as well.

Yes, you treat your dog and cat just like you treat your children, cuddling, talking, feeding and playing. They do the same: they feed, play, talk – and beat. Just as they do with their children.

Ramona and I were visiting friends recently who also have a dog at home. It is nothing common and so it was interesting for us, too, to see how they treat the dog. It got confirmed: they even talk to the dog as with their child, including the threats of violence: ‘Be quiet or I will hit you!’, ‘Sit there or you will get beaten!’

So you see, child or dog, violence is nothing that people here consider as wrong. Just as you should not beat your child, in my opinion, you should not beat your dog, cat or other pet either. Realize how violent you act towards beings that cannot do anything against it.

Make a change towards peace and start in your home!

Why do you have wild Animals and Reptiles as Pets? – 5 Jul 11

Yesterday I wrote about breeding of pets and said that it was a matter of the keeper’s and the breeder’s ego. People are proud if they have a pet that is in any way special – if it wins contests and competitions, if it looks better, greater, and cuter or also, if it is not common in your country, an animal that is rarely seen in people’s living rooms. There are all kinds of exotic pets that people decide to keep in their home.

Some people have snakes and other reptiles such as iguanas or chameleons. We have taken the picture that you see above with a hidden camera in a pet shop where these animals were for sale. Someone is obviously interested in buying such reptiles. Others like it wilder and have foxes or even big cages with dangerous animals like tigers and lions.

In these cases I can tell you for sure, that these animals are not kept in an appropriate way. It is practically impossible to do that! You cannot provide a snake its jungle and you cannot give a tiger hundreds of miles to run daily. There is no way to keep these animals really well, because they don’t belong in your house. They often don’t even belong to your climate and you have to keep the reptiles in a heated terrarium! Why do people want to have a wild snake for a pet? In my opinion, if you really love them, you don’t put them into a tiny box for your entertainment or for you to show them off!

Another reason can be the wish to tame a wild animal. To feel the power over an animal, to have it at your command and to know how to deal with nature’s biggest forces. This is the fascination of people when they go to see wild animal shows in a circus. They like to see how one small human person can make six or eight tigers or lions do what he orders them to do.

It doesn’t matter however in which way you tame a tiger, it will remain a wild animal and it will remain a tiger while you are human. I was told of a pair of magicians, Germans by origin but living in America, Siegfried and Roy. They had tamed white tigers and in 2003, during one of their magic shows, which included the tigers, Roy fell and the tiger, in a wish to protect his friend, took him by the neck to drag him away. The tiger severely injured the man and he is still recovering, learning to walk again but suffering from the long-term consequences.

What we learn from this all is that even if you tamed a tiger and became its friend, there is still a chance that it kills you some day. There have been so many cases in circuses in which people were seriously injured or even died. The animals travelling with a circus are anyway the most restrained in their freedom and are the best example for animals made for human entertainment. I think I don’t need to repeat how much I pity these animals.

Wild animals are not meant to live together with humans, in their house or in a cage. They are not made for our entertainment.

Human Cruelty of Breeding Dogs and Pets with painful Diseases for their Ego – 4 Jul 11

Last week I have written a lot about pets and animals, how I think you should keep them and how they should not be kept. I also expressed my opinion about the general idea of having pets and said that you should not keep a pet only for your entertainment if this in any way limits the freedom of the animal or is not good for it. Humans have kept pets for their own benefit without looking much at what is good for the animal. The ego of wanting to show off with your pet has led to breeding animals in a certain way for certain characteristics.

This is one of the best examples of how human has deliberately destroyed the lives of many animals and has made them live in pain. People thought that a dog of a certain breed for example is only beautiful if he has all characteristics of that breed. In order to achieve this appearance, dog breeders have made many experiments and sold the best examples for much money. For them it is greed, for those who buy the dogs it is ego but for the dog it often means a life full of pain.

Dog breeders did not care much about whether the dogs that they put together may have been related by blood, as long as that blood was clearly and provably of one certain race or breed. In this way, by inbreeding, they created the problem: two recessive genes carrying disorders came together. This would hardly ever have been a problem if the dogs had mated out in nature with dogs of another race or family. But within their family they are all carrying those defected genes and inbreeding makes the risk of this gene turning up much higher.

That is how so many purebred dogs today have serious diseases. Breeders tried to make bulldogs and other breed look flat-faced and thus these breeds have big trouble breathing with their set-back noses. Additionally bulldogs have such big heads but narrow hips that they cannot give birth naturally. Their puppies have to be born by Caesarean section, there is no other way!

Pugs are supposed to be beautiful if they have very large, round eyes. They have bred them as much that most pugs nowadays have eyes that protrude so far that their eyelids can hardly cover them to clean them. Many of them suffer from chronic conjunctivitis which frequently leads to blindness.

German Shepherd Dogs, Labradors and other large dog breeds but also some smaller breeds often have a common problem which also started by inbreeding: hip dysplasia. In this disease the thigh bone does not properly fit into the hip and thus the dog wears off the joint when he is walking which causes pain and in the end normally cripples the dog. He cannot walk properly anymore, has arthritis, tries to balance the weakness of his hip in other ways and just leads a miserable life which often ends with being euthanized by its owners who were previously proud to have a purebred dog.

Large dogs in general, bred to be even bigger and heavier, have problems cooling down their bodies while small dogs cannot get enough heat to stay warm. Big dogs have problems with their knee joints and often have tumors in the legs, simply because of their heavy weight!

You could go on and on about immune system diseases, skin problems, blood disorders, joint problems, crippling, paralysis, impairments of sight and hearing, heart disease and cancer in all those pedigree pets. It is not only dogs, also cats, horses and other animals suffer from these problems.

The worst thing is: people still don’t care! They go to shows and competitions where the beauty of their animals is rated by exactly those attributes that make them sick! The sicker they are, the higher their value! Humans deliberately create these animals and make them ill. Isn’t human the most cruel creature on this world?

Love for Animals – The only healthy Way of keeping Pets – 1 Jul 11

I said yesterday already that I would write something positive about having pets, too, and I wanted to write in which cases I approve of keeping pets. There are two main factors: where you get your pet from and how you keep it.

I am against shops in which they sell animals for pets, which are sitting all together in little cages, waiting for someone to take them. They were born for this purpose and are now there, displayed so that someone comes, chooses ‘the cutest’ and makes it their pet. We have gone to such a shop in order to take pictures of those animals – which was not allowed. The picture above and those of the diary entry two days ago are those which we took in that shop. In these shops they have produced an animal just like you produce a flower pot. You display all of the pots, hoping will come and like your product. But what will happen if nobody takes it? You will throw away your old pots but what do you do with the animals? You can note that in such shops you will always find young animals. What happened to the older ones?

No, this is not the way and I believe if you pick a pet in such a shop, you are not doing it out of love for the animal. In my opinion the situation is different if you pick your animal up from an animal shelter where you find those animals which were put out onto the streets by their previous owners, animals that were rescued from owners who were beating or neglecting them and even animals that have experienced the torture of animal experiments. You have the chance to give your love and a home to all these animals. They are the ones that really need someone.

And then there is the question of how you keep this animal. I already mentioned that I don’t like it when human takes the freedom of animals. I know that most of the people who have pets love animals. They want to take care of these animals and that is why they keep a pet in the first place. You need to see and realistically judge whether you are doing good to this animal by making it a pet. Can you give them a place with much nature, a big garden and everything they need, so that they can have a better life?

In earlier times, people lived together with their horses and cows, their goats and chicken, too, just as today people live with their cats and dogs. In that time, they needed the work of the animals, they were useful and the people gave them a space to live and much love. There, too, were cats and dogs and people and animals could live together in a way that was good for both. Animals did not lose their freedom, they had everything they needed and some help of humans. But in a normal modern lifestyle this does not work! You cannot live like this in the average flat in New York city, Paris or Delhi!

It is however still possible today to live together with animals in a way that is appropriate for them and that does not restrain them or limit their freedom. It is wonderful if animal-lovers have the possibility to keep animals in a natural way.

We have destroyed a lot of nature on this planet and have made it difficult for some animals to even survive without the help of human. They don’t have their natural space for living anymore. We have cut down forests and have built houses on their meadows. Their prey has fled and there is no space for them.

Additionally we have made many of these animals incapable of actually taking care of themselves. A cat that has always lived with humans and has always been fed has difficulties to naturally follow its instinct and hunt a bird or mouse. It doesn’t know anymore how to survive! We have destroyed animals in this way, too!

Due to these reasons, that we have destroyed their habitat and we have destroyed them, I can say that it is great if there are people who have the possibility to give them a space to live naturally and freely. Where they can take care of themselves and whatever they need more is provided by human. In this way, symbiosis of human and animals is possible and makes sense to me. If you love animals, this is in my point of view the only way to keep them with full love as pets.

Animals as Substitutes for Children or Partner to fill emotional Gap – 30 Jun 11

I think I have made clear that I am against producing animals only for eating them. In the same way however I am against producing animals for other selfish purposes: for your own entertainment or for your ego.

What is the reason for you to have a pet? Many times it is really only your entertainment and often even a substitute for missing social contact in life. I have met so many people who use their pets because they don’t have another outlet for their feelings.

Many of them need someone whom they can command. They enjoy the feeling that they say something and it is done. As they cannot do this with other people, they get themselves a dog and teach him what he should do. This makes them feel in power and makes them feel good about themselves. But is this the right reason for keeping a dog, just to have a slave-like being that obeys?

Others don’t have anybody in their lives whom they can hug, who gives them warmth and love. Many of these people are simply not able to make friends. They are not able to make contact with people in a normal way and this is how they feel lonely. The solution is to buy a pet. A cat that can lie in their lap, whom they can stroke and who comes to them because it is also just lonely and needs someone. They can talk to the cat and it never answers anything that they don’t want to hear. But shouldn’t you rather go out and learn how to get along with human persons, face the real life instead?

Sometimes cats and dogs even have to serve as substitutes for precisely a certain role: children. People who cannot have children or who are too busy to really have children, sometimes get a pet or two and behave as if they are their children. They call themselves mum and dad and have the feeling that they really have a little family in this way. There is however the fact that a cat or a dog does not have such a high life expectancy as a real child would have. So whenever the pet has to face its death, the ‘parents’ are devastated. After all, this dog was like their son to them! They try everything to save it, bring it to the vet and spend lots of money but in the end the dog will die before them. I have even met people who then, naturally after an appropriate time for mourning, went and bought another dog that looked just exactly like the old one, the same race, the same colour and the same height. They call it by the same name and become its parents again. Don’t you think you are cheating your own feelings? Buying children and when they die, you replace them again?

And of course cats or dogs are not as care-intensive as are children! You don’t need to be pregnant and give birth to them, you can simply go and buy them! It is pretty easy, they even give you a complete pack of accessories along with the pet when you buy it. For a child, you will be responsible at least for the next 18 years. You will have to send it to school, you have to take care of it when it has its own friends and when it makes its own experiences. A cat or a dog is not that difficult! For people who are lonely, pets are also easier than partners. They don’t argue, they don’t cheat on you, you don’t need to date them and convince them that you are the one – you just buy them and there you are! It is just so much easier. But again, is that really how you should live your life and how the animal should live its life?

Reconsider why you want to have a pet. If it is because of your ego and the wish to command or if it is as a substitute for human companionship or if it is only for your own entertainment, don’t do it. I love animals and for their sake I want to ask you to give them their freedom. Tomorrow I will write a bit about the cases in which I believe it is fine to have a pet opposed to those which I described today.

Making Pets of Animals takes away their natural Freedom – 29 Jun 11

Yesterday I wrote about the cruel way that animals, which are only there to be eaten, are kept, stuffed into cages or buildings for livestock where they only have a tiny bit of space for themselves. I sometimes think that having a pet is in many cases not a lot better than this. It goes against nature, too, and although it may not be as cruel, the lives of many pets are miserable.

I don’t agree with the idea of having pets. People have dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice but also reptiles like snakes in all sizes or certain kinds of lizards.

One of my main concerns is that this is not the natural way of life for any animal. We are forcing them to live in a way that they are not meant to live. In nature, rabbits could run around, they could jump and dig and they could find their own food. You take them, place them in a small cage of a square meter or maybe two and there it is going to spend its whole life, because you want to have a rabbit for your entertainment.

In the same way, a cat is a free animal, strolling around and exploring its area, hunting mice, birds and other animals, living freely. You come and take such a cat and make it live in a three-room apartment or even on less space for the rest of its life. The apartment is in a big city, on the tenth floor and has no garden. This cat will never leave the flat and never get to see the real world. Do you really think that this is a nice life for a cat?

I once had a conversation with a woman about this topic. She herself kept a cat in her very small apartment. When I asked her about it she said that this cat never got to know anything else. It was born in an apartment, was sold or given to her, moved into her apartment and thus cannot miss the real life. It never saw a garden so it doesn’t matter that it will never see one. It doesn’t care that it lives on less than 50 square meters because it never had more than that. But imagine doing the same to a human person! Keep a boy in a flat from the moment he is born and never let him out. Wouldn’t you say it is inhumane and like a prison? He would not know anything else either! You would never to this to a person but you think you are allowed to do this to a cat. It is against the nature of the cat!

We create an animal for our entertainment and give it pain for the rest of its life. This is not taking care of nature, this is not how we should live. We should think more of the animal than of us. Would the animal like living like this? Can I give the animal everything that it would have in free nature, too?

There are many related thoughts on my mind and I will write them down in the next days.

Lack of a Loving Touch Creates Loneliness in the West – 19 Jan 11

When I am travelling in the west and giving healing sessions, many people come to me and tell me about their loneliness. They experience a lack of emotional connections to other humans and they wish for the physical contact that I described in the last days. Just someone to sit next to, maybe a hug sometime or a loving touch.

Often however they also tell me that they have never or very rarely experienced this kind of loving touch. I have heard from many people whose parents and even grandparents never were affectionate with them. Even when they were small, they were never taken in the arm, never cuddled, stroked, kissed and loved in this way. Some say that their parents were loving people and just could not express it. Others don’t think that positively about their parents. Whatever was behind that, for some of them it is difficult to ever have physical contact with another person in a natural way. They just never learned it.

If they are lucky, they realize it and, with the same luck, they find a partner who can show them what it means to be close to each other physically as well as emotionally. They are the ones who fear physical contact the most although they also long for it the most. They need to learn from scratch what is so natural to others which is why many people have made bad experiences while searching for this touch of love.

Many times, when I hear this kind of story, I then hear that they have searched for another kind of love, another physical contact. Instead of the physical contact with humans, they choose to be close with animals. They have pets, a dog, a cat or another animal and love them just like their children. For me this is also obvious: your pet is a being, able to have feelings and to develop an emotional relation as the result of physical closeness. On top of it, it is so much easier to start an emotional relation with an animal than with a human person.

So whether it is in the west or in India and whether it is the connection with humans or animals, everybody needs physical contact and emotional connections. Without these, we are not complete.

Today we celebrated Tanya's 25th birthday and wished her all the best for a long life full of joy!

Can a Dog be Untouchable? – Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi – 2 Oct 10

I read a highlighted news of an incident described in one of our local newspapers. A family of a higher caste and a family of the lowest caste, which people call the untouchable caste, were neighbours. The higher caste family had a dog as pet. One day he saw how the dog ate a piece of flat bread which originally was from their neighbours. The lower caste family had thrown it out because it was old.

The higher caste family became very angry. Their dog had eaten bread made by the hand of an untouchable person! They shouted at the lower caste family, accusing them of making their dog become untouchable as it has eaten bread from them. They claimed that the lower caste family had to take their dog, as it could not be with them anymore, and pay them 15000 Rupees, about 300 Dollar, the price they said they had paid for the dog. They did not ask, they just tied the dog’s leash to their neighbour’s house and threatened them, if they did not pay them 15000 Rupees, they would kill the family!

Scared, the lower caste family brought the dog to the police and filed a complaint. The police officers said they would take action against the other family.

I am writing this intentionally today, on the 2nd October, because today is the birthday of the ‘father of our nation’, Mahatma Gandhi. His whole life was devoted to a non-violent fight for freedom and equality. Freedom for the Indian people from the British and equality of all people among each other. He condemned the idea of higher and lower castes and most of all the idea that any person could be untouchable.

However unfortunately still today his dream has not been realized, as the case above shows. The moment when this kind of behavior will not anymore be present in this society, it will be true remembering of Mahatma Gandhi. The work and efforts that we do for this goal are our flowers in honour of him.

Why do you eat Pig and Cow but not your Dog? – 18 May 08

Yesterday I talked about balanced vegetarian diet which is very healthy for the body. And I know that many people eat meat because they think it is healthy. But a vegetarian diet can really provide everything your body needs. And the energy that meat gives to your body is not at all healthy.

Quite a long time ago, when I was in Cologne, a man visited me there. He was cameraman and he showed me a fifteen minute movie that he had filmed. He had been to different slaughter houses and butchers and had filmed the minutes before the animals there died. I said him that I would recommend to show this on TV. When people buy packed meat in the supermarket they cannot imagine what exactly they are buying and where it is coming from.

In this movie there was no dialogue, only the pictures. He showed the eyes of pigs, goats, sheep, cows, horses and chicken before they were killed and you could see that the animal knew that they would be slaughtered. You can see the fear in the eyes and I think anyone who watches this short movie will hate to eat meat. When an animal is so full of fear there are hormones and toxins in its body which, later on, are also in the meat that you can buy and eat. You take these toxins into your body.

And of course all the energy of this poor animal. All of its fear and the energy of its whole life maybe on a few square meters together with far too many other animals. How can human be so cruel? Many people tell me they love animals and of course who has a pet loves it, if it is a dog or a cat or anything else. Nobody would ever kill and eat a dog or a cat! But cows and pigs are also animals! You love your cat and it can sleep in your bed, you say that dogs are the true friends and you eat chicken only because you don’t have them in your house? You are disgusted when you see sausages made of horse meat and you are shocked by the fact that in China dog is considered as a delicious meal? Where is the difference? A pig could be your pet, too. It has the same soul! It has the same right to live as the dog!

There is the saying, here, too: You are what you eat. And this is one reason for the aggression in this society. The animal instincts are taken into the body. The whole energy of the animal is taken into the body and the people become more and more similar to animals. Children are more sensitive with this energy. I met a woman who told me that when she wanted to give meat to her five year old daughter she fully refused to eat it. It is a question of sensitivity.

It is Sunday evening, all shops are closed but Rosa was so lovely to drive around with us to get some ice cream and some pistachios. This was the first time that we had in ice-cream in Wuppertal and for this wonderful taste I went out of the house for the first time since we are here.