The Yoga and Meditation Guru – Salesman for Health Products and Offers – 29 Aug 12

Yesterday I wrote about those gurus who are the priests for people’s rituals and who thus take care of everything they believe their souls need. Today I will write about that type of guru who very practically also takes care of body and mind:

3. The Yoga and Meditation Guru

This type of guru is actually further spread than most people imagine. He looks like a yoga and meditation teacher, a provider for solutions for your health, for ways to relax and to find a balance for your body or your mind. But then there is a little bit more to this man.

Surrounding him you will find religious-minded or spiritual people who think it is great not only to have a guru but to have a practical benefit, too. Physical fitness or mental relaxation is what they are looking for as ways to bring peace to their souls, too.

Not only spiritual people, though, even corporate business owners and managers feel attracted to them. They take meditations to relax from their busy days and yoga classes for some physical movement that they otherwise don’t get with all their mental stress. That mixes up the crowd of people around the guru and makes you wonder: what makes this man a guru and thus more than what he basically looks like, a regular yoga teacher?

Only his behavior. These gurus act different than your common yoga teacher who is like you, who could be your friend. They talk as though they know more, they give themselves a holy atmosphere and they make whatever practice they sell a big mystery so that you keep on buying from them and believe them to be the only masters of it.

Not rarely you can see that they mix two common practices and call it their own, put a patent on it and then sell it. I don’t doubt that they have done their own physical practice! They have put effort to learn the Kriyas for example or other ancient techniques. And thus they sell something that is actually there, not only blessings.

They want to be a guru though and not only a simple yoga teacher or meditation instructor. There is more benefit in it!

You can charge your entry fees for the workshops – but at the same time they are gurus and people can give them money just because they love them as disciples and want to see them prosper. And even if the guru part, the whole deal about the holiness and divinity should not work anymore one day, they can still sell yoga and meditation – because the effects of these are clear and not only for religious followers!

Look at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or his guru Mahesh Yogi, who are both examples of being successful in this type of Guru business. Think of the late Osho or even Ramdev! They have a huge following and the people who use their techniques or practices are all over the world. If you see their wealth and assets, the numbers go into billions! There are smaller gurus of this type, too. You may actually know one not too far away from you! Many yoga teachers have the secret wish to be a guru and start acting as though they are the only way to reach inner peace, calmness or even enlightenment.

This much about the popular yoga and meditation gurus. Tomorrow I will get to describe you a type of guru who sells much less tangible goods.

Baba Ramdev – Yogi or Terrorist – Plans for his own Army – 8 Jun 11

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Dear Baba Ramdev,

I wrote you a letter on 22nd March and again, just two days ago, on 6th June 2011. I did not think I would write to you again so soon but I could not stop myself when I heard you saying that you want to build an army! You say you want to gather 11000 young men and women of India for this army. It really shocked me that you said, next time there would be ‘Ravanlila’ on the Ramlila grounds in Delhi. You added ‘Let’s see who will get beaten up then’. I am sure you are aware of what you are saying there. Ram is God and Ravan is the devil, while Lila means play. So do you really mean that instead of the play of God there will be the play of devil? And who is that devil going to be? You? You are threatening that you will build an army, giving arms training to 11000 young people in India. You want them to fight police and government with arms!

What happened to you Baba Ramdev? Your situation is really getting worse and worse! What would be the difference between your army and terrorist groups as the Taliban? They have created their own army, too! They give arms training, too! Will you also start training suicide bombers? Are you serious? You are supported by the RSS. Some of their members have been accused of terrorism already a long time ago. Is this the lesson that you give to young people in India? No more yoga, go and get your arms?

Stop for some moments and listen to yourself. Only yesterday you said yourself ‘If Mahatma Gandhi was there, he would be crying’ because of the violence on Saturday night. What are you, yourself, doing now? Have you forgotten the yogic lessons of Ahimsa or non-violence? How much aggression and violence is in your words! This doesn’t seem to be the voice of a yogi. Please stop talking like this or don’t call yourself a yogi or sanyasi anymore. Don’t think that people appreciate you talking like this. With every move in this direction, more and more people leave you.

I anyway heard that of the 50000 people that joined you last weekend in Delhi, 20000 were actually your employees and their families. You told them they would get their usual salary and should make a trip to Delhi with you. They are just bribed followers, the kind of followers I yesterday wrote about.

You yourself say you ran away from the grounds in Delhi, hiding in women clothes, so that the police couldn’t find you and shoot you, which you say was their intention. I wish you a long life but imagine, if actually something had happened to you in that night, people would have overturned the government by now! Why would they really want to do this?

The opposition party, the BJP, is now keen to do you a favour and to get you on their side. They believe they will secure the Hindu votes for the next election in this way. But now people of India got to know your intention and interest. It is not about people, it is not about the country. It is about you, your power and your money. People have understood this now and they will not support you or any party that you join or that supports you.

I also believe that the youth of India is not so stupid to believe you and run to you to learn how to fight the government with arms and weapons. Mister Ramdev, you have made a few big mistakes and now this is not about yoga and people’s wellbeing anymore. Your political ambitions have made you violent. You have crossed a line and I hope for you that you will realize this mistake soon.

Sending you much Love,

Baba Ramdev – Yogi oder Terrorist – Pläne für eine eigene Armee – 8 Jun 11

Lieber Baba Ramdev,

Ich habe dir am 22. März und dann nochmal vor zwei Tagen, am 6. Juni 2011 einen Brief geschrieben. Ich dachte nicht, dass ich dir so bald schon wieder schreiben würde, aber ich konnte nicht anders, als ich von dir hörte, dass du nun eine Armee aufstellen willst! Du sagst, du wirst für diese Armee 11000 junge Männer und Frauen Indiens um dich scharen. Es hat mich wirklich geschockt, dass du sagtest, das nächste Mal gäbe es ein ‚Ravanlila‘ auf dem Ramlila Gelände in Delhi. Du hast hinzugefügt ‚Wir werden sehen, wer dann wen zusammenschlägt‘. Ich bin mir sicher, dass du weißt, was du da sagst. Ram ist Gott und Ravan der Teufel, während Lila das Spiel ist. Meinst du also wirklich, dass dort anstatt dem Spiel Gottes nun das Spiel des Teufels stattfinden wird? Und wer ist dieser Teufel? Du? Du drohst damit, dass du eine Armee aufstellt und 11000 jungen Menschen in Indien eine Ausbildung an den Waffen gibst. Du willst, dass sie die Polizei und die Regierung mit Waffen bekämpfen!

Was ist mit dir geschehen, Baba Ramdev? Deine Situation verschlimmert sich zusehends. Was wäre denn der Unterschied zwischen deiner Armee und terroristischen Organisationen wie die Taliban? Sie haben auch ihre eigene Armee aufgestellt! Sie geben auch Waffentraining! Willst du nun auch Selbstmordattentäter ausbilden? Meinst du das ernst? Du wirst von der RSS unterstützt. Einige ihrer Mitglieder wurden schon vor langer Zeit des Terrorismus angeklagt. Ist es das, was du nun der Jugend Indiens beibringen willst? Kein Yoga mehr, an die Waffen?

Halte einmal ein paar Augenblicke inne und höre dir selbst zu. Gerade gestern sagtest du noch selbst ‚Wenn Mahatma Gandhi da gewesen wäre, hätte er geweint‘ aufgrund der Gewalt in der Nacht von Samstag auf Sonntag. Und was machst du jetzt selbst? Hast du die yogischen Lehren von Ahimsa, der Gewaltlosigkeit vergessen? Wie aggressiv und gewalttätig deine Worte sind! Das scheinen mir nicht mehr die Worte eines Yogi zu sein. Hör bitte auf, so zu sprechen oder nenne dich nicht mehr einen Yogi oder Sanyasi. Denke nicht, dass die Menschen es mögen, wenn du so sprichst. Mit jedem Schritt in diese Richtung verlassen dich immer mehr Menschen.

Ich habe sowieso schon gehört, dass von den 50000 Menschen, die sich dir am vergangenen Wochenende angeschlossen haben, 20000 eigentlich deine eigenen Angestellten und ihre Familien waren. Du hast ihnen gesagt, sie würden ihren normalen Lohn bekommen und sollten mit dir einen Ausflug nach Delhi machen. Sie sind einfach nur bestochene Anhänger der Sorte, die ich gestern beschrieben habe.

Du selbst sagst, dass du, verkleidet als Frau, vom Gelände in Delhi fliehen musstest, so dass die Polizei dich nicht finden und erschießen würde, was deiner Aussage nach ihr Plan war. Ich wünsche dir ein langes Leben, aber stelle dir vor, wenn dir in der Nach wirklich etwas geschehen wäre, hätte das Volk die Regierung gestürzt! Warum sollten sie das wollen?

Die Partei der Opposition, die BJP, will dir jetzt gerne helfen und dich auf ihre Seite bekommen. Sie glauben, dass sie auf diese Weise die Stimmen der Hindus bei der nächsten Wahl für sich selbst sichern können. Jetzt aber haben die Menschen Indiens deine Absicht und dein Interesse verstanden. Es geht nicht um die Menschen, es geht auch nicht ums Land. Es geht um dich, deine Macht und dein Geld. Die Menschen haben das jetzt verstanden und werden weder dich noch eine Parrtei unterstützen, der du dich anschließt oder die dir hilft.

Ich glaube auch, dass die Jugend Indiens nicht so dumm ist, dir zu glauben und zu dir rennt, um zu lernen, wie man die Regierung mit Waffen bekämpft. Ramdev, du hast einige große Fehler gemacht und jetzt geht es nicht mehr um Yoga und das Wohlergehen der Menschen. Dein politischer Ehrgeiz hat dich gewalttätig gemacht. Du hast eine Grenze überschritten und ich hoffe für dich, dass du diesen Fehler bald erkennst.

Alles Liebe,

Baba Ramdev and Indian Government pretending to fight Corruption and Black Money – 6 Jun 11

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Dear Baba Ramdev,

Some time ago, I wrote you a letter, but you did not answer. Well, why would you answer me, you are such a big personality. You have hundreds of millions brand value, as you said yourself, and why would such a person answer a small and simple man as me? But now I am writing to you again, to express how bad I feel for you when I see you and your current situation. Unfortunately you are the one who is responsible for it!

You had announced, quite a while ago, that you would do a fast unto death, just as Anna Hazare had done, in order to stop corruption and black money in India. In my last letter I told you that you should be clearer and more honest so that people don’t get confused. Confusion was created because you officially asked for the permission to do a Yoga camp in Delhi, starting at the 4th June, where up to 5000 people would participate in. Instead of that, you gathered 50000 people around you, started political lectures and your fast unto death. Don’t you think that this looks a bit strange and controversial? It confused people even more when you vanished for two hours, on the same day, in order to have some talk with government officials. Why didn’t you do this in public?

And finally, there is Minister Kapil Sibbal who gives a press conference and shows a letter, signed by you, which proves that you had already made an agreement with the government the day before you even started your fast! You already knew that you wanted to finish your fast on the same day! You did not tell a word of this to any of the thousands of people who had come together to support you in your fight against corruption! Why shouldn’t everyone feel cheated?

Well, you should not wonder too much that the police came and dissolved your meeting there in the night of the 4th June. Yes, I know, they may have overreacted by escorting you right back to your Ashram and we all follow this issue and feel with you. Believe me, you have my full sympathy for what has happened. First, four government ministers come and greet you at the airport when you arrive in Delhi and then they send you back in this way! This is definitely not clear and honest either. And I really condemn that they came with 5000 officers in the middle of the night and shooed away everyone who was peacefully sleeping there. Couldn’t they have done that more peacefully in daytime? They knew all along what was going on. This kind of actions should not happen in a democratic country on the name of implementing law and order. The Indian government increased their own bad reputation with this. I am happy to read news that the Supreme Court requested the government already to explain this action.

But did you already have time to think about why this happened to you and not to Anna Hazare, who did his fast just a few months before you and for the same issue? Why did the government not do this to him? Why did it happen to you?

I tell you, if the government had done this to Anna Hazare, we would no longer have this government now. People would revolt. Why? Because they were united behind this non-political man who clearly stood up against corruption. With you however people were confused: are you holding a yoga camp there? Are you doing politics? Or are you only trying to polish your political image and climb a bit higher in your political career? I could say that I told you about this before, you have to be more clean and clear!

You gave the government a justification to do what they did. You had a permission for teaching yoga to 5000 people and you started a protest. If they were not right in doing what they did, you were not right, either. People did not doubt Anna Hazare but they doubt you and this is the reason: they are still not sure who you are and what you want.

I was also not happy and a bit surprised when Anna Hazare’s fast until death stopped after only a few days. They agreed very quickly on a compromise. But with you, Baba Ramdev, this is again a fully different story! You already knew the day before, that you will not have a fast longer than for one day! Well, you had to go out there and at least show your people that you are doing something but in reality you already had signed everything and knew how it would end. You kept people in the dark. So how could anybody now believe that you really fight for them or against corruption? Anna Hazare had to stay hungry for four days until the government agreed to his demands but to yours they agreed before you even stopped eating?

Now we all should be very happy! India became free of corruption two months ago already and now you stopped even the last rest of corruption! Everything is great, India is now fully free of corruption. Do you really think people are stupid enough to believe this?

You gave people and political parties a chance to say that you are only talking about politics and now it seems clear to many people that you actually belong to the opposition party, to the BJP and to the group RSS. They tell everyone now, that you are actually a political person, interested in political success.

You see that the intellectual people of India are not standing with you, either, as they were with Anna Hazare. Why is that? I would say it is because of your strange demands and political ideas.

To give one example, you stated that all people who are proved to be corrupt should be hanged. Is the Indian Penal Code not strict enough for you? There it is written that criminals only get a death sentence in the rarest of rare cases. There are so many rapists and murderers who don’t even face death penalty but you want to give this punishment to financial criminals? While the whole world is having a debate about stopping and banning the death penalty, you advocate it! In my opinion death penalty is no penalty, it is a crime in itself. When you talk like this, it does not increase your popularity with most people and they don’t take you serious.

Another of your requests is that the 1000, 500 and 100 Rupee notes should be taken out of the market in order to stop corruption and black money circulation. Do you really believe that corruption happens because we have such big notes? In Europe there are notes of 500 Euros, which is about 30000 Rupees. They don’t have that much corruption as we do in India!

These all are reasons even for your supporters to leave you. Your ideas just seem strange to them and they are afraid of what could happen if you really get the power to implement your ideas.

Baba, let me ask you again, why did you go into politics? How great it would have been, if you had only remained a yogi or maybe even a businessman! If you had only stayed with yoga, you would not have this problem now. People don’t understand what exactly you want and you don’t make it easier for them with such events as last weekend.

I don’t have anything in particular against you and I don’t have any relation with any political party, be that the government or the opposition. Of course I support you and any fight against corruption and black money but I cannot say that I fully support you. There are just so many topics that I cannot agree on.

To come to an end with this letter I just would like to draw a short conclusion of the events of this weekend. Everybody got what they wanted:

The government got rid of their headache by removing you from Delhi. They were afraid of what could happen, they sent four ministers to come and welcome you at the airport, had negotiations with you and in the end were happy that they could send the police. You gave them every reason to, as you kept on protesting although you already had signed your agreement with them. They are happy, now you are out of Delhi.

You wanted to get more popular through this fast. You anyway never miss a chance to be in news and do every effort for it. By the drama that happened in that night you got a lot of attention, everybody wants to hear what you got to say about this and what really happened. You are now more in the limelight than you could ever have been by fasting unto death! The government made you a hero, isn’t it great?

The media are anyway happy that they now have something important to talk about. They get more viewers and readers, by that they get more money and they are just glad to have another sensation to report about.

And finally the BJP, the opposition party is happy that they can now shout out their support for you. They were waiting to be able to say that they support you but were not sure how open they can do that. But now they have another point to criticize the government and pulled you fully into politics by saying that they are standing with you.

The only ones that remain stupid and were fooled in this complete story are we, the general public of India. Fooled by you, by the government and the opposition.

I know that you will not answer this letter, either, but I remain in good hopes that you might at least consider some of my points.

Sending you much love,

Followers and Fake Gurus: You cannot Stop me! – 22 Apr 11

After writing and posting yesterday’s diary entry about Sathya Sai Baba, I was verbally abused on facebook by someone who is obviously a follower of this fake guru. It was a bit funny as I have talked and written about Sathya Sai Baba before, too, and that person could have known that I am not at all in favour of such fake Gurus. Nevertheless, there were several abusive comments posted on my facebook wall which I had then to remove.

This was not the first time that such an abuse took place. In the past, too, when I was writing about Sathya Sai Baba or Nithyananda, Kripalu, Prakashananda, Kumar Swami, ISKCON, Baba Ramdev and all of those gurus’ lifestyles, people talked bad about me, asked me why I wrote in this way and just openly used insulting words and abuses. That happened on facebook, with comments on this blog, through emails and even by telephone calls.

I am an Indian citizen, India is a democratic country and I have freedom of speech there. I am right now sitting here in Germany, another democratic country with the right for free speech and I can say what I want and what I feel. Followers and fake gurus cannot stop me in this way.

I feel a responsibility for our society and fellow men, to inform others about things that they might not know yet, so that they don’t get cheated. This is what happens, people get cheated! And if there is any chance that I can make them more careful and aware through my words, I will try. Those cheaters show cheap magic tricks, call themselves God and pretend to be able to materialize things as well as cure every disease. This creates a wrong hope in others, they believe that they can really get help and all that happens is that they are disappointed. I want people to take their own responsibility.

I am fully against all these fake gurus and babas that make unrealistic claims and promises. I am additionally against anything and anybody that encourages others to do human worshipping. If you see all those gurus, they have the strong disease of wishing to be worshipped. They and their followers obviously don’t like it if I talk like this and against them.

There are others like me, too, who write against fake gurus and show others why they are fake. They, too, have to face such attacks. I have read about the experiences of the owner of this blog and the person who is running this facebook page and I feel that their difficulties and what they have faced from followers of those gurus is similar to what I experience with my own blog. I appreciate their efforts and the help that they give to others by unearthing the truth.

They have not stopped and neither will I. They have each been writing about one particular person whereas I am writing about the whole system.

I believe that writing in this way will make people happier than blindly following like sheep. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. I guarantee that you will be able to live a more authentic and happy life with more love.

An Open letter to Swami Ramdev from Swami Balendu – 22 Mar 11

Read this letter in Hindi

Dear Baba Ramdev,

You are a yoga teacher. I give you credit for making yoga popular in India. I admire you for building this business empire of Yoga and Ayurveda of billions of Rupees in such a short time. You really have very good business skills. You are a businessman. If you want to be a politician, you can surely be a good politician, too. However it often seems to me you have some hidden agenda that nobody is supposed to know about. You are a multi-faceted personality and it seems you are hiding something many times. I am not the only one who feels this.

The Indian population, also those who admire you and who are looking for someone to raise his voice against corruption, get confused. What is it you actually want, they ask. Let me explain you how you create this confusion.

When you talk about black money and bringing money back from foreign countries to India, people love it. Who wouldn’t want to see their country prosper? Doubt is created though, when we hear that you yourself have property in foreign countries. It is opposite to the aim that you say you want to achieve.

You want to stop poverty in our country by bringing money back, so why don’t you set an example and contribute yourself with the billions worth of property that you have collected abroad? Why don’t you give a big part of the profits of your enourmous corporation to educating people, building schools, paying doctors in hospitals to give free treatments to poor and feed the hungry? I have even heard that the hospital you built is too expensive for normal Indian people to afford.

You would probably tell me now that you actually do charity, that you give yoga classes for free and in this way help people. I however will not really accept this as charity. In the past, when you were a yoga teacher and businessman only, your yoga camps always cost an entrance fee. It was never for free and it was just fine. People paid and got to learn yoga from you. When you started your own political party and started travelling throughout India for making it more popular, your camps suddenly were fully for free! So people could come for free, learn yoga and right away sign up as members for your party and hear some political lectures, too. And then you claim you are helping people with free classes! You are not only helping people, you are helping yourself, too! Ratan Tata sells cars and helps people to come from one spot to the other but in the end this helps him because he increases his wealth. You, Ramdev, do the same thing, so don’t tell that you help people for free! You are doing advertisement and in the end look for your own benefit!

It is actually really very much your political career that confuses people. In the beginning, many were simply enthusiastic. Of course, you talked a lot about stopping corruption and first of all blamed the Congress party for corruption. Who doesn’t want to remove corruption from the Indian political system? The Congress government has disappointed whole India with all those scams and corruption which was brought to light. The party to whom you donate money however, are facing charges of corruption, too! The chief minister of Karnataka, Yeddyurappa, is not the only one, there are investigations running against another 10 ministers of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh because of corruption.

In Uttarakhand, the state that you are in, the ruling party is currently the BJP. Agitated by your talk about the corruption in the Congress party, the Congress Members of Parliament and the Congress Members of the Assembly of Uttarakhand, asked the state government for investigations into your own funds and asked another question: what happened to your Guru Shankar Dev? I read in Hindi newspapers and saw in TV interviews how they asked for more clarity. He had been living in the Ashram and one day simply vanished. You are still there, in the same Ashram, living and working. At that point however the BJP chief minister of Uttarakhand decided that no investigation against Baba Ramdev would take place. I understand that. When someone asked for an RTI proof, it showed that you have given big donations to the BJP and they would not want to risk losing them.

The point is that people could even accept it if you said you supported the BJP. They don’t understand however why you talk against corruption openly and then hide your support for that party. How should anybody trust or understand who you really are?

The Congress leader Digvijay Singh even asked you whether the money that you accept as donations is really white money. Are you 100% sure that your whole empire is built on white money? What is your answer to his question?

Some months ago I read in a newspaper about Ratan Tata who had been asked a bribe for getting a license for an airline company and only revealed that now. The next day I read your statement that you were also asked millions of Rupees bribes for your Ashram. We know you like publicity and being seen in TVs and in newspapers. So you thought it would be a good idea to follow the example of Ratan Tata and give a similar statement. And just like him you did not expose that person’s name who asked you to give them money. I understand Mr. Tata, who has an enourmous enterprise and whose fortune depends also on the approval of several people with high positions in the country.

What about you, why did you not reveal a name? You are showing yourself as a Baba, a Sanyasi, living in truth and honesty and without material attachment. So what is your explanation why you don’t tell the truth? You should not mind the consequences for business as you are not attached to material belongings! Or, if you do mind it, don’t call yourself Sanyasi! Instead, you report with much pride how big your corporation is and how many thousands crore Rupees it is worth. What should the public think now? Really, it is just a normal question in everybody’s mind. Are you still a Sanyasi?

If you still call yourself Sanyasi, do you really follow the Sanyas-Dharm, all those things that a Sanyasi should do? Do you get time in between all the TV interviews, advertisements and other deals? We want to know the truth about you! Help people understand who you are!

When you say you do not own property or any money, people know immediately that it is only a play of words. If you own a corporation and that company has money, it is of course yours, too. People who buy your products in stores all over India are not stupid, they know that they are supporting you! They know that they don’t only give you money but they buy from you because they want to support you! They also see that your family members drive around in expensive cars and have a lot more money than what they themselves could be earning.

Recently I saw some figures on a TV news channel which made your statement of ‘not owning anything’ sound somewhat ridiculous. It said your empire is worth at least 11.52 billion Rupees and they gave a lot of details:


1000 Acres Property in Haridwar 3 Billion Rupees /~ 67 Million US-Dollars
100 Acres Ashram in Haridwar 1 Billion Rupees /~ 22 Million US-Dollars
Food Park in Haridwar 5 Billion Rupees /~ 111 Million US-Dollars
Buildings in Haridwar 250 Million Rupees /~ 6 Million US-Dollars
96 Acres Property in Solan, Himachal Pradesh 200 Million Rupees /~ 4 Million US-Dollars
750 Acres Island in Scotland 140 Million Rupees /~ 3 Million US-Dollars
99 Acres Property in Houston 980 Million Rupees /~ 22 Million US-Dollars
20% Profit of Yearly Sales of Ayurvedic Medicine 3 Billion Rupees Sales x 0.20 = 600 Million Rupees /~ 13 Million US-Dollars
Sales of Books and CDs 100 Million Rupees /~ 2 Million US-Dollars
Income of 50000 people coming to your center every year, paying 5000 Rupees per Yoga camp week 250 Million Rupees /~ 6 Million US-Dollars

And then you tell people that you need Billions of Rupees of upcoming projects. It obviously looks like your ambitions are never-ending! Is that really the path of a Sanyasi who has renounced from all worldly attachments?

Some years ago there were allegations on you and your company to have mixed the powder of human bones in the medicine you were producing and selling. You were able to save yourself and your company through your connections and your approach to the right people. A few days ago the former railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav gave a statement on TV, saying that he and others saved you by taking your favour in that time but they would not do that for you again. It seems that there was something wrong, otherwise why would anybody talk about having saved you?

You yourself have been seen on different spiritual TV channels a lot, so that everybody got to know your name and face. Everybody knows that one can buy the slots there and just pay for the sending time. I have heard however that you even the majority of the shares of one of those channels, so you can practically broadcast whatever you want. Another rumour is that you have plans to start your own news channel, too, because the other ones don’t give enough coverage of your own news and your statements. What should people think about this all?

I remember a few years ago I heard you saying on TV that you have nothing in foreign countries and you don’t even have a passport. In that time you were focusing on India and honestly had nothing to do with foreign countries. Some people liked it because you obviously were devoted to your home country. Sometime later you went to the west yourself though and gave a few very big yoga programs there. You must have been disappointed, because western people did not really accept you and your ways there.

To be honest, I think that is your own fault. You gave a very strange statement, saying that yoga can cure cancer. If you had said, yoga can help if you have cancer, it would have been right but people in educated countries know enough about medicine that this is not true. Additionally you have very narrow-minded ideas of sexuality and straight-out said that homosexuality is wrong. Your yoga-oriented audience in the west did not really like that idea, either, which reminds them maybe too much of the opinion of the Pope and the suppression of sexuality through the Catholic Church.

Well, I guess it was best for you to come back home, where you still find followers for those ideas, too.

There are of course many of your ideas that I don’t approve of but you had a lot of respect for your whole work of yoga. If you could have stayed with that, it would have been good for you. Your ambitions made you show different faces to the public, the face of the businessman and the face of a politician. Don’t you see that the graph of your popularity is going down, that people have doubts and that there are fingers pointing at you? Don’t you think you have cut that branch on which you were sitting and planted the seed of doubt in people’s minds? I am really sad about this for you, are you not? I may have supported you, too, with your good deeds for the world of yoga but not with all these doubts.

If you did some real charity with your money, I would be really happy. It seems however that you are too much the businessman for that and like to invest your money in this way. If you consider all of this, you must understand why people believe that you act out of personal interest and the ambition of getting more power and wealth instead of acting for the interest of the nation.

I hope nobody thinks now that I am a supporter of the Congress party. I do not have any interest or involvement in politics and I don’t give any donation to any political party. What I say to you is from my heart and I believe this is not only my voice. Millions of Indians have these questions for you. I am not your enemy and I am not opposing you. I just would like to see clearly what your agenda is.

I come from the same background, have lived the life of a guru but gave it up, along with all followers and my religion. I am now a happily married businessman, paying tax and having nothing to do with politics. I am a simple man with no millions in my account and also have no ambition to have an empire like you. I could have, if I had remained a Guru in this religious country. But I decided not to. I just want enough for my family to survive nicely and live in a respectful manner, so that sometime, if you come to my home, I can feed you, too.

As Kabir said:

“Sahib itana dijiye jame kutum samay | mai bhi bhukha na rahu aur sadhu na bhukha jaye||”

In short this means, I just want to live nicely and honestly and die peacefully. You may thus say I am just one of the normal Indian people, hereby raising my voice to just ask what you are all about.

It doesn’t matter to me who you want to be, the yoga teacher, the businessman, the politician or all three at once. Whichever role you decide to play however, be honest in it, only that is the right way. People doubt and find out lies. Nobody can cover and hide money, property and crimes. It will come out and destroy all of what they have built.

I hope you and your followers understand my words in the way they are meant and do not get angry with me. I wish you all the best whichever way you decide to go.

Sending you much love,

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Preaching Business on Spiritual TV Channels – 4 Apr 10

In India there are spiritual TV channels which show lectures of spiritual leaders and preachers, some yoga program and talk shows about spiritual topics, philosophies and scriptures. Many of these channels and have approached me with the question if I would like to buy some time on their channel for giving a lecture or anything similar. They came with a time table in which they had their different prizes listed. The prime time was more expensive and according to how much time you booked, you could also have a discount. These are national and also international channels. When I was in the UK, I also saw that you could watch those channels there. You can see high-profile Swamis and Gurus who have been giving program on the channel for years. They have big names and have not only millions but billions of dollars.

I received the offer of the TV channels and they showed me the tariff card. I don’t remember it exactly now but I remember that it was pretty expensive. They also had examples of how much profit you would get from doing one show on their channel. I said to this person that I have 100 children, they are just there at the school, you can get to know them. If you have a donation for them and for their education, you are very welcome. But I will not give you my face to show on your channel and even give you money for it! When I said that they were very surprised and said ‘But everybody gives money for this!’ and I just told them that they should go to those people, with me they are wrong.

As I said already two days ago, I am not really interested to become very big and to have my face known all over the planet. I once met a former ‘colleague’, a guru, who had given some channels his recordings to publish and he earned much money from it even after paying a lot in the beginning. I just think about all the money in this business: first you invest, then the TV channels make money and in the end you make a lot of money but is this really what spirituality is about? It is all a money game, where is the love? How is the money spent in the end? It would be good if it could go to charity but unfortunately that is hardly ever the case. I would like to recommend all those big Gurus and also the TV channels to do something solid, some concrete work instead of confusing and making fools of those who sit and watch those programs.

In the end also those Swamis and Gurus who are shown on TV will die and then they cannot take all their money and fame with them. I am happy if I know that even after my death there will be children who can eat with the help of what I did in my life.