Liberate yourself from Religion and be happy instead of waiting for Liberation after your Death! – 16 Jul 14

Do you know people who always seem to be negative and miserable about their lives? I recently remembered a religious reason that at least Hindu people have. A justification for being miserable: according to Hinduism, you start your life in sin.

The Hindu religion believes, as you probably know, in reincarnation. According to the philosophy of their scriptures, they also believe however that whenever a human is born, it is the fall of a soul.

When a good person dies, Hindus believe that he has good Karma left. Due to this, he is allowed to go to a temporary heaven. When he has ‘used up’ his good Karma there, he has to go back to earth because he has unfinished business there. He is not liberated yet, otherwise he would not have come to heaven in the first place – his soul would just have been free and united with the big creating soul. The whole religious effort of a Hindu is thus to achieve liberation and not come back to life anymore! He doesn’t want to be reborn, doesn’t want to be reincarnated anymore!

The concept is thus that your reincarnation is something bad. You always have a wish: if you were not reborn, if you were not in this universe anymore, if you were just liberated! Practically you are saying: if I was just not born! So now you do every effort you can imagine to get rid of this curse of reincarnation. You pray every day several times, you do pooja, worship of deities, you go to the Ganges to take a dip in the holy waters and you make pilgrimages every year.

You are a sinner from the beginning of your life. How could you ever expect to be happy?

I have heard the same theory exists in Christianity, too! I don’t know it very much in detail but they believe that we all are only on this world and not in paradise because Eve, the mother of all humans, didn’t obey God’s rules and ate an apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. For your whole life you now have to try and be a good person, love God and pray to Jesus so that Jesus – who died for the sins of all men – will save you.

Religion wants to keep you in a feeling of guilt! Guilt for a kind of sin that you don’t even know about, that you have not committed yourself! You were born because of this sin and cannot change this fact!

So you should live your life in this feeling, do everything for receiving grace from an imaginary god. How would you ever be happy in your life if this is what you believe in?

Religion tells you how you can be liberated after your death – but if you really want to be happy, you have to liberate yourself during lifetime!

Religion creates Feelings of Guilt and Fear leading to psychological Problems – 14 Sep 11

Yesterday I explained that many people turn to religion only to alleviate their conscience by confessing their sins. Religions have successfully used this idea for centuries in order to attract people and keep them coming to temples and churches. For this purpose, they liked to spread the idea that you have definitely done something wrong that you have to confess.

I have noticed this idea and attitude in various religions and many religious believers really think that they always have some kind of sin to confess. Religions have promoted this idea. There is something that you did. In the last 24 hours you must have some something wrong. You surely have committed one of the many sins that God would punish you for if you did not confess them.

Even if you don’t know about any sin that you could have committed, there is an answer: you must have done something unconsciously! Even if you lived carefully, you have unconsciously insulted God, hurt someone, had an impure thought or something equally wrong. So if you go to your priest, he will give you a task for penance, even if you don’t know what you did wrong.

I assume if you said that you have done nothing wrong, they would accuse you of having too much ego and you would have to confess this sin!

Some of my Christian, Catholic friends told me that in their childhood their parents took them to church each week, some even more often, and they had to go and confess. They had to, not because they have done something wrong but because it is part of the religious tradition. Many of them often had no clue what to tell the priest and so they made up stories. They told that they had not obeyed their parents, that they had fought with their siblings or had not paid attention in school. They were told that they had to confess something and so they did – even if it was not true!

So you see what religion made you do! In the effort to get you out of your sins, it made you lie about them. Wouldn’t that be sinful in itself?

If you go in a Hindu temple, you will see a similar thing happen. You can see people holding their ears. This is a gesture of saying sorry and asking for being pardoned for their mistakes. Others even hit their own cheeks. This is what they are taught: in front of God you should ask him to forgive your sins.

Religions want to make you feel guilty. If you feel guilty, you will come to them to confess. You have to live in fear that God might punish you and they teach this already to young children. This is why I say religion is not good and unnecessary. A constant feeling of guilt reflects in other areas of your life, too, and it creates psychic problems! I have met many people who always live in guilt and they have problems leading a normal life. You are always wrong, you are always guilty.

Of course you have to teach your children to accept their mistakes so that they don’t repeat them. You, as an adult, have to think of the consequences of your actions. But whatever you do, don’t be afraid of God and don’t spend your life in a permanent state of guilt. If you pray your rosary or Mantra a thousand times, does that really help correcting your mistake? Did that really alleviate your conscience? Do you think God loves you again after this act of penance?

I believe we should live free of such fear and guilt. If you made a mistake, accept it. You have to take care not to repeat it and if you can apologize or repair, do it. You can calm yourself in meditation or prayer but don’t have the idea that God saw what you did, got angry, wanted to punish you but got satisfied through your prayer. There is no need to confess to any priest. Answer your own conscience. God is inside you and all of us.

Sex Education for Boys clears Myths around Masturbation and Wet Dreams – 7 Apr 11

Yesterday I already mentioned that I believe that sex education is a good and necessary part in the education of our children. Let me explain a little bit more about this point and which benefits the next generation will have from sex education.

The main point is of course that sex will no longer be a taboo. It is a fully natural impulse, as I have stated already many times in my diary and should neither be suppressed nor declared that it is something embarrassing, something you need to be ashamed of or even something that is sinful. Of course everybody has different ideas as to how you behave morally correct when sexuality is concerned but not talking about it and pretending that sexuality doesn’t exist is not the right way to teach morals, either.

We should encourage the next generation to talk about it. Parents can talk with their children about the development of their body, about sexual feelings, the attraction to the other gender and the innocent question of children from where they are coming. They can get their answer according to their age. Additional information will be taught in school, where teachers tell whatever mum and dad did not know about this topic yet. If today’s teen is educated in this way, they can educate their children when they grow up.

If a teenager knows more about sexuality, there are so many bad factors that can be avoided. I already mentioned yesterday that boys would not think anymore that discharge in night is a disease. People in the west may laugh about this idea but in India it is a common misunderstanding which is even further advertised by charlatan doctors selling medicine against it. I have written before about it, how they advertise in newspapers for curing this ‘problem’ which is simply just a natural development. Wet dreams are presented as a disease with horrible consequences for the future and young men spend a lot of money on this fake medicine. If boys learn that having a few wet dreams does not mean they are ill, they will not be cheated by such fake doctors anymore! If they learn that it has been scientifically proved that masturbation does not make blind, does not reduce your potency and does not make you impotent, they will not anymore feel guilty, ashamed and afraid that ‘sins of their childhood’ could have a bad effect on their married lives.


The advertisement above is in Hindi and for those who cannot read it, I want to give you a translation of the main parts: “Japanese Penis Enlargement Machine – only 100 Rupees! Instant Effect!” is the headline and it reads on “If your penis is small, thin or not straight, make it eight to nine inch longer, thicker, solid, in good shape and increase your sex time 30 to 40 minutes. Premature ejaculation, wet dreams, impotency, infertility and absence of sperm will be cured 100%. Money back guarantee.”

In India in local newspapers I daily see how people advertise instruments and pills that help to increase penis size, length and girth. They even write ‘made with Japanese technology’. Sometimes it is German technology, too, although I have never seen any such instrument being sold in Germany. Obviously those people have business, otherwise they would not have money to place these advertisements in newspapers. And their target group is not fully uneducated people! Those who cannot read or write would not ever see this advertisement! No, it is people who have been to school and learned reading and writing, who have interest in reading the news and seeing what is going in this world! They read and some of them become buyers and customers! With sex education, boys and young men would learn that everybody’s body is different and that it is impossible – and even not desirable – to increase the length of your penis another eight to ten inches and the girth another three to four inches!

I tell you, this psychological change can have great effects, boost their self-esteem and make them more self-confident. It gives them a better natural feeling of their body and they can accept their sexuality. Sex education will thus teach them that they can have a healthy and happy life with their wife or partner, without regret.

So today I concentrated only on the benefits of sex education for boys and men. Tomorrow will be the day for girls’ and women’s benefits!

Will God forgive your Sins if you pay Him some Money? – 8 Feb 11

Yesterday I mentioned that people seem to bribe God for the fulfillment of their wishes. This is however not the only reason why they donate to temples and other religious institutions. Another reason for many people to give money to such a place is that they feel guilty and want to be forgiven for something they did. If they do this, it seems as if they want to pay God to forgive them.

In this case, too, they give only a few coins for smaller misdeeds but open their purse widely and pull out big notes if they have committed a bigger crime or sin. It is only logical thinking: you have to show bigger remorse for bigger sins, so give some more money.

Again there is the question: do you really think God values you according to how much money you give him? No, God does not take money. The money that you donate actually benefits the place that you went to and the people who established it and work there. It can be also a guru or a master whom you donated to. And in this way, with donations, gurus, religious leaders, temples, churches and other institutions make millions and billions. They get richer and richer because people believe they can pay God.

Don’t forget that God has other values than money. He can see in your heart and reads your wishes as well as your regret for what you did. He knows exactly who you are, with every bit of your heart, every feeling and every emotion. And if you don’t regret, not any money in the world can make God think you do.

I anyway don’t think that God judges and sorts people into good people and bad people. God loves us as we are and is not angry about our mistakes. If we regret one of our actions, He knows it before we even do. It is simply our own feelings of guilt that make us want to donate. You have to forgive yourself first. Doing something good, helping someone and loving someone can help you lessening this feeling of guilt but in the end, you have to forgive yourself.

Image of Women in Religion – 9 Mar 10

Yesterday I wrote that the statements that religion makes about sex confuse teenagers and young boys about their own feelings. And all these statements of course represent the ideas and attitudes of many years ago, when the religions were founded or when they gained much influence.

Unfortunately many religions are very reluctant to making changes to their antiquated statements, especially when the subject is sex. In the time when the scriptures were written, science was not as much developed and the structure of society was different. It was a society dominated by men and this is how you can read many things which are not at all nice about women.

The image of a woman is often and in several religions that a man should not get close to them, and should not spend much time with them otherwise he would fall into sin. Women are the ones who seduce men to lead them into sin. You just need to look at the Christian story of Adam and Eve and how Eve is the one who gets Adam to commit sin. I guess if women had written the Bible in that time, Adam would have convinced Eve to go against God’s orders.

I do not consider myself belonging to any religion and this is how it is just interesting for me to see the similarities to other religions. In so many countries and cultures even today men and women sit separately in religious buildings, at ceremonies or services. I just read today that many religions in earlier times had the idea that women can only be satisfied if men lead them. And even these days some people believe and act in this way.

Why do some religions have the rule for women to cover themselves from head to toe? Why do they have to and not men? Most of the times they are forced to do this. Well, men were the ones to write scriptures and to read them out in churches, mosques, temples and schools. Many of these men never have touched a woman and never came even close to one. But it is absolutely wrong to bring these old beliefs into modern day’s life.

How could you say a female being is less intelligent when some of the greatest thinkers on earth are women? How could you think that a woman is the one who leads you to sin when you hear the stories about men raping and cheating? God made us all, why would he make one gender better than the other one? Of course, we have some different attributes which are connected with how our bodies work, with our hormones and nervous systems but in the end our soul is just one.

Teenagers Face Confusion about Sexuality – 8 Mar 10

The religious idea of celibacy or, as it is called here, brahmacharya does not stop only with sexual intercourse with another person but also says that masturbating is a sin and that you are not allowed to have wet dreams. People believe that you have to protect your semen.

Unfortunately in India there are many false stories relating to that which are circulating and which are still being spread. When boys grow up they are told that if you lose your semen, you lose the light in you. You lose some of your life force and, if I literally translate the expression, you will not shine anymore. They believe semen is most precious and you lose it in ejaculation.

Young men and boys are told that it is an illness if they ejaculate while sleeping and dreaming and in small local newspapers you can find advertisement for medicines that can cure this illness. These advertisements and those who sell this kind of medicine spread even worse stories saying that masturbation and the loss of semen in your teenage time leads to a stop of growth of the penis. ‘Size is not everything but it does matter’ is one of the slogans that you can read and hear.

Of course it is natural that body and sexual feelings develop and every boy will feel it. And I believe every boy will commit these ‘sins’ because you cannot do anything against wet dreams. This society and religion have made an illness out of it and what happens is that every teenage boy feels like having a disease and is afraid that there may be something wrong with him. And so he and many others go to those fake doctors and buy medicine and the doctors’ business runs because of this wrong information which is supported by religion.

If you see it from a medical point of view it is just another fluid of the body and it comes out of the body. You don’t lose anything. Preaching celibacy to a child or teenager will create conflicts inside them. They feel it is natural and they are told it is a sin. How can this be right?

Sexual Feelings are Natural and not a Sin – 2 Mar 10

I would like to write more about celibacy and how people and especially religions believe that sexual feelings are unnatural. The first 30 years of my life I was living a celibate life. I did not have a relationship, I did not have any girlfriend or wife but I still had sexual feelings. Even when I was not even close to women, there sometime was sexual arousal.

Now religion says that even this feeling is sin. However I did not do anything to get this feeling, so it must be natural. Was I living in Brahmacharya then or not? I do not and did not feel guilty for this because it is just natural.

For me sexual feeling is just innocent. This feeling exists in you since you exist in your body. Of course your body develops with time but all feelings like hunger and thirst and also sexual feelings are there from the beginning. Your physical development takes place gradually and this is how your feelings also develop and grow slowly. And with your body growing, your feelings also get more mature.

When a child is born, sexual feelings are also there, just in another form. Children start sitting and then they start walking and when they grow up, their feelings grow and change in different ways. When you were a teenager, your sexual feelings were there but not yet developed as they are now. And teenagers also want to experience these feelings. When they grow up however, their sexual feelings change and get more mature.

Many people have told me already that they had sexual encounters in their teenage time, when they were 15 or 16. If they compare this experience with their experience of sex ten years later, they enjoyed it more and in a very different way when they were 25. You see, when a child is 5 years old, it also has sexual feelings, just as a teenager of 15 years has them, you cannot deny this. It is just in another form. And if this sexual feeling exists, if it is natural in a 15 year old just as in a 5 year old or 5 months old child, then how can religion say that it is a sin? It is naturally growing and developing.

At the age of 65 or 85 years, you also have sexual feelings, they just changed! Who would say people in their old age don’t have any sexual feelings? Of course they do, it is another shape, another form. The feeling always exists.

No Religion, no Guru and no Sin – Just live Life – 26 Feb 10

I was writing about religions and would like to write a bit more about how religions talk about sins. It is in many different religions, not always using the word ‘sin’ but always with this message: If you do not follow our rules, God will punish you. I do not like this because it makes people afraid. Why do you need to make people afraid? If the rules that you put up make sense, you don’t need to make others afraid, they will understand it on their own and follow them!

But unfortunately this is what happens with the course of time in most religions and especially when you have religious leaders as heads of these religions. They often develop the ego of being the ones who tell others what to do. In my opinion religion and spirituality don’t need a guru. It is the way that you go and what you accept in life, it is nothing to learn, it is just implementing your honesty into life. You have to walk on this path, it is not like studying business management or learning a language. It is love and you don’t need to learn love. If you are in love and you are honest, you are already spiritual.

You do not learn any philosophy, do not need to learn any scriptures and you just need to follow your heart. And in your heart you will know that God will not punish you. Why would He? There is nothing you can do wrong, no sin to commit. Just be simple, honest and in love. That is all.

Rules of Religion and Fear of Sin – 25 Feb 10

I mentioned already that rules can lose their sense and become rituals which are just like a duty of which you do not any sense anymore except for keeping those happy who expect you to do this ritual. I already talked about getting up before sunrise. This was what you were told here by religious people and just how I already mentioned that religions gave suggestions for leading a good life, this is something good.

It is here in India a healthy time to get up. In winter and also in summer sunrise is around six or seven o’clock so it is a nice time to get up and start the day. It is healthy not to lie around much longer than that. But if you now forget the reason behind that and just see this rule: ‘Get up before sunrise’, then I believe that it may be good doing that in India but not in other places. In other countries the sun rises already at four o’clock in the morning in summer time or even earlier. Why would it be beneficial for you to get up that early in the night? And in winter it doesn’t rise even until late into the day.

So if people still do that although they moved to another country, it just shows that they are doing it for the ritual itself. This itself is also not bad. It just becomes bad when religion starts saying it is a sin if you do not follow their rule. Then the reason for doing the ritual is just the fear of doing a sin. Then the real reason, the science behind it, is forgotten and people just follow religious law.

There are so many examples: you should not steal, you should not lie, this all has become a sin. The only reason not to steal is then that it is a sin and you might be punished by going to hell or being reborn another time. If you follow the rule on the other hand, there is something that you can get, be it heaven or liberation. It may have made sense in that time when not everyone had access to education but nowadays you can see the scientific reason for this kind of rules yourself, understand it and follow it just from your free will and mind.

Our friend Angie also arrived here and enjoyed her second day, the first day of Holi in Vrindavan. In the next week the town will be full of colours and fun.

Sin of Hurting others – and when it is not a Sin – 12 Apr 08

In the very popular scripture Shree Ram Charit Manas there is a phrase which I actually find important for everyone to make it part of the life:

Parhit Saris Dharam nahi Bhai
Parpida Sam Nahi Adhamai

The first part means: There is no religion like helping others.
This means that it is the best and greatest religion to do good for others. Going to the temple or the church regularly does not make you religious. Not everyone who shows himself being religious is a religious person. You are religious when you have compassion in your heart for helping others, when you are wishing them well and are giving your effort to make this wish come true.

The second part means: There is no sin like hurting others.
It is the biggest sin to give pain to someone. I already wrote in my diary that I do not generally agree with the normal definition of sin which is mostly coined by the church or religion. But hurting someone, this I see as a sin.

There are two cases in which it is not like this. If you hurt someone unintentionally, if someone feels pain but you did not want to do this. Then it is very good to say sorry because you had no plan to hurt anyone. It will be honest to say sorry in this case.

The second case in which is it no sin is, when you can say with full honesty that you do not feel responsible for the other person's pain. Sometimes people blame you that you hurt them but you can say that you are really not responsible for that. That you did not do anything which could hurt someone. And if you do not feel any guilt or responsibility for their pain then there is no reason to say sorry.

But this phrase is saying if you hurt someone it is the biggest sin. When some people get angry they just want to harm and destroy and do not care about other people's feelings. Do not do that! If you are not in the position to do something good for someone, if you cannot be a well-wisher, then do not do something bad by hurting them. I feel that if we can just accept these two little things in our lives we will live so much happier: Do good for others, wish them well and do not hurt anyone. We can try to live in a way in which we don't hurt and cause pain. It should never be anybody's intention to hurt another person. Tomorrow I want to write something about forgiveness and about how important it is.