Caught in a Web of your own Fears? Here is what to do! – 21 Oct 16

Sometimes it is strange for me to see how much fear people are living in. Sometimes it is financial fears. If it is not that, they fear an accident could happen to someone in their family or one of their friends could suddenly get ill. If it is not that, they fear of doing a mistake that could cost them something in life. It sometimes seems to me as though some people cannot live without this fear.

It is as though they actively search for something they can be afraid of: if the financial situation looks good, they search for a problem in the family. If they cannot find that – or are assured that it is actually not problematic at all – they will look for something else. In the end, if nothing else, they will be afraid of the world’s general situation. Of war and hunger or a nuclear catastrophe.

Now you can call those fears baseless but they are actually not. The fear itself has a base and that is very clearly within this fearful person.

You need to see why this person feels the way he or she does. How come there is such a big insecurity that makes them search for something that could be wrong. It looks like horrible negativity at times, too, and can make you fully dislike certain conversations with that person. The sad thing is that you can talk and talk but won’t usually manage to convince the other one. In the end, it pulls you down to be always hearing about all those fears! You have to make clear to the other person that you don’t want to hear about this negativity all the time – especially as it is always about the same issues that you already talked about!

If you realize that you, yourself, are in such a situation and maybe friends have even told you to not again and again talk to them about your fears – or even to get professional help – you should seriously consider changing your thoughts. I know that it is easier said than done. I know that your fears come up and you often cannot do anything about them. At least that is how you feel.

The truth is that you can do a whole lot about it. First of all, you have probably taken the first step already: you talked to someone about it. It made you feel better in that moment but this is not a permanent solution. You have to get rid of the problem itself. Look the fear directly in the eye. See whether it is in any way relevant in this very moment. Is it an actual fear, is it really a threat or is it actually just created in your mind?

The chances are usually quite high that it is nothing real but a scary scenario that you made up yourself. Really, in most cases this is the truth. And this is what you need to work on: get out paper and pen and physically note down why those fears have no substance other than your insecurity. Once you have written all down, you will already feel better. Now take that paper and put it in your pocket. It will be with you for whenever you need to look at it – to remind you that everything is alright and you don’t need to worry.

If there is really a reason to worry, there is also a way to work on it. If not, there is no sense in worrying because you cannot do anything about it either. Get active, move yourself and get your thoughts involved in something productive – that’s how you can manage to get stuck in a web of your own fears!

Gefangen in einem Netz deiner eigenen Ängste? Hier ist, was du machen kannst! – 21 Okt 16

Manchmal ist es für mich seltsam zu sehen, wie viel Angst die Leute in ihrem Leben haben. Manchmal sind es einfach nur finanzielle Sorgen. Wenn es nicht das ist, ist es die Angst vor einem Unfall oder dass ein Familienmitglied oder Freund plötzlich krank werden könnte. Und wenn es nicht das ist, haben sie Angst davor, einen Fehler zu machen, der sie etwas kosten könnte. Manchmal scheint es, als könnten einige Leute nicht ohne diese Ängste leben.

Es ist, als würden sie aktiv nach etwas suchen, vor dem sie Angst haben können: wenn die finanzielle Situation gut aussieht, suchen sie nach Familienproblemen. Wenn sie da nichts finden können – oder sicher sind, dass es da keinerlei Probleme gibt – suchen sie eben nach etwas anderem. Wenn sonst gar nichts ist, haben sie am Ende Angst vor der allgemeinen Situation in der Welt. Vor Krieg und Hunger oder einer Atomkatastrophe.

Jetzt kann man all diese Ängste grundlos nennen, doch das sind sie eigentlich nicht. Die Angst selbst hat ja einen Grund und der liegt ganz klar in dieser ängstlichen Person.

Man muss sehen, warum diese Person sich so fühlt, wie sie es tut. Wie kommt es, dass so eine große Unsicherheit sie nach etwas suchen lässt, was falsch sein könnte. Es sieht manchmal auch nach schrecklicher Negativität aus und kann einen dazu bringen, jegliche Unterhaltungen mit dieser Person vermeiden zu wollen. Das Traurige ist, dass man reden und reden und reden kann, es aber für gewöhnlich nicht schafft, den anderen zu überzeugen. Am Ende zieht es dich runter, wenn du immer von solchen Ängsten hörst! Du musst dem anderen klarmachen, dass du nicht die ganze Zeit von dieser Negativität hören willst – besonders, da es immer die gleichen Themen sind, über die geklagt werden!

Wenn du erkennst, dass du selbst dich in einer solchen Situation befindest und dir vielleicht sogar Freunde schon gesagt haben, dass du nicht immer wieder mit ihnen über deine Ängste sprechen solltest – oder sogar, dass du professionelle Hilfe brauchst – solltest du ernsthaft erwägen, deine Gedanken zu ändern. Ich weiß, das ist einfacher gesagt als getan. Ich weiß, deine Ängste kommen hoch und da kannst du dann gar nichts dagegen tun. So fühlst du dich zumindest.

Die Wahrheit ist, dass du da jede Menge dagegen tun kannst! Zunächst einmal hast du wahrscheinlich bereits den ersten Schritt getan: du hast mit jemandem darüber gesprochen. Das hat dir in dem Augenblick ein besseres Gefühl gegeben, doch das ist auf die Dauer keine Lösung. Du musst das Problem selbst loswerden. Schau der Angst ins Gesicht. Sieh, ob sie in diesem Augenblick überhaupt relevant ist. Ist es eine echte Angst, ist e seine echte Bedrohung oder ist sie eigentlich nur in deinem Kopf entstanden?

Für gewöhnlich stehen die Chancen gut, dass es nichts Echtes ist, sondern nur ein furchterregendes Szenario, das du dir ausgedacht hast. Wirklich, in den meisten Fällen ist das so. Und daran musst du arbeiten: nimm dir Stift und Papier und schreib dir auf, warum diese Ängste keine andere Grundlage als deine Unsicherheit haben. Sobald du alles aufgeschrieben hast, fühlst du dich bereits besser. Nun nimm dieses Stück Papier und steck es dir in die Tasche. Nun hast du es bei dir, wann auch immer du es dir ansehen musst – um dich daran zu erinnern, dass alles in Ordnung ist und du dir keine Sorgen machen brauchst.

Wenn es wirklich einen Grund gibt, sich Sorgen zu machen, gibt es auch etwas, was man dagegen tun kann. Wenn nicht, macht es keinen Sinn, sich mit Sorgen verrückt zu machen, weil man auch nichts dagegen tun kann. Werde aktiv, bewege dich und engagiere deine Gedanken mit etwas Produktivem – so schaffst du es, dich aus dem Netz deiner eigenen Ängste zu befreien!

How our Strategy is different from big Charities – 2 Mar 16

Running not only a business but also a charity organization, there are times when we try to make comparisons – and they don’t always work. In the case of advertisement for example: while there are a lot of ways to advertise your business, there are a limited methods for advertising a charity. And you know what? The most common one is not the one which we like to use!

Think about it: if you want to advertise your business, you find countless possibilities: buy 1 get 1 free offers, discount of a certain percentage, free gifts when buying existing offers, early-bird-offers and last-minute-deals.

Now try to do this with charity: sponsor 1 child, get 1 free? Discount offer on sponsoring today’s school meal! Sponsor one child and we will give you one day’s food for free! Reserve three newly admitted children for the school year 2016/17!

You get the gist – that’s obviously not how it is done. No, marketing for a charity has to work differently. Whom to ask? Well, if you don’t want to pay a lot of money for an advisor, you would do the obvious and take a look at those big charity organizations and how they do it. You can hardly call it ‘checking out the competition’ because we are not competing on feeding the same children! Additionally, compared to ‘World Vision’ or ‘SOS Children’, we are so tiny that we are not really ‘competition’.

When looking at their strategy however we find a very common factor: they show the most horrible, sad and tragic pictures they could find. Posters display children sitting naked in the dirt and crying, their magazines show children covered with flies, begging, crying some even near to death. They show the extreme and they move those who will give out of pity.

That is not what we want to do. It is just not us to display the horrible things we see on the front, shocking people and only moving them by displaying the extreme! We want to show our good work. We want people to see how happy our children are, we want them to know that they are not dying of hunger or illness!

Granted, these companies work with such emergencies which we don’t face here. That doesn’t make our help less important though – but how do you display daily life’s struggle?

It is a struggle that our children and their families face every day. It is difficult to find work regularly, they cannot read or write and thus don’t find any higher work than the daily labour they have been doing among hundreds or thousands of others who search for the same kind of work. We have half-orphans and orphans taken care of by their family, we have disabled parents, unemployed parents, hard-working mothers and fathers, huge joint families on very little space.

In the end however, we want to show that we help them to be happy and to improve their lives. That’s how we don’t show our kids crying or in pain. We show laughing faces – and we are going to keep on doing that!

Help Monika – a 12-year-old with severe Burns! – 15 Dec 14

Today I will start a series of blog entries. I want to dedicate this entire week to a girl of our school: Monika.

In the picture above, you can see Monika. On the left, how she looked like before the 4th May 2014 and on the right, a photo of ten days ago, nearly 7 months after her accident.

When Monika did not come to school on 5th May, she was for us just one of several kids who started their summer holidays a few days early. It happens every year with several kids. Little did we know that at that point, Monika was in horrible pain, lying in a hospital bed.

She had been cooking at home on a kerosene stove on which you have to pump oil up for the flame to get bigger. Distracted or in thoughts somewhere else, she pumped too much and too sudden – the oil spurted up through the flame, catching fire and came onto her face, hands and chest, burning skin and flesh.

The family rushed her to a hospital but had to go from Vrindavan to Mathura to Agra and finally up to Delhi before they found doctors who would treat her severe burns! About this time, months in and out of the hospital, I will tell you more tomorrow.

Finally, they came back to Vrindavan. The new school year had started. Of course, teachers noticed that Monika was absent but she was not the only one – every year, some children don’t return to school because they have moved away or started learning in another school. When finally a friend of Monika’s told that she had had an accident, the principal of our school went to her home to find out why she had not come to school until now. He encouraged her to come back to school – and after some time, she finally did. Until the day that Monika was back at school, we had no idea about the extent of this accident!

Upon seeing her, we knew we had to take immediate action. You can see the burns on her face but what you don’t realize on the photo is that she cannot move her neck anymore! In the video below, you can see how much her movement is affected! The skin has tightened and she can only look right and left by moving her whole upper body. Her chin can neither move up nor down. Her arm is in a similar state, as some skin in the armpit was burnt as well. She can only lift her arm about 90 degrees up – no more. All these movements bring her pain!

Monika told us what had happened and that she still had pain in her eyes and on her skin. To soothe that pain, she regularly applies coconut oil. We called her mother to school to talk to her and visited her home to find out more about her living situation. Shaken by what we found out, I already wrote a blog post about her mother, without mentioning any names. We straight away made an appointment with a plastic surgeon in a big hospital close to Delhi – she had not gone to see a doctor for a few months, as her mother could not afford the trip to Delhi and additionally taking time off work. There was nobody else to take her!

On Wednesday last week, we took Monika to the hospital, the Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon. Why we chose this hospital, I will tell you tomorrow. We met the team of three plastic surgeons there and discussed in details what could be done for her.

Monika now needs five surgeries in order to reestablish the functionality of her body. One for each eye – because she cannot close the eyelids anymore, which causes the eyes to dry out and hurt. One for her neck, so that she can move it again. Another one for her mouth, which does not open very far at the moment – just far enough for eating small bites. Finally, the last one for her arm, so that she can move that freely again. For all this, the doctor explained, they would transplant skin of her thigh. Only after that, will they start with using a laser for the burnt skin in the face, on her chest and arms.

It will be a very long process. The doctors told that the surgeries could be combined, so that there would be only three. Still however, there has to be a gap of at least four to five months in between the surgeries so that she can recover! And that’s not it: when she will grow, in the next five to ten years, she will need repeated surgery because her burnt skin cannot grow along anymore! Without the surgeries, she will lose the possibility of several movements in future! On this page you can see the details of the surgery stages which the doctors laid out for Monika as well as the approximate cost of her treatment.

The moment we saw Monika back here at school, we knew that we would help her. The decision was actually taken before and now we just get into the details on how to help.

We have taken our decision to help Monika – and you can support us in doing exactly that! We want to start as soon as it is possible for us to fund her first surgery! Your donation can be an enourmous help!

Here you get more details and all ways to help!

A Doctor and an Artist – helping a Childhood Friend – 29 Jun 14

I was not only in new places in 2006 but also stayed with those organizers and friends whom I had regularly visited in the past years. One among them was my German friend, the doctor and psychotherapist in Luneburg. When I was with him, I noticed his charitable and generous nature once more and had to appreciate the way how he had integrated this attitude of helping others in his life.

He had a childhood friend, a woman who had grown up in his neighbourhood, with whom he had played as a young boy. While he went to college, studied and became doctor and later psychotherapist, she followed another way: she became artist. A painter, to be specific. Art is, as most people know very well, not as financially rewarding as medicine is and that is how this woman was struggling to make ends meet while my friend was settling in life and did not have to worry about his future.

You know how artists live. They have a passion and while they are happy with what they do, it is always difficult to earn their living with it. Like many others, this woman got some help from the state, monthly money that was however barely enough. She was not successful in selling her paintings – the only ones she ever sold were those two that my friend bought from her!

Whenever I was with him in his clinic for a week, I witnessed one day that she would come by and ask him for money. Yes, but she never begged. She actually always emphasized ‘You can lend me some money and I will give it back to you when I have sold some of my paintings!’

Of course, that day never came. The only reward he ever got were some flowers picked from a tree from the side of the road. Nevertheless my friend told me: ‘I have given her some money about every second week in the past 30 years. I have not counted how much I have given her in total but I have never expected getting even a cent back. I enjoy her laugh and her love.’ And he added that he gave her love in the form of money.

I loved seeing and hearing his attitude. He said he didn’t get poor from helping her but knew she really needed the money. So with getting help from here and there, she can survive while living her dream of painting. Why wouldn’t you help?

This is one of the reasons I always say my friend has a very generous heart. And an example for everyone to see that you can bring charity into your daily life!

My Escape from the tantric Grasp of a Pole-Dancer – 1 Sep 13

Last week you read how I decided that I would not stay with my organizer in Australia because she was advertising my work as she did hers – with the label ‘Tantra’, including all the sexual associations that exist in the west for this word. I had decided that I could not work with this woman but that left me in an emotional turmoil. Where should I go in this country, where I had only once been before and where I did not know anybody?

I was very upset in that evening, after I had overheard her phone call to a client. I made a phone call to India in that night, wishing to talk with my family about the situation. I remember that I even cried about my situation, telling my younger brother that I just wanted to get out of there! I didn’t want to work there, it was not the right place, the organizer not the right person and the clients probably full of such expectations that I could definitely not fulfill!

Talking to my family made me feel better and my younger brothers had some reasonable advice as well: I had a booked flight to Gold Coast where I would give my next program, not even a week from that day. So even if I left this woman’s center the next morning, I would only have to pass another four days until I could take my flight. For this little time I could even check in into a hotel and just spend the days there, if I really didn’t know anybody to stay with.

I didn’t know anybody in this area from my previous stay, as I had been in a completely different region, but I had a chat acquaintance of whom I thought she lived close-by. So I called this woman with whom I had only ever exchanged some chat messages and asked her for support in my difficult situation. I did not explain the whole case but just told her that I was not feeling well and needed to leave this place. Could she pick me up and could I just stay at her place for some days?

I was so happy when she said ‘Yes, of course! Don’t worry, I am one and a half hours away and I will come and pick you up tomorrow! I have a small house and two children but you can stay with us as long as you want!’ I assured her that it was just for four days and thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

After having made this arrangement, I left my room once more and found my organizer still awake. I told her that I would not be able to do the planned workshop and sessions but that I would leave the next day.

I did my best to explain her peacefully that our ideas and ways were very different. I did not want her to be my ‘all-Australia manager’ and I absolutely had nothing to do with the way how she worked, didn’t want to get associated with the ‘Tantric’ workshops and sessions that people did and just could not work in this way.

The next morning, my acquaintance came, I said good-bye to my organizer and got into the car. I left and felt never better to leave a place! On the way, I just poured out the whole story to this woman, explaining how I had so suddenly needed her help.

Yes, I will definitely remember this former pole-dancer who had turned into a Tantric yogi. I had learnt that I would make efforts to get to know my organizers a bit better before coming to them – maybe I would be able to avoid such situations in future!

A New Project: New Yoga Dresses and Yoga Mats for the Children! – 19 Aug 13

If you have subscribed to our Newsletter, you probably already have an idea what I am going to tell you today. We have a new project: we need new yoga mats and yoga dresses for the children of our school – and we would be happy about your support!

Throughout the year, visitors come to our Ashram. They visit the school, they enjoy playing with the children, they watch them having food and they are always happy to see their daily yoga class in the morning. Whether they have come for a yoga retreat, for sightseeing in the area or just for relaxing, they are welcome to join them. We love the yoga classes of the school and are proud that our children do yoga – but unfortunately their yoga dresses and yoga mats are not anymore very beautiful to look at!

We started the yoga classes in 2010. It was a logical choice to make – we don’t have a gym to give sports classes in but some kind of movement should be in the curriculum of a school. Obviously, yoga is not only the kind of movement we know most about but is also something that does not require a whole lot of space. Just enough to spread out mats for all children. That’s what we did – and it has been a big success. The children enjoy it, our guests love watching and a lot of people have had fun joining in.

Apart from the movement, yoga also supports the children mentally. Yoga is not only physical exercise but also helps concentration, memory and the ability to focus your thoughts. And while a lot of other sports create a competition in which the children have to constantly watch others and their progress, comparing it to their own and trying to keep up, yoga requires them to focus on themselves. They will have lots of competition to face in later life – they don’t need it in their ‘sports’ class in school!

The children kept on doing yoga every day they came to school, whenever it was not raining. They wore their dresses and washed them on the weekends. They rolled their mats out and together again, day by day. It has been three years now that they have done this with the same yoga dresses and the same yoga mats. Obviously, the children have grown. Some pants now look more like Capri pants because the children have grown tall, the colour of the print of most shirts has faded or washed out. The yoga mats are nearly rubbed through on the spots where the hands and the feet are most often. Some mats tore completely and were thrown away.

I think you get the picture and if I now tell you that we have a lot new students this year, so that the youngest students don’t do yoga because the mats are not enough for everyone anymore, you will probably understand that the project of buying new dresses and new mats has become a point of priority! Until now we always postponed the purchase because there were more urgent expenses – coming along with feeding and educating all these children – but today we want to ask you for your support in helping our children get back on the mat in nice new dresses!

The estimate for the costs for all yoga mats and yoga dresses is 1500 Euro. A lot for one person and a lot for us in one amount – but if you all support us with just a small contribution, I am sure we will soon reach our goal.

Here you can get the details and make your contribution

Help us! Not only your donation is much appreciated, also your support in spreading this project in the yoga community or to anybody who knows of the benefit of yoga and would like to help children! Yogis, yoga teachers, yoga students and everyone with a heart for children – we will be more than happy about your contribution!

I thank all of you in advance and am looking forward to showing you the new dresses and yoga mats once we have completed the project!

Real Sewa – Making yourself happy while helping others without Expectations – 21 Feb 12

Yesterday I explained why I think parents should not tell their children how much they had done for them as if they expected something back from their children in return. This kind of expectation would not be right. That is however not only the case with the relationship of parents and children but in many other ways, too.

In order to describe this situation properly, I would like to mention two words which we have in Hindi: Sewa and Naukri. Sewa means service whereas Naukri simply means job.

Let me explain you the difference in between those words. Naukri is what you get paid for. It is your job and you do it in order to get paid. If in that time you do something for another person, it is only because you want to get a benefit. It may be that through your job you get to help others but in the end you expect something back, you expect to get paid. That is your job, Naukri.

Sewa is done without any expectation. While you do it, you don’t think about what you will get back. You don’t think that you will get anything back at all. Sewa is just doing something for another person only out of love. You make the other one happy and Sewa makes you happy while you are doing it. You don’t think however whether the other one would pay you or even do something for you in return. If you have this kind of expectation, it is not Sewa what you are doing.

So whenever you do something for another person, for your parents or the sick, for old people or young children, you should be doing Sewa. Do it without expecting anything back. If you expect to be paid, it is just like a normal job – a nursing job for example. A nurse may be happy that those whom she looks after get relief through her work but she does that in order to get paid. A nanny may love the kids she is taking care of but she takes care of them because she, too, will be paid at the end of the month.

If you however take care of your little baby and wipe his or her buttocks when changing diapers, you are not getting paid and you should not think you would get anything back. When you visit your old grandmother and go shopping for her, you don’t do it because she might give you a note of some Dollars when you come back but because you love her. In the same way we educate and feed the children of our school for free without thinking that any of them would come back to thank us for that someday. Maybe some will, most of them won’t but it doesn’t matter. We want to do real charity, Sewa, and we enjoy that.

You can be truly happy in the service for another person. You can see their happiness and be happy with that. The joy that you receive in this way is much bigger than any payment could be. So when you want to help someone, make sure it is Sewa, not Naukri.

Distributing Blankets to the Homeless – A different Way to celebrate the New Year – 5 Jan 12

So 2011 is over and the year 2012 has started a few days ago. I hope you all had a wonderful start into the New Year! We had planned to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a very special way – by distributing blankets and some mattresses to the homeless who sleep out on the road. We know how important and necessary this help is for them and that is how we wanted to end 2011 and begin 2012.

India’s weather however had different plans and it started raining at about nine o’clock in the evening on New Year’s Eve. The mild rain gained strength and soon it was a big thunderstorm with lightning and the sound of growling thunder. It did not stop and we knew that it would be difficult to find even those who don’t have a roof over their head out on the road now. When it starts raining, they search for shelter and a dry place to sit or lie down. So we cancelled our plans for that evening.

It was very untypical for this time of year to have such a big thunderstorm and it rained throughout the night until the morning. We felt like it was Monsoon time! Another effect of rain at this time of the year is however that the temperatures drop even further. With this in mind and thinking of the situation of those people who don’t have even a fire to warm themselves on, we went to complete our task yesterday evening.

We have been doing this every year for several years now but it is each time a very humbling experience. This year it is already the second time that we go out with blankets. On the last trip some guests were here at the Ashram and they accompanied us to help us.

They were very touched by covering those who were shivering in sleep. We go late in the evening to find those who really need it – those who cannot decide to go home when it gets dark and too cold outside because there is nowhere to go. They lie there, some on old rags, some on a sheet of plastic or some plastic bags to protect them at least a little bit from the cold of the floor. Where there is some wood or any other material that burns, they make a small fire and lie close to it but mostly there is not enough to keep it burning through the coldest hours of the night. When we see a person like this lying there, we stop the car, get a blanket out and cover this man or this woman with the warm cloth. They often don’t even wake up and don’t consciously notice that we were there – but you can see them relax a bit when their body notices the extra layer protecting them from the cold.

Unfortunately we always make this experience that it is never enough. It does not matter whether we distribute food to the hungry or blankets to those who live in the cold – it will never be enough to feed or cover each and every one of them.

Our guests and friends were deeply touched by their experience in that night and had the feeling that they wanted to help a bit more. They left a donation and we added some money from our side so that we could get some more blankets and go out a second time to distribute them.

It is an experience more rewarding than any party can be. It makes you happy that you can, at least in this small and minimal way, help a person in need. Of course there will always be this feeling of sadness – that there are people in this situation while so many others live in luxury and that you can never help all of them. At the same time however you feel that you have helped at least a few of them and maybe have set an example for others to help, too.

Pictures of yesterday's distribution of blankets

Open Hearts and Open Hands – 1 Dec 10

In Hindi we have a proverb which says that rich people are stingy. I talked about this with several friends who told that this proverb exists in other languages, too. I know that this is only a general proverb but as often, proverbs have their base and root in reality and in common patterns of behavior that some wise people have noticed.

I have actually noticed many times that it is true, even if I like to say it the other way around. When dealing with public and being with people in India as well as in other countries I have always experienced what a big heart people with less money have and how much they give to those in need. I don’t want to say ‘poor people’ but I want to make clear that I am talking about people who have enough to live and to survive with their family but not much more than that. They enjoy small things and find their reasons of happiness in every day’s life. I have seen many times that they have open hands for others and unfortunately often much more open than the hands of better-situated people, people who live in a lot of abundance.

You can notice it if you compare the ratio. A person who earns 100 Rupees gives 10 Rupees to charity and is happy that he can give. He knows and says that this is only a small help but that maybe if many people contribute, it can grow to be a big support, too. In comparison a person who earns 100000 Rupees would usually not give 10000 Rupees to charity – which would be the same percentage. It seems a lot to them. Of course it is a lot of money but the person with a smaller income actually gave the same part of his salary! It is only an example but I feel that people with the bigger and fuller purse have more hesitation to give. Maybe I see this in a wrong way and they actually have a bigger purse because they open it so rarely?

Unfortunately this makes them much poorer from the heart. They would have the capacity to support a lot but they don’t do it. Don’t you think, they could actually live with a little less and still have a lot more than others?

I often have this feeling with rich people in India. Everywhere you can hear and really see with your own eyes how much poverty we have in India. Still however in September of this year you could count 69 Indian billionaires. And among the current five richest people of the world two are Indian! Do these 69 people help others surviving?

If people could open their hearts and their treasures, how many children could go to school, how many hungry stomachs could be filled! It is a pity that those who only earn a little so often give whatever they can but those who earn more don’t give in that ratio. If people just had a bigger wish to support each other, how beautiful this world could be.

I also know that there are many rich people who give a lot and with open hearts. Some of them may have been among the billionaires of this world if they did not do that much charity and many lives have actually been saved or improved through their financial support. Of course those 69 Indian billionaires also are employers for thousands of people and thus help them to survive. Everybody needs to see in his own heart how much he can help. If you can, in any way, please do it.