Esoteric Nonsense claiming C-Sections prevent Bonding of Mother and Child – 12 Aug 15

A while ago, Ramona read a statement on her Facebook newsfeed which suddenly made her say ‘esoteric nonsense’ out loud, contempt in her voice. Surprised by her reaction, I asked her what she had read – and agreed on her statement. One of her contacts had posted a statement, asking women to give birth naturally instead of deciding to get a C-section and discouraged them from taking an epidural against the pain. The reason he mentioned: according to him, women bond closely with their babies through the pain of birth, which is why an epidural or a C-section prevents proper bonding of mother and baby.

Oh well, my wife is not very much into public discussions on social networks and she did not answer there but we talked about all the things that made this post so wrong.

Obviously, we know where the thought comes from: there is a trend to choose the exact date and time of birth of a child by simply performing a C-section after the unborn child has reached a certain weight and it is safe to take it out by surgery. There are women who don’t even want to try a natural birth, be it out of fear of the pain or of cosmetic reasons.

This is probably the issue which this man actually wanted to address. In the world of esoteric superlatives and spiritual connections to each and everything, he could not however just say it as it is: birth is something natural, please accept the changes it brings to your body as natural. No, he had to bring motherly love and bonding into it in order to make it more important, more spiritual.

There were people commenting on it that they doubted his theory and asked for proof but he replied that he didn’t need proof. People loved all those things more that they had gained through pain.

Oh no! I can hear every mother cursing out loud whose child had to be taken out by surgery due to medical complications! Without any labour pain, without any chance of experiencing this pain that allegedly brings more love and bonding!

It may sound wonderful if you talk about this great love a mother feels after a painful birth, when she just forgets the ordeal and bonds in spite of and even due to all this pain. It is however complete nonsense because it would in the same way mean that mothers who got their children through C-section or could not take the pain and had an epidural do not love their children as much. Do not bond with their babies as much.

We had a C-section with Apra. In spite of the doctor’s efforts to induce labour pain, Ramona did not even feel uncomfortable at any point while waiting for our baby. When finally the doctor told us that it would be risky to wait longer for a natural birth, we were ready for our daughter to come to this earth by operation. Should we have risked brain damage or heart failure just to experience this pain and bonding? Does it make our birth experience any less valuable?

Oh no, it doesn’t. And I consciously say ‘our birth experience’ because I was involved from the start to the end. I was holding Ramona’s hand while the doctor opened her belly, I was watching how the miracle unfolded and my daughter saw the light of this earth for the first time.

No, you cannot tell me that Ramona bonded less with Apra because she didn’t have at least seven hours of labour pain – because they are as close as I have seen every other mother with her newborn! No, you cannot tell me our birthing time was any less special – because we deeply love our time at the hospital from the beginning to the end, even still today!

This holds true for each and every other woman on this earth as well. Your bonding with your child depends on your love and not on a certain time of suffering!

Finally, the biggest argument of all I see here: I bond with my little girl very much. I did not have pains and she was not even in my belly but she is a part of me, no matter how she came to this world. Fathers bond as well!

So please keep esoteric nonsense out of matters where it is completely unnecessary – you will avoid insulting others!

Creating your own Reality too far away from Reality – 17 Mar 15

I told you yesterday about the power of your imagination and belief, how you create your own world and how everyone around us does the same. You have every possibility that your fantasy can give you but there is a very big danger to this: you have to stick to certain limits that reality gives you, otherwise you can get hurt, ill and in mental conflicts.

Unfortunately I have seen this happen with people in both, religion and the esoteric scene. They create their own world but with imaginations that don’t stick to the laws of physics. They are flying in the air, often unaware that their belief cannot be real, is proven to be wrong. They get lost in their world, even claiming that things which everyone accepts as proven facts are actually wrong.

That is where it becomes dangerous. It doesn’t hurt anybody if you believe in a soul, in energy, in angels. It can be good for you, you can take willpower and strength from this belief. It can even help you overcome certain physical problems. You just need to take care not to take this too far. Yes, meditation, visualization and positivity or prayers may help you to deal better with pain or a headache for example but when you break your bone, you will need to go to a doctor, there is no way around it.

I know that there are nowadays people who perform ‘spiritual surgery’, claiming to do surgery and cutting out pieces of the body without a knife, without even cutting skin. They make these ‘patients’ believe that they are actually curing them, using chicken blood to make dramatic effects. It is dangerous because they won’t go to see a real studied and certified doctor!

A lot of people don’t only get deceived by others but make themselves believe a whole lot of these things. Coupled with a vivid fantasy, they soon have worlds full of fairies, angels and energies. Their worlds are mixtures of fantasy books like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, esoteric texts and lectures they have read and heard and of course religious mythology of various countries! Things are black and white, there are good energies and bad ones, you get sucked out by bad ones that make you ill and all of this is responsible for everything bad in this world.

For some people, this has been the road in mental illness. Their world and the real one, the basic one which we all share with certain physical laws, principles and facts that you cannot avoid, have drifted too far apart! They are only flying in the air and have no connection anymore to what we others call reality. They get paranoid, hearing voices that are not there, seeing dangers where there are none. They get scared of things that are only in their imagination and their own world.

It is dangerous, physically and mentally, to be living so far off in your own imagination, belief and creation that you ignore reality. The reality that others share, not the one that you have created! Please keep that in mind when you try believing in something else, when you decide to put your belief in another imagination. Stay with both feet on the ground, in the real world!

You create your World – for Placebo Effects and Happiness! – 16 Mar 15

Today I would like to write about a very interesting phenomenon of our life: how we create our reality with our imagination and thoughts. If you just believe in something, you start creating it – and bring your thought into real life. In this way, we all live in our separate worlds.

The other day we were sitting in my father’s room after dinner and I watched his actions with fascination: he took out a tablet of Ayurvedic medicine, put it in the mouth, then opened a bottle of club soda and swallowed the tablet with that. Upon looking down, he saw my questioning look and answered the unspoken question: ‘With club soda, medicine works better!’

We all had to laugh and he, too, couldn’t help but join in while still remaining firm on his point that any medicine’s effect would be better and quicker if you took it with sparkling, fizzy water instead of just plain water.

Psychologically, this obviously has a great effect, a placebo effect, created by yourself, your own imagination, thoughts and mind! Of course, depending on which symptom you took it for, pain can get less, you feel better, you have the impression that you have more blood, that your blood is healthier or that your skin is itching less. Because there was a fizz in your water!

What this example shows very clearly to me is that we are the creators of our own world. With our belief, we can enforce a thought or an imagination so much that it becomes reality – at least for us.

This works perfectly well in the complete esoteric field, where there is no proof for any claim, any thought, any imagination you have! There is no biological, physical proof that what you are saying is wrong – so you can always believe it is right. And if you put your belief in it, it is reality for you that there are angels that guide you, that you are connected to certain energies that can harm you or that you can talk to dead people. Or, for that matter, that God exists.

Obviously everything surrounding religion also falls into the same area. The belief in a divine being, in rules that he – or she – has set for humans on this world, that you commit a sin if you don’t follow and that you are saved if you obey. That a prayer can save you, heal you, help you.

Imagination, belief and finally your reality. You can believe what you want, it can become true for you. There is great power in this but at the same time great danger. About these dangers, I will write tomorrow.

3 Types of People that want to stay at our Ashram – 12 Feb 15

I told you yesterday that we get emails by people who have religious interests and want to come here but obviously with expectations that we would not be able to fulfill. I explained the way how we can already read such ideas out of the lines that we get. While we sometimes get such messages, it is however far more often that we get emails of people who have very different thoughts and feelings when they inquire about a stay at the Ashram.

We really get more frequently mails by other kind of people. Apart from the overly religious believer about whom I wrote yesterday, I would like to introduce you to three other types of people from whom we get inquiries:

1. Your average guy/girl looking for stress-relief

The first of these ‘types’ is simply the quite typically ‘mainstream’ person who is fed up with the stress and hectic in corporate life, the anonymity of his work, apartment and life in general. Who may be lonely and suffer from depression, looking for relaxation and stress-relief, or even in physical pain, searching for detoxification, pain-release and exercises that help them soothe current and prevent further pain.

Of course our doors are open for this ‘kind’ of person because we know that Yoga and Ayurveda are sciences that can not only help a lot with physical issues but also provide mental relaxation. A stay at our Ashram can help – and we love getting to know new friends of all stages of life, areas of work and locations of the world!

2. The Health-Conscious with Thirst for more Knowledge

Another kind of person who writes to us is someone who is interested in an alternative lifestyle which doesn’t harm our bodies and our planet. They are vegetarians, vegans, raw food eaters, therapists, masseuses and alternative practitioners – and of course many more. Just someone who knows that Yoga and Ayurveda can give him another point of view, more knowledge, many useful tips and ideas and inspiration to change life further.

We open our arms to those people and enjoy sharing what we know and also hearing what they have learned and experienced. Exchange and providing support – wonderful!

3. The esoteric Hippie on the Dream-Trip to India

This last ‘type’ is the esoterically interested person, the one who would call himself spiritual but not religious. Men and women who are interested in philosophy and different ways of living, who find themselves to be ‘different’ and don’t seem to fit in. They are often about to embark on a long journey to find themselves. To figure out what they really want, who they really are and what it is that makes them happy. They are looking for a deeper sense and want to try in the country of Yoga and Ayurveda.

While I am using the word ‘hippie’, many of the people who fall in this category would not call themselves by this name and I don’t mind or care. I know that our hearts are open to these people as well and we enjoy that we can often be the first haven, the first place that they go to in India, as this country often turns out to be different than they thought. Of course they get with our Ashram, as I explained yesterday, a place without religious dogmas. We love giving them a soft start into this crazy culture and by letting them take part in our life and surrounding them with love and liveliness, we hope that we are able to support them in their quest, their search for themselves!

Giving a Lecture is different than trying to sell Fish! – 12 Jan 14

In the beginning of 2006, when I was still in Australia, I had an experience which made me realize how commercialized the spiritual scene already was. I was at an esoteric fair – and to the surprise of my organizers, I refused to work there.

To explain the complete story, I have to say that my organizers were themselves, too, going to have a stall at this fair. So when I arrived at their place, they told me that for the weekend they had not planned any workshops but instead wanted to take me to the fair so that I could do my work and help people there. I had already been to similar fairs and was not sure what I should really think of this. I had only ever been a visitor, not a lecturer but I knew that there were well-organized programs running simultaneously to the shopping experience at stalls and stands. So I was once more just open to see whatever would come.

We came to the big building in which this fair was taking place and my organizers straight away took me to their stall which they had already built up the day before. While walking through the hall, I took a look at the other exhibitors and their stalls. People were selling crystals, angel cards, spiritual books, singing bowls and many gift items. There were tarot card readers, clairvoyants and fortune tellers. You could get photographs of your aura, your future predicted in many different ways and even get massages in small cabins, separated by curtains. There was program, too, in a few big side halls where timetables of people’s lectures were announced in front of the door and in small pamphlets. It was a spiritual supermarket, a fair on which the selling and buying of energy was normal to everyone.

The stall of my organizers was pretty big on one of the main paths through the hall. Having arrived there, they finally told me what they were planning. He told me ‘We can separate a small area from our stall with curtains and you can give your individual sessions right here. And we will fix a timing when I will announce your lecture. Whoever is close-by in that time and has interest can just come by here, where you will be speaking!’

I was speechless at first, not sure how to say what I was feeling. In the end I started at what I thought would be obvious: ‘It is quite loud here’ and I went on to explain him that in order to give a counselling session, just a curtain would not be enough to keep out the noise and disturbance of the surrounding, so that someone would be able to relax! Additionally I would not be able to give a lecture like this, like a fisherman praising his fish in the middle of a busy market, trying to shout above the noise! I need to focus and concentrate for a lecture, I need to look in people’s eyes and see their reaction and I need their attention, too! It doesn’t work for me to have passers-by stopping and going on when they notice they are actually not interested! I am not advertising or trying to sell anything!

Someone answered, I hope half in joke, that he thought I was an expert of concentration and would be able to focus anywhere. I told him that he may be a master of this art but I realized my inability to do this. I would well be able to concentrate on myself while in a crowd but when interacting with others, I need to focus on the outside, too, have a feeling for the atmosphere of my audience and simply have to have more peace than in the middle of a busy market hall!

I guess I am just not the right person for this kind of fair!

Witnessing a real Ghost Story in Germany – 10 Feb 13

I already told you that I got to know quite a lot of esoteric people in 2005, western gurus, clairvoyants, channels, shamans and many more. I was several times surprised about the many strange things that people believed in. I knew that a lot of Indians were superstitious and believed in ghosts and such fantasy beings but until that point I had thought that there would not be a lot of western people of the same mindset. I did however meet a surprising amount of educated westerners who believed in such nonsense. And a lot of people who supported those thoughts and sometimes even made money out of it. Until a certain level, it did not bother me much – after all everyone is free to believe in what they want – but then there was one incident during which I had to doubt how gullible people thought I was.

One evening I was sitting together with a group of people who had stayed after an event. I think it was a meditation. They had all come to my programs for the second or third time and were very interested in India, my philosophy and just being with me, so I had invited them to stay a bit longer and talk. The center where the meditation had taken place was just next to my organizer’s home where I was staying, too, so there was no rush for getting back. My organizer had already retired to her house but as we were not far, we could sit and enjoy the evening as long as we wanted.

The soft music that had been playing during the meditation was still on and we were just enjoying talking about different philosophies when suddenly the lights and the music went off. The next second everything came back on again. We were looking at each other in surprise. In India it would not have been anything to wonder about – there are power cuts all the time. In Germany however, I had never even witnessed a flicker, electricity was supplied throughout the day without interruption. My friends said well, maybe sometimes it can happen, rarely, when there is any bigger problem. Probably something had broken and they had to switch from one line to the other in the power supply. That was the explanation which satisfied us for the moment.

We started talking but after two minutes, it happened again! We looked at each other and waited. There – a third time everything went off. This was not normal anymore. We got up to check what was happening and maybe to ask my organizer if she had noticed something like this before. When we left the meditation room however, we heard the front door close and looking out of the window I saw that a dark figure was running away. I looked closer and thought I recognized that shape, that way of moving – hey, that was my organizer running across the lawn towards her home! And yes, there she opened the door and the light shining on her face from inside the room cleared my last doubts.

Of course I had not been the only one who had seen her and there was an awkward feeling about the room. Everybody looked from the window to the door and to the fuse box, the door of which was still slightly open. What should one say to one’s guests in such a situation? We decided to call it a night and said goodbye to each other.

When everyone had left, I went over to the house, where I found her, busily reading a magazine. She greeted me, pretending to be surprised about seeing me. I asked her straight out: “Why did you turn off the electricity from the main switch?” Another fake look of big surprise: “No, that was not me! I was here the whole time! But I know,” – she lowered her voice – “this sometimes happens there. I believe it is some souls that have not found the way to the light!”

I guess my look must have been a stare of disbelief, incredulously wondering whether it made sense to argue. I decided it did not. If she was able to stage such a show, she would not just back down and admit that it was her anyway. So why to argue? I decided to just leave the topic but I made it very clear that I did not believe in such things. A strange feeling, a funny situation. Another lesson for me: there are not only superstitious people but also those who put up stunts to fuel superstition even further!

When Westerners become Gurus – experiencing the esoteric Scene in the West – 27 Jan 13

I met a lot of people in the year 2005 and they were from many different places, many different social backgrounds and had many different interests. I got in touch with quite a few people who were active in the esoteric scene and realized that there were gurus not only in India – I met modern, western gurus and their followers. They had usually started off as disciples of an Indian guru and at some point started their own business, acting just like their guru, imitating him and his actions. Paired with all the things that western esoteric people believe in, that was not a good combination!

I had come myself from the background of being a guru. I had left this profession, having realized what I did not like about it, wanting to be closer to people and making friends instead of followers. I got to know that also many westerners followed Indian gurus but I always hugged people, invited them to meals and made sure that this distance of guru and follower did not exist in between us.

It was normal for me though to see that people had their own gurus. They were often Indians and most of the times I did not know them. I knew the concept of course but I did not mind the people around me following someone – as long as they did not want to follow me.

Once however I noticed that it can be unpleasant to live with someone who has a very different attitude in this regard. Yashendu, my musician from India and I had arrived at our new organizer’s home and were sitting together in the living room. It was a very big, old house and the woman who had invited us was living there entirely by herself. Our musician, who was in Germany for the first time and who was used to the busy crowds of India, the life in joint families and the never-ending noise, thought it was the creepiest place he had ever been to. He was seriously scared, believing that there was a ghost in the house.

Our organizer did not do much to discourage such ideas though! She was fully in the esoteric belief of ghosts, beings, souls, parts of souls, angels and more. I was quite busy while we were there and did not have a lot of time to pay attention to this. I anyway never believed in ghost stories and any scary beings that nobody had really ever seen. So I just dismissed those thoughts and did my work, enjoying meeting new people and making new friends.

It was one of those friends who told me later with what kind of woman we had actually been! I did not speak German and that is how I did not understand what was being said to the people who came to me. Everything else was normal for me – people usually put candles on during meditation and soft music which is actually nice. I was also used to the organizer talking rather quietly to people and I saw it as an effort to calm them and give them a nice feeling before a workshop, meditation or individual session.

I later got to know that this lady actually believed that she was a seer and clairvoyant. This means she was in the illusion that she could see things others could not and that beings in the spirit world told her secrets about her surroundings. She had thus been telling all those strange things to people who were coming to meet me. What kind of impression people must have got!

Additionally, and this I experienced not only in her home but in other places, too, there was a kind of ego which was strange to people around. This ‘esoteric ego’ which I started calling it after several such experiences lets people think that they are really great seers and that due to this fake knowledge which they claim to have, they are in some way better than others. Others should be grateful that they share their inputs with them. Some people like this and become followers of western gurus – others are just repelled by such ego.

I just started learning dealing with all these things in 2005. I started understanding the esoteric scene with all its illusions of channelings and spirits, I experienced the ‘esoteric ego’ for the first times and I got to know the first western Gurus. Seeing all of this just confirmed that guruism was not for me anymore.

Helping a Friend who is lost in the esoteric Scene – 4 Jan 12

Yesterday I told you about astrologers and clairvoyants and at the side I mentioned that there are some people who are extremely focused on the advice that such people give them. What do you do if you have a friend or relative who believes in such predictions which you believe to be absolute nonsense?

This is actually a very real question for many people, especially in the esoteric scene or for people who have some spiritual belief of one kind or another. The reality is that when it comes to spirituality, religion and anything that has to do with belief, there are really a lot of strange methods, theories and teachings. In the end it depends on you how deep you go into this and how much you believe.

There are different characters in this world and everybody has their own way to deal with things. Some people believe everything new that comes their way. They are deeply in this ‘scene’ and have heard about nearly everything that exists. It is incredible how they manage but they seem to bring all different ideas and paths together and somehow believe in all of them at the same time.

Another type of person is more skeptical, be that due to experience or just by nature. This person believes in the law of physics and is not easily fooled by new inventions and theories which are presented as sensational but are actually only ways to produce money for the inventor. This person believes there is something more in life than just plain, dry and sober science. He or she believes in feelings and their power while realizing the psychological processes behind. This person can be enchanted but is not usually cheated by charlatans.

If you are one of the latter, you might know how frustrating it can be to have someone in your close surroundings who believes in everything that comes his way. You have a friend or a relative and you see how he goes to a different seminar every week, telling you of a different approach, another method or another training that he should absolve. You see how he spends heaps of money on devices that you know to be completely useless, on workshops from which he comes back more confused than ever and on books, CDs and other products that he reads and listens to and which he follows until the next master or teacher comes his way with another, completely new idea. What can you do to help this friend get out of this confusion?

The reality is that unfortunately you cannot do much. Why is that? I know that you have tried to talk your friend out of a lot of things. Maybe you have even managed to protect him or her from some mistakes in the past. But until now all your willpower to convince your friend has not brought him off this search for something – whatever that might be.

I don’t want to sound negative and I am really not. I believe it is great that you are there for your friend and have a calming and realistic influence on him. It is necessary and probably very helpful for your friend to have you to talk to – a person who is not confused about what he believes in and who can give an honest opinion. Maybe you have really kept your friend from falling into the hands of a sect or some weird drugs with bad side effects. Be there for your friend whenever he needs you and talk him out of everything that you think is dangerous. But don’t get frustrated in the effort of changing him and his habit of changing philosophies every week.

Your friend is obviously searching for something deeper in order to get to peace with his own life. He may have read a hundred of times to search for this peace inside himself but never managed to actually reach to this point. What you can give your friend though is a steadiness and help that all his methods and different teachings cannot provide. You can give real love. And some day, when your friend had enough of running around in circles, he will realize that there was one steady factor in his life and that was your friendship and love.

Why is it good and necessary to be judgmental – 10 May 11

In a recent comment to one of my diary posts, a person told me I was being judgmental in many of my diary posts. Maybe this was supposed to make me feel as though I had done something wrong and maybe that person wanted me to change my way of writing. I however do not feel at all that there is anything bad if I write in my blog about what I believe is right or wrong. Another question: when you say that I am judgmental, are you not judging me in turn?

I know that in the ‘esoteric scene’ and among many spiritual people, it is seen as a virtue not to judge anybody or anything. People would feel insulted if someone said them they were judgmental. Let me explain you why I believe that we should judge and that it is good if we judge.

The very first point is that you are human and have been born with the ability to make a difference between right and wrong. You are not an animal, only directed by your instincts. You can use your senses, see, hear, feel and then decide for yourself. Is it right or is it wrong? Should you do it or not? You have the possibility to think about it and to listen to your feelings. So why not use it? If God, or whatever power created this earth and humans on this earth, gave you this possibility to think about right or wrong, why should you not use it?

Another point is that there would be no development if nobody ever judged. You would always accept everything as it is. You could never see that something is bad and could be improved. People could also never change. If you see that someone is corrupt, if someone cheats, if someone simply does something very wrong, and nobody judged about it, they would never stop doing wrong. We need to judge.

Additionally if you made it your habit not to judge anything and anybody, I think you would get psychological problems as you would not be able to make independent decisions on your own and would never know which way to go. You actually judge always in your daily life. You cannot even avoid it. When you go into a supermarket, you judge which product you want to buy. When you hear that a woman was raped in the night in town, you will judge and say it is wrong. If a child is abused, you think it is wrong. It could have been your own daughter or son, so of course you judge about this.
In the consequence it is necessary to write about it, too. It is necessary to spread the message so that other people can also think about the topic concerned. I don’t say that they need to agree with me but it is good if they get the impulse to think about something that is not going well or give their support to something that is really great.

Another question is why people are reading my blog or any blog at all. It is interesting to read the writer’s opinion on different topics. When is such an opinion interesting? Surely not, if the person just looks around, tries not to think about what is going on in the surrounding and tells that everything is okay, not good and not bad. If I only wrote such diary entries, I would soon be the only one to read them. It is simply boring and has no conclusion which makes it only a waste of time – both reading and writing in this way. People want to know who you are and where you are standing. If you say it clearly, they can think about it themselves, reflect on some new point of view which was brought to their attention and then either agree with you or not.

Judging in this way does not mean condemning everybody’s little actions in your every day’s life. It also does not mean denying and refusing anything that is new or different. You should never judge before having seen or experienced something.

Real judgment, which I am talking about here, is when you go deeper, analyze, make an experience and in consideration of all those factors present a conclusion. There are some things where it is easy, such as saying that murdering someone or stealing an old lady’s purse is wrong. There are other things where you need to consider more and make your conclusion more with feeling. In any way however, you have a right and often also the duty to have an opinion.

Finally I want to add that the sentence ‘You should not judge’ is often used by masters and gurus to keep their disciples and followers from questioning what they are doing. You should not judge the master’s action. It is obvious what they want: nobody should look behind the curtains and maybe uncover some not-so-nice secrets. Sometimes it just shows that they are no holy God-men as they want their followers to believe. And so they tell them not to judge and best, not to think. The guru is always right and what he does is always good. Just don’t think about it.

This is why I say that judging is good and necessary. Use your general knowledge, your mind, your intelligence and also your feelings. You can ask experts, research on the internet and find out more if needed. Get an opinion and don’t be afraid of others criticizing it. Maybe this fear prevents people from judging, too. Have self-confidence and say what you think is right and what is wrong in your eyes.

No Supernatural Powers and not a Member of the Esoteric Scene – 14 Apr 10

It is great to have positive experiences with the new way of healing but I also noticed that there are some people who always used to come to see me for healing when I was here but when they got to know about the change of healing method, they were not interested to come anymore. I knew them personally, too, because of all the years that I have been coming here and this is how I can imagine why some of them don’t want to come anymore: they are deeply in the esoteric scene and actually would like me to believe in the same way in miracles, materialization and similar things.

I was never in that scene which people call esoteric and of course, if someone comes to me, I always try to bring that person more into reality and into the love, to bring him or her down to earth. Until now, I was trying this but I believe that many were thinking I was doing exactly what they expected me to, that I have some kind of supernatural powers. They thought for me in a different way and actually this was one of the reasons for my change. People should not see me in the wrong way and see someone who I am not. I need to make clearer what I believe. Now they have no reason anymore to see me in this light, in the light of a guru and miracle healer, because I openly say that I don’t want that. Maybe they say now that I don’t have any power or energy anymore to give them because I changed.

I welcome this, too, and I knew that it could happen with this change. It is good that people are filtering, that those, who do not fit at all and who can never accept what I am talking about, do not even come to me. When I talked with Sonja about it, we realized that another group of people is needed if those who were there before cannot make this change. I don’t want people to come to me and expect magic, because they will be disappointed. They will either imagine things which are not real or they will hear that I don’t believe in it and leave with a bad feeling or disappointment. It is nothing new, when people come to my lectures they come with a certain expectation and sometimes people also left again because I am just not that. I want to spare them their disappointment; they do not need to come. I want to be here for people who are serious, who want to work with their life and heart and who are ready to change their thinking.