Unshaped Love – 25 Jun 13

Can you love more than one?

Yes, of course you can. What is love?

When you feel love for a man, do you have to marry him?

When you love a woman, do you really have to sleep with her?

Fall in love with as many people as you wish. Spread your love generously, don’t hold back. Feel the joy of loving others and being loved. Look into their eyes, talk about the things you care about, share what is on your heart.

No need to marry everyone. No need to have sex with everyone.

Love does not depend merely on the physical relation. It doesn’t have to be a kiss, a romance, not even a flirt.

Love is just love.

Your love relation may be the big love, the one and only whom you marry and spend the rest of your life with.

That is love.

Your love relation may mean a deep friendship over years.

That is also love.

Your love relation may only lead until a shared hour having a cup of coffee.

That is also love.

Your love relation may only extend for a moment when your eyes meet and share a connection. A split second of realizing that you and the other one share this world. Nothing more.

That is also love.

Love has its beauty in any and every way. Whether the loved one knows about your love or not, enjoy it.

Love is an experience. It is a feeling. It belongs to you but also to everyone else.

Don’t try to frame it, to make it fit, to change it to match your idea. Don’t give it the name of a certain relation. Don’t limit it but love freely.

Let love be what it is.

Love is free.

Love is for all.

You can only Express a tiny Part of your Feelings – 13 June 10

I had a talk with a friend about expressing the other day. We feel so much more than we can bring into our thinking. We think only a percentage of what we feel. And only another tiny part of what we think can be expressed. But when we try to express, we often lose the value. I can say ‘love’ but in this four-letter-word, there is not enough feeling! Even in my thinking it is much more than how it sounds when you hear it!

This is how I often feel that I cannot express my feelings. It is not about my knowledge of English language, I often cannot even express what I feel in my own mother tongue, in Hindi! There is a person of whom I know who could express his feelings in a much better way. I loved my grandfather’s poetry already as a child. I have already translated several poems into English but it is very difficult to bring the full value into another language. There is so much feeling in those discourses with his God. I was always amazed about how much of his feelings he can express. And then how much will he be feeling? Imagine, if this expression is just that tiny portion of thinking and of feeling!

I have already written about my idea of having a way of communication without language. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we did not lose the value of feelings in the translation into speech? If there was a way how we can express the whole value of the feeling?